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Ladies, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to The Empowered Woman Conference 2012—Creating Wealth from Your Jar of Oil. Your Jar of Oil represents that great value of substance that is unique in you and valuable to others. It’s the potential in you that is crying out to be tapped, identified, nurtured and released. It’s Your Wealth! 2012 is a year of great promise for you to move beyond your present level of performance, become a pioneer and create wealth from your jar of oil. Creating Wealth from Your Jar of Oil is a conference that will empower you to discover the untapped resources within you and how to use it to create opportunities to move you beyond your present level of performance in 2012 and beyond. Come and learn how to use your great value of substance to develop streams of opportunity and use it practically in everyday life. Everything you need to be successful now is already in you – You Are Wealthy!

Join us for the experience.  Who is a Purpose Driven Woman? As a purpose driven woman, your role is to discover and access the greatness within you.  Creating Wealth—The Idea Your ideas are your wealth, if you’re not developing them, then you ‘ve not started building. Every business, project, product is developed through an idea. Your ideas are in the house (you).  The Idea—From Incubation to Production There are practical steps to bringing your idea (s) to life

Date: Saturday 31st March 2012 Time: 10am – 4pm Cost : £10.00 in advance or £15.00 at the door Venue: New Testament Assembly 7 Beechcroft Road Tooting Bec, Greater London SW17 7BU Jacqueline Nwokeji—Ani To purchase tickets for this event please go Host, Prophetic Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, Author HERE and Leadership Strategist

Highlights of the Day

Guest Speaker—Reverend Bola Akintola (Solicitor, Speaker, Minister)

Worship by Adelaide Mackenzie (Gospel Inspirational Singer)

Jacqueline will be launching her new book “Being Single to Be Married—Preparing Yourself for a Purpose Driven Marriage”

We look forward to seeing you there, and also bless someone with this experience

Empowered Woman Ltd + 44 (0) 207 998 1848

The Empowered Woman Conference  

Creating Wealth from Your Jar of Oil is a 1 day event set to inspire, empower, encourage and motivate women to fulfil their purpose through...

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