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In10city Releases Its Print Radio In India PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 27, 2010 A new concept in publishing is emerging with in10city, a Singapore based publisher coming out with its “radioin-print” series of books and releasing it in India via many events across many locations. The publisher offers to call it a “readio” and has printed the books which give an appearance of a set of the scripts for a radio program and uses language as would be spoken by radio jockeys. The concept is radically different from any other printed books. The Frequency of these books is “33.3 IM”.

The “Radio” books The set of 10 books released by In10city has been portrayed as food for thought, mind, body and soul as they deal with very relevant topics which can be related to any situation today. For example, there is a book which talks about the habits (“Habit”). The different thing about the manner in which this or the other books have been written, is the fact, that every chapter is a commentary on the subject by a fictitious or virtual RJ as the publishers want to call it. The books are very verbose and appear to be very colloquial in language, just as one would find in a day-to-day conversation. Imagine talking on a particular social subject with your friends on a coffee table. That is how the books have been written and printed. The chapters are also in the names of the virtual RJs such as RJ Symphony, or RJ Melancholetta . The content deals with the subject on the book and is the view of the RJ for that particular chapter!

Unusual, but true! The discussion of topics such as Habit above and others such as “Arranged Marriage” or “Troubled Parenting” or “Wisdom”, are very contemporary social topics, though the touch of making it appear very conversational makes it very appealing to read. Incidentally one may find oneself reading the articles just like an FM Radio Jockey usually talks…fast, humorously, stressing words and sentences and in a very conversational mode…!

Queer Publishing Another queer thing about these books is the fact that there are 2 books published in the same bind. This is not new one may say, however, the books are published back to back in the same binding, and printed upside down in the reverse i.e. the book behind the other can be read only by turning the book upside down. Yet again, unusual…but appealingly true! The books are also not very bulky and appear to be a magazine of sorts. The publisher also wants to bring in the concept of selfpublishing which means that the readers can also write an article and publish it. Something like an open source publishing. They want the readers to contribute their creativity and live a dream of having a published article in a book. So as the publishers would like to intiate the readers with a whiz statement - “Tune in to your SetHead and have your MindSet for free” – get your books to get a new take on this concept. simplybooks is a online bookstore in India ,you can Buy books online and get discounts upto 40 % and free home delivery by Courier anywhere in India. Earn ePoints on each purchase. Best book store in India for buying books online at Online Bookstore India. Issued By : Sudhir Pandey City/Town : Gurgaon

Readio Books are now distributed in India by 14, Jagannathan Road,   Nungambakkam Chennai - 600 034 Phone : 044-28277090, 044-42317417 01-SEP-2012 Email :

In10Nagar C-­‐72, Anna  Nagar-­‐East   Chennai  –  600  102   India.     Phone:  91-­‐44-­‐4261-­‐1902   Fax:  65-­‐6883-­‐2484     TIN.  33311026084  


Book Title Separation Troubled Parenting Arranged Marriages Habit Who owns the world? Blind Belief Fidelity Speaking Native English Wisdom and Withering STD vs ITR


SET OF 10 Books




33.3 IM Readio (Scratch 1)



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Contact: N R Pradiip +91-98843-18590

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ISBN 978-981-08-5760-8




















In10City Pte Ltd

W W W .I N 1 0 C I T Y .C O

190 Middle  Road,     #10-­‐08  Fortune  Centre   Singapore  188979  

Phone: 65-­‐6333-­‐9450   Fax:  65-­‐6883-­‐2484  

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