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10 it kills me – Melanie Fiona 9 morning after dark– Timbaland Ft. Nelly Furtado 8 wasted – Gucci Man 7 baby by me – 50 Cent and Ne-Yo 6 say ahhh – Try Songz ft. Fabolous 5 money to blow – Birdman, Lil Wayne, and Drake 4 gangsta love – Snoop Dogg ft. Dream 3 hard – Rhianna ft. Young Jezzy 2 invented sex - Trey Songz ft. Drake 1 empire state of mind – jay z ft. alicia keys





– Nicole McGloster

You have to be living under a rock to not have heard the buzz about Olubowale Folarin, better known as Wale. Since 2005, the District of Columbia native has been busting down the industry’s doors to put the underrated city on the map. “Paint a Picture” and “Hate is the New Love,” the debut mixtapes for the young rapper, were staples in the music history of the area, but were not readily accepted by the general population. Although hip-hop heads were recognizing the talent of the bold, slick-talking artist, many didn’t take notice until his fifth mixtape, “Back to the Feature.” A prelude to his debut album, “Attention Deficit,” “Back to the Feature” was a body of work that showed Wale’s lyrical strength and “no holds barred” attitude.


With friends and fellow artists, such as Jay-Z, Bun B, Jazmine Sullivan, Kid Cudi, Chrisette Michelle, Gucci Mane, Marsha Ambrosius , and Lady Gaga, Wale’s music has crossed broad audiences and touched many different kinds of people. His first single from his debut album, “Chillin,” has brought a huge buzz to the MC. Although the track entered the Billboard Hot 100 at 99 and fell off one week later, he stills works hard as though he is determined to be recognized and respected. Despite the small setback, MTV asked Wale and legendary go-go band UCB to be the official house band for the 2009 VMAs. This year, the MC also completed the Attention Deficit Tour with UCB, dropped his first debut album on November 10, and toured with Jay-Z for this fall tour in preparation for the release of Hov’s “Blueprint III.” Even GQ said that Wale is “the greatest new rapper since Jay-Z.” It is safe to say that Wale has had a successful year. He may not have shown the numbers that people wanted to see, but he has opened up the door to a totally new sound of music. Along with the other nine artists that he shared XXL magazine’s “Top 10 Freshmen” cover with in 2008, Wale may be the answer to bringing true Hip-Hop back.

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rich in addition to being passionately smooth and sexy. Steve Jlin has performed on albums from various artists and has also penned some of your current favorite hits on the radio. After comprehending the tensions and violence occurring in the Gaza War, the duo decided to take it back to when music spoke of current social issues. Sean Alexander says, “When you look back

at some of the great pop songs in the past, they sang about what was going on at that current time.” Steve Jlin adds, “After discovering more of what was going on in the Gaza War, we immediately knew that it was a topic that we wanted to speak on with our music.”

Broken Society “There is a disturbing trend in music today that has created a surplus of carbon copy songs that sound much the same and seemingly put together on a musical assembly line. Broken Society is taking music in a different direction. Many of the hit-songs today use the same subject matter and rely sole on technology, where Broken Society are creating hits from a more musical standpoint and though provoking subject matter. Simply put it – It is the ability to play beautiful music that allows us to create it” – Broken Society


Broken Society is a Pop Urban Funk duo comprised of Music Producer Sean Alexander and R&B singer front man Steve Jlin. Their dynamic musical chemistry creates hypnotic melodies reminiscent of great R&B legends and Pop artists before them while incorporating today’s modern mainstream sound, and maintaining musical integrity. Sean was introduced to the world of music early in his life, as his father was a radio personality on a popular Detroit radio station. Honing his musical skills through the guitar, piano and drums, Sean moved to Toronto where he formed a production company introducing new R&B acts with great success, garnering a Canadian

Urban Music Award and being twice nominated for a Juno. Sean has also worked with a variety of artists from Ivana Santilli, Melanie Durant to Fishbone. Steve Jlin a hybrid of sounds stemming from Gospel, Ol’ School, R&B and Hip Hop, got his start through singing gospel at his church. Listing Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and Stevie Wonder as influences, Steve Jlin’s vocals can only be described as soulfully toned, melodically rich in addition to being passionately smooth and sexy. Steve Jlin has performed on albums from various artists and has also penned some of your favorite hits on the radio. Originating in 2004, Sean Alexander and Steve Jlin first came together to produce

an album through an independent record deal. The two were then sequestered to a basement recording studio left to fend for them self. The result, a full-length album as well as a comradely that would last throughout the years. Present date, their debut EP Politics, Sex & Cake, features “Let’s Go”, “Roadside Assistance” and their current single “After the Rain”. “After the Rain” touches on current social and political issues such as the Middle East conflict, the recession and newly appointed U.S. President. Having grown up in the politically charged landscape of America, Sean is very passionate about discussing issues concerning racism, drug abuse and abused women and “After the Rain” is definitely a song with a message. As the new urban scene continues to explode in Toronto, Sean Alexander and Steve Jlin as Broken Society are here to emerge as leaders of the pack.


ITUNES IN SUPPORT MERCY CORPS October 26th, 2009 Toronto – Broken Society along with Q21 Productions & Publishing is proud to announce the release of their debut single, “After the Rain”. “After the Rain” is an

infused track of pop and urban funk that tackles difficult subject matters. It speaks on the Middle East conflict (referring to Gaza, Iran, Iraq & Afghanistan), discusses the economic recession and touches on the newly appointed president of the United States. The song is set to hit radio stations this November and is currently available of iTunes (and all major digital music retailers). Broken Society is comprised of Record Producer Sean Alexander and R&B singer Steve Jlin. Sean has written and produced for numerous R&B acts across the nation, gaining recognition from major musical organizations winning a Canadian Music Urban Award and being twice nominated for a Juno. Steve Jlin’s vocals can only be described as soulfully toned, melodically

Along with the release of the single to radio and to iTunes (and all major digital music retailers), Broken Society will also be donating all proceeds from the digital sales of “After the Rain” to Mercy Corps. “Catching a special on CNN ‘Generation Islam’, we took note on how Mercy Corps not only provided victims with help, but also provided them with opportunities,” says Sean Alexander. Mercy Corps is a non-profit organization consisting of a team of 3700 professionals. Driven by engineers, financial analysts, drivers, community organizers, project managers, public health experts, administrators, social entrepreneurs and logisticians, who help turn crisis of natural disaster, poverty and conflict into opportunities for progress. Broken Society ( under Q21 Productions & Publishing ( is set to release their debut EP this fall. Q21 Productions & Publishing is a music and multimedia studio, whose audio postproduction work includes composing for the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, Hennessy and Bray Communications as well as writing and producing for several urban acts in and around Toronto.

For further information & media – Contact: Jay Simbajon at Q21 Productions & Publishing (647) 477 5973 ext. 4257 or


THE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DJ POWER So you’re in our city, back home where it all began! What are you doing in the city right now? Right now I’m on The Blueprint 3 Tour, the after parties featuring Memphis Bleek. We’re doing afterparties for the whole tour, 23 cities across North America. And that’s basically why I’m here in the Tdot! What’s your next move, where are you headed? Next move I’m headed to Bermuda and St. Maarten in two weeks. I have birthday parties that I’m doing there, my birthday. I’m having three different events, one in New York, one in Bermuda, and one in St. Maarten. Let’s back track a little bit. You are formally Soul Controllers. How did that happen, how did you fall into that and out of that? Basically I’ll give you the low. I was doing all the mix cds with JWyze from The Trauma Unit (Flow 93.5FM) and there were two other members. We won an award, the Justo’s Mixtape Award in New York City. And then basically people just parted ways, everybody grew apart and started doing their own separate things. How long were you guys together for? Probably like five years. Then I branched off, DJ Power is here (laughs), and it’s been good. I moved to New York after we won the mixtape award and did a lot of parties there, traveling back and forth, doing a lot of tours. Do you have any regular venues in New York? No, I always travel. I tour with Junior Reid too, I work with him. I helped with the MIMS remix “This is Why I’m Hot”, I helped produce that track. I also do radio, Outta Control Radio with Mad Linx.


with DJ POWER – Alisha Martin

So tell us about Outta Control Radio. Outta control radio is a syndicated radio show. We broadcast to over 3 million listeners from New York, different markets, Tdot is one of them, so big up the whole tdot. And you can get it online at Me and Mad Linx just go crazy, have fun and crack jokes. It’s just a crazy show, that’s why we call it outta control. You guys really do sound like you’re having a good time, that’s good to hear. When does this radio show air? It’s once a week. In Tdot it’s on Saturday nights on Flow 93.5FM at 1am. It’s been growing strong ever since. We’re trying to expand to different markets. Right now we have it in five countries. Aside from radio, you mentioned you also have a reality show? Yes, I’m doing a tv reality/entertainment show. It’s going to be following me around all the different venues where I play around the world. It will give people flavor of the night life. It’s called Night Life TV. They’ll be making an uncut DVD for the street and then we’ll have the tv show that will air on different tv stations. What else are you working on, what does your future hold? I’ll be doing a lot of touring and next year just keeps getting big-


ger and bigger. I’ll be doing a lot of overseas shows. I’ll be going to Australia and New Zealand once again in January as well. Sounds nice! It’s great that you made a transition from here to the Big Apple. What advice do you have for people trying to make similar moves? Don’t be afraid of risks! Don’t settle if you know what I mean. Some people sit around and they want to settle with the mentality that they’re happy being the big fish in the little pond. But you know what, sometimes you have to go to the big sea and just fight for it, go get it. It’s true, sometimes when you really want something you have to go get it instead of waiting to see if it will come to you. Now when you went to New York, did you feel you were stereotyped because you’re from Toronto? Yes, they do have stereotypes, but you have to be confident in the sound that you have because it will be different than the way others in New York may play. You have to show you’re the best at what you do. Have that mentality that you’re the best and just go out and do it. You’ve worked with a lot of people, who would you say was one of your favourite artists/producers to work with? I like working with Junior Reid. He’s a legend and to be a part of his career movement, it’s big, it’s a great experience. Who would you like to work with? Not to mention anyone specific, but perhaps a Toronto artist? (laughs) Yes Drake, big up Drake. I would definitely like to work with him and you know I’ve never actually had the chance to meet him even though I’m from here. There are a lot of other artists in Tdot I know are on the rise, so big up to all of them as well. What advice would you give someone who wants to be a dj? How would you recommend getting started? Well I started with the cds and just being out on the streets. I used to play in all the communities when they had basement parties or community events. Be out there as often as possible to get exposure. And know your music but at the same time know your business. I probably spend 50-60% of my time on a lot of business and networking.

Alright Industry readers, you’ve heard from the internationally known DJ Power don’t settle for less. Life is what you make it. Be sure to check him out at and listen to That’s every Saturday at 1am on Flow 93.5FM for Torontonians. DJ Power can also be contacted at The Industry Magazine would like to thank you for taking the time to make this interview possible. We wish you all the best, keep doing your thing!


WHAt do NBA players want from santa?

one bad season but he is trying hard to get to being good. A little help from you Santa could not hurt. Also perhaps, some toughness could help him get in there with all those big fellas and grab a rebound now and then.

- James Borbath: daily writer in the Dino Nation Blog that is part of The Score Sports Federation. Seeing as this is our December issue of the magazine this seemed like a good time to have some fun and write what some NBA players, fans and personalities may want for Christmas. In addition, for the local folks here in Toronto this is just me guessing at what they may want. Given the amount of dollars these guys make, really what could they really need? Shopping for Lebron James, Chris Bosh or Kobe Bryant has to be tough. Nonetheless here are some things that you might not be able to find in a store but would make the folks on the list very happy. What can Santa get for King James? A fountain of youth for Shaq and a NBA Championship ring. The King is really a simple man that is not too much to ask for right? For New York Knicks Fans? Lebron playing at MSG next Christmas day for the Knicks. Spike Lee and the rest of New York fans wonder what they have done to tick off Santa. It has been a long time since they have had anything to get excited for basketball wise in the NYC. The Knicks have been a joke for years and I am not sure if Santa can even fix all their problems. But fans in New York believe Lebron can. He scored 33 points in his only visit to NYC in early November. For Miami, Cleveland and Toronto Fans?

For Jarrett Jack?

They have banned together to ask Santa to just keep something they already have. James, Wade and Bosh to stay right wear they are. They have heard on ESPN and everywhere in between that their franchise players are going to go elsewhere for next Christmas and they would stay home for Christmas for the next 6 or 7 years. New long term deals for all Santa.

To be the starting point guard but keep that between him and you Santa. He also would like to see his buddy, Chris stick around and play ball with him for more than just a year. For Jose Calderon?

For Clippers Rookie Blake Griffin? To just know he is not cursed by being a Clipper. To have an injury and miss your NBA debut when you are the favourite to win the Rookie of the Year is not fun. In fact forget that! Just please get me traded to the Lakers so I can win a title like Adam Morrison and Kobe Bryant.

Defense Santa. He grows tired of me and others saying that he is not good at it. Maybe some new fancy sneakers that will make him run faster. We were all told it is all about the shoes back in the day were we not?

For Allen Iverson?

For Demar DeRozan?

No Practice for life. God gave him a bad tip going to Memphis...So he turns to you Santa for help. For Dwight Howard? For a healthy V.C. and a return trip in the Finals in June. For Ron Artest?

For Chris Bosh?

Maybe this is not as much for Ron as it is for all of us. A new haircut would be nice. Maybe I am old on this one but seriously; did getting designs in you hair not go out of style in the early 90’s? Ron would also like to be a rap star, movie star, producer, win a Grammy, an Oscar and oh yeah, win a title with Kobe and the Lakers too! If that does not work like Sally from the Peanuts Cartoon said, ‘if that is too difficult, just send cash.’ Ron did take quite a hair cut money wise to sign with the Lakers.

For a lot of folks to buy his DVD and for others to give his gifts to others. To have his team play as hard as he does and give him a reason not to have to move. It is always a pain in the butt to move so come on Raptors and Santa save him the headache! But most important of all Santa… JUST WINS BABY!!!

For Kobe Bryant?

For Andrea Bargnani?

Back-to-Back Santa, Back-to-Back.

A better director for his next commercial because that pasta commercial is just not a good look for him. However, Andrea just wants to be an NBA star and be a success Santa. He had that

Now for the hometown kids from Toronto in the NBA.

To learn and grow and become a star in the league. It is a whole new world here in the NBA and some nights can be rough. However, he does show he has some amazing hops and really can jump out of a gym. A trip to Dallas in February to play in the Rookie game would be great and dare to dream but a spot in the dunk contest would be nice too. For Sonny Weems? PT Santa, PT… That is PLAYING TIME! For Reggie Evans? No more injuries and the Iowa Hawkeyes to win a Bowl game.

So if he could just have a team that lives up to all his hard work and make it to the playoffs that would be great! Oh and add him to that list of folks wanting Chris Bosh to in Toronto as well.


For Jay Triano? For his team to get it, to play hard and make his defensive system look good. Jay wants to still be the coach of the Raptors next Christmas and if he does not get his wish then he may not be, so this is VERY IMPORTANT SANTA! For Raptor Fans? Yes Santa, they did already ask for something earlier but they have suffered for 15 years of watching the Raptors and rarely getting to see them live up to their high expectations. So they deserve an extra wish- they want a team that is back in the playoffs and perhaps even you can work some magic (NOT ORLANDO) and get them past the 1st round of the playoffs. Yes, I know some fans can be very naughty after the team losses but it is only ‘cause they care so much Santa.

For All Fans of Basketball? A fun, exciting, NBA season that we will get to enjoy and be amazed by. Happy Holidays to you all and hope you enjoyed this. Next Issue will get back to some serious ball talk but wanted to have some fun for the Holidays.

For Bryan Colangelo? He worked his butt off the entire summer to make his team better Santa; he never got to go get a tan or anything!


“Refreshing, Cool, Crisp” Hello my beauties, I decided to really zoom in on the feeling that autumn brings and share with you some of my best picks, tips and tricks for Fall 2009. They will be keeping with the theme I have chosen for this article, “Refreshing, Cool, Crisp”. Let’s start with “Refreshing,” Just like the beautiful autumn air:

Beauty withtrishislandbesos

Refresh The:

Mind & Body: Slowing down a bit from summer but not stopping! As we need to keep our bodies and minds going and our inner beauty flowing. I suggest to you, try an outdoor Yoga or a Pilates workout. It may not be as rigorous as your summer routine, but it would most definitely be refreshing to get that lovely fall air in your system, from an outdoor yoga class. And it turns out to be a very appropriate pace of workout for this time of year. Keep in mind that inner beauty shines through when we are well fed and taken care of, so I think it’s totally worth giving a try! Product Picks: Soap – caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Beauty Bar Acne treatment – Kate Somerville Anti Bacterial Clearing Lotion Self Tanner – Jergens Natural Glow Healthy Complexion Daily Moisturizer Hydrating Conditioner – Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Conditioner


Be : Now that we’re “Oh so refreshed” from our workout, it’s time to shop!!! There’s so much to explore and experience when it comes to fall fashions and one of my favorite things to shop for this season are accessories. Sure your outfit may be nice, but it’s your accessories that make it cool!

My picks for Cool fall Accessories 2009: The Snood – Half Hood, Half Scarf!! I’m sure you’ve seen Lady Gaga rocking these in her videos and live appearances, and I think they’re brilliant and fabulous at the same time! Look for them! Bags – Studded, Mixed Leathers, printed leather, plums, greens, tans. I’ve seen all of these on the shelves this year and it’s impossible to just choose one! Eyewear – I think the men got all the fun this year with the shades! The trendsetters, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs have come up with limited edition fall sunglasses for men that have been top sellers since their release date. And of course the other designers have produced their shades in a similar fashion. Jackets – Gap, Danier, and Guess have full stocks of beautiful fall jackets! Both Gap & Guess have put out a lovely rich red medium length jacket that would flow well right into Christmas. Danier has created a wonderful and flattering mix of wool and leather, a must have for this year’s season!


Keeping it : Last but certainly not least, let’s keep it crisp shall we with some final touches. Eyes, Face, Lips…. Face: Prep + Prime Face Protect from MAC before you put your foundation on. Be sure to use some of MAC’s Higlighting & Shimmer cakes for the cheekbones. Eyes: Grey EyeShadow Quad from MAC, a limited edition which contains: A warmer white, mid-tone grey.

Waft ( which is a dark blue) and The Right Smoke (a rich blue with white pearl) Lips: Red Full-Stop, a limited edition lipstick from MAC, Hipster Burgundy frost (another limited edition MAC), New Berry (a deep plum lipglass from MAC) Have Fun trying these products and let me know how they’ve worked for you! As promised I included some of my Halloween 2009 looks for you guys to enjoy!

Until Next Time

Stay Fabulous! Trish Island Besos Stalkerazzi FaceBook: Trish IslandBesos Youtube: Twitter: see what they do for you!

doing music for a very long time with my family, my dad was heavy in the music, my uncle was heavy in the music so from being young and seeing them doing it back in Montréal it was something I always wanted to do and I got into the music scene down here and kind of just kept it going, kept grinding, doing what I do. JP: Cool, Cool ok so when people hear G.I.G what is that? What does it stands for?

Watch Out

for JONNY ROXX - Joel Persaud

LOOK OUT FOR THE ROXX! A very energetic individual, Jonny Roxx has carved his name in the Canadian Music Industry on stage and on the radio airwaves. As I sat with him to conduct this interview at his video shoot for his hot new single ‘Jump On’ I got to know him more on a professional and personal level. Check it out: Reflector: Right here at the Jonny Roxx video shoot this is your boy Reflector. I got Lisa Peezy Persaud coming up right here, Industry Magazine. Lisa Persaud: Were doing an interview here with Jonny Roxx and our Journalist Joel Persaud JP: Check it out; it’s Joel Persaud AKA


Joeezy From the Industry Mag! I’m here with the big homie, Jonny Roxx right here in the building aka The Bully. JP: So what’s popping star? Roxx: I’m just here man we’re just working on the video shoot right now you know what I mean, for ‘Jump On’ featuring August, Produced by T-Nyce and August and yeah man, I’m here! JP: I have a few questions for you, it’s a big day and some people might hear you over the airwaves, on the radio, or on the net. Who is “Jonny Roxx”? Roxx: Jonny Roxx, can I curse? JP: You’re allowed to curse. Roxx: Jonny Roxx is the dude that will tell you to F*&^ off when no one else will tell you to F*&^ off, you know

what I mean?! I’m straight up I say what ever comes out of my mouth! It’s real to sum it up it’s really real, what ever you’re thinking I will do it because you won’t do it because you’re scared to do it. That’s really what Jonny Roxx is, being himself and saying what’s on his mind. JP: Alright. Why do they call you the bully? Roxx: Yo honestly, really and truly that name came about two years ago, and there was a long stretch of my life when I was just going around everywhere and beating up people. Yea and yea it got bad and my ni&^ is like you’re a bully (Laughs) and that’s where it started! Era is here and he is the mother nugger who gave it to me. JP: For sure for sure, being as big you is, what inspired you to be an artist? Roxx: I would say my family, I was

Roxx: G.I.G stands for Get It Gang or Get It Group for those people that don’t want it to sound that bad. It’s just about people going after what they want, just get it. Whatever “IT” is whether being success, being money, being ladies, whatever you want to call it just go get it and go after it! JP: Go get it yourself OK! Roxx: G.I.G on the music side consists of myself, T Nyce, we have Sp Sunset productions that do most of the video stuff, Maine Man entertainment who is my manager, we have L Peezy who is my publicist, we got the first lady, Kim Davis (laughs) yes I said it! JP: Speaking of Kim Davis, you have done many collaborative works with her and also August how is it like working with these artists? Roxx: I mean the two artists you listed are two talented people. Working with Kim Davis is easy, working with August is easy when you can throw out ideas and someone can see your vision right away and it’s like boom! It just kind of clicks you know what I’m saying?! It’s really easy to work with them, it’s easy to work with anyone that is talented in the music industry and knows what they are doing, it’s really easy to work with them. I’m happy to be in that circle. JP: Most definitely, ok seeing that there is a huge big boom of Toronto rappers what’s your view on this? Roxx: Well I think anyone can go to

long and maquade and purchase a microphone and feel like a rapper. There is a very different thing trying to be an artist and formulating songs and having a marketing plan and really going after this you know what I mean. It’s easy to record- you can go book studio time and record a song but it doesn’t mean that you’re on. Then you get people that’s like, “Yo how did you do what you did? How did you get to where you are today?” and not that I am anywhere big right now but I’m on my way, it’s just a situation where you have to go after it. Some dudes will be like, “Yo I’m not getting the support.” You have to go get that, make the connections, send out emails; you have to network and make those relationships you know what I mean?! So all the rappers coming up in the city, I mean, I feel like before you say you’re a rapper, a musician, or your really in the art you need to perfect that before you say you really are. Make that you full time job, don’t work at footlocker and rap you know? JP: Totally dude so who do you rate, Names? Roxx: I rate anybody in my city that is doing anything positive… I mean to name a few names on the music end I respect JD Era, Set Two, Jigz Crillz, all these guys who are there and doing their thing. On the RnB side I respect Oh, August, Kim Davis like the list goes on. The city right now is all about unity and a lot of the cats are starting to get together and make more music together and make a push and that’s what I like! JP: So what’s your perspective of the Canadian music business? Roxx: It sucks! Everybody’s business in Canada is kind of twisted upside down… I’m not even going to lie to you like, when it comes to promoting shows or whatever that case is, promoters don’t want to pay you what they pay American artists but we can leave here and when we leave and go out of country we get the money we deserve you know what I am saying? It

the game and that’s my goal so y’all go see me! JP: Ok we at the video shoot for “Jump On,” if the people don’t know how it comes out do you want to give them some insight on how the finish product will look? Roxx: The video is going to be crazy! It’s good, we worked it out… We’re here at Frequency Nightclub shouts out to Sunny D Pumpations entertainment that really helped me out and yeah! It’s going to be hot you know what’s I mean. So look out, its going to be worldwide on the internet, on TV, on Much, it going to be on iTunes you can buy the video, yeah! I said it buy the video, all you artist that say “how you put your video on iTunes?” F&*^6* Research guy! is a situation where we as an industry, have to start working out with each other so we can make it. JP: So true, ok to rap this up where do you see yourself in the next five years? Roxx: RICHER THAN YOU! [Laughs] No but on some real shit man, like in the next five years my five year plan is to bang out my music, get as many people to listen to me and hear me, get my message out and just market me self, get myself some big money.

JP: Lol Alright, Any shout outs? Roxx: Shout out to everybody G.I.G, my Squizzadd, shout out to Kim Davis, L Peezy, Sunset, everybody! Shout outs to Industry Mag the hottest Mag out now everywhere! I’m not going to say Canada I’m going to say everywhere! You heard first from The Bully baby! JP: Thanks sir, The Bully Jonny Roxx, “Jump On” video shoot got cha!

JP: You said get it, get it and go where do you want to go? Internationally, who would you collaborate with?

Look out for the music video, “Jump On” featuring August.

Roxx: Internationally I would love to work with on a production end will be Dr. Dre, I would also love to collabo with rapper 50 cent, he will be the first I would want to collabo with because I think he is a smart man, all the moves he made thus far was smart and I see that you know what I mean. Anybody that’s doing their thing… Trey Songz is hot; I would bump a record with that dude! Anybody that’s in

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Spotlight: RIHANNA – Georgia Kuye

It seems just like yesterday when the 21 year old Bajan singer, Rihanna, got her claim to fame with her single, “Pon De Replay”. Now, the R&B superstar is a multiple MTV, Billboard, and Grammy award winner, a fashion icon and a role model to young girls in abusive relationships. A lot of mixed opinions surface when Rihanna’s name is mentioned. What I mean is Rihanna is one of those celebrities who people either love or hate. While some people are often quick to think the worst, there are others who almost worship her. For instance, after months of silence, Rihanna recently decided to come out about her abusive relationship with former boyfriend and R&B singer, Chris Brown. On Friday, November 6, her 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer aired on ABC. After she watched youtube videos of people taking Chris Brown’s side, even suggesting that she hit him first and provoked the brutal retaliation, Rihanna denied the rumour. She then asked, “Even if I did hit him first, that makes it right?” There was a lot of mixed feedback on the interview; one criticism is why did she choose to do her interview now? Rihanna has been spotted at New York and Paris fashion weeks but came out about the relationship weeks before her album, Rated R, drops. Sounds like a smart means of promotion. On the other side, what Rihanna’s critics fail to realize is that she goes through similar experiences as every other young

woman, only difference is her entire life is in the public eye. She had her bruised and beaten face plastered all over the Internet and people poking fun at her situation. “It was humiliating; that is not a photo you would show to anybody,” she explains. She encourages girls to take a step back from the situation and not base decisions on love. Was it really all a publicity stunt? Maybe so, but nonetheless, there are many people who feel her words were truly genuine and praise her for setting a good example for young girls. “I don’t want to be responsible for any young girl dying...” she explains with uneasiness in her voice. Her courageousness made her an appropriate fit as Glamour Magazine’s “Woman of the Year”. All of this is sure to help boost album sales, but what about the music itself? She has released three singles, ‘Russian Roulette’, ‘The Wait is Over (Wait Your Turn)’ and ‘Hard’ featuring Young Jeezy along with dope music videos. Her growth can be seen in her music and videos. Rihanna used to be criticized as too similar to Beyonce and said to have been fashioned by Jay-Z to be the next Beyonce. Now, however, Rihanna has made her own image with her edgy hair and avant-garde inspired fashion statements. She appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia for the September 2009 Issue. The style of the shoot was extreme couture and very dark, in one shot she even appears semi-nude.

Rihanna’s sound is now her own too as it can be recognized almost instantly. Jay-Z uses her distinct vocals on his second single off The Blueprint III, ‘Run This Town’, which features Kanye West and peaked number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Rihanna is currently recording in the studio with a number of different producers, including The-Dream, Tricky Stewart, Chase & Status, Stargate, Slash, Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo and Akon. This album will have everything Rihanna has wanted to say in the past eight months in her music. “Rated R” shows us a much angrier, raunchy, violent and darker Rihanna. It’s similar to how dark Kanye’s 808 & Heartbreaks was except it’s more explicit. While the production could’ve been better, the lyrical content is what excels here. It’s true that Rihanna has drastically evolved over the few short years she’s been in the game but one thing that remains constant is her incredible success as an artist. Love her or hate her, Rated R is sure to do well.

From the moment she stepped on the scene, she was different. Her flavour like none before, she came in with her hair braided; New York swag meets Valedictorian intelligence and took over the globe. Keys was born Alicia Augello Cook in Manhattan, New York on January 25, 1981. “Songs in A Minor”, her debut effort released in 2001, featured the hit single “Fallin’” and garnered much critical acclaim and commercial success selling 6 million copies that year. It seemed that Alicia had not only topped the charts but her style was infectious. In cities across the world, high schools and middle school everywhere, girls were asking for the latest “Alicia Keys” braids. Since then, Alicia has managed to accomplish top of the mind awareness on all levels. Every two years, Keys blesses her fans with a new album chalked full of hit singles. Each song serves as a tangible index to the evolutions in her life. It seemed as though when Keys freed those famous braids she was not only unraveling her hair but also unconsciously repositioning herself as an artist. She went from being a tomboyish soul-singing sister blossoming into the legendary Miss Alicia Keys. Keys has managed to become, unlike most of her contemporaries, a musician that many consider to be timeless. Her music has a multi-generational appeal that has grandmothers and grandsons mouthing the lyrics to her newest efforts, solidifying her as one of the era’s greatest R&B artists. In every sense of word she embodies what it means to be a Superwoman. She has leveraged herself to not only be queen of the R&B domain, but her influence has now extended into both the humanitarian and entrepreneurial realms as well.

Alicia Keys finds Freedom

As a musician, Keys is always pushing the limits of her genre by continuously flirting with different sounds. She has graced us with soulful R&B tracks such as “No One” and “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”, she also teased us with retro styles such as “Teenage Love affair” off of her sophomore album “As I Am”. She most recently collaborated with Jay-z for the chart-topping “Empire State of Mind” which is being described as being an incredibly inspirational track – so inspirational in fact, that Toronto’s very own Ron D. and Kim Davis felt compelled to remix it and make it an anthem for Toronto. This December, Keys plans to once again spread her wings and widen that box labeled “genre” with the release of her fourth studio album, “THE ELEMENT OF FREEDOM”. Keys describes in an interview on her

official website “that this album is a process

of eliminating all of the boundaries and all the limitations, so that you can feel your freedom and express your freedom in every way you possibly can and that’s what I did with this album”. That she did,

anteing-up on the drums making them really aggressive, but maintaining a voice that is at the same time vulnerable and delicate. Keys has been busy on and off screen. She is not only working on promoting her new album but she is also getting her feet wet with entrepreneurial endeavors. She has launched a jewelry line called “The Barbers Daughters”. This furthers Key’s creative side as the brand will offer hand-engraved jewelry bearing inspirational words. Keys has opened doors in the not-for-profit organizations, as she is responsible for the “Keep a Child Alive” humanitarian organization. Her annual fundraising gala “The Black Ball” was again a success this fall with a star-studded guest list that included Tyler Perry, Iman, and Halle Berry, amongst others. Keys announced on a 106&Park interview that profits of 2.4 million were raised in support of her “Keep a Child Alive” foundation. We here at Industry Magazine wish Miss Alicia Keys continued success with the release of this new album. We can expect that with her fourth album, in stores December 15th, she will not only tap into a well of human emotions, but also inspire and encourage us to break boundaries and seek to attain freedom of both heart and mind.



with ruff RYDERS DREW JAMES Ruff Ryders, a label synonymous with Hip-Hop throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s due to the huge success with artists such as DMX, Eve, Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Styles P, Swizz Beatz, Drag-on to name a few is about to pop back up on the Hip Hop radar in 2010 in a major way. Although the game has changed the rules have remained the same, QUALITY music reigns supreme and it seems like a new recruiting strategy has been implemented by various labels in 2008/2009 which is to find talent outside of the U.S.. With that being said some of the biggest hits of 08/09 have come from just north of the boarder, Toronto, Canada (12 hr by car from New York, New york) has spawned Kardinal Offishall, Melanie Fiona and most notably, Drake. It looks like Ruff Ryders have also done some searching and who they found was Drew James aka HWY 400. This 25 year old wordsmith can not only become one of the industry’s top Emcees with his versatile, raw but smooth flow and witty word play, but he also has a shot at becoming one of the hottest producers as well. Although Drew has not yet been exposed to the various media outlets for the masses, after listening to


some his music it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that his long and successful future in Hip Hop is about commence. We had a chance to catch up with the man himself to see where his head is at and what his plans are for 2010. INTERVIEWER : So, Drew! what’s going with you? how are you feeling? DREW : I’m good, just on my grind, living in the studio making those head bangers! I’m feeling good though, excited more than anything. I : I can imagine! so tell us how did the whole Ruff Ryders situation come about? D : Well I was basically out doing what I do, tearing down shows and some people from Ruff Ryders were in attendance. I came off stage and Stretch one of the Ruff Ryders chapter Presidents approached me with his card telling me to get my music into his hands. I remember him saying he can’t promise anything but that I should hit him off with some tunes. I : That must have been a

shock.. D : Yeah, at first I was like, is this for real? hahaha. so I took his card, slapped hands with him and after that I raced back to my spot and sent off a million emails! I : What was their response? D : I didn’t get a response for almost 9 months, like, I stayed in touch but as far as what they thought of the music I didn’t hear anything until November 2008 I was at the gym where I worked and I noticed Stretch was trying to get ahold of me. So I hit him up and he told me “ they hit me back from New York “ at that point I was feeling good all I had to do now was record a banger for Stretch to take down to Philly for Waah Dean. I called on Boi1da (producer of Best I Ever Had) for a beat, went to the studio that weekend and recorded “ Return Of The Ryder “. Stretch then took it to Waah that weekend, few days later my Ruff Ryder vest was in my hands! I : That’s like winning the lottery, so now you are a Ruff Ryder what’s the next step? D: From there we were focused on recording my debut Double R album, moved into the studio HAHAHA.... I : What can we expect to hear? D : It’s going to be CRAZY, I have a variety of songs to cater to every mindset. I have the club bangers, street anthems, thinkers, everything! It’s a well rounded project! Oh, and by the way I’m producing 90% of it myself ‘cause it’s hard to find what I like from other producers especially when I’m capable of creating my own production. I : What about features? D : At first I didn’t want any features but recently I have been reaching out to those around me, most up and coming talent. Shout out to Burna! that dude is nuts in the booth.

I : Being from Canada do you see that hurting you at all? D : NO!, good music is good music... I’m closer to NY than most major U.S. cities hahaha. at the end of the day only person that can hurt me is me. I’m coming Hip Hop, I’m coming! I : When is your project set to drop? D : mid 2010 but I don’t want to rush it at all. You’ll hear singles and see videos in early 2010 for sure though. I : Ok, so what do you think of the game today? D : I think that it’s changed a lot on business end and from the entertainment side as well. To be successful now you need to be smarter than the competition... I’m up for the challenge. I : Here’s a question who would be first 5 major Emcees to work with? D : DMX, Jadakiss, 50, Jay-Z, Eminem and Joe Budden ... I couldn’t pick 5, those are my favorite Emcees. I : That is a serious line up! Now what about Drake he’s from Toronto, what are your thoughts on him and his success D : He’s good at what he does, he caters to a large female demographic... he’s talented there’s no doubt about it but we are in two different lanes. Certain things I rap about, he can’t rap about and same goes for me, his lane is Kanye, Cudi, Lupe, etc... my lane is 50, Jadakiss, X. It’s easier for someone in my lane to crossover into their lane than it is for one of them to merge into the fast lane on the highway! I : Would you work with him? D : That would be interesting, hahaha, I’m sure the finished product would be

great though. I : How has your life changed since Ruff Ryders picked you up? D : The girls got prettier and more shallow! I : Any last words for the people? D : No last words because I’m sure we’ll talk again, but keep your eyes and ears open, remember this interview because I’m going to set a new standard! Shout out to my whole Ruff Ryder FAMILY, shout out to Jay Staffz, Boi-1da, James D, Reloaded, Flex, TJ Derry, Hayden, Jay James my nephew and, anyone else who played a role in me getting to where I am! follow me on Twitter @drewjamesRR checkout www. & also add my myspace: www.myspace. com/drewjamesdoubler! ONE! P.S. : YOU KNOW!

What’s going on Industry Readers! I’m currently live with Jae Millz of Young Money! Harlem’s own! From debuting on DJ Kay Slay mixtape , to Smack DVDs to making a name for himself as one of the baddest underground Battle Rappers in New York to appearing on Diddys ‘Making the Band’ to finally rollin with the hottest label Young Money that’s running the Hip Hop Game right now. Quite the resume you got there…What is up Millz! Ha-ha what’s going on Peezy? Well first off, thank you for taking a break off the twitter to do this interview with me! (Both Laugh) (Those of ya who aren’t following me, Millz and I were making jokes about his “addition” to twitter and that he’d be tweeting through the interview n’ ish. Speaking of which, I appreciate the follow!) No worries! I ain’t like these other artists who have like millions of followers and are only following like 10 people. I like keeping in touch. So you are a consistent tweeter with over 49 thousand followers! Does this make you feel closer to your fans? Oh of course. People get all caught up with the exec part of the business they forget to be intune with the streets. People, who know me, know me as a comedian and full of personality. From my music, making the band – a lot of people just see the punch lines and not the personality. So twitter gives my fans the opportunity to see who Jae Millz is.

Exclusive Interview

with JAE MILLS – Lisa Persaud

Word is you went to high school for ‘Cartoon and Fashion Architecture’…HOW did you make that transition into music? Ha, well long story… Well sum it up! In a nutshell… Well I started writing raps from grade 8. And let me make it a point to say it was dumb rap, like I was no good at it. (Laughs) Ok so you were on some kind of nursery rhyme tip? (Laughs) Something like that! It sucked. School really just taught me how to put my ‘craft’ together; piecing my thoughts together on paper. I like writing. I didn’t think I was going to be a rapper; but then I got into more battling, built up my rapping skills and got better acquainted with some cool people. So being from Harlem and all, are all your influences from the east coast? Biggie, Jay, etc…? I definitely rock with Biggie, Nas, Wu Tang, Foxy, Jay,

Mase, Cam but also got love for the west coast - Deathrow. Also, Rick Ross, Twista, and Outkast, - Those Outkast dudes are just on a totally different level always bringing the unexpected. I like that. It has been a good year for Young Money, signing Nicki Minaj, Drake, Birdman’s Priceless, Wayne’s Rebirth, the We are Young Money album dropping soon (Dec 15th) What was your biggest accomplishment this year? I think we’re all proud of the We are Young money album. When you hear the songs; it’s ALL of us. Not like you got Nicki on one track then Wayne on the other. If you weren’t feeling Gudda before, you will now! If you weren’t feeling Millz before or whoever, you WILL now. We all put a LOT of work in to his album. And to be real, there were a few songs I was even taken off of, and for me to say that shows that we ain’t playing with this project. There are no B or C class songs; EVERYTHING is A+ That’s what it is! So December 15th “We are Young Money” drops. Congratulations! Thank you. And Yup December 15th! Make sure you go out and get it! Oh! And I DON’T want people thinking this is a lovey dovey album – just because we got songs like Every girl and Bedrock. You guys recently recorded the video for ‘Bedrock’ – that was with you, Gudda, Wayne, Nicki and Drake… Do you prefer the solo thing or was it nice doing the collabo with the Young Money fam? Ya that video was hot! In a bigass mansion, pools, it’s a hot video. Got to shout out lil Chuckee, Lil Twist, Baby, Short Dawg, J rock and chaos who were all there too. I haven’t put out a solo project yet, like I’ve been a solo artist pushing shows and tracks; but I’m not stuck on myself, it’s not all about me. I went from doing shows with a hundred people to now thousands. This is different and I’m trying something new. Does it even feel real? It is crazy. I’m use to New York, went from timbs and winter slush – I know your from Toronto so you understand; so now waking up in Miami and seeing palm trees and wearing slippers…its surreal. So how did it all happen? How did you hook up with Weezy? When I was with Universal, I would see Wayne all the time. I remember when I was in Miami at Opium nightclub Khalid was playin “I Like that” and Wayne had his own section with his people and I had mine – then he send over some magnum bottle of Champaign that I never even heard of (laughs) and just gave me a ‘salute’ Then I just took a chance and holla’d at Wayne to jump on a remix. He just asked me to send him a beat and he did a verse. He didn’t


has our respect because he is still so humble and doesn’t try fit the “rapper stereotype” – We love us some Drizzy! Exactly! I knew about Drake for years. Lot of people think he just came out of no where but he been at it for some time. He stuck to it, got around Wayne and just stuck to what he did. He didn’t get any tattoos or try go all thug. Wayne told him to be himself; he doesn’t want him getting all tatted up or feeling like he has to do certain things to fit in. Drakes been what he is now. Yeah it’s funny how times are changing and the notion that ‘a rapper must wear baggy clothes and chains’ is slowly fading… I know! That’s what I love about the state of Hip Hop now. You don’t have to get shot, go to jail or have a bunch of tatts to be rapper. I’m not mad at the New Boys for rocking skinny jeans; and if Drake don’t want to get a long chain with a young money pendant and if Gudda wants to tatt up his face; Let ‘em do what they do!

ask for no money or nothing. Then I flew out to Miami again, met up with Wayne and told him I didn’t have a deal at that time. (Laughs) So you were like nudge nudge hint hint? (Both Laugh>) Basically! He was surprised that I wasn’t signed and then it was history from there! Just like that huh? Damn! So sounds like you all have a close relationship…I guess Waynes sentencing really affected the team huh? Well yeah. The eight months will fly by. We have the We are Young Money/Cash Money tour. We all got our material out. Nicki got Beam me up scotti, Drake has his stuff dropping. Wayne will do his time, but we gonna keep busy and keep the train going. It just seems like he’s the leader… like who will step up to his plate during his absence? Wayne tells us we can be the biggest movement. People compare Young Money to Rocafella and that’s big. Nicki can kill anyone with punch lines… We all understand Drake is the biggest thing right now! You’re from Toronto so you know. Everyone there should thank him. He really did change the game for yall. Oh Toronto knows. I think he is incredibly talented and


What advice would you give someone who wants to get in the rap game? Be yourself. People will adapt to you and relate to you so much more. You can’t fake the game. That’s why battles aren’t the same; I was saying things I wasn’t going to do, like the most reckless outlandish things! (Laughs) Then you got some people who are just not believable. (Laughs) I hear that. It’s easy to distinguish who’s genuine about the game and who just wants to be in BET land and make their life a living music video. (Both Laugh) Well Millz, It has been a pleasure. I am definitely looking forward to the release of We are Young Money! Dec 15th! Make sure yall cop that! That’s an all star album. That’s right! Any shout outs? Wayne, Birdman, Young Money, Ms L Peezy, The Industry Mag, NYC, Miami and Twitter!!! That’s wassup! Cop We are Young Money Dec 15th! Look out for Bedrock! 2010, Millz you gotta push out that album man. Hey I know it keeps getting pushed back but like Jay says, it never takes too long to push out your first album. But it won’t be called Back to the Future like I originally said. So much has changed True! Well Best of luck to you Jae. For all the fans, you can follow at mills at We out!

Christina Cheng presents The Industry Magazine’s FASHION COLUMN:

THE CORE WINTER MUST HAVES FOR 2009/2010! It’s that time of the year again! Yes I’m talking about the longest season; WINTER! Everyone dreads the thought of going out during the winter season, in fact, it seems everyone is in hiding or in hibernation mode during this time. Yes I understand many of us dread the cold weather and everything that comes along with it but it shouldn’t be an excuse for us not to go out and look fashionable! I know the winter season normally is full of monochromatic offerings that is usually boring or just “blah” but who says cold weather style can’t be chic and stylish? So let’s put away the thought of winter consisting of layers of big, hefty, unpleasant clothing because this winter season of 2009/2010 is one that dares to be vibrant and fun for both women and men and it definitely pushes the aesthetic boundaries, especially with patterning, colour, and form. The Industry Magazine has tips on the core winter must haves for both women and men! Beginning with the ladies… I know, I know, dressing appropriately for winter while trying to look cute can be difficult but I have the core winter must have items to stay looking cute, fashionable, and most importantly, warm! Let’s begin with the must have hottest boots for this winter season! The number one hottest style of the season is the over-the-knee boot! Yes, it’s back! The over-the-knee boot used to be a huge fashion statement back in the 80’s but now there are more rules that apply to this boot; if you’re looking for an over-the-knee boot, some fashion critics such as Adam Glassman (of Opera’s, “O” Magazine) suggests that you get a flat one because if you wear one with a heel, it’s going to look a little bit like a boot Julia Roberts’ character (a prostitute) wore in Pretty Woman but I say it shouldn’t really matter! If you’re feeling the over-the-knee boot with a heel, go for it! This winter season is all about taking risks and if you can pull off the over-the-knee boot

with a heel then you are one blessed woman! Show them what you’re workin’ with! Another rule of thumb that applies to this particular boot is, you’re going to want to match the colour of your pants, leggings or tights with the colour of the boot because by doing this, it extenuates the leg by making it look leaner and longer if you dress tonally. A very important tip about finding just the right length for a winter boot is to always aim tall- a tall boot, whether it’s a sleek heeled version or a simple flat riding boot, it is the ultimate perfect solution when the temperatures start to drop. Plus, with a tall boot, you can never go wrong because it is such a versatile piece to have; you can either dress them up or dress them down! The second must have boot is a buckle boot, buckle boots are a great way to warm up any winter wardrobe because they stay snug to the leg and foot in order to keep heat in on cold winter days. Buckle boots are also a great must have because they are available in every height and style (see photos). Buckle boots are a great way to add a little bit of an edge to a simple outfit or to a black pant or tights. One of the most important must have boots to own are the All-Weather Hunter Boots, an all-weather boot are the most ideal boot to have because it keeps your feet dry from showers during the spring, fall, and summer and it most importantly keeps your feet warm and dry during the crucial times in winter when walking through slush, ice, and high snow. The last must have boots that I’m going to introduce is a boot most suited for the fashion forward risk takersDoc Martens and/or biker boots! Doc Martens boots or biker style boots are seen on celebrity fashion risk takers such as, Rihanna, Amber Rose, Ciara, and Solange Knowles (see photos). Doc Martens are one of the ideal boots to rely on for this winter season because with its aircushioned soles (dubbed Bouncing Soles), they are known for both its comfort and durability. Doc Martens are also made with real leather, thick durable rubber bottoms, sturdy stitched welts, and a padded collar for extra padding around the top-line of the shoe for added comfort, warmth, and fit. These must have boots are guaranteed to heat up any outfit during the winter! What pairs best with a pair of boots on a cold winters day? Only the trendiest must have jackets for the winter season! This winter season, our homework is to expand our outerwear vocabulary meaning, we should know way beyond the terms: button, zipper, and tie. This winter’s trendiest winter jackets are all about texture, prints, styles, and colours. For instance, Plaid jackets add a touch of a country cool look with its heritage checks, this jacket pairs well with a tall, flat, riding boot. The second must have jacket is a jacket of colour, for example, instead of having a black, grey, or brown double breasted


wool jacket, why not brighten up a winters day with a punchy hue of red?! If you want to stand out during the dull winter season, then a little attitude with colour won’t hurt! A hint of colour just brings us to another must have winter jacket; the Puffer Jackets are definitely back! This light, airy, warm jacket is hot in colour for this winter so pick it up in silver/grey, purple, red, green, blue or white! Lastly, the ultimate must have jacket is the all-knowing Fur-Trimmed Parka jackets that never grow old for this season! You are always safe with a jacket like this because its purpose is not only to keep you warm and looking cute with the fur, its purpose is to be an everyday winter wear! Fur, hoods, cuffs, and collars definitely get the glam treatment and the Fur-Trimmed Parka is best suited for just that! Ladies, quit complaining about the cold and about not looking cute in this season! The right jacket will do the trick every time and this year don’t be afraid to be risky; venture out into bright plaids, prints (yes even animal prints), different textures and materials, and especially colour, even go all white or even beige! I know, I know, the dry cleaning bill will probably be huge if you go white but it will be worth every cent! This winter season is about breaking all the “rules.” Fellas, fellas, fellas yes breaking the rules and going beyond the boundaries in fashion also apply to you as well! Now, let’s take the baseball caps or “fitteds” off our heads and replace it with a basic winter tuke or “beanie.” Winter tukes and beanies are pretty much a style staple for men in the winter because it’s a great casual look especially when matched with the right items. Tukes and/or beanies are warm and comfortable and they are sort of like a man’s assessory to his outfit; it just pulls a winter look together. Another one of this season’s men’s winter fashion must have hats are trappers and bobble hats. Both of these styles are bringing a steam in this season! These two hats give a bit of a retro look and also give off that geeky vibe which compliments well for this season’s geek, urban, chic look! The Bobble hat is a modified form of a beanie and it gives off that retro feel because the hat that our parents once made us wear as kids are back! We may have hated it then but it’s a definite fashion statement now! Trappers are a manly hat that is associated with forest workers or lumberjacks! This hat is absolutely a must have item for winter because it’ll keep you warm all the way through the season and it also really pushes the worker wear trend to a whole new level! Pair a Trapper hat with a bold


check or plaid shirt and a pair of boots and your good to go! Moving on to the must have boots for this winter, Ransom Adidas formally unveiled their winter footwear collection. Ransom Adidas takes its inspiration from the great outdoors of Canada itself and the Canadian brand finds a way to creatively incorporate its native land within a series of boots and sneakers while pairing them with a mix of street style and a hint of mountaineering influence. Just to name a few, Ransom Adidas is featuring “The Summit,” “The Creek,” and “The Dune” for their winter collection. Another new big name and must have boot for winter are a pair(s) of Red Wing’s. Red Wing just welcomed its winter season selection with new colours in some of the brands staple footwear styles; these classic boot styles are made in its premium authentic leather cuts makes it one of the ideal, durable, stylish boots out there this winter! The all-knowing must have boot for men this winter and all winters are the Clarks Desert Boots, the ones featured here are the Harris Tweed, the soft sand suede, and the Modest and unassuming, rich brown leather style; the light grained leather gives this boot a heritage design and vintage feel. All of these Desert boots are contrasted with Clarks’ signature Originals crepe sole that are made to fit comfortably. Now to step a little out of the box for you fellas, I would like to introduce to you two boots I believe are a must have for winter. Beginning with Sorel Boots, yes I know, a lot of people are skeptical about the boot but I personally think men can pull off Sorel boots way better than women can and I think they look really good on men (depending on how they wear it and with what). Sorel boots are probably the most

reliable winter boot of all time; they are definitely built to last a long time and with their Caribou Thermosplus Liner, you better believe it’ll keep your feet extremely warm as well! The most popular style of Sorel boots for men is the tan coloured leather boot with a rubber front and rubber bottoms (see photo). This lumberjack style boot pairs well with a Trapper hat! Another must have boot that may go beyond a man’s limit are Hunter boots! Yes, men can rock them too! One of the most popular Hunter boot for men are the Sport Regent style. This Sport Regent style Hunter Boot are great for winter because the new Bamboo Charcoal fleece lining makes it warmer when it’s cool out. Its thermal properties improve the blood circulation on the foot that thereby keeps the foot warm during freezing temperatures. Oh, and a big one for you men with athletes foot; the lining is a high performance, durable lining that is a benefit because it reduces foot odour by dispersing moisture away from the skin. The sculpted boot top and contrasting piping of the boot gives it a stylish design and goes beyond just a rain boot! Fellas, looking for the right jacket this winter? SIMPLE! According to GQ Magazine, big and puffy is back! Yes, introducing Puffer style jackets are a winter essential only this year we’re pushing the colour black to the back! Just as I mentioned earlier, this winter season dares to be vibrant and fun, especially with colour so instead of picking up a black puffer jacket, why not pick up a red, blue, forest green, grey/silver, or even one with a design on it? (See photos). Still on the topic of the puffer style, hooded puffer vests are also a must have winter gear! These coloured Bomber Puffer jackets are

a huge fashion statement this winter and it’s a simple everyday winter jacket that is warm and comfortable! Another must have jacket in this winter’s 2009/2010 list is the Penfield Stapleton Jacket, the one’s featured here are the New Penfield: Rockwood and Stapleton Jackets- this jacket is beyond ideal for this winter season because not only is it stylish with its modern cut and leather shoulder yokes, along with its patched pockets on the chest and a vintage-inspired style, it is also known for its warmth due to the fact that it is 80/20 goose down and the majority of the styles are water resistant and water proof.

Ladies and Fellas, The Industry-Mag has given you the core must have items for this 2009/2010 winter season so please, go dare to be vibrant and risky and venture out! I want to

see y’all being creative with your winter attire by pushing the aesthetic boundaries so send me your pictures of you decked out in your hottest winter coats, boots, and hats and I’ll feature the winner on the next Industry Magazine Issue as you will be crowned Winter’s 2009/2010 Best Dressed! There are rules that apply to this: You must follow the winter must have tips in this column and please, only one picture per person. Submit pictures by February 1, 2010 to Christina.cheng@industry-mag. com.



The Industry Magazine, Pumpations Ent & Reflector of Hip Hop Honeys present Charlie Cash – The winner of our Dec/Jan Eye Candy Model Search Charlie was selected amongst our readers by a voting poll! She was the leading lady in Belly ft. Snoops Hot Girl Video directed by RT in Toronto, Canada. Congratulations Charlie! And Readers continue to look our for this Torontonian Beauty as has been predicted to be the next hottest thing!




&fresh inthecity

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Here’s the age-old question for you guys: Have you been naughty or nice this year? LOL! That’s a bit corny, I know, but it is something to think about. I find that the older I get, the more important a healthy conscious is to and for me. Being wholeheartedly nice, true and positive.... It really does take less energy than being an ignorant person and that’s something I hope you guys consider and practice from now on! With that said, I’ve composed a little list of what I feel would be good for next year.... <<What’s Dope & Fresh in the City for 2010, Top 4>>: 1. Taking care of your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional body. It probably sounds cliché but really think about what this entails. For example, there were a lot of stressed out people towards the end of this year, after the whole “2009 and grind” mindset started to wear off. Speaking for myself, once I over-stressed in one category, everything else seemed to slip through the cracks! My advice? Whether it be meditation vs. religion or a strict diet vs. a strict work out routine, just be real about it. You have no one to blame but yourself for your extra rolls and no one to blame but yourself for your consent negative energy. Get up and get focused! 2. A cleaner appearance. I’m sure this one is going to be a bit touchy but it has to be said. There’s just something about having unique taste when it comes to fashion, hair and beauty... It’s always good to think outside the box. It’s when we start looking outside of this planet that becomes an issue, For me at least. Everyone has their own personal style, yes... but do you have to constantly look crazy?? I think not. *Men, if you insist on braiding your hair, please keep it neat and washed on the REGULAR! If you insist on wearing clothes that are bigger that your actual size, can you refrain from going overboard in the XL+ department and


. Ms. MusiQ WITH

about that time for us to stop dwelling on what we don’t have and grudging others for what they do. I think it’s time that we all get involved in our communities and stop being selfish when people need our help. I think it’s time we change our (bad) habits in favour of feeling good about and doing good for ourselves. I’m going to work on me... What about you??

Stay dope and keep it fresh!! See you next year :D


Ms. MusiQ

PS. For those of you who are wondering what’s on my Christmas list, a Canon Digital SLR would be much appreciated!

pleeeeeeeeeeease STOP sagging your clothes! You look sloppy! Another thing, Jordans aren’t the only shoes in the world... I’m just saying! *Ladies.... *sigh*. Can we PLEASE tone down the hairstyles/colour?? For frig sakes, not every head is made for a lace front wig and not every skin tone goes with blond!!! (I’m sorry but I had to say it!) Also, it was once considered fresh to put different (bright) colours and patterns together, but now it’s just a hot, confusing mess! TONE IT DOWN! KEEP IT CHIC! Let’s be dope & fresh, not loud and crazy!! PS. Less really is more, but not when we’re talking about less clothes and more skin! 3. Being smart with your money. This is a big one for me! Unfortunately, I don’t have the greatest control when it comes to saving :( . Shopping and eating out will always be a weakness of mine but I really am I working on it. I mean, if I’m really hell bent on traveling the world, I do need to stack my account(s), no? These days, with all these companies blaming the so-called “recession” for their lack of wanting to hire and pay their employees, it’s hard to attain money in the first place, let alone spend it unnecessarily. Let’s take stock of what we have, want and need. Let’s be more aware of what we need later rather than what we want right now! 4. Make what you want by loving what you do. Simple. Whatever your dreams and goals are, don’t sleep on them... PERIOD! I really hope everyone has a safe, happy holiday and a blessed new year. Enjoy your family, your friends and your life! I think it’s



WANT TO SHOUT OUT SOMEONE SPECIAL IN THE NEXT ISSUE OF OUR MAGAZINE? Submissions will be on a first come first serve basis as space is limited. Please contact Michelle Brijlal at


L Peezy’s World Hello! It’s funny, usually when it comes to ranting I can wing it in a heartbeat but when it comes to puting my thoughts on text(?) I get ‘writers block’ I feel like Jerry Seinfeld & George costanza when they were starting to write the pilot for “Jerry” *pause* Yep even now I am trying to find any excuse to take a break, am I hungry...when last did I use the bathroom? Kind of sad really. As much as doctors disagreed, I swear I have attention defecit disorder. They called it ‘lack of iron’... No I won’t use my first official industry mag blog as a rant on my disagreements with the docs. Industry Mag life – Its hard to believe that, this ‘vision’ has become my reality and I’ve stuck with it faithfully for over a year. Best relationship I’ve had thus far in my 24 years! It challenges me, motivates me and the overall product gets better and better! How many men out there can provide that? ha! (Sorry fellas I had to). It does suck when things have to change. From the start it was me picking up my phone and calling alisha sayin, hey! Lets start a mag! from our giggly nights, sippin on something and doin the easy part thinking of who we would LOVE to feature to having the reality that this is a business and not all your friends share the same passion & drive, so you had to let them go. To “questioning” motives and having to create legal documents of copyright and HR policies...All of a sudden, it became so ADULT. EVERYTHING changed. It was no longer, work 9-5 then hit happy hour with your friends. It was constant research, networking, writing, attending industry events, media - and friends and family got upset with your neglecting. Because I agreed to ‘spill all the beans’ I lost more than a 9-5 lifestyle, the disagreements with family who couldn’t take the chaos of my in/outs - lead me to move on my own. Leaving my mothers luxurious home to relocating to the ‘suburban HOOD’. My ex of 6 yrs didn’t like it (I’ve learned a lot of guys dont like their girls hanging around wealthy and some hunky stars) so that relationship deflated. It was like being all alone with an idea. Do I regret it? NOPE! I wouldnt change a damn thing. why? Anyone who cares about you will motivate you, and not let insecurities interfere. That’s just selfish. Going from princess to pauper, was a hard hit but made me grow up and appreciate the things i once took for granted. My advice is never let anyone or anything stop you from making your dreams a reality. Who would of thought I’d go from working an average office job to flying out to the hamptons to Diddys Party, to Miami to learn the trick of the trade at 24hourhiphop. Photoshoots in Bermuda and to studios in Jamaica...Not using this moment as one to BRAG but to make you see that things CAN PICK UP and Change for the better. My theory, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. When this sh*t hits the fan, believe ME it happened for a reason. I’m not all into the laws of attraction, but I do believe positive energy and faith will bring prosperty (but u still have to work! dont sit there in a mediation pose and hum and expect riches) Prayer? I dont think God gives you anything cause you put your hands together and beg him for it. The man upstairs is always watching, he rewards the sincere. Wow what a preach! on a side note, I must say I love The Industry team. My Best Friends and homegirls of 10yrs Che & Alison - believed in it from the start & made this real. Without everyones contribtion, it wouldn’t exist. So I love them all for believing in US. Its nice to have support, so if you have it - thats a plus. If you dont, make that your motivation to show those jerks what your made of...then you’ll see how many ‘supporters’ you’ll have then. *rolls eyes* I’ll save ‘INFORMAS’ ‘HATERS’ and ‘FAKES’ for my next preach! Thanks for visiting Peezys World! I wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Blessed New Years!!! MAKE THOSE DREAMS COME TRUE THIS YEAR!!! Don’t forget to follow me on the twitter: THEREALLPEEZY and Industry_Mag!


Fashion No-nos found in every day places. These people tried to put together a decent outfit but failed miserably. Try Again!

The biggest crime anyone on this planet can commit: SOCKS WITH SANDLES! If it’s cold outside, it’s called running shoes! :) I rest my case.

Now this is a personal opinion that I feel strangely about; matchy-matchy is a HUGE no-no in my books. I think to be able to put together a successful outfit it cannot be tacky or matchy-matchy. For example, a BROWN coat, a BROWN shirt, BROWN pants with WHITE stilletos -- NO! Does anyone get what I am trying to say?

All right, we have all had our fair share of retail. I’m not going to lie I was previously a manager at Urban Planet. From working there I learned how to spot Exco jeans from a mile away. If you need jeans and you don’t have money to spend on a good pair go to a store like H&M... I’m just saying.



Monthlyhoroscopes DECEMBER 2009

ARIES: Mar 21 – Apr 19 In a strange way, an old habit you’ve worked desperately hard to rid yourself of suddenly comes to the surface to remind you how far you’ve come in your life. It will be a definite blast from the past, but you’ll be able to overlook any previous shortcomings before moving forward once again. Around the 17th, with all the flurry of preChristmas activities amorous Venus teams up with assertive Mars making your energies fly high and putting you in a socially gregarious mood. You’ll be able to express yourself with style and impress those you’ve been wanting to reach out to. On New Year’s Eve, with the occurrence of the lunar eclipse, family matters or childhood complexes may come to the surface making your resolution to look into your roots to see the source. While you may just want to party, something will be urging you to go home.

cancer: Jun 21 – Jul 22 At the beginning of the month, you’ll have to be extra discreet in your dealings with those you are close to as you may be told something in confidence that could shake someone else’s world. It could be touch and go for a while as you toy with being the bearer of difficult news. Mid month, looking into further training or streamlining your current work load will help with your long term plans as you begin to look into expanding your skill set. Making the most of your time and situation can get you one step closer to your goals but be sure to keep your eye on the target. On the 31st, as you think about your resolutions for the New Year, you may come face to face with a truth about yourself that you’ve been avoiding. As it’s a lunar eclipse, your feelings will be quite profound, urging to you to take some serious action on the matter.

TAURUS: Apr 20 – May 20 In the lead up to Christmas, although things may be a bit tight financially, you’ll have no trouble making the most of your money by being resourceful and down right shrewd! By cutting back on unnecessary day to day expenses, you’ll be able to stretch your finances. The New Moon on the 18th passes through the area of transformation making you look at areas that need improvements in your life. Taking a leap of faith and going through with a bold decision will expand your horizons and enrich your quality of life. As the year draws to an end, the focus will be on making the most of your life as you’ll feel an urge to take your goals to the next level. However, try as you might to take things forward, you could be faced with burdens every day life duties. Having a deep look you could do without as it may be time for a clear out.

leo: Jul 23 – Aug 22 Unconscious thoughts come to the surface bringing far reaching benefits this month as you’re able to put your innermost innovative thoughts into action and draw on all your resources to make it happen. Any doubts you may have will soon be replaced with an exciting burst of spontaneous activity. When the New Moon passes through the area of creativity on the 17th, your artistic flare will know no bounds as you make daring new strides in your self-expression. Nothing can hold you back as you show the world what you’re made of, with a very colourful statement. Towards the end of the month, underlying tension within the work place could make you feel as though you are being held back. Try as you might to take things to the next stage, you may be required to stay where you are for the time being – so make the most of it!

gEMINI: May 21 – Jun 20 There will be a focus on your personal development with the Full Moon on the 2nd as you begin to wonder if you’ve been putting enough energy into your own best interests. While you may have been dynamic and doing a lot of networking lately, it may be time to take care of your own needs first. Mid month, close relationships of all sorts – from intimate, business or even close friends play a big part in helping you take your vision even further. You may have big plans for the future but around this time you may need a boost to get ahead. The year ends with a valuable lesson in self-worth as sudden events or new opportunities within your career or at work leave you pleasantly surprised. Taking pride in your workmanship has made you stand out which will help you reap the rewards for all of your talents.

virgo: Aug 23 – Sep 22 A wave of profound thought washes over you at the beginning of the month as you look for the deeper meaning in everything you see and hear. As you read between the lines, it could give you a better insight into the way you think, speak and communicate. Mid month, Saturn, planet of responsibility takes on powerhouse Pluto to test your values in relation to how you express yourself. This will feel like an evolutionary adjustment over the next year and when you look back, you may find that you’ve outgrown some of the very things you once held dear. Around the 30th, a bright idea comes from the influence of one of your nearest and dearest as it propels you on a new mission. It will feel as though you are on autopilot as you move forward with decisive vision onto the next stepping stone of your future goals.


libra: Sep 22 – Oct 22 During the course of the month, a spontaneous occurrence makes you shake the dust off an old talent from the past that you may have forgotten entirely about. Incorporating long forgotten skills into your day to day work will give you an extra cutting edge and a big push forward. Around the 17th, as the multitude of seasonal parties whip up a whirlwind of social activity, you’ll make the most of your contacts and networks to build up a stronger circle of support. An extra burst of charm does the trick and may even convince a few new people to join your scene. Just in time for the New Year’s Eve countdown, when a lunar eclipse occurs, it may bring a profound insight into your work/life balance as you begin reassessing your family values. Making resolutions for your future is one thing, but being true to yourself and your innermost needs is another. scorpio: Oct 23 – Nov 21 At the beginning of the month, you’ll want to lay low to avoid all the commotion of the lead up to the Christmas period. Saving money or cutting back on spending will be a priority and you’ll have no problem entertaining yourself on the cheap to avoid excesses. However, you may loosen your grip on your cash when the New Moon passes through on the 16th in the area of finances as you may want to get your thrills and have a bit of fun. Long distance travel could be favourable but if you’re planning on staying closer to home, just liven things up. From the 26th onward, you’ll be drawn to studies of the mysteries of life or psychologically enhancing pursuits as you’ll want to know what your inner motivations are. Now is a good time for research as you’ll have the patience needed to stick with it. sagittarius: Nov 22 – Dec 21 Any changes or improvements to your domestic scene will be a welcome change this month as an exciting new approach to living comes your way. While the changes to your home could feel drastic at first, with people swiftly arriving or departing, it will still feel like a breath of fresh air. However, with the Full Moon on the 2nd, while you feel the need to look after your own best interests, those you’re closest to may demand more from you than you care to give. While you’d like the time to look after your own needs and interests, you may have to find the right balance. Around the 18th, when it comes to setting your goals, your future never seemed so obvious! You may have grand visions and sweeping dreams but be sure to stay focused as things will come easily you now which could make you lose sight of the original plan..

capricorn: Dec 22 – Jan 19 The desire to reinvent your self image at the beginning of the month becomes apparent as you’re likely to want to reflect the tremendous change you’ve been though in the way you present yourself to others. Whether it’s the way you look or your new approach to life you’ll want people to take notice of your transformation. Mid month, you’ll be on auto-pilot when it comes to finding new opportunities to increase your finances as you’ll be naturally savvy when it comes to finding a long term investment. Be sure to read the fine print as things that are too good to be true usually are just that. As you reflect on the events of 2009, a powerful eclipse on New Year’s Eve brings profound insight into personal relationships with family – especially mothers or parenting matters. While there may be some sensitive issues, seeing things from other people’s point of view could bring understanding. aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18 During the month of December, a pleasant but unexpected change in your circumstances could pave the way to an exciting new way of working when you uncover a natural aptitude you didn’t know you were so talented at. Adapting to the new system never felt so easy as you make a smooth new transition. On the 16th, your social life picks up speed as the New Moon passes through the area of friendships which will see you dashing to and fro to a plethora of seasonal parties. Spontaneous invitations are usually the best ones, so be open to spur of the moment celebrations. In the lead up to the New Year, you could find yourself making unconscious decisions to break away from the more traditional aspects of your life. With all the inner changes taking place, you’ll want to leave behind some of your more conventional ideals you’ve inherited for your personal evolution. pisces: Feb 19 – Mar 20 For all your ambitious moves on the job front during December, a lack of clear vision may make all your efforts seem in vain. The desire and drive to get ahead in your vocation is evident, however the direction and long term expectations may still be hazy. When the Full Moon passes through the area of home and family on the 2nd, you may become torn between attending to the needs of your loved ones or focusing on your own priorities. Either way you slice it, you’re big in demand right now but it may make you feel over stretched. Towards the end of the month, vivacious Venus teams up with action planet Mars to make you stand out in social situations around the work place. A little self-promotion never hurts so don’t be afraid to drop a few stories of success to your superiors at any Christmas functions to remind them just how fantastic you are!

horoscopes courtesy of Jules Genik of


. hip hopnews HIP HOP NEWS Contributor: Source:

RIHANNA TO PERFORM MYSPACE “THE RELEASE” CONCERT SERIES IN NEW YORK MySpace Music will host a special performance by Rihanna on Thursday, December 3 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City as part of “THE RELEASE,” MySpace Music’s urban music concert series. This installment of “THE RELEASE” will be a special performance to mark the release of Rihanna’s album Rated R, a performance that will mark her only appearance in celebration of the album’s availability. Over 500+ tickets will be given out for the free, all-ages show on a first-come, firstserved basis at the Hammerstein Ballroom starting at 9 a.m. on December 3, or can be won through radio promotions on HOT 97.

DIDDY LEAVES WARNER MUSIC GROUP. Sean “Diddy” Combs is exiting Warner Music Group/Atlantic Records as an artist, though their joint venture for his Bad Boy Entertainment label will remain in place. Bad Boy’s output will continue to move through Atlantic. The only album Diddy released through his deal with WMG was 2006’s Press Play. He reportedly already has another deal in place to release his forthcoming album, Last Train To Paris. “Now that the term of the Warner deal has ended, I have elected to accept an opportunity to move my recording career and future label venture to another company,” Diddy said in a statement. Various reports have him moving to Interscope Records, though Diddy’s spokeswoman wouldn’t confirm which label he will be partnering with, according to Billboard. As previously reported, Last Train To Paris is a concept album that tells the story of a “tumultuous love roller-coaster relationship.”

JAY-Z RECRUITS NAS FOR BEANS AND 50 DISS? Beanie Sigel recently said that Jay-Z has recruited Nas for an upcoming “Empire State Of Mind” remix in which he says they take verbal jabs at him and 50. Beans says that Jay-Z has their entire rap battle/beef planned out. “I’m nice at chess too,” Sigel told radio personality DJ On & On. “They say he got a record supposed to come out, the remix to the New York shit, he’s poppin’ shots at me, poppin’ shots at 50.” Beanie Sigel then continues “He pulled Nas on the record hoping that a nigga will respond to it and come at Nas and Nas is gonna come right back, he ain’t gonna hold no punches, he’s gonna come right back. He should come right back but look at the moves. I see that. I’m not worried about Nas, I did that already. I did that already. In defense of him I did that already. I was there when dude was in the studio on the couch scratching his head under pressure.”

HIP HOP HALL OF FAME SECURES $10 MILLION. After two decades in development, and the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV show broadcast in syndication and on BET Cable Network in the 90s; the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum & Entertainment Complex gets halfway to realizing its grand opening in the heart of New York City in late 2010 by securing $10 million in funding. The HHHOF is poised to become the Hip-Hop institution of record for the 21st century, as reported in Billboard Magazine. It has two arms, the non-profit HHHOF Museum Foundation, which will oversee the museum, exhibits, and community outreach with “pioneers” of rap, and the for-profit HHHOF Global Media Group which will operate the restaurant, retail gift shop, concert lounge, TV studios, co-branded entertainment divisions, merchandising, special events, and corporate partnerships. The Advisory Board members are illustrious and include legends

I had a whole album of material that didn’t make it that I wasn’t ready to throw away, so that was going to be Relapse 2. But then I got with Dre in Hawaii and started recording more, and now the new material has knocked out all the old songs,” Em says...”The new material is definitely different. Making Relapse, I was still working the drugs out of my system, so there was a lot of...just jokey shit. It was a lot of punchline-y, funny, shock value—kind of going back to The Slim Shady LP. And that was cool, but I’ve kind of flipped the page,” he added. “ Now I’m going for songs instead of one-liners. I don’t want to make shit that you hear once and then the joke’s over; I want to make records that you could play a hundred times, a thousand times. “Relapse 2 is slated for release in 2010.

BLACK EYED PEAS ANNOUNCE 100 DATE TOUR. Three-time Grammy Award winning recording artist, The Black Eyed Peas today announced dates for their 100-date headline tour. Described as the ultimate Black Eyed Peas party experience, it also marks the first time that the group -, apl. de.ap, Taboo and Fergie - is united for a North American headline tour since their 2006 Monkey Business world tour. The North American leg of “The E.N.D. World Tour 2010,” produced by AEG Live, will kick off at Philips Arena in Atlanta on February 4, 2010, and conclude on April 11th at GM Place in Vancouver. After a short break, the tour resumes in May with shows across Europe and the UK. Special ticket pre-sales for The Black Eyed Peas’ fan club members will be announced in the days ahead. National ticket on-sale dates begin December 12th. Ticket prices will carry reasonable value and will be accessible to all fans. “AEG Live has always been a company that likes to execute out-of-the-box ideas. Our newest clients, The Black Eyed Peas, have defined that concept like no other group in contemporary music and culture,” says Randy Phillips, President & CEO of AEG Live. “We expect our first hundred shows together to be a roller coaster ride that will redefine the live entertainment experience as only the Peas can.” EMINEM TALKS RELAPSE 2. Eminem recently spoke to Complex Magazine about his upcoming Relapse 2 album. He says the project will offer more serious material than its predecessor. “When I finished Relapse,


DR. DRE AND PHARELL TO EXECUTIVE PRODUCE GAME’S UPCOMING PROJECT. SGame made the announcement via his twitter on Wednesday (November 25) that Dr. Dre and Pharrell will be serving as the executive producers of Game’s upcoming effort, The R.E.D. Album. “The R.E.D. Album is gonna be classic, that’s a promise,” the rapper wrote. “ Executive produced by Dr. Dre and Pharrell. The music is phenomenal.” The R.E.D. Album is slated to hit stores in February - 2010. The set will feature appearances from Chris Brown, Gucci Mane, Cuba Gooding Jr and Akon.

Grandmaster Caz of the Cold Crush Bros, RockHall inductee Melle Mel, Kurtis Blow, Pebblee Poo, L.A. Sunshine, Kool Herc, and the late Mr. Magic, and HHHOF inductee Jam Master Jay of Run DMC, to name a few. The HHHOF will provide 300 jobs, internships, co-branded marketing opportunities, as well as educational events and outreach programs for the youth and families. The economic impact in the City of New York is expected to be over $350 million over five years, from on-site and off-site programming, tourism, B2B local commerce, consumer spending, and city tax revenues. The HHHOF, in conjunction with its kids mascot “B-Boy Scratch & Friends,” will also mentor over 20,000 NYC public school children per year with special field trips to the complex being dubbed as the new “Urban Theme Park.” “After 26 months of talks and negotiations, that yielded a few false starts and stops along the way, has come to a suitable arrangement by matching funds that may be increased,” says J.T. Thompson, the chairman and creator-executive producer. The investment package was put together by Jackson Securities & Investment Bankers out of Atlanta in 2004, and was recently re-released for funding to various investment groups, celebrities, athletes, and corporate partners. We can appreciate our struggles and triumphs, like David Blumenfeld of Blumenfeld Development of NYC, who toiled for over 15 years, like the HHHOF, on the Harlem East River Plaza, set to open this year. We encountered many of the same challenges and sacrifices over the years. DEATH ROW COURT BATTLES CONTINUE. The struggle between the Canadian firm that acquired Death Row in January and the hip-hop label’s apparently exiled chief executive is set to continue in a New York City court. Songwriter and music lawyer Lara Lavi became Death Row CEO earlier this year after her former company WIDEawake Entertainment bought the label for $18 million ($21.6 million Canadian) with funding provided by Mississauga-based venture capital firm New Solutions Group. Last week, Lavi sought a court injunction against New Solutions, claiming in her submission that its CEO Ronald Ovenden had undertaken “self-dealing actions,” that led the label to “adopt unauthorized liabilities.” New Solutions had reportedly attempted to fire Lavi from Death Row in the second week of November. New York Supreme Court Judge Barbara Kapnick ordered a temporary restraining order against New Solutions until the Dec. 3 hearing and ordered Lavi to file a $2 million ($2.1 million Canadian) “undertaking.” A spokeswoman for Lavi says that money has been provided and adds there are questions about whether New Solutions has the authority to fire Lavi. “Any claim [New Solutions] has about Death Row is being brought into question,” she says. Lavi told Billboard the judge had ordered her not to talk about the case. Source: Billboard

HIP HOP NEWS Contributor: Source: