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This is an endeavour to make medical reports smarter. This Pune-based start-up, founded in 2013, works as a management information system for healthcare providers by using Artificial Intelligence to process a huge data of medical records and ERP transactions. The system collects samples, manages patient records, diagnoses them, generates reports and aids in billing and inventory, making the process smarter and more efficient. In nutshell, it’s an effort that digitises diagnostic lab workflows through its SaaS platform and makes them available on the cloud to patients and doctors. Doctors and consultants get access to their patient records using a mobile app and the patients can use the app to understand their reports, analyse their past health data and monitor their health using trackers. Recently the company has raised US$1.1 mil from Nexus cancer screening. Recently, it had successfully raised money to scale up its efforts.The screening method can detect tumours five times smaller than what clinical examination can detect. It is a safe, non-touch, radiation-free, and low-cost method. Since its cost-effective and does not require heavy equipment this solution seems to be ideal for smaller towns where affordable healthcare is the need of the hour. Mammography works only for women over 40 and increasingly there has been a prevalence of breast cancer among youngVenture Partners which it intends to use to expand its platform across India, explore international markets and to strengthen the product and technology. LiveHealth's platform has digitised more than 72 million records, so far, and is delivering over 50,000 digital medical records to doctors and patients every day. The start-up works with more than 650 diagnostic centres across India and Africa to automate their operations i.e. to manage patients, financial transactions etc.