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Good Heavening, Listeners! This is RJ Fox and you have tuned into, the first-ever radio on print.

We did attempt to start a conventional radio, but we found your ears plugged with earphones and hand phones. Hence, we decided to make ears out of your eyes.

Unlike conventional radios that ­m odulate on amplitude­ and frequency­medium, modulates on intellectual medium­-the frequency of the mind.

For the ­h earing ­i mpaired, please adjust­your ­spectacles. If you need help ­adjusting to the right frequency of the ­radio, please see an ­ophthalmologist.

If you hear noises or distortions, it may be time for you to change your hearing aid.

Any sudden movement to the Nerve of thought is expected and not regretted. Unlike conventional radios that are hosted by radio jockeys,

33.3IM READIO is hosted by readio jockeys

f­ eeding you beverages and food for your thoughts, squeezed afresh from our mind. We don't plan to serve any “unthought frozen food” but do expect­some gestures out of our refrigerators, now and then.

If you consider yourself too young to know about the secrets of life,please switch off the radio IMMEDIATELY­ and tune in only when yo­u are mature­ enough.





We do not a ­ dvocate parental ­g uidance

here, as it may cause ­ interferences to our ­frequency, leading to ­misleading ­ Misguidance.




We pour in only as much as you can take and will not spray everything足onto you. We have no plans to dump articles on your mind.

As each ­transmission is adequately ­buffered, you are allowed to jump to any ­section of the ­broadcast ­w ithout ­h aving to press forward­or ­rewind. You have the ­flexibility to put us on pause or make us ­repeat as many times as you want.

We may also invite Miss Understanding to hear her thoughts at regular intervals.

e ch




pa ne






READIO c o mes w ith a Th o ug hts M I 3 Con 33. tro f l­se o e d r e u s i o r e tt y d d l o e v t e t l o n yo s u j o so d i u r ow p to a r n co be nt m e ro m l e

Since you have been listening so far­ you probably have passed your own maturit y test and should be able to handle our

WEATHER REPORT The weather can be cloudy today, with light showers of knowledge­ expected all through.

Listeners are advised not to use umbrellas which can prevent­them from getting drenched. Light to heavy blunders are ­expected in ­certain areas

lightening strikes are also expected to occur in various areas

News Flash

A new I-Nation has been discovered! It has been named “In10City” by

Con Fessori, a ­professor who retired even before he could finish­his s­ tudies. A bunch of us, Mavericks, were roaming around an old park for amusement when we spotted the tired Cap10 trying to start a ship whose destination board read:

TO IN10CITY beside the land of ­Incapacity, ­located at the heart of Continent of Incontinence.

We were extremely interested in his mission and the exciting new state he can bring us to. Thus, we struck a deal to sail with him to In10City since we were doing nothing anyway.

Since In10City is a virtual ­nation with no geography or history, no race or religion, no law or language, no ­nothing, our task would be to build ­values for I­n10city on air along the way.

The Captain has also generously installed radio equipments in the ship, so our conversations can be heard by all. Captain Con Fessori has given us all an “RJs title” ­using which we would be interacting with you, along the way.

We do have plans to bring aboard more as we sail and we do expect things to get more exciting ­en-route.


The captain has estimated to be the ­arrival date at In10City.­Having boarded his ship, our task now is to countdown­to our destiny...

I mean destination.

Good Heavening Listeners  

Intro and weather report

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