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n째9, 5th of November, 2009

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Dear friends, fans and passing smiles, number 9... number 9... number 9... the number of the Cats! Happy number 9 to all our friends the bad cats!

Enough said, time to jump into Awa-news

number 9!

Artists sometimes say very smart sentences, with or without knowing.

It's rock'n'roll philosophy time!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

If a man gets up in the morning, goes to bed at night, and does what he pleases in between, he's a success. (Bob Dylan)

You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do. (Jerry Garcia)

What are the hottest news in Awaken's Universe?

Sessions, sessions

After having written the song "Gouttes De Pluie" in the wonderful Beppu City for the new Sousbock album Lune Et L'autre, Gilles Snowcat the old Cat sang and co-wrote two pieces on the forthcoming TrustNoOne record. And some synths too. To be

released soon, as usual with prolific TrustNoOne! Moreover, the Old Cat has been caught playing a few synthesizers on the forthcoming single of Japanese singer Morry Ken, on the It's Oh! Music indies label.

To be continued!

Our interview:

JOHN SINCLAIR: Effective communication

It was obvious: John Sinclair *had* to be in Awa-news. For two reasons: 1) his keyboards style in the Heavy Metal Kids and Uriah Heep are among Awaken's notable influences; and 2) because he since became hypnotherapist, a discipline that has a fascinating impact on the Awaken Universe. Back to his days of intensive touring, John joined Uriah Heep for the Abominog album, after Mick Box had done a cleaning-up of the band. Instead of copying Ken Hensley, Sinclair brought his own bunch of skills and influences, focussing on synthesizers and giving Uriah Heep a fresher sound. On the three albums he recorded with Uriah Heep, Sinclair painted the music with creative and colorful sounds. Just listen to the album version of "Think It Over", "Sweet Talk", "Poor Little Rich Girl", or the surprising "Rockarama". Still into music but not touring like in the past, John Sinclair, busy since he became a qualified hypnotherapist, kindly accepted to be interviewed byAwa-news.

-Nice to meet you, John. Please use three words to introduce yourself. -John Sinclair: How you doin'? -What brought you to become an active musician? -John Sinclair: My father bought a piano, and I was the only one that could play it. -Now you became a hypnotherapist. Music can have some power that could, in a way, be compared to some kind of hypnosis. How do you use your musical sensitivity to practice hypnosis? -John Sinclair: Hypnotherapy is about effective communication, as is music.

-Among your work, what is the piece that you think represents you the most, and why? -John Sinclair: I've not done it yet. -Any song you’re ashamed of, and why? -John Sinclair: I've not done that yet either. -If you had a magic wand, in what band would you play right now? -John Sinclair: The Average White Band. Actually if I had a magic wand, I'd probably sell it and buy a bigger Pro Tools system. -What would you say to Awa-news readers who might not know you, to convince them to listen to the albums you contributed to? -John Sinclair: I'd prefer they make their own choices.

-Can you tell us more about the current musical projects that involve you? -John Sinclair: All stage musical material, but I am working with an 80's inspired pop/rock band. -Last but not least, would you openly admit that you are an Awaken fan? -John Sinclair: I would admit it if I was, but I've not seen it.


What happened on November some years ago?

Let's jump into Awa-news' time machine...

15/11/1976: Kiss releases Rock & Roll Over. The Catman and Spaceman are real here (not the fake ones from 2009) .

11/11/1989: Birth of Japanese idol Reina Tanaka (Morning Musume).

16/11/1982: Death of bebop jazz pianist Al Haig.

You like Awaken? You *will* like this album:

PAUL McCARTNEY, Tug Of War (1982)

It's not always easy to be a legend. When he just turns 40 and still full of projects, the public eye sees Paul McCartney as the member of the Beatles and, despite his success with Wings or in solo, the left-handed bass player knows that whatever he does will be compared to his past work. But something like 20 years after the rise of the Fab Four's popularity, McCartney proves that he's more inspired than ever. Tug Of War is a fucking good album, and although it's a solo record, it features some guests that would make any fan happy to hear play there: George Martin, Ringo Starr, Stevie Wonder, Al McKay, Steve Gadd, Dave Mattacks, Carl Perkins, Stanley Clarke, Eric Stewart, Denny Laine... The sessions of Tug Of War started in October 1980 as a Wings album, but the sadness due to death of John Lennon made McCartney and Martin stop everything until February of 1981. The song "Here Today" (later covered by Awaken) was written for him. There's a bunch of excellent stuff on Tug Of War, like "Take It Away" with Ringo and George Martin, "What's That You're Doing" with Stevie Wonder, the funky-rocking "Dress Me Up As A Robber" or the splendid "Here Today". Nothing to forget on Tug Of War, this is a true McCartney piece of art. Who said the 80's were sad times????!!!


Seb Bournier from Sousbock tells the ugly truth about Snowcat and more tips to travel in Japan. And? And? More! Take care and see you!

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