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Co-founded by Tamar Rosenthal and Nava Unterman Ulmer, recurrent is a line of non-toxic skin and hair care products designed for young adults who are not kids, but not yet full-blown adults.




recurrent is filling a gap in the market to meet the unique hygiene needs of Gen Z – a group who is socially responsible, cares about the environment, does not want to be limited to gender-specific products and wants to give back.

recurrent gives teens safe, easy, and effective options for their personal hygiene routine – because what goes onto their skin goes into their bodies – while also providing a safe online education hub to answer any hygiene questions because talking about bodies and hygiene should be normalized.

Because social responsibility is important to Gen Z, and all young adults deserve safe and effective hygiene products, recurrent donates products as well as a portion of sales to Hope & Comfort, who in turn, distributes hygiene products to teens who otherwise would not have access. Click here for more info about this important mission.

What Are The Products and Their Key Ingredients? • The face wash: this powder wash is eco-friendly because no water is wasted to make it. It also contains the acne-

THE SAFE, EASY, AND EFFECTIVE Personal Hygiene Routine

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fighting properties of an ingredient that is innovative and new to this space – the reishi mushroom which helps to clear acne without drying skin. • The deodorant: aluminum-free and fragrance-free deodorant made with refined shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, arrowroot powder, and reishi mushroom. • The 2:1: the natural shampoo and body wash simplifies product routines for teens and is made with refined shea butter, coconut oil, and reishi mushroom.

Why is Recurrent Different? recurrent was created with teens’ needs in mind. Unlike other hygiene products currently available, this line is uniquely formulated specifically for changing, hormonal bodies. The brand is also providing access to essential education not available elsewhere specifically for the teen age group - they offer information that is curated and researched specifically to answer teen hygiene questions.

Additionally, recurrent products are gender-neutral – a rarity in personal care items. recurrent empowers teens to choose the scents they like best – because girls don’t always have to smell like flowers and boys don’t always have to smell like trees.

How Are Teens Working Behind the Scenes? recurrent is a hygiene line for young adults by young adults. The company runs a young adult ambassador program to allow feedback from actual teens to inform decisions about the product line and educational resources provided - this ambassador program is ongoing to ensure the needs of this group are met. Additionally, the daily grind that runs the company is powered by teens/young adults: • A high school student manages research and outreach • The blog was curated, researched, and written by college students • A recent college grad runs the social media accounts

For more information about products, ingredients and mission, visit thisisrecurrent.com. l