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Wooglin Daily News August 7, 2010

Stand and be Recognized! Oh, what a day - a Beta Day! Yesterday was full of moments that Chapters, new and old, will remember for a lifetime. It is especially fitting to recognize three Chapters who were chartered at this Convention: Kettering - Section A, John Carroll and Virginia. The delegates voted to move Washington and Lee’s charter vote to the third legislation session due to time constraints. John Carroll, the newest Chapter, takes the name Eta Epsilon. Kettering - Section A and Virginia take their original chartering designations, Delta Eta and Omicron. During the Awards Luncheon, dozens of chapters were honored with awards for their service to the community, singing, internal and external publications, historical preservation, leadership development participation, academic achievement, high recruitment standards, strong pledge education programs, campus involvement, alumni programming, excellence in risk management and improving over the course of the school year.

Chapter Awards: ★Whitman Choral Cup Lawrence ★New Song Competition Jordan Brewer from Cincinnati ★North Dakota Colorado Mines ★Website Excellence San Jose State ★H.H. Stephenson, Jr. Award for Historical Preservation and Research Kansas State ★Charles Henry Hardin Leadership Development Case Western Reserve, Central Florida, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Eastern Kentucky, Florida International, Furman, John Carroll, Kettering A, Maryland, Miami (Alpha), Minnesota, Northeastern, San Diego, Virginia Tech, Wabash, Washington, Washington and Lee and UCLA ★John Holt Duncan Service Award Colorado Mines and Johns Hopkins ★Virginia Tech Awards for G.P.A. Case Western Reserve, Central Florida, Columbia, Eastern Kentucky, Idaho, Kansas, Kettering A, Oklahoma State, San Diego, South Dakota, Toronto, Virginia, Clemson, Dayton, Denison, Eastern Illinois, John Carroll, Kettering B, Lawrence, Loyola Marymount, Missouri, Missouri-Kansas City, Northeastern, Nova Southeastern, St. Lawrence, Truman State, Wabash, Washington and Wisconsin Oshkosh ★Outstanding Alumni Relations San Diego

Beta Theta Pi Foundation and Administrative Office 5134 Bonham Road P.O. Box 6277 Oxford, Ohio 45056 800-800-BETA (2382)

★Outstanding Recruitment Connecticut, Kettering B and MissouriKansas City ★Campus Involvement Colorado Mines, Eastern Kentucky, Iowa State, John Carroll, San Diego, South Dakota, Toronto and Willamette ★New Member Education Case Western Reserve, Connecticut, John Carroll and Kettering B ★Outstanding Alumni Relations San Diego ★Excellence in Risk Management Case Western Reserve, Connecticut, Eastern Illinois, Eastern Kentucky, John Carroll, Kettering B and San Diego ★Most Improved Louisville

With One Voice Be it from the union of voice or the giving of self, members of this esteemed fraternity understand the importance of giving. (Next Page)

Key Events Saturday August 7, 2010

Singing Fraternity, The Giving Fraternity


Ladies and Guest Tour and Luncheon 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM - Offsite Beta Sweethearts and guests have the opportunity to spend the afternoon together while the fraternity brothers participate in ritual events. Check out Mount Vernon and enjoy a lovely lunch

Convention Chorus Practices 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM and 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM - Arlington Foyer Let your Beta voice be heard as we honor our reputation as the “Singing Fraternity”

Not only do Betas enjoy singing a medley of our traditional Beta songs, undergraduates, alumni, and friends of Beta continue to give time and treasure to the Fraternity. Pictured left is Steve Becker, Florida ’69, and some Florida undergraduates singing in the Wichita State Competition.

Leadership Summit Goals Session

The Singing Fraternity

The Giving Fraternity

8:30 AM - 9:45 AM - Rosslyn

In the Son of the Stars - The Pledge Manual of Beta Theta Pi it is said, “If, in fact, sentiment is essential in binding the hearts of members, singing together is an ideal way to blend hearts and minds in common purpose.” Singing, then, represents the 171st Convention theme Firmam Consensus Facit, Cooperation Makes Strength. Throughout Beta’s rich history, brothers joined voices to give life to Beta Theta Pi. It is fitting, then, that during Convention we unite lyric and voice from across this continent to proudly proclaim why we are proud to be members of Beta Theta Pi.

Whether it’s time, money or both, members of Beta Theta Pi give unceasingly. The 250 volunteers, both members and Friends of Beta, who help make our leadership programs a great success, are proof that what we are doing as a fraternity is truly making a difference in the lives of many. The hours they give help shape young men into principled leaders, scholars and brothers.

Model Initiation and Education 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Arlington Ballroom Brothers see first-hand how a Beta initiation should be performed and how to improve their Chapter’s initiation

Estate Planning Session and Luncheon 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM - Rosslyn Jim Burdos, Hanover ’67, will lead this session to educate alumni and guests on great personal estate planning ideas and answer questions on charitable giving and other estate planning strategies. The Beta Theta Pi Foundation is hosting the event, and lunch is provided

Third Leadership College and Legislative Sessions 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM - Assigned Locations

Marching Line and Celebration Banquet 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM - Arlington Foyer, Ballroom The closing banquet is a time to celebrate our fraternity as we announce the Sisson and Knox award winners, hold the traditional Beta Countdown, listen to the Convention Chorus and hear captivating closing remarks

Fourth Leadership College and Legislative Sessions 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM - Assigned Locations

Joining us tonight is Mrs. Jan Molter, beloved wife to dearly departed, former General Fraternity Chorister, Shelby L. Molter, Miami ’54 (Pictured Right). Brother Molter was instrumental in updating and rearranging songs in the current edition of Songs of Beta Theta Pi, which featured, for the first time, four-part harmony. Let us continue to bond our voices and demonstrate our heritage as the Singing Fraternity.

These same individuals join others in donating financially to the Beta Theta Pi Foundation. Recently, the Foundation ended it’s 2009-2010 Beta Leadership Fund Drive exceeding its record-breaking goal of $850,000 -- receiving $863,268 from 3,753 donors. Thank you for being the Giving Fraternity, too.

Looking Ahead... Sunday ★ Farewell Breakfast • Included in your registration, the Farewell Breakfast is a great way to say “So long!” to friends and brothers and eat a hearty meal before leaving Washington D.C. ★ Leadership Summit Closing ★ Board of Trustees Meeting

The Wooglin Daily News is published by the Beta Theta Pi Communications Department Editor of The Beta Theta Pi Magazine and Director of Communications, L. Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky, ’96; Associate Editor, Geoffrey P. Lewis, UCLA ’09 Associate Editor, Timothy S. Herrmann, Dayton ’10; Director of Digital Media, Robert T. Umstadter, San Jose State ’05; Graphic Designer, Sarah Shepherd

Wooglin Daily News - August 7, 2010  
Wooglin Daily News - August 7, 2010  

The Beta Theta Pi Communications Department pieced together an informational newsletter for Day 3 of the 171st General Convention in Washing...