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STYLING TIPS The wedding day is one of the most important days in a person's life. It is a day where everyone looks their very best, and according to Isaac Ely, of Isaac Ely Bespoke in Toronto, it is important that the groom look just as good as his bride. Here are a few tips to set the groom apart from the guests.

Dress for the occasion It's important to suit up appropriately for whatever the occasion calls for, whether it is a formal black-tie wedding or a destination wedding in the Caribbean, the appropriate suit is essential. No suit is too formal or informal - it all depends on the theme of the wedding.


Style of the suit The groom's personality should determine the style. Whether he's conservative or the life of the party, the right style can go a long way. For a conservative personality, a classic single-breasted peak lapel tuxedo works best. For the contemporary man, a three-piece two-button notch lapel suit in a modern or slim fit is appropriate. If it's a destination wedding on an island, a linen suit is best.

Shirt style Shirt styling is as important as suit styling. The collar plays an important role to put emphasis on the shape of the face. Wingtip, spread, semi-spread, and pointed collars are all appropriate options for a groom. For cuff styles, a French cuff is ideal for more formal theme weddings as it is both classic and elegant, especially paired with cufflinks. Add a coloured or patterned shirt for even more expression. One important shirt tip is to have two for the occasion: one for the day and one for night – just in case.

The fit The most important part of the suit that ties it all together is the fit. An ill-fitting suit can make even

the most luxurious suit look like a disaster on the body. A proper fitting suit can help accentuate a person's best body features and help hide their worst. The era of baggy suits are long gone, so grooms should opt for a more modern or slim fit for their big day.

Accessorize to personalize Accessories help add the extra hint of personality on a groom’s big day. The most important accessories are the tie, bowties, suspenders, cufflinks and watches. The tie should be coloured according to the wedding's theme. Add a splash of colour for the more eccentric or a more neutral colour for the more refined. A pocket square can also add a dash of personality. • 401

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