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Does Yoga and Chanting of Prayers provide serenity, intrinsic motivation, and a feeling of eternity beyond the boundaries of the ego? The answer is YES.

Health psychologists have encompassed a very wide domain in modern life. The rapid development of science and technology, on health issues has been one of the most visible of current trends in social and behavioural science. Modern life is full of stress and strain. To be free from stress is to be dead. How to cope up with these unprecedented changes? An answer which is echoed in the heart of human beings are ‘Yoga’ and ‘Chanting of Prayers’.

According to Miovic Michael (2008), models of psychotherapy, integrated with yoga principles are as follows:


Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic approaches focus on how important emotional attachments and relationships from childhood are internalized. Meditation during these periods have an impact on future relationship through emotional catharses and motor development.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy examines how behaviour and emotion could be conditioned. Behavioural modification techniques and relaxation training are equally effective. Socratic analysis of automatic patterns of thinking could be included as an interpersonal element.

Suggestive or Hypnotic approaches suggest the desired behavioural outcome and emotional reactions through the technique of guided imagery and thought.

Body oriented approaches use various types of touch, massage, psychological posture and breath work.

Creative expressive approaches use the creative arts – music, poetry, painting and thought – as creative expressions and socially acceptable channels.

Subtle energetic approaches use pranic energy as a form of touch therapy including acupuncture, reiki and so on.

Deep breathing counting (1-20) could be done thrice a day. It would reveal consciousness as illumination of light in spiritual experiences. Proper deep breathing enables the human beings as all-pervading reality.

Chanting of psychological prayers from Gita and Upanishad are necessary to attain the level of mastery in what you are doing – focused, concentrated. ‘A sense of ecstasy is noticed of being outside everyday reality’. Greater inner clarity in all our day-to-day activities. ‘A sense of serenity – no worries about one self and a feeling of growing beyond the boundaries of ego‘ (quoted from Sanyal, N, 2013).

Thus, yoga and chanting of prayers provides serenity, intrinsic motivation, and a feeling of eternity beyond the boundaries of the ego.

Dr. Tinni Dutta at Ashutosh college, Kolkata, is an eminent Psychologist and a famous educationist. Her research work has been greatly appreciated in India and abroad. She has visited France, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, UK and USA. She is recipient of many awards and fellowships.