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A Very Family Christmas


Christmas has been carried on from generations. creating a separate wishing known as the most From the reading of “Twas tree to display the ornaments wonderful time of the the Night Before Christ- through the years. This allows year. Twinkling lights, roaring mas” to opening presents you to look back on what you fires, seasonal flavors and the at midnight, no matter what have achieved. sounds of the holidays bring the tradition, there is always Activities like this give us back memories of joy and room for more. Traditions a sense of nostalgia for this happiness. Regardless of how make the whole family excit- season of giving. When preyou celebrate your holiday, ed to get together. paring for the holiday season there is something magical During this holiday season, we look back on all the merry that brings us together. help your family create mem- times we have had over the Spending time with family ories by adding a Christmas years and look forward to all gives us a sense of comfort Wishing Ornaments the new memories we will and joy that no other project to your activities. create. No matter how we occasion brings. Enjoy your Each family member can celebrate the best memories, family traditions this year and create their ornament to always include family. add a little activity for all to reflect their personal style From all of us, we want to remember in the years ahead. and what they wish the New wish everyone “A Very Family Many of us have traditions Year to bring. Think about Christmas!”