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It’s amazing how one comment can change everything. I say this because the original idea for this issue was changed after reading the Cleveland Scene. In a recent issue of the Cleveland based magazine SCENE they had an article called “BIG, BAD PACKAGE How the package tour is helping to kill hip hop”. In this article it explained how package tours such as Scream fest is destroying hip hop because these tours allow promoters to pack alot artists on a bill giving urban audiences just quantity to quality. The article not only suggests but states that THE DJ IS DEAD. After reading this I couldn’t believe a comment like that could be made. If the DJ was dead then Fat Al would still be just coming down St. Clair all by himself. Young Buck would not have had to apologize, Gangsta Grillz would have never been born, Khaled taking over would be a just a thought, Coca Cola would not have paid a kid from the southside $400 million, Who would care about TJ, no one would have known that MIMS was hot, Jamie Foxx could not request another love song, and no one would be walking it out. I had to take this comment and send it out to hear from the DJs themselves. So this issue is dedicated to the DJs. In the meantime to get the latest on the news updates, new album releases, and more new artists such as Rob G, Candy Hill, and Cene, and check out the new web page

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Hip-Hop is Dead/ The Gov’t Killed It Hip-Hop is Dead cause Our Government Killed it: Lets hear it again!!!! “Fuck the radio stations!” Let’s hear it again!!! “Fuck the DJs”........Lets hear it again “Fuck the corporate white people at the labels” CAUSE THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO KILLED HIP-HOP!!!! No.....YOU KILLED HIP-HOP. Everyone wants to point a finger about why hip-hop is dead. The reason why hip-hop is called “Hip-Hop” is because its “Hip” is describing the new and “Hop” is the evolving sound it brings to the table. Hip-Hop will never die it just evolves like every genera of music does. Hip-Hop is a way of life. Everyone knows it’s a culture not just music. Its 4 elements in hip-hop: the B-Boy, the DJ, the MC and the artist (graffiti artist). So to say hip-hop is dead is a bit over board, but we can all say it’s fucked up. Music is usually based on feelings and hip-hop at most times is based on a struggle. Think about hiphop from the 80’s till now. Yea, I know. Those were some good times right? You remember when Wild Style came out and the Furious 5 killed the crowd? Or when Run DMC did Runs House in Krush Groove? Or when Ozone did the break dance with the broom in the movie Breakin? I tell you....the good ole days! It seem like the whole world was hip-hip and that was

just the beginning. From 80-86 Hip-Hop was a baby. Our baby. An outlet for minorities to have something we can call our own. Hip-Hop was a competition and an art. Let me take you back some more. Remember when “Self Destruction” and “Same Gang” came out and everyone had an African medallion. I will never forget when I had to sneak to listen to N.W.A. or my 2 Live Crew tapes. Remember when the 90’s crept in and Juice came out and every nigga on the block wanted to be a DJ? MAN! I’m getting geek just thinking about it! Remember when Teddy Riley and Guy came on the scene and R&B started to explode when New Jack City was a block buster hit! I can never forget Flava doing his dance to The Show by Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh! But I know something you did forget. You forgot who was in office. Do you remember who was President at these times? Do you remember if we were in prosperity, depression or recession? I thought so. Like, I said in the beginning. Music is based on what’s going on in our community. Music reaches the soul because of the value that someone else is going through what we thought we were the only ones going through. Yeah I know you remember the “good ole times” but do you remember the content of that music? In 1977-1981 Jimmy Carter was president. Yes I know he was a asshole, but he was a decent president. Also note that Regan came in office in 1981. Issues of health care and education weren’t on high alert. Issues from 1977-1987 were dealing with violence. Not only were we going through the Cold War but we were dealing with minorities killing minorities. Then Bush came into office from 1989-1993 and drugs plagued our home land at an increasing rate. Hence the songs; “Same Gang” and “Self Destruction” and movies like New Jack City. But we all know that Bush was concentrating on the Gulf War. Those years he was in office the education rate started its decrease within the minority community. The point I’m getting at is that hip-hop expressed what was going on within our own community, but it was based on a trickle down effect by governmental issues. Saved by the Bell! William J. Clinton hit the office. Just when you thought we didn’t have a chance God gave us Bill. Its funny but, its true. It took a few years to bounce back from Bush Seniors fuck ups but we came though. Bill Clinton increased the educational

level in minority communities and also the level of heath care issues in the U.S. The country we thought was doomed almost hit prosperity. Everyone was making money. Small businesses were booming, the teacher salary was passed decent and the record companies sold records (see the trickle down effect I was talking about). Notice what music was popular when Clinton was in office. Yup! R&B. acts like Jodeci, Mary J, Public Announcement and Aaliyah just to name a few. I mean, even Biggie, Jay and Pac was spitting lyrics about drinking good and making money. Don’t get me wrong. Clinton wasn’t the best and minorities still had a struggle, but we were healing from a lot of effects prior. I hope you’re reading carefully about when I said “The teacher’s salary was passed decent”. You remember the Ms. Williams that would help you after school? I know you have to remember the Mrs. Reed who called your moms if you played hooky from school that day. Do you remember the ages? Seems like the average age back then was at the least 40 years of age. This was an era that teachers cared about a student. They stayed after school to help. Hell....they even retired at 60 plus or so. Then over the years teachers got younger.....and younger and younger. Salaries got lower and lower. The drop out rate increased heavily and then education got out of hand in the minority community. I bet you can guess who’s is office around this time. Yeah.....Bush Jr. and just think he’s been in office since 2001 (shaking my head). And yes you guessed it again. The era of the trap rappers came. The dope boys and the niggas who slang were all we had to listen to. But you can’t blame them. Our government fucked that up. We were good till this asshole came and brought everything Clinton mended from sugar to shit. Notice I said drop out rate. Then notice how old the rappers are that rap about this dope boy shit we hear daily. With Bush in office our drop out rate increased. 88% of blacks can’t even read at a 4th grade level. And the small business started to die because of major corporations building with out regulation. Then notice the record labels merging with other major labels so they don’t go under because people aren’t buying records anymore. And the reason why people aren’t buying records is because of the lack of capitol in the communities that support hip-hop. Look around and see that the teachers are getting younger only because the salaries are decreasing. Therefore the attention needed for black and other minority students isn’t there. The Ms. Williams and Mrs. Reeds have vanished and 25 year old Ms. Allen is now teaching high school. How can a 25 year old be wise enough to train young men that are twice her size? So the Ms. Allens’ get scared. She goes home everyday at 3p.m with relief to be away from the hoodlums in her class. She could careless if they pass or not cause she can’t get through to them anyways. It’s already bad enough

that the kids that were in the Regan era are now these kids parents. So guess what? They all fucked up anyways cause of the issues they went through when our government was worse if not even to the one we have now. So this trickle down effect causes our educational system for minorities to fall to its knees. And this is why records like Laffy Taffy and Aye Bay Bay are top 10 hits. Wait! Did I lose you? Let me get you back on track and to the point. The reason why Laffy Taffy, Aye Bay Bay and Crank That Souljah boy are top 10 hits is because our educational system is fucked. Kids can’t comprehend songs like Microphone Fiend because they didn’t gather enough information to understand lyrics with substance. Laffy Taffy is simple. They can understand jingles and catchy hooks because their brain hasn’t been exercised to hold on to anything with true substance. Why do you think every song with a kid in it makes a top 10 record every time? Why do you think record labels tell rappers to dumb down? Cause this is the demographic with disposable income. The demographic that has disposable income aren’t bright enough to soak up and real artist with real lyrics. The object of the record business and radio now is K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) and the reason why is because the minority educational system is way below average. So when you want to blame the DJ or the radio or the labels, look at yourself. Look deep into why not just the shallow slogan of “Hip-Hop is Dead” cause you are the one who killed it. When was the last time you went out and voted? I bet you will be more political now......Won’t you? THE HEAVY HITTERS 2007 McDonalds All-American DJ *GRIND TIME RADIO ON SIRIUS RADIO Ch.40* WGZB-B96.5 Louisville, KY 7p-12a KHTE-Hot 96.5 Little Rock, AR 5p WDAI- Kiss 98.5 Myrtle Beach, SC 5p WBFA- 101.3 The Beat, Columbus, GA 5p&10p

You have to give credit when credit is due when talking about TJ Chapman. The former Canton, Ohio resident TJ has been credited with launching the careers of Rick Ross, David Banner, and the man with the number one album T-Pain (just to name a few). Recently INTRO was able to catch up with TJ and convo with him about his new artist B.o.B and get his opinion regarding the death of the DJ. INTRO: You have been doing these music conferences for awhile now. I know that you pick the people at the top of their game for the panel but how do you pick the topics for the panels at the conference? TJ: The topics come from everyday questions that I get from others that I meet. From these questions I decide what topics should be covered by the panels. INTRO: I understand that you are managing a new artist by the name of B.o.B. Can you tell me more about B.o.B. TJ: Well B.o.B is a new artist that I am comanaging. He is from ATL. We are in the process of building him a strong fan base. Currently he is touring in the south. We are focused on building him in the south before we schedule tour dates in the Midwest. I believe that this artist is the truth. You can mark my words with that one and if I am wrong you know where to find me. INTRO: There are so many artists that do not have or are looking for management. In your opinion what makes a good manager. TJ: Contacts. You want a manager that has the contacts that will get you where you want to be. You have a goal and you want someone that can help you with that goal. INTRO: What up coming events do you have coming up?

TJ: I will be at the FSU in Tallahassee Homecoming event. INTRO: In a recent article in the Cleveland magazine Scene there was a comment made about the DJ being dead. What is you personal opinion about that comment? TJ: If the DJ is dead then there would not be any new music playing on the radio. Radio is so corporate now. They do not help the new local artists. The DJs do. Radio plays only what people are familiar with so that they can keep their advertising dollars coming in. The DJ breaks the local artists which in turn supplies the music that you hear on the radio. Man I can keep going on this subject but I won’t talk your ear off. To catch more of TJ check out the new issue of Scratch Magazine or check out www. or or email To get more info on B.o.B check out www. or contact TJ at 850878-3634.

You have to give it to Remy. Her flow is tight but recent things have had INTRO questioning Ma and her Actions. After the disappointing sales of her first album (158,000 to date) “There’s Something About Remy” she was released from her contract with Terror Squad/SRC/Universal records. The release was only granted contingent that Remy not sign to or do a song with any member of GUnit. This condition was made after G-Unit had expressed interest in signing Remy to the label. Remy has since released her new mixtape album “Shesus Kryst” produced by Superstar Jay. No I am not playing. The mixtape is to proceed to her sophomore album “PUNISHher”. You can get the album through her website Currently Remy is signed to Sure Shot Records and her own label Remynisce Music. Recently we have seen Remy in the news because she has been charged with attempted murder of her long time friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph. Remy has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, assault and weapons charges. Two different accounts of the incident have been reported by associates if the rapper and the victim. Of course for Remy a few charges are not going to stop her from doing her thing. Public appearances and the new mixtape “Shesus Kryst” has caused more controversy than the charges because of the art work by Miamikaoslayouts. The artwork depicts Remy being crucified on the cross. Well if you didn’t like that picture then you definitely will not like the video as well. Remy Ma has released three singles from the mixtape “Shesus Kryst” which include the Fat Joe diss “Fuck the Weatherman, Jump, and Shesus Kryst”. The video for Shesus Kryst depicts Remy rapping while laying down tied to a cross. Her lyrical skills are the shit on this song. Remy has proclaimed that “she is the BX savior” However Remy posted on a cross does not sit very well. In the song “Weatherman” Remy asks Joe “Where ya second single at” and evens calls Joey Crack and the Terror Squad homos. The single “Jump” gives new meaning to the Kriss Kross song by letting men know that ya

girl just might be a “Jump Off”. At the beginning of the year it was announced that Remy, Shawnna, and JackieO were supposed to be forming the super female rap group “Head Bitches In Charge”. This is not the official name of the group because the trio was still working on contractual issues because none of them were on the same label. Well with Shawnna being released from her contract with DTP/DefJam and Remy leaving Terror Squad/SRC/Universal there still seems like this union could happen. These ladies however need to find home for the project. You can catch these ladies first song “Chopped Up”. The H.B.I.Cs let you know that if you mess with there money you will “get you ass chopped up”.

“We believe that “GOOD” music should no longer lie dormant in the underground circuit but instead resurrected into the mainstream”. This belief motivated Dante Benjamin (CEO/Producer/Engineer) and Andrico Osborne (Artist/Producer/Vice President to start Studio A Records. Studio ‘A’ Records was established in the fall of 2004. Unlike most producers Studio A offers musicians a wide variety of services that include: recording, tracking, mixing and mastering sound. With state of the art equipment, the hottest software and trained professionals we ensure the best products to all clients.Studio A Records is not only an record studio with a group of engineers but they are also talented artists as well. Know as the SA Officials we have DricDolla, D.R., Big Q, Rank One, Snezalio da God, and YB. They plan on bringing the real music back to the streets.INTRO talked with Tae and DricDolla to get more information on Studio A. INTRO: I understand that DricDolla is the official producer for the label. Who have you produced for? DricDolla: I’m the official producer for Studio A Records. I have produced for such artists as; Lil Red from Street Senate, D.O.C. Show Stoppaz, Yung King From tha Gutta Click, Y.F.D, Yung Mook, Black, Misled, Money Mills, and many more. INTRO: I understand that you are a recording artist as well? What the name of the album and when is it scheduled to drop? DricDolla: The name of my album is called “My Hustle”. I am looking at probably early December. I can’t really speak too much about the project but I can say that it will be something for the streets. We also have another member from Studio A named D.R. that will have his solo album coming out soon after mine. D.R. doesn’t have a name for the album just yet. INTRO: Tae besides Studio A Records what

other projects do you have in the works? Tae: Currently we (Studio A Records) are venturing into the promoter side of the business. The first big event that we are putting together is the Gorilla Zoe Album Release and Concert Jam. The concert will take place in Toledo, Ohio at the Coyote Joes on September 22nd. INTRO: Is that the only current project? Are there any other albums coming from the group? Tae: We will be releasing a compilation album in the near future. At this moment the project is still in the works. For more info on the album or the concert contact: info@ DricDolla: I want the people to know that anybody that want beats I have lots of material. I do hip-hop and R&B. For beats send requests to:

You got a glimpse of producer Matlock in the World Premier issue if INTRO as we told you about his recent accomplishments. As we told you before this producer/artist is on fire and continues to make big moves since we last reported on him. 1) So what other projects are you working on at the moment? I’m still working on trinas project and I’m workin with Men at large on a remix of one of their songs entitled “AYO”. I’m workin with an artist named DC, his single entitled Money Talks which I produced is set to feature Mack Maine of Young Money Records/Universal. 2) What other ventures are you working on? I am in the process of launching HMMG, which stands for Hungry Music Music Group. I have a list of producers that I am going to represent such as FKB, STYLES, B. HUGH, BUTCH, EBONY, and myself. I am still looking for more producers (send tracks and bio to 3) So what is going on with The HEAVYWIEGHTS and C.H.R.O.ME? I am still currently shopping for deals for both The HEAVYWEIGHTS, and C.H.R.O.M.E. The Chrome has just released their new single “Big Bread” which has already been gaining attention. We are also working on our new album. This fall the heavyweights will be releasing the remix to last years blazing single “Paper Up” featuring Trina, Mz Skittlez, Nessacary, and many more. Currently we are in the studio working on their album. 4) You told me that you are a part of an organization called PMPWorldwide. How did that happen? I am a member of which is an industry website for producers to

sell beats. I was introduced to that by one of my friends. I was approached awhile back we it was in the making. When it was completed they gave me a call. I am the first producer to become part of the organization. Matlock AKA the Beat Hustler

Is the D.J. Truly DEAD This is what the SCENE magazine – a usual supporter of the music scene ( no pun intended) wrote in a recent article – designated to question the life-long status of the D.J and his /her role in the HIP HOP arena as well as everywhere else. I say that because do to his uneducated rant and misinformed article one might think he actually might be on to something – I assure he is not! I will not only point out that the D.J. – The Culture of Hip-Hop is here to Stay but it is STRONGER than EVER (Kanye West Grammy mean anything ?) :and though you want to concentrate on the negative, well we will get to that too….. and finally HOW MUCH DID JAY –Z PAY YOU FOR ALL THE JOCK RIDING- I’m sure he appreciated it as he left the money on the night stand and took a shower to rid himself of your stinch. “There’s certainly a long list of pop artists who have faltered live, yet still prospered. But it’s hard to imagine that watching more rappers appear artistically nude isn’t hurting hip-hop. And in this case, the more, the scarier.” Why when young urban youth rise up in a commune so many folks just focus on the negative – NO# - ROCK –N-Roll stars have and will do more damage to minds, hotels rooms ,little girls, bats and chickens than HIP-HOP will eva do so If you gonna point out the negatives of a music style, genre, or culture – hit

everyone equally or SHUT UP! You’re the type to call Madonna, Marilyn Mansion and , Ozzy creative when they truly represent – confusion, blasphemy, drugs and a twisted look on life. Now whats different from an urban youth trying to get mainstream America to see his/her outlook from a certain perspective. Ask yourself where would America get the truth from the NEWS… HA!!! “That’s when I started wondering if hip-hop and concert performance had finally reached the point of irreconcilable differences. Remember, rap originated as a live music on playgrounds in New York City.” This was your most goofy comment – That’s right Goofy!!! How DARE you remind us where HIP-HOP started, when you are questioning the existence and continuation of one of the most vital ELEMENTS of HIP HOP – THE D.J. – (Elements – B-BOY- Graph Artist- M.C. & D.J.) Anyway – the strength of the D.J. still stands WE BREAK RECORDS that YOU HEAR - before it get popular it just on a shelf or a MP3 file until a D.J. grabs it and puts fyre behind it for whatever reason. A D.J. did it often with no accolades at all. You see little big business has attacked the D.J. just as everything else; we were told in the late 70”s early 80” that Hip-Hop would not last 20 years. That comment pissed off every D.J. even more than your story – WE PUT HIP-HOP on our backs and carried it and Cleveland was effective in the movement from M.C. Chill to Johnny-O and the Sorcerer Crew to Monkey Paw –Pistol Grip Pump to my performance with B.E.T. at the Rock Hall in 99 with Bone Thugs, Outkast, Slick Rick and Public Enemy. Now 30 years later along with the up and coming of Chip the Ripper, Ray Cash, Suave Gotti, Sir the Investment, Pheonix Jones, Hoodulum Bunch, Al Fats and many many many more from “Da CLE” – the D.J. has had to represent his /her area and defend their personal status all while battling any fool with a laptop-I-pod – or and quick play computer program. People DJ-ing is in the Blood, we are artist as well as musical technicians – not only knowing what to play but knowing how to deliever it to please the masses is vital. If you think you can do better come set up my equipment for me……….. Big business had made the D.J. seem obsolete – but when you need your party rocked the right way or play a I-pod. In closing ( cause I can get at you all day ) the role of the D.J. has Grow with Hip-Hop, we are producers, sound techs, entertainers, business owners, and have influced every type of music – promotional

item on the planet. If you don’t see us YOUR NOT LOOKING – or your getting paid not to see. – HUH what else but something so true weather its hard core like N.W.A. – political like Public Enemy – thought provoking like Common and Talib – or beating over the head like Pac, B.I.G. or Busta its real. What is not real is shit like the Snow Bunnie!! Shout Out to – Renegade D.J.’s, Kratediggaz, TJ’s DJ’s, Entorage, C.O.R.E., Violater, Vynal Breakers, Lord Gang, N.E.R.V.E, League Crew, Trakheads , Beatjunkies Just to name a few……………………………… D.J. Quest95 216-374-2455

like a bunch of mess thrown together...but its no different than the Summerfest that was done in the 90’s. As a promoter you want to supply a demand for an artist...sometimes the only way to get a certain artist to the Land is through tours like screamfest.....So as a city we have to make these big out of town promoters understand that we love hiphop and music in general...and you don’t have to cram groups on a ticket to make one stop in Cleveland. We will support 2 shows with less acts with more depths to there sets.....And as for the DJ-ing being dead...that’s a lie cause I’m alive and I represent the DJ’s grindin’ everyday to get that respect for being the DJ.....Truthfully, everybody thinks there a DJ these days... technology makes so easy and accessible to think your a DJ...oh you need Serato or some computer program to help beat match...all that shit is wack...3 crates mutherfucka’s and I’mma rock any club, any reception, any crowd, in any city like WHOA!!!! But Serato would be would make it easy on my back....but whose complaining I ain’t....! Maybe the people DJ-ing is wack and maybe they don’t work hard at shows...or really can’t DJ.....BUT THAT DOESNOT MEAN THE DJ IS DEAD??? Come see The World Famous DJ Jack Da Rippa get down...I’ll show you DJ-ing and why we love it so much.......peace!!!!. AAALISTENTAP We need to bring content back and real artist with actual talent J HATCH / I STANDARD PUBLICITY People need to stop living in the past. The DJ runs hip hop and caters to the wants of the people. Let hip hop grow, its in its mid 30s and its moving out of moms house.

DJ G-SPOT The “DJ” is alive and strong because hip hop isn’t the only genre of music that utilizes the “DJ”. DJ STARLINE The DJ will never be dead! We make their music classics... being that we spin and play out their singles. The DJ is a vital marketing tool and shouldn’t be down graded as we were in this article. DJ NAH-MEAN I think that the DJ is very much alive!!!!!!!! The dj holds the show together, rocks tha crowd, and get the people hype for the mc to take center stage. DJs are growing everyday just like rappers we break down the beats and keep the motion going so the MC can do what he or she does. To me without the DJ the mc would spitin with no music behind them. Mr. Moola Not a DJ.................still in my opinion I feel that quality of hip hop is no where near the quantity. Hip hop is based on gimmicks sold to the customer it has nothing to do with the message or the emotion in the music I think if hip hops dead the DJ is dead etc. Its nothing but hip hops fault, “how tall ya stacks and how long ya paper trail” is how your based on being a “good” rapper it has nothing to do with talent. No more...........mainstream rappers are making garbage! Therefore the industry has to compensate by putting all the big names on 1 bill to drown out the quality JACK DA RIPPER Packaging tours are fine when done correctly....I agree that maybe there were too many acts on the ticket and it did seem

dj roof top I havent read the article but regarding wether the dj is dead, I would say we are a dying breed.. Artists need to take there responsible and incorporate djs in their shows, not just some random dude who can press play on a cdj.. DJ MAKASI Well what i think: Dj-ing is definitely NOT what it used to be. Dj’s used to be the man who could hook up everything. if people needed radio play, go to the dj, if people needed a beat, go to the dj, u need new tracks, go to the dj... whatever they wanted, go to the dj if music was involved. now, the dj is in the back, people hardly notice the dj, at clubs the crowd want just music. that means no to many adds to your show (scratches, spinbacks, etc...) the wouldn’t accept that. except if your dj jazzy jeff, premier, ... . Some Dj’s don’t even mix, don’t even know how to mix, but just drop there shit and play their music. Dj-ing was something special cause every dj had something special bout himself. But now, if you know how to handle a computer, u can be a dj. i think that’s wrong and maybe in a few years, we just have a cd playing in clubs.... DJ SINCERE I had read that scene the bullshit in the magazine. The Scene is a big magazine out here and for them to publish something like that is ridulous. Its not killing hip hop. Because they have durring tours like this for the longest starting out when hip hop first started. And for the to say that the dj is dead is crazy. because they had a real close friend of mines Mick Boogie in the scene awhile back. so whoever published that had to be high.

It all started ten years ago carrying eight crates of records for other DJs in the game before DJ Fresh became part of the League Crew and becoming the number one DJ for School House Productions. Fresh has also worked with such artists as Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dog, Outkast, Lil Wayne, 8 Ball and MJG. You can catch Dj Fresh every Saturday Dj-ing a live broadcast for z107.9 at the Metropolis nightclub 10PM-2AM. INTRO was able to catch up with Fresh and get a little bit more information on the DJ. 1) What inspired you to become a DJ in the first place? What inspired me to become a DJ was watching DJs like Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex, and Jazzy Jeff. To see the crowd reaction from one person playing a record was amazing to me so I said “that’s what I want to do”! It’s a rush me for me to see people go crazy for the music that I am playing. 2) What different trends do you see in the music business as far as up and coming artists are concerned? There are a lot of trends in music now like the Rockstar Movement. Ten years ago you wouldn’t have heard that but it’s a good thing it shows versatility in the hip hop game. I just wish that music could start saying things that mean something again and also be more creative 3) Being part of the League Crew what opportunities have become available to you? The League Crew has opened up alot doors for me. It has given me a chance to be apart of something special, just think about it, the hottest DJs in the city doing working the hottest clubs the hottest parties and we do them together. We don’t compete against each other because we are all good friends that happen to be in the same business. We support each other when we are working. I let people know to check them out and they do

the same for me, so shouts to Mick Boogie, Terry Urban, and Steph Floss. 4) Where do you see your career going in the next 5-10 years? The next 5 years you will see me still DJ-ing on a national level, still traveling and doing what I love to do which is making people dance 5) In a recent issue of the Cleveland based magazine SCENE they had an article called “BIG, BAD PACKAGE How the package tour is helping to kill hip hop”. In this article it explained how package tours such as Screamfest is destroying hip hop because these tours allow promoters to pack a lot artists on a bill giving urban audiences just quantity to quality. The article not only suggests but states that THE DJ IS DEAD. As DJs I would like to know what you all think about this comment because my next issue involves the opinions of you all. I think that hip hop isn’t dead it just took a different turn. We are not in the 80’s and 90’s anymore this hip hop isn’t made for the 25 and up. When were growing up we thought how these kids think now, so it was fun and new to us so I’m all for the new hip hop and the DJ isn’t dead we just got smarter and wiser. Its a business now you have know you can’t be the dj of yesterday you have to go with the time or you won’t eat.