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Written by Steve Smid

TrueWorld and PhoenixOne have successfully converted S/Y Galaxie into a 100% electric vessel, and in doing so make her a pioneer for sustainability in the maritime industry.

TrueWorld Organisation, an innovation company at the forefront of sustainability and decarbonisation solutions, has embarked on an extraordinary endeavour that combines education and conservation. Their latest achievement involves the conversion of the well-known Galaxie sailing yacht into a fully electric-powered vessel. This ground-breaking transformation not only showcases their unwavering commitment to the maritime industry but also highlights their dedication to environmental preservation and the adoption of sustainable practices.

Originally crafted in 1979 by the esteemed engineer Dominique Presles at France's renowned Chantier de Biot shipyard, S/Y Galaxie is a Ketch-rigged sailing boat with a length of 21.45 metres, giving an aura of elegance and functionality. Beyond its exceptional craftsmanship, S/Y Galaxie is a symbol of solidarity, having served as the vessel for the Balearic Fundació Joves Navegants since its establishment in 1992. The foundation's primary focus was to provide training and promote sailing among young individuals facing social exclusion. However, their activities were halted due to the pandemic, as limited resources prevented them from continuing their mission. In 2022, TrueWorld stepped in to take over the educational project, ensuring its legacy of solidarity and reinvigorating the purpose of empowering disadvantaged youths through the transformative experience of sailing.

TrueWorld, in collaboration with PhoenixOne, a company that specialises in the electrification of yachts, through the incorporation of cutting-edge technology such as onboard ener- gy storage, advanced power management systems, and hybrid propulsion, took on the transformation of S/Y Galaxie into a zero-emission vessel. At the heart of this endeavour lies the replacement of the boat's original 120-horsepower diesel engine with an 80 kW electric motor, ensuring it now sails without relying on fossil fuels. Phoenix One is paving the way through the transformation of traditional yachts into eco-friendly vessels by giving them a second life with superior performance whilst minimising their environmental impact.

This remarkable feat not only reduces the vessel's carbon footprint but also sets an example for sustainable practices in the maritime industry. The conversion is currently taking place at Mallorca's AlcudiaMar shipyard. By utilising energy-efficient systems and sustainable materials, they not only extend Galaxie's lifespan but also minimise its environmental impact. This holistic approach aligns with the principles of the circular economy, actively contributing to a more sustainable future in the Mediterranean.

“At Phoenix One, our commitment is to provide innovative solutions that make a positive impact on our world," affirmed CEO Lucas Nowak. "Our partnership with TrueWorld not only exemplifies this dedication to giving back to those less fortu- nate, but also underscores our shared vision in the protection of the Mediterranean Sea, ensuring it remains a source of life and joy for generations to come."

In addition to its primary function as a zero-emission educational vessel, Galaxie will be used to conduct scientific investigations, conservation missions as well as the core educational mission. Through strategic alliances, grants, and partnerships with foundations, TrueWorld aims to foster environmental awareness and actively involve young individuals in marine conservation. By integrating scientific research into its multifaceted approach, S/Y Galaxie becomes a valuable platform for the gathering of crucial data on marine ecosystems, advancing knowledge and support for conservation initiatives of our marine ecosystems.

The Mediterranean Sea is facing numerous environmental challenges, including biodiversity loss and pollution, and the transformation of Galaxie into a 100% electric vessel, with the use of public grants, is leading the Balearic maritime sector in terms of sustainability through a reduction in carbon emissions. With collaborations such as PhoenixOne, TrueWorld hopes initiatives like this will inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

TrueWorld's dedication to professional development and education has also extended to their collaboration with the Centre Integrat de Formació Professional Nautico Pesquera de Palma, where they donated the used diesel motor to the Centre, providing practical training opportunities in marine mechanics. This donation not only benefits students but also promotes a circular economy by maximizing the motor's lifespan, whilst minimising waste.

In summary, TrueWorld’s conversion of the Galaxie sailing boat into a 100% electric-powered vessel represents a paradigm shift in the maritime industry.

S/Y Galaxie serves as a powerful embodiment of a future where the fusion of technology and conservation principles propels us towards emissions-free sailing. It stands as a beacon of hope, illustrating a path towards a cleaner and more sustainable world. By embracing cutting-edge innovations and prioritising environmental stewardship, S/Y Galaxie inspires us to reimagine a future where every voyage embodies a greener and more sustainable way of life.

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