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Japan is to go from a agricultural country to a modernized economy.

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he japanese government has decided to take a giant l e a p a n d t a ke Ja p a n s economy from the agricultural society and convert it into a modern economy. The Meiji leaders believe the only way for Japan to become a strong and rich country with a powerful military they would have to develop their modern military. They plan to upgrade Japans heavy industr y, engineering, mining and shipbuilding. In order to have a strong military they had to adapt western industries. The Hizen clan recently

built a reverberatory furnace and has begun producing iron guns. Modern shipyards are expected to open up as well. Two are expected to open in Nagasaki and Yokosuka by 1865. Mining industries have also been taken over by the Meiji government. They employed western experts to increase their mineral production. Mining experts predict Japan to become one of the worlds largest producers of coal in the years to come. However, there are several financial problems the government must tackle.

ts n e v E Weekly Adapting to the Western Society.............Pg.2 Andayo Haji The Japanese government recently decided to introduce western... (continued on page 2)

Editorials Conforming to the Devils..............Pg. 3 Conodoya Jamaya or the past 1000 years rich culture and traditions has shaped Japan into the beautiful country you and I have come to love...(continued on page 3)

Fashion - The latest trends...............Pg.3 Udata Hikaru Western haircuts have arrived in Japan! Cut off your samurai topknot and get in... (continued on page 3)

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Emperor Meiji and the Cultural Revolution........Pg.4 Quisque Porta Good evening, Emperor Meiji. How are you today?...(continued on Page 4)

Adapting to the Western Society


he Japanese government recently decided to introduce western influences into Japan, in the largest cultural revolution to date. In an exclusive interview with Emperor Meiji, the divine emperor believes in doing so will cause the westerners to accept and respect Japan. Over the next years, western haircuts will become a common sight and eventually replace the samurai topknot. Ballroom dancing will also be common. An elaborate two storey social hall, known as the Rokumeiken in Tokyo has begun construction. After completion the ballroom will hold dances every Sunday night for the wealthy businessmen, politicians, and foreign diplomats. The ballroom is expected to open on 1889. The introduction new western foods is also expected such as bread, dairy products, and beer.

Sukiyaki, a beef dish predicted to become popular after the cultural revolution

Additionally, beef dishes such as Sukiyaki and Teriyaki will also increase in popularity.

Most citizens believe this will be an improvement on Japan’s current society, and want to be accepted by

the western public. In an interview with Fukuzawa Yukichi, an influential writer said: “If Japan is to become strong it must conform and accept new technology and ideas.”

From the Japanese government

Civilisation and Enlightenment “The time for modernization is now!” - Emperor Meiji

Editorials: Conformity to the Devils By: Conodaya Jamaya


or the past 1000 years rich culture and traditions has shaped Japan into the beautiful country you and I have come to love. Why should we abandon our country’s rich culture that has stood the test of time and adapt to the westerners. The Americans for example, are still a young country with such shallow culture and no true beliefs.

supposed to earn them with respect?

If we conform to the westerners, is it not the same as spitting on our ancestors graves and treading all over them? Isn’t it our responsibility, as citizens of Japan, to respect who we truly are? Emperor Meiji believes this revolution will cause Japan to prosper and become respected by the foreigners. Firstly, how is immitating a country’s culture

F ash io n Latest trends

M o n in g u

Western haircuts have arrived in Japan! Cut off your samurai topknot and get in season. Dont even think about going the the next ballroom dance dressed in your fancy silks. Now is the season to go out and buy the brand new moningu. If you truly care about your appearance and your want respect, get a moningu now. Udata Hikaru

Perfect for the form al occasion, you will receive the respect you de serve when dressed in th e perfectly fitting Mon ingu.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Emperor Meiji and the Cultural Revolution By:Fuckoya Namastay


ood evening, Emperor Meiji. How are you today? -Im good, thank you

So tell me, how did the idea of starting a cultural revolution come to you? -Well, when i look out at the world outside of Japan, they are so technologically advanced. All their industries are developed, their military could crush us within seconds, and their economy is financially stronger than ours. If we continue to sit below other countries, what would stop them from eventually overtaking us? I understand. But while you may see this as a positive idea, how do you think the public would react so something like this? -It is definite that some people will not agree with this. But after a while I believe the public will change their minds after they actually see the dierence it will make on Japan. So how do you feel about the western culture? Do you find it a bit strange?

Emperor Meiji

-Compared to the Japanese culture we are all used to it is definitely a change that will take time getting used to. changing from silk clothes to the moningu, changin from the samurai topknot to the western hairstyles, and other things will most definitely be

seen as weird. But after a while the Japanese people will see how great and rich the western culture is as well. Thank you for your time. Your very presence is an honor.

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