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Queen Tattoo Co. Leticia Bomtempo













Queen Tattoo was envisioned during the year 2015 when Leticia was preparing to sell her first shop in Brazil to move to the United States. The inspiration for the name came from the band “Queen” and because it is a noble and empowering feminine word.

At the beginning of 2020, after four years of hard work to rebuild in the USA, Leticia started looking for business locations. There were several refusals from landlords due to prejudice against tattoo parlors, but she found a great location right on main street in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Right after signing the leasing agreement, the Covid lockdowns forced all tattoo artists in the area to be out of work for months. The pandemic brought uncertainty and added difficult challenges, but with perseverance, Leticia used the isolation time to build the shop.

In a happy coincidence, the shop was finally ready and licensed to operate in September of 2020, right after the Covid restrictions were lifted from business in our city. In the beginning, it was only Leticia and her apprentice. It took a couple of months until we started to welcome new artists onto our team.

We cannot say for sure if this was due to Covid, but at the beginning, business was unusually slow. Even Leticia’s regular clients disappeared. But we never quit. We kept working to the best of our abilities, and people started to come.

The shop is about to reach its second anniversary, and we finally have a full team of tattoo & permanent makeup artists. Our team grew naturally, and we came together like a little family; now, there are almost ten of us.

We are all hard workers and full-time artists. Our manager does a magnificent job and keeps the shop running smoothly. We have won eight tattoo awards, have been in three publications, and have been invited to work with big brands since this shop opened.

Leticia’s wife, Jamie, recently joined the shop with her supporting business, Zest MFR, providing health services in an office adjacent to the shop. She also helps with the daily needs of the shop and will hopefully also learn how to pierce!

Queen Tattoo Co. is building a reputation for being a warm and inviting shop providing quality services to Northeast Florida and for being a safe and rich environment. ✕