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Name: Naughty Bea r Address: Perfectio n Island Distinguishing mar ks: Scars, pout, bite-mark on left ear, stitches Weapons: Baseball bat, axe, fridge, BBQ, amongst others Previous offences : Being naughty, grievous bearly har m, picnic ruining MO: Likes to scare his victims, plays outrageous pranks , has trouble distinguishing bet ween right and wro ng

Bear essentials Publisher: 505 Games Developer: Artificial Mind & Movement Formats: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Release date: June

Who are you looking at?

Seriously, i t’ the truth i s a good question. Becau s, right now, se But you’ll f you’ve no id ind out… ea.


hink bear, think fluffy . Add naught think cheeky y and you mi . Put them ght together an drift toward d you’ll po s ‘loveable ssibly What you pr sc amp’ territ obably won’ ory. t think is say, that’s ‘sociopath’. because you But, like we don’t know Forget Padd who you’re ington. Forg dealing with et Rupert. that soppy . And don’t ev little Aloy sius that Se en mention around Oxfo bastian used rd in Brides to carry head Revisi different br ted. NB is eed of bear a very . Actually, he ’s a product by the rest of his enviro of the bears nment. He wa on Perfection s shunned invite him to Island. They a big party, didn’t stuffed with and ever sinc bad intentio e then, he’s ns and a burn been And the way ing desire fo he takes hi r revenge. well as a mi s revenge sh le-wide crue ows imaginat l streak. In ion as creative, st fact, the mo rategic and re successful more ‘naugh the naughtin ty points’ ess, the NB collects He has an ar . senal of we apons at hi main ones ar s disposal, e his wits but the and his driv bears pay. e to make th e other Despite (or perhaps beca use of) the factions, th bitterness, e quest for the revenge and Naughty Bear the thirst is a genuin for fluff, ely funny ga may well be me. In this unique. Plen respect, it ty of previo funny. And us titles ha missed. Othe ve aimed fo rs have had fl Naughty Bear r ashes of hu hits the ch mour. uckle zone At preview from start events, reta to finish. ilers and jo easiest of audiences) urnalists (n laughed out ot the places for loud in all all the righ the right t reasons. Perfection Some achiev Island, wher ement. e the action split into four sector takes place, s, and diff is as Naughty erent areas Bear racks get unlocked up more and new outlets mo re for his crea points and tive mischi needs The environm ef. ent is, in fact, so va so varied, st, and NB’s that all it takes is a resources the possibil little imag ities for na ination and ughtiness be leading to come truly endless repl limitless, ayability.

Teddy boy er The lead design y ht behind Naug Bear, A2M’s Ashley Pannell, reveals how a bad little bear was born...

m like he is? What’s made hi r fo n s been io ha at ir ar insp Naughty Be Where did the for everything ? ed om am fr bl me ly co ir ar fa un Naughty Be r Naughty fo n ong on The io wr at ne ir go sp that has ughty A lot of the in g in rn mo tion. After Na ay ec Saturd Island of Perf g s’ in le Bear came from os dd ap Da xt to ju d vite the idea of Bear wasn’t in cartoons, and and s rty, enough wa th dark humour pa wi e ay nc hd ce rt no bi in that t on ed en nt -b wa ll he We w olence. enough. He’s no over-the-top vi e lines of th g on al be revenge. Naughty Bear to ars. We ets the Care Be Friday 13th me ss ne te cu sunderstood? d of syrupy Is he bad or mi think the blen use of ca be s rk sunderstood. wo mi y ce ll olen He is tota in and cartoon vi AI ve ti va naughty no es of an in Obviously he do the foundation ar a Be nes are not as y li ht e ug th Na t bu ng things, the game, maki to be. Over em . se ce perien clear as they unique, fun ex me you ga the the course of ? e’s a us er r th fo r at te th ac ar understand Describe the ch e th d hints of an in e e er ves alon eper story th de . Naughty Bear li on ti ec rlying history Island of Perf a darker, unde centre of the of on ti bears. la r a popu with the othe All about him ars go about be t ec rf pe ) (seemingly of the most ves in glorious What are some r their daily li ei th of st mo ys in which spend interesting wa happiness. They ting cake ea g, s manifests in es nc in da ht , his naug days partying yllic id an t ou ng livi itself? and generally ver, ds of ways lic world. Howe There are hundre life in an idyl to em se r the ve ne on y ey ht th to be naug for some reason vious ones ob any of their om to fr y , ht nd ug la Na is invite eir stuff, seem to want to like smashing th events and even him. ll ki d an wn do him actively hunt

stealthy on es like hidi ng in their cupboards an d leaping ou t, to sneaky ones like co nstantly di sabling thei power. The r first one mi ght not frea them out, bu k t by the ti me it three ti you’ve done mes...

and very mu ch removed from realit The line be y. tween Naught y and Bad is pretty grey .

What do you think player s will enjo most about y the game? Why a bear? For one, ve ry little is The aim was scripted in Naughty Bear to create sy ; this allo mpathy for the main ch ws players aracter and expect the to unexpected we wanted to parody th with regard all of the e obvious s to NPCs in the juxtapositio game. No pl through is n between cu aythe same. Th te, soft and cuddly ere are also number of wa and the over a ys to raise -the-top nature of th naughty points and e game. employ new Naughty Bear sc ar th e tactics roughout th and the othe e island. Ga bears of Pe r mers will keep coming rfection Is back to try land are fluff-filled out the DLC we will offe bears. They r, but also as entities exist to get more Naughty Poin of their ow ts and clim n in the same way th b the at Mickey Mo leaderboards use is not . an actual mo use and the Care Bears are not actu al teddy be How importan ars. t is the en vironment he inhabits an d what have How would Na you tried to create ther ughty Bear e? react if the other be The Island ars just sa of Perfecti id sorry? Oh they alwa on consists fo ur differen ys pretend of t areas, lo that they are so cked or unlocked de rry. It’s al pe nd in wa g ys on the leve devious plan a the challeng l and . Most of th e undertaken e time Naught . Throughout the game, pl y just want ayers will s to experience be alone an range of en a d away from vironmental challenges those insidi including li ous bears. ghting, time of day, fog, etc. There It’s them wh are a lot of o keep fun areas — such as the coming for disco, othe him. r bears’ houses, Naug hty Bear’s house — that players will What are yo enjoy visiti ur ng as they play throug favourite tr h the levels icks in order to encounter al that he play l of the gr s? eat characte this game ha Placing a be rs s to offer. ar trap. It ne ver Can you comp fails to ma are Naughty ke me Bear to any other games laugh seeing that have go that ne before? That’s diff cowardly be icult. We ha ar ve seen lots of games th Sunbeam, ca at have elem ught in ents of what ar my snare an e do in g, we bu d t nothing th screaming fo at puts them all together r help. quite like this game. How did you What do you guys judge think he mi the line between him ght do next I would tell being ‘naugh ? you but it’s ty’ and actually ba yo so crazy u’d never be d? lieve it. Th The Island limits in Na ere are no of Perfecti ughty Bear. on, where they all li Perhaps it’s time for a ve, is a cr ho li azy place day away fr Island, hmm? om the

MEDIA WATCH “One part Care Bears, one part Grand Theft Auto.” GameSpot

“Naughty Bea r as a concept is so intriguing and from the looks of it the execution of such a bold and witt y idea is a storming success.” Brutal Gamer “What we saw was solid, deep and funny. It never once lost its sense of humour.” CVG

“It is truly un ique and showing a lot of promise. We re ally look forward to seeing this ga me in the summer.” Xboxer 360

vative, edgy ect the inno re ing will refl It will cent . ar Be y 505’s market tween it of Naught be ir t sp li us sp ro , mo gn and hu ne campai e month onli around a thre ream sites. st in ma d an st ed by a very key speciali be complement ll wi gn ai mp ca being ne is li The on aign. This al media camp r in the ie rl ea ch ar targeted soci se me bespoke re whilst so rs by de ed or rm info to drive preed gn si online de t is year and eness amongs buzz and awar re mo ng ti ea cr , for an online communities. are perfect ts e se ud as cl in ’s ar ey nment. Th Naughty Be social enviro rs, CGI le ai tr s, te et gameplay vign d on virals an and live acti The . es di ro pa hilarious nsist of real vignettes co of age and each ot fo gameplay ar Be y ht ug them shows Na 250 e of his over performing on ughty. ways to be na , meanwhile, es di ro pa e Th ke on hty Bear’s ta ug Na t highligh vie mo c si as cl various ting with moments, star t with at leas d an – n Alie Check . me co to two more them out at com/ r mrnaughtybea


Here’s your ch ance to win one of fiv e copies of Naugh ty Bear. To be in with a shout, all you have to do is answer the following questio n:

What does a b ear do in the woods ? A) Shit B) Pick wild f lowers C) Cross his le gs Send your ans wers to



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