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Jahmerikah Marley’s


a collection of 15 short “pieces of poetry” and creative writing verses

Jahmerikah Marley’s STORY BOOK©

Jahmerikah Marley’s STORY BOOK © is a collection of short story pieces digitally drafted onto stunning photography laced with beautiful creative writings and pieces of poetry created by ReCreation Magazine™ founder, Jahmerikah Marley. These rhymes represent where she stands in the struggle as an individual and as a revolutionary. Marley speaks from an interesting point of view as she goes into detail and recounts in depth analysis of her prophetic visions. Her lyrics represent her sharp and profound personality which enables her to produce one of a kind visual literature works. This self-expression of art embodies only a quarter dimension of her talent and is designed to heighten the public’s awareness. Jahmerikah Marley’s STORY BOOK© is a letter to the public as we all are subconsciously participating in a revolution of American dreaming, cloud surfing and scripture quoting. This book is encouraging, inspiring, attractive and mystical as only Jahmerikah would deliver. Righteously enrich your imagination, embrace an imperfect reality and live.

I and I do not own the rights to any of these beautiful images.

Wanted Satan’s Hell The End Is Near Fail Just Enjoy This Shit Everything I AM Strung Out On You Stinky Hair The Real Me ReBirth Tumbling Through Thirsty Faith Over Fear Good Till It’s Gone ReCreation Nation©

It has been said, that a Rasta Man never dies For all of eternity, his soul is left open to fly high through the friendly skies rivers of laughter tread the fields of love here on earth Once Upon a Time, I and I was displaced as a hooligan a thug. As we proceed Ignore hatred & move on I and I shake a Rasta Mon shrug. Jah is in control of the plug as we dance and skank all through the night eyes closed still vividly seeing the scintillate light Vision has been stoned, righteously right. High as a kite. “Cease your Firearms”!” “Cease & Sekkle!” never to be made out a liar, but a fighter, a survivor. Still here. Still alive. peace with a side order of a struggle. revealed by his divine majestical power My Reincarnated flesh. My melodies. My desires. You are who you aspire.

Deep Dark Desolate hidden treasures of material waste left up to man to measure, equivalence and goose bump shrivers THE ENEMIE’S DWELLING holy emptiness his eyes are dead, burnt and red of the color that is fire The sound of his heart bleeds slaughter hard thumps of torture forever THE ENEMIE’S DWELLING Hell’s kitchen. Hell’s fire. the residence of those opposed to living the end seen in a vision heart of holes pot of gold Satan’s Hell hollow souls idle minds No Art. Fiction Here is where the serpent humbly abides Satan’s Hell Enter no Exit A Demon’s congregation the worst possible outcome of a bad situation

disgusted results\ a hidden picture of a catastrophic night mare\ glorious meetings stir up a promise land. \ Promised Land. After Shock\ apocalyptic a sedative state of mind\ a level of consciousness\ devoted to the divine\ beyond cloud 9nine\ up and \ away\ above\ beneath the zone\ layers of pillar\ tides of crime\ a bitter revolution\ vinegar with the tang of wine\ savor\ Savior\ Save Her\ no child left behind\ at the end\ these are the times\ forward\ forward\ forward\ no rewind\ The day babylon tore down \ destroyed\ mixed up\ due to rebellion \ disobedience \ and corruption\ \ The end is near and there is no place to hide. \

Babylon: step up here i’ll show you the wonders of the world listen to me and you will rule the kingdom of earth follow me and you shall see life do as i say, you will never go hungry do as i say do as i say

time is always ticking life is forever passing our durations is not what limit us seasons continue to evolve the term of life is one no matter what they say the era marks a date a place, neither one of us can escape immortality overpowers death someone told me to JUST ENJOY THIS SHIT while glory peaks prime as the phase fades throughout the ages of an instant generation modified by occasions, vacations and unification, separation and fulfillment of eternity JUST ENJOY THIS SHIT eternally

Everything I’m not I’m cool with who I am. My identity, from my face down to my spine side by side. I breath life. I and I speak marvels. We are not performing any miracles. Miraculously, achieving to the fullest my energy my ability. Chanting Down babylon! giving my heart a listen this is everything I am I and I The High Life of mine The highlights of my night LIFE capped off pull after pull vertically extending this mind of mine the shift of mi wits I am who I am Everything include.

game over i’m love stoned not seeing in front of meh my vision is gone disappeared erased drifting missing no longer looking mi loosing face keeping faith loving up - to - date no expiration date The relevance of this picture hopeless fate another hit will do yah trick you have I and I need craving a fix a fiend, an addict let ‘em talk hanging high strung out not lost, in my thoughts rabbit a thread a needle ease the pain, of this ether a burst of bliss a shot of dust these ashes we shall return your or me either feel it in my rib cage burning paper burning pages

positive vibrations, waved the unintelligence of your high maintenance tangledness preserves your shallow substance & incomplete conversations short thoughts the unawareness of the supremeness you are stinky hair Shampoo is not your friend the ex-best greasy and flat horrid, it’s so true your hair resembles you multi colored identity stricken as the loyal type personalities clash highlighted by awkward posture attitude negative delight Stink On. Stinky One

thrill seeker, goal reacher life struggler pain survivor freedom fighter native writer indian royal free thinker truth seeker lighter flicker black warrior bible prophet obedient servant I am not garbage seed planter tree hugger I and I fearsome solider chariot rider poor righteous teacher

Lord forgive me, for the sins that I and I committed against thee closing mi eyes, knowing that you are The Mystery That is Iniquity. My rebirth born again of the spirit created in his image conception purpose, life’s mission. Lied upon alike the Christ of My Resurrection spat upon stones thrown all in all planted by the rivers of his holy trinity his imperial throne majestical gold Stories Untold, Truth Revealed Glory unfold Born Again baptized for mi soul communed in the remembrance of him Jesus Take Me and make me new whole, spiritual, lifted and true Born Again

zoooooom the sky knows no limit no limit no doubt speeding like a demon angelic, how I and I breathing compelling the repellant sowing a whole heap this is what we are reaping, I’m tumbling through. Numbering clouds floating hoping coping it’s peace up there weather management rumble, thunder roar lightening flashing striking memorable stares up high, sitting Man Upstairs lifted shifted feeling the distance a troubled resistance tumbling persistent visual perception consistent preposition perspective the marijuana tradition why sit? when tumbling through into the blue

It’s the return of the throat quenchers Christ’s Disciples moisturizing your dryness with eyedrops from HE most beauteous Dehydration of the Sahara deserted in sorrow parched in loneliness only need a Savior to extinguish your thirstiness. reduce the dry and exalt the lowland Now you know man take the edge off your bakedness naked and desiccated can not escape it we encourage i and i graceful skating amen dem bone dry

Faith Over Fear tribulation follows trial follows life after death a secret place where residence is mental temperate yet detrimental/ if the roles were reversed alphabetically placed/ reality can never be escaped only embraced. But the risk is possible perhaps a lead to a better day philosophy or “motto� practical a vibe to imagine peace and harmony by the grace of my good karma living life Faith Over Fear

Lord Have Mercy! What are we to do now? everything was good cup runneth over then, nothing new hearts speak “wow” now we running empty y’all how profound? the just words of a natural born leader repressed his oppressors destroyed the enemies reach amongst the masses generation, learn faster knowledge is an eruption of destruction when channeled in the right direction whew! correction! too much of anything too much too good now settle down, rise up invite love all around you are you’re surrounding oh you good? get gone now blow up to blow out

ReCreation© Nation building our own nation because the one that we were given is not what we expected we expected peace parties legalization of marijuana all righteousness and no evil justice and equality freedom and security instead we got what they created, what they started what has already been done a foundation that has been established before by the founding fathers deceased we lost trust, we gained faith we obtained hope we still stand up for our rights we fuck what they say we think how we want we need what we need their is no refuge in a nation the nation this nation their nation we prayed we had patience now we are no longer observing we’re creating ReCreating a nation We Are ReCreation© ReCreation© Nation

ReCreation Magazine™

Jahmerikah Marley's STORY BOOK©  

∆ A Collection of 15 short pieces of poetry and creative writing. ∆ Jahmerikah Marley @FiyahBlazin

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