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Learning About Female Adult Acne Treatment By: Januz Dee

If there is an adult woman that suffers from acne breakouts, she probably has often felt embarrassed and frustrated by this skin condition. There are many adults that suffer from this problem. Millions of women all across the world that are well out of their teenage years, still cycle through acne to this day. Acne can cause terrible scarring or other facial dilemmas. If a woman feels that all hope is lost, there is a female adult acne treatment available that can help. Women often go through changes in hormones throughout their life cycles. Some women who currently are suffering from a breakout, may blame hormone changes that are occurring in the body. When a high androgen, or testosterone level occurs, it may lead to an outbreak of acne in the female body. For cases that are mild, there are many different over the counter products that are available like Oxy 10 or Clearasil. These items contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or a mix of the two. They act as an antibacterial cleaning agent and can be effective to treat minor cases of female acne. If a severe or prolonged imbalance in hormones exists, a consultation with a physician may be necessary to discuss various hormone treatments. If a hormonal balance does lie at the bottom of acne, a doctor may help to identify and diagnose the disorder. Treatments for hormones can work against the most severe cases of acne in women. The treatment keeps the androgens from overstimulating the glands that produce oil, therefore cutting down on extra oil that causes clogged pores and blocked hair follicles. A blood test and a prescription for oral medicine is needed to treat hormones. It is only available through a physician. They can be quite effective and may even stop the acne from ever occurring in the first place. One final acne treatment option is a prescription medication called Accutane. This is a concentrated form of vitamin A. Vitamin A is a good nutrient that keeps the skin's protective tissues strong. It helps to fix and maintain the cells that mucous membranes are made from. It also prevents the production of sebum, oil that is produced by the body in sebaceous glands. When the body makes too much sebum, the hair follicles and pores become blocked. Accutane should be used only when other treatments have failed. It has serious side effects like pregnancy complications and birth defects. Birth control pills may be another option. Hormone pills like OrthoTryCyclen and Estrostep often help to prevent acne breakouts. They are not always effective in clearing blemishes and must often be mixed with other forms of treatments. A doctor is the best person to talk to regarding a determination of the best option to stop acne. When taking any form of hormonal birth control, women must always remember to follow the instruction that come with them like not smoking cigarettes. It is important to keep in mind that whatever level of acne a woman is suffering from can be helped and treated. The first step to prevent acne is to talk to a dermatologist or physician. When a woman is ready for healthy skin, it is quite attainable through a little effort and care. For more information about Acne Treatment, visit the Acne Treatments That Work blog site.

Learning About Female Adult Acne Treatment