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"iTG Software Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd." is serving various customers across the country for "Advantech, ATEN & AMobile Make" industrial automation products. Now we are also having Authorized Repair & Maintenance center for these products with Certified Engineers. Advantech, ATEN & AMobile Industrial Automation products and solutions can be deployed to diversified industrial vertical and critical applications such as Power & Energy, Factory & Process Automation, Industrial Automation, Oil & Gas, Transportation Railway, DATA Centers, and Warehouse Management etc. Following is our industrial automation product portfolio with links to the product pages: Web based SCADA/ HMI Software WebAccess Bundled Products | WebAccess HMI/SCADA software

Human Machine Interfaces Operator Panels | Automation Panels | Industrial Panel PC | Industrial Monitors

Automation Controllers Programmable Automation Controllers & I/O Modules

Embedded Automation Computers Din-Rail Automation Controller, UNO-1000 Series | Standmount Embedded Automation Controller, UNO-2000 Series | Wallmount Embedded Automation Box PC, UNO-3000 Series | Rack mountable Automation Computers for Power Substations: UNO-4000 | Advantech iDoor Module | UNO Embedded OS Support | UNO Accessories

Power & Energy Rack mountable Fanless Box PCs (UNO-4000 & ECU-4000 Series) | Energy Data Acquisition; Energy Controller | Energy Automation Computer Plug-in Cards

Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Communication PCI Express Cards | PCI Cards | USB Modules | Compact PCI System | PC/104 Modules | Serial Communication Cards | ISA Cards | Serial Converter and Repeaters | Signal Conditioning Modules and Terminal Boards | PC-based Modular Industrial Controller | I/O Drivers and Utilities | Advantech DAQ Navi Support List

RS-485 I/O Modules: ADAM-4000 | Ethernet I/O Modules: ADAM-6000 | EtherNet/IP Modules: ADAM-6100EI | PROFINET Modules: ADAM-6100PN | Intelligent Ethernet I/O Modules: ADAM-6200 | Wireless I/O Modules: ADAM-2000

Industrial Communication Advanced Ethernet Solutions | Industrial Ethernet Solutions | Industrial Wireless | Serial Device Servers

Certified Solutions EN50155 | IEC 61850-3/ IEEE 1613

Panel PC Industrial Touch Monitor | Multi-Functional Panel PCs | Fanless Wide Screen Panel PCs | Fanless Panel PCs | Installation Accessories

Industrial PC Customized Industrial PC| 19" Rack Mountable | Mini/Micro & ATX Motherboard |P4 Core2Duo I Series & Xeon Configuration | Installation Accessories

Please contact if you have any requirement or need information on our industrial automation and embedded systems product. It will enable us to submit more details on product, competitive offer and better technical support.

Contact Details: Address: H1-240 to 243, & H1-252 to 255, EPIP, RIICO Industrial Area, Sitapura, Jaipur-302022, Rajasthan – India Mail ID: Contact No. 9001158222 Website URL:

Industrial Automation Product Portfolio | iTG India  
Industrial Automation Product Portfolio | iTG India  

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