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13:45 Seated area open for Parents and Guests 14:00 Welcome Speech by Miss Lisa Taylor, Deputy 14:05-14:20 Kindergarten Carol singings;

-Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Away in a Manger, Little donke

14:20-15:20 Primary School Christmas Production

cast list:

A humorous, entertaining musical about Mrs Christmas’ wish for a good song at Christ and sing for Mrs Christmas. Their neighbour, Nasty Grimgrump, tries to spoil Christmas threatens to leave, taking his Troupe with him. Faced with two miserable households, th hearts at Christmas-time. Starring:

The Troupe:

Father Christmas: Jack Mrs Christmas: Amy Mo Christmas: George Nasty Grimgrump: Finley Mrs Grimgrump: Jasmin Jo Grimgrump: Mila Reindeer 1: Charly Reindeer 2: Sam D Reindeer 3: Lyubava Reindeer 4: Bobo Air Stewardess: Lizzie

Mr Partridge: Hazel 2 Turtle doves: Gaya & Bella 3 French Hens: Maia, Michael & Ra 4 Colley birds: Sungwan, Pat, Jame Hoopla: Sandra 6 Geese: Tiwaz, Leo, Warren, Alex, 7 Swans: Norma, Leanne, Peangpop, 8 Maids: Kya, Trisha, Nami, Jennifer, Seol & Baifern 9 Drummers: Niall, Jack, Tye, Se Ry Lily, Jaya & Kristoffer 10 Pipers: Sam P, Steven, Stamp, Mik Sergii & Luke 11 Ladies: Mia, Salome, Ivy, June, Khu Sophia, Alisha & Cassie 12 Lords James M, Philiph, Yeon Wo Matt, Yotin, Dali, Jint, Poon & PK

15:20–15 Christmas Songs in Thai, We wish you a

y Head of School & Mr Jeremy Lees, Headmaster

ey, Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas

- ‘’The Twelve Days of Christmas’’

tmas rather than a material gift. Father Christmas arranges for the Troupe to come for everyone by kidnapping the Troupe. The two families argue until Mr Partridge hey all find a way to resolve their differences and to share the goodness in their

ani es R & Ivan

Also starring: Snowflakes: Year 1 girls Nasty Grimgrumps’ bad boys: Year 1 boys Father Christmas’ elves: Year 2 boys

Tony & Tima Pin, Fah, Vicky & Dasha , Jessica, Nampetch, Eun

yeong, Nong Faa, Nelly,

key, Samual, Sonny, Alfie,

Produced and Directed by E. Hayward Set Design and Props: M. Pantavatee Costume Design: Rachel Barbour and Pop Dronkers

ushi, Madison, Mi Mi, Mimp,

oo, Elio, Phukhao, Thomas,

Also, thank you to all the Primary School teachers for their help in rehearsals, and to Alex Donald for her support in Drama Club.

a Merry Christmas and Thank You’s

Thanks to: Kindergarten Performance:

Primary School Performance:

A Special thank you to

International School of Samui 2011 Primary School Christmas Production & KG Performance  

‘’The Twelve Days of Christmas’’. A humorous, entertaining musical about Mrs Christmas’ wish for a good song at Christmas rather than a mate...

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