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Chapter 11 – Pegasus Project

The seashore is like a painting in its beauty, the waves that pass through and the shine of the separating droplets of the waters were like crystal in its shining appearance. The sunset painted the orange sky at its beauty, while the horizon from the clouds showed up and the sun covered with some clouds. The clouds were like ice cream castles in the air and like bows and flows of angel hair. Nash is looking at the sunset from both sides. His lonely face and sad eyes have made the sunset seeking for the happiness and give it to him. The ambience change when Nash felt unhappy, like this time. What has happened? Sarah and the others have been so in tact with each other since those goddesses and gods have appeared…many happened afterwards, I hope I can explain it my self but I was wrong. The more that I seek to see my path seems to separate me to my own will…if I could only seek the answer that I want…I want to be with you Sarah…always and forever…if I could only have the answer…I love you Sarah… Nash slowly walked in the seashore. He let his feet feel the soaked sand in water go into his feet. The waters from the waved that passed washed his feet as he goes on. The sunset seemed to have felt his loneliness and he is there to comfort his audient. It was three days before Sarah and the others discovered themselves caught in a change, where I am a witness of that. Sheena have turned to be the goddess Aphrodite, Sarah turned to be the goddess Persephone…both of them was not only witnesses of the change but also have experienced the change. I don’t know if I consider myself a witness and have experienced. Three days ago…when I was sleeping in our resort in the beach, that man appeared. He called me his son…and he is my father…who is that…? Nash’s pondering was stopped because a voice reverberated in his mind; it came repeatedly like something he can not avoid. The voice is calling him. “My son, hearken my words and behold, I can only be heard by you and only by you…” says the voice. Nash confirmed the truth of the voice, he looked around him and yes, the voice is telling the truth, it was only him who heard to the voice. “Who are you…are you the same man who has appeared to me three days ago…?” he asked, looking from both sides. “Listen, I am forever with you…would it be three days or not, it is I, your ancestor has appeared for your cause.” “What’s your name…? What do you need from me…? Ancestor…? What are you talking about?” he asked, confused by the words of the voice. “Behold, I am the god of the sea, water, earthquakes and horses, I have come because of you, my descendant, my son, in order to fulfill thy cause.”

What…? God of the sea…Poseidon… “What cause are you talking about…?” “Once in every blood of the bloodline that I have, I have come to find the right person to fulfill the duty I am called to and you are the one which have the greatest attribute to fulfill it…the duty of having the power…the duty of protecting the world you believe and rule over it.” “Rule the world I believe?” “Certainly, my son. My brother, have the power whom he wished which I didn’t have for myself. He always had the greatest things, but as for me, I didn’t have much of that fate, now it is you that would fulfill it, Nash, my son…” “Your son…? How could this happen?” “If you wish to know mortal I will tell you, your father Kaiser Toulouse-Columbine is a direct descendant of my son, Theseus. I have sensed that my son Theseus has been awakened, seek him and be with him. There, tell him of my duty and ye shall be one. “ “You know my father…? I can not understand…my life is stirred up by this duty!” he refused and tried to run away. In a flash, the world darkens where in the black clouds in the skies appears a winged white horse and faced him. “You can not run away on your destiny, it is destined for you to finish your duty” Poseidon declared. Nash was struck by fear and stumbled down. “He is Pegasus, my son. Whenever you call him he will be with you…” he continued, talking about the winged white horse, “and if you ever need the power of the sea, the dolphins shall attend in your order.” Nash bowed his head and have confused mind. I can not escape my destiny…after this duty Sarah, I will seek you and propose the love I have for you…I love you…Sarah… *** “Albert, hang on!” Sarah exclaimed, crying as she succoring Charmaine tend his wounds. Higashi and Dan are being tended by Bryle in the other room. Dan didn’t have much wound but as for Higashi, he may die. Luc is resting on the other room. He didn’t suffer much of wounds as well. He is resting and to be in the hospital in a minute. “S-Sarah, this moment I may die…but always remember that the friendship that we have started from our childhood would never end and stained…”

“Don’t say that…you will live!” Sarah shook her head, with her tears following her move. Albert is her friend when she was still a child and now that he needs her help, she wound attend no matter what. “Come on Sarah, be strong…help Higashi, he needs your help more than I do, I can take care of my self…” he requested, looking at Charmaine who nodded at the same time. Charmaine asked Sarah to tend for Higashi and help Bryle. Even if she wanted to help her, Higashi also needed her help. She went into Bryle’s room with the medical kit. She was surprised when Dan was there, standing and helping Bryle. “Oh hi Sarah, the hospital’s ambulance should be here in a minute, all we need to do is give your boyfriend a simple medication…” he said happily, pointing at Higashi lying on the bed. His eyes isn’t meant for happiness, Dan is joking at her, maybe to wind up her cry. She slapped him two times and laughed mockingly. “Ha-ha…if you ever say the word ‘boyfriend’ again, that would be tripled…” she said. Bryle looked at them with a leg-pulling reply to them…”Don’t you think it’s early for a misunderstanding or a quarrel here? Higashi may not live long…” Their faces have started to get serious. Sarah looked at Higashi and saw the dying man. She felt it is all her fault for him to die. She remembered what Higashi told her before when they stayed in the same condominium room and talked about his past. “I don’t know who I am. Sir Melchior found me wounded and lying on the ground. He and the other family members cured my wounds and waited for me to recover. They asked me who I am and I answered them that I don’t know. All I can remember is my name and the word Bridgeworth. Sir Melchior said he would help me return my memories. All I wanted to be is to live normal and simple happy life, like what you have longed for…” “If I could only do anything…” she uttered. “Sarah…I believe he will still live…” Dan replied her. Sarah looked at him. His wounds from the previous fight were healed fast, maybe because he is a descendant of a half-god. The blood of the gods has been preserved by his family. The ambulance arrived at the right time. They carried Higashi, Albert and Luc in the car and went straightly to the hospital. Sarah was worried both for Higashi and Albert. Bryle and Dan was talking in the left side of the ambulance, about where did they kept Sheena. Melchior never told them where she was, even if he is in the verge of his death. “Bryle, we can find her…” comforted Dan.

Luc opened his eyes, holding Bryle’s left wrist, uttering something. The voice was bit broken and can’t be heard because of the ambulance’s siren. He kept close his ears to the voice and heard it clearly, to where Sheena is being kept. “S-Sheena is b-being k-kept in the secret c-chamber in K-Kyushu…t-there is a l-large mmansion there named Cronus Manor…s-she is in the left room, g-guarded with security locks…” “Are you sure!?” “Y-yes…save her, I-I don’t know what Melchior is planning but…it is not as good as we know…” Bryle went out with Dan on the ambulance and hurried their way to Kyushu after the ambulance stopped at the hospital. Bryle is eager to go to the manor. He thought that this is the right chance for them to save Sheena, since Melchior died from his attacks awhile ago. They asked some of the residents of the houses and some transients of the hotels if where they can search this ‘Cronus Manor’. They found out it is on the route 12 from Kyushu’s main center mall. Dan raised his head towards the tall manor and read the sign that reads: “Cronus Manor”. He smiled and pointed it to Bryle. “This is it…the manor!” “Yeah, if we can destroy the security locks that Luc said, maybe we can save her without delay…” “What are you waiting for then…? Isn’t it you who want to save your girl? Then let’s go!” Dan said, tapping Bryle’s shoulders and ran. He laughed as he hurried his way to the door. *** When they entered the manor and searched until the secret underground chambers, they found it was empty. The doors were open and some of the mainframe computers that were installed were turned on but the operators were absent. They were in the secret chamber with a label in the door and signed as “CONFIDENTIAL; FOR STAFF AND GGD-PROJECT MEMBERS ONLY”. “Where are they…!?” Bryle wandered angrily, looking at where they could have hidden Sheena. Dan opened some of the computers and tried to break the pass code of the computer. His knowledge in computer is trusted, he knew that the passwords of the computer must be something connected to the gods and goddesses; he tried the word ‘Laocoon’ and it worked. “Who is Laocoon?” Bryle asked him, watching Dan decode the other operational systems of the computer. “Laocoon is a Trojan priest of the god Apollo who warned the Trojans about the wooden horse and was killed along with his two sons by sea serpents after he gave his warning…”

Dan decoded the last pass code and saw that some of the internal node-codes of the computer were unlocked. The interface that they used along with the other nodes was re-identified and the computer data’s were opened. They connected the computer to the main computer and server the Bridgeworth is using. The two were surprised when one of the big screen computers instantly turned on and saw Gilbert on the screen laughing at them. “You can not find the descendant of Aphrodite there…” he said, mocking the two and laughed due to their low capability. “Where did you hide Sheena!?” demanded Bryle. “I have known that Luc would surely tell you the whereabouts of Sheena if he has been freed from the controlling fabrication engineered medicine, so we have transferred her to another secret laboratory.” “Just how many laboratories do you have idiot!” answered Dan. He has finally faced the one who planned the death of his grandfather. “Oh, I see from your tone of speech the late Longfellow, but what a pity that one of these days you will all face the destiny that you have to accept…” The big screen turned off after the mocking laugh that Gilbert threw to them. Bryle and Dan angrily returned to the hospital failed in their mission. *** Gilbert and some other family members returned to the hospital near Hyogo prefecture. They went to where the dying Melchior is being confined. Out from the knowledge of Bryle and the others, Melchior survived the severe damage. Gilbert found Melchior dying in the secret chamber. With the last of Melchior’s ability, he dialed the number of Gilbert and signaling a SOS message. They rushed to the secret chamber and carefully carried him in the stretcher and rushed him in the hospital. According to the hospital, Melchior suffered sever damage in the ribs and some other fractures in the other parts of his body. Gilbert never showed any expression of anger or pity instead asked his trusted granddaughters to develop the medicine that would help Melchior get better. He and his family members were talking in the room where Melchior was confined. They remained calm and sat on the chairs that were provided by the visitors. “Rica how is the medicine that I asked you to be developed?” Gilbert asked his granddaughter from his third son, Percival. “Grandfather, because of our advanced genetic engineering and medicinal skills from Uncle Melchior’s research, we have developed the new medicine that would supply the needs of the patient to recover in such small period of time.”

“Very good Rica! Not only that Melchior will recover in the power of the medicine that he would intake from the fruit of his own research but also he will recover because he has the blood of a god…we all know that…” “Uncle is a direct descendant of the goddess Euphrosyne, one of the three graces, right?” “Exactly…” “But why is that he can not have any telekinetic powers like those of the other descendants?” “I don’t know myself…but even though he did not awaken any goddess in his gain, we have used him for a very long time…” Grandfather really treats all of his family members like objects and tools…Rika said in her mind. He looked at Melchior, who was a victim of unknown usage like a tool and object…by his own father. A phone call beeped Rica and went out to answer it. Rica Bridgeworth is the daughter of Percival Bridgeworth, the third son of Gilbert. After the death of Angelie and Hansel, it was her who succeeded the throne of being the assistant of Melchior, and now that Melchior is confined, she would be the substitute for a while. “Hello…this is Rica Bridgeworth…” “Madam Rica, we have good news for Sir Melchior. The descendant of Poseidon has finally appeared! We have also details that after the descendant have appeared, a dimensional drift happened in south Hyogo and Kyushu, also from Saitama to Osaka. The dimensional drift caused a quick earthquake, where we have spotted a winged horse that came down before the descendant.” Rica smiled. She knew who that was. “Start my new plan now, Lycos. The Pegasus-Project”. “Yes madam! We have also spotted another descendant that appears to be in north Chiba prefecture.” “Any updates with that descendant?” “According to the details of the computer we have been working in, she is the descendant of the goddess of discord, Eris.” “For now, start the Pegasus project and have a surveillance team spy on the Poseidon descendant and know his identity before we can capture him. Of course, know the weak points and other matters that could affect our mission, consider the factors that would nullify the plan.” “Yes madam!” ***

2 DAYS LATER The surveillance team that is carrying out Rica’s orders have finally spotted Nash’s location and learned about his identity. One day, they planned to capture him. Nash went to the school that day and the Pegasus project officers occupied the house and cut the electricity of the house. They waited silently like mountain in the dark house until Nash returns in the afternoon. Nash opened the door of his house and noticed the lights were not working when he switched it. He deduced that the electricity was out so he continued to walk. The darkness within the room added on how silent the plan is going to happen. The bodyguards opened the current and threw the stun grenade. After the stun grenade was out, Nash was hit by their stun grenade. He was carried out on the Bridgeworth van and rushed him into the laboratory. Rica leaded the experiment and wanted to seek the information how to awaken Poseidon. She is not like Melchior that would control a person without the person’s will and love, so she developed another approaching technique. She talked with the bodyguards and told her about the plan. “Madam Rica, are you sure of the plan…?” asked her secretary. “Yeah, if we have Nash reconsider to the offer we have, he may nod and say yes. Seek the information we need on who killed Nash’s family and get there whereabouts.” “Yes, madam.” Nash’s family was killed by some unpunished criminals that were not even arrested by the police. Rica thought that if Nash can get his revenge over them, his anger may awaken Poseidon along with his anger and overcome him. I will not fail the Pegasus project….Rica looked at the mainframe and saw from the CCTV camera the sleeping Nash from the secret chamber they are keeping him. She smiled and went to the secret chamber Nash is in. *** He opened his eyes and looked at his environment. It was different. It is not his room. He glanced his location and ensured himself it was neither his room nor his house. He saw the cameras that were installed on the ceiling and on the four corners of the walls. “Where am I? What do you want from me?” he spoke from the room and looked at the camera’s location. “You are here in my special room and you are here on our mansion…” answered Rica who opened the door of the room and unlocked it. She closed it afterwards and smiled at him.

“What do you want from me…? I know you kidnapped me…I’m telling you…I have no money to give you the ransom you need…!” Rica laughed at him. “Do you think we would bother to place you in a special room with cameras and many processes in order to kidnap you and ask ransom from your parents only…? I am here to help you…” “Help me in what?” he asked. He thought that the lady was telling the truth, since they did bother to place him there that means there something more than this. “I know about what happened to your parents and we are here to help you punish them. We are now investigating the outlawed killers and arrest them…if we can capture them…you can see the person’s who killed your parents…” Nash was silent, bowed his head and never answered Rica back. Rica cried, as she continued to speak. This is the beginning of their plan. “If I could also seek those criminals I could get revenge over the people who killed my brother…” she sobbed. Nash looked at him in pity. Nash understood that Rica, whom also mourns for the lose of her brother with the same criminals who killed their family. He stood and stopped her from crying. “What do you mean…? If they are still here and you are investigating them…I will join you search for them and get my revenge!” he exclaimed. Rica smiled from behind hidden from Nash’s sight and nodded to him. She knew that Nash bitten from their bait. Edessa is watching on the CCTV camera from above. She smiled on Rica’s act and looked at Gilbert who was with her watching her. “Rica’s grown old and had her knowledge of acting broaden, she has convinced the descendant of Poseidon to join her…not knowing he is digging his own grave…” “Rica’s style of having the descendants are much of contradicted to Melchior’s…but they are the same in thought…to gain the power of the gods…” “That’s right dear…” Many days passed, Rica and Nash joined forces to search for the outlawed criminals who killed Nash’s family together with the private investigators and bodyguards they hired to search for the information they need, after one week, and they have finally found the criminals. Nash faced them in the jail where the Bridgeworth kept them. Rica waited for the moment Nash would open the way to the power of the god Poseidon.

“We don’t know anything about what you’re talking about!” one of the criminals denied Nash’s accusations about the death of his family. Nash shouted at them and told them to stop denying the truth but the criminals never stopped. Nash’s eyes turned red, until he clenched his fist and looked at the criminals. His anger was totally consumed and after some minutes, he continuously transformed into Poseidon. “Poseidon!” Rica said from her excitement. Nash waved his right hand sideward from the criminals’ location. Ice from nowhere covered their bodies as they die in chill from their cold and dead prison. Rica smiled and was thrilled from excitement for the first time of her task done. Nash fainted out after releasing his anger and power. *** “Where is Sheena!?” the parents of Sheena said angrily to Albert whom they visited a while ago. They suspected that she ran together with him and is living together with him. It was one week when Sheena was away from their home. Unluckily, it was three days that her parents went home after their business trip. “I said I don’t know, sir!” Albert answered. His father looked at him when he answered. He believes his son because never did anything such as running away with a woman. Sheena’s father looked at his wife and turned to him again, now asking where Sheena could be. Albert shook his head, saying he doesn’t know but he didn’t buy his excuse, instead wanted him to talk where Sheena is. Albert didn’t have any choice but to lead them to Charmaine’s place and let them be enlightened of what happened. At Charmaine’s house, Sheena’s parents asked the same questions, together with Albert, who didn’t have any choice but to lead them there because of having no choice but to do so. Charmaine understood Albert’s situation; she welcomed the Heatherland family inside and tried to explain them what happened from the start, their evidences for the arguments that may come afterwards and some proof of her kidnapping. Sheena’s father, Michael, looked at Charmaine, then to Sarah, and then lastly to Bryle who was sitting at the back of Sarah, listening carefully to what was being talked about. “So—it has started…for her to awaken her….” He uttered. Charmaine was puzzled and asked him if what he means by what he said. “I and my wife Minerva knew this day would come, the day our dear Sheena would be called by our ancestor, Aphrodite. Our bloodline traces to the bloodline of Aphrodite herself. We never thought at first but when they days are passing and years come, we realized the only vessel worthy enough for our ancestor to call in is our daughter, Sheena.”

“So you knew all along that there would be a time that her life would be at stake because of her bloodline?” Charmaine asked quizzically. “Yeah, our father said to us once that there would be a time that there would be many people who would discover the great power that lies within all the descendants of the gods and goddesses, therefore either killing them or capturing them for their own gain and profit…” “The Bridgeworth family…the family of Sarah…” Bryle added from the back. “What!? Is that true…Sarah?” Charmaine nodded and explained them all what has happened. Sheena could be still kept by Sarah’s family to a secret place and there is a time she’s either to be killed or controlled, or anything that the Bridgeworth family could have. Sheena’s parents stood up from sitting on the floor after they drank the tea Dan prepared for them. Luc just listened to them from a corner. He was thinking where they could have kept Sheena…the one he saw with such exquisite and extreme beauty. “Then we shall go, we can not stop them ourselves, even though we have gained some telekinetic power from our ancestor Aphrodite, it is not enough to save our dear Sheena, and we will leave the rescue to you…fellow descendants…” Michael waved his hand for goodbye and smiled as Minerva followed him with the same smile. Luc faced them with the sad and face of regret. He knew he was once their enemy in the first. All of them welcomed him though, they knew that anyone, who was controlled by the Bridgeworth family could not be blamed for there is no escape of the Bridgeworth’s power. “I feel that there would be more to be controlled, not just me…but there would be more…” Luc said, sat on the floor and looked at Bryle. “You mean they are planning to get all of them…the descendants?,” Dan replied. “Yeah, to control the powers and gain from it.” “I thought it was only us they needed.” “No…before Melchior died, he mentioned one of his bodyguards to seek for the descendant of Hades. He said that if they have Hades, they could travel to the place where they could contact a powerful force, though I don’t know what that force maybe. They have also mentioned about this certain thing as Charon…maybe it’s a person or a thing…” “Hades…the Greek god of the underworld….” Dan uttered from nowhere and smiled. The power of Hades is remarkable…he said in his mind.

“They told me once as well that if they captured Hades and gained his power, no one could interfere them anymore…” “I understand it…if they have Hades, the power to control the lives and destiny of death of any mortal or descendant of the gods would be destroyed…and placed therefore in Hades’ place. *** Rica answered her ringing phone. It bothered her much when she is working on with the Pegasus project, the captured footage of Nash’s transformation and every move before the transformation is being learned, analyzed and read by the mainframe computer and stores the information from the main computer of the Bridgeworth. “What is it…?” she answered with a bothered voice. “Madam Rica, what shall we do with Sir Melchior’s latest experiment that was filed under his project files?” a crew of the Pegasus project asked. Rica was interested to know, of what Melchior is having experimented. “What is his experiment…?” “Well according to the data and pictures here, he is gathering information and gathered DNA status, DNA samplings and blood samples of a beautiful woman…no, the most beautiful woman in the world every person could find…” Rica was surprised, she knew it was…she rushed to the place of the crew where Melchior worked before after she dropped the phone down to the holder and rushed. The crew showed her the files and opened the door where the experiment was being done. What is Uncle Melchior have been thinking…? Basing on this experiments and files on the computer, Melchior is…. “Don’t touch my experiment!” a voice warned Rica and the crew from entering the room. Rica turned to where the voice is coming… “Uncle Melchior!” she said, surprised. Melchior smiled, even in his situation, bandaged face and body, sitting in the wheel chair. Rica looked at him intently as the other crew bowed for welcoming him back. “After I have recovered from this wounds, I will continue my research and study about it…by the way, I congratulate you for the success of the Pegasus project…a branch of the GGD-Project has been finished because of you…leave the Aphrodite-Project to me…I will be the one to finish it…”

Rica wanted to ask Melchior what is his plan about it but she was overcome by fear to ask. She bowed and went away, leaving Melchior and the crew behind.

Chapter 11 - Pegasus Project  

Nash’s pondering was stopped because a voice reverberated in his mind; it came repeatedly like something he can not avoid. The voice is call...