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Bethel Television, the Worldwide Missionary Movement channel, broadcasts the Word of God’s message through cultural and educational programs from Lima - Peru to the world by 7 satellites and the Internet.

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BIG IS HIS MERCY Rev. Gustavo Martínez Presidente Internazionale del MMM

“It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.” Lamentations 3:22-23


e are all aware of the greatest need in the world: spiritual need. There is a crisis everywhere despite the world has lots of religions, creeds and beliefs. There is a huge emptiness inside men that religions, creeds, beliefs, humanism, or other things such as pleasures, vices and family affection cannot fill. That emptiness can only be filled with the presence of God, the Almighty. It does not matter if men travel to other parts of the world and experience different things, their heart will not be freed or edified; only the redeeming power of our Lord and the Gospel will make that possible. The order of God is currently being preached throughout the world, as it was the order that He gave to the Church: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). However,

many people do not go to Church due to different reasons; they feel attached, chained and engaged to other things. Some people are treated by humanity as if they were the garbage, given that they

have committed unspeakable sins, depravity, immorality, vices; people do not want to be near them, much less help them come out of such situations, because they believe there is neither solution nor medicine that heals them. Dear brothers and sisters, I want you to know that, although these people facing such situations are excluded from society, they are not excluded from God’s mercy and grace. I want you to know that there are no barriers, no boundaries, or difficulties for God that prevent those people from being saved. Dear friends, if you want to, you can ask God for redemption, and you will receive it. He can be in your life; your current problems do not matter, as God has no barriers, no obstacles; nothing is impossible for Him. God can heal you. He can perform miracles. He can free you from drugs, prostitution, immorality. He can help you escape from disgrace and misery. He is here to give us all a better life. Amen.

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From where did the earth’s water come?


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t is a question made by secularist scientists to overrule the categorical narration in Genesis. Scientific evidences supporting the Bible’s version keep appearing every day. The most recent one was found at an Irish university with astonishing results. Andrew A. Snelling

“Planet Earth makes its own water from scratch deep in the mantle” was the article headline in the January 27, 2017, New Scientist’s Daily News. It is ironic that secularist scientists are still seeking to explain where the Earth’s water came from. For many years now they have endeavored to fill in the difficult-to-explain pieces of their “story” about how our home Earth “just happened” to become so habitable for life over the course of its supposed billions-of-years history. Secularists believe the Earth condensed from clumpy matter flung out of the solar nebula 4.56 or so billion years ago. It was thus originally a hot molten blob that cooled. They used to suggest that most of the water came from inside this cooling Earth, but not enough to fill the oceans we have on the Earth’s surface today. A once popular theory was that comets (which are essentially large, dirty snowballs) collided with the Earth and deposited their water on its surface. Meanwhile, these same secularists and Bible skeptics have been demanding that we Bible believers explain where the waters came from to flood the Earth during the cataclysmic Genesis Flood! Our answer has not changed since the book of Genesis was written by special revelation from God: “All the fountains of the great deep were broken up” (Genesis 7:11). In other words, some of the waters for the Flood came from inside the Earth, adding to the waters already covering the Earth from the beginning on Day One of the Creation MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 6 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



cover note

Photo: Donautouristik

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Photo: Patrik Gustafsson

Week (Genesis 1:2); on Day Three, God gathered the waters into one place and called them seas (Genesis 1:9–10).

NEW EVIDENCE So what is this new evidence the secularists have found that confirms what the Bible said all along? Earth’s huge store of water might have originated via chemical reactions in the mantle, rather than arriving from space through collisions with ice-rich comets. That’s the upshot of a computer simulation of reactions in Earth’s upper mantle between liquid hydrogen and quartz, the most common and stable form of silica in this part of the planet… The simple reaction takes place at about 1400 °C and pressures MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 8 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

cover note

20,000 times higher than atmospheric pressure as silica, or silicon dioxide, reacts with liquid hydrogen to form liquid water and silicon hydride. The results of these computer simulations have just been reported by Zdenek Futera at the University College Dublin in Ireland and his collaborators. This latest work simulates this reaction under various temperatures and pressures typical of the upper mantle between 40 and 400 kilometers down. It backs up previous work by Japanese researchers who performed and reported the reaction itself in 2014. So what was new about this latest study? Team member John Tse at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada commented, “We set up a computer simulation very close to their experimental conditions and simulated the trajectory of the reaction.” But, surprisingly, they found that “the hydrogen fluid diffuses through the quartz layer, but ends up forming water not at the surface, but in the bulk of the mineral,” according to Tse. “We analyzed the density and structure of the trapped water, and found that it is highly pressurized.”

DEEP EARTHQUAKES The authors also found that the pressure could reach as high as 200,000 atmospheres. The research team therefore suggested that this new water may be under so much pressure that it can trigger earthquakes hundreds of kilometers below the Earth’s surface, tremors whose origins have so far remained unexplained. “We observed the water to be at high pressure, which might lead to the possibility of induced earthquakes,” says Tse. The earthquakes could be triggered as the water finally escapes from the crystals. The occurrence of deep earthquakes in the uppermost mantle lithosphere beneath stable cratons (the foundational cores of continents) are known but remain enigmatic in their origin. For example, the 2013 Wind River (Wyoming) earthquake occurred at 75 ± 8 kilometers, well beneath the base

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic


of the crust, suggesting that it represented brittle failure at high temperatures in the rock of the mantle lithosphere. However, the triggering mechanism for such brittle failure in the stable mantle lithosphere remained a mystery. These new computer simulations by this research team have now shown that the over-pressured water from the reaction between silica and hydrogen could be a possible trigger for initiating deep earthquakes in the mantle lithosphere below the continents. Other researchers agree, such as John Ludden, executive director of the British Geological Survey. But obviously further research is needed to quantify the amount of released water needed for triggering such deep earthquakes.

WHAT IS THE SOURCE? However, what is even more significant is that this research team suggests that their findings may also inform us on how our planet got its water to start with. “As long as the supply of hydrogen can be sustained, one can speculate that water formed from this process could be a contributor to the origin of water during Earth’s early accretion,” says Tse. “Water formed in the mantle can reach the surface via multiple ways, for example, carried by magma in the form of volcanic activities.” And it is also possible that water is still being made this way deep inside Earth today. This “study highlights how the minerals that make up Earth’s mantle can incorporate large amounts of water, and how Earth is probably ‘wet’ in some sense all the way down to its core,” says Lydia Hallis at the University of Glasgow, UK. A NEW DISCOVERY? However, this latest announcement is hardly new, considering numerous studies published over more than two and a half decades have found evidence of several oceans’ worth of water locked up in mantle rocks and minerals. Even as recently as November 2016 there was news of the discovery of waMISSIONARY MOVEMENT 10 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

ter in an inclusion within a diamond claimed to have come to the Earth’s surface from 1,000 kilometers down in the mantle. An international team had studied a diamond found in the São Luíz River system in Juina, Brazil, and found a sealed-off mineral inclusion

that became trapped during the diamond’s formation. When the researchers took a closer look at this inclusion with infrared microscopy, they saw the unmistakable presence of hydroxyl ions (OH-), which normally come from water.

cover note

THE IMPLICATIONS Yet Raymond Jeanloz of the University of California at Berkeley cannot fathom “a sudden outpouring of water, Noah-style, even if the balance does tilt to a greater outflow.” Thus it is only his evolutionary bias that precludes him

accepting that a catastrophic outburst of water under pressure in the mantle could have occurred as “Noah-style” fountains, just as the Bible describes! Therefore, it is plainly obvious that the Genesis account’s statement that the cataclysmic global Flood began

with “the fountains of the great deep” being broken up (Genesis 7:11) is a vivid description of a catastrophic outbursting of water to the Earth’s surface. It is also obvious that water had been stored under pressure deep in the mantle during the pre-Flood era.

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MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 12 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

cover note

Such outbursting of water would have accompanied an upwelling of plumes of mantle materials that melted as they rose to erupt and produce catastrophic volcanism. Under the oceans, the erupted lavas produced new ocean floor. On the continents, the humungous outpourings of lava flows and explosions of volcanic ash layers were deposited in between rapidly accumulating, fossil-burying sedimentary layers. The extra water that poured from the fountains added to rising sea level because of the upward push of the new, hot, buoyant ocean floor so that the ocean water was able to flood the continents. The earthquakes from these upheavals added tsunami-like surges of ocean waters to the rising flood, which deposited sediment layers right across the continents, burying critters as fossils. Furthermore, the outbursts of mantle water through a vast global network of fractures split apart the original pre-Flood supercontinent into “tectonic plates.” The water inside the mantle lowered the viscosity of the mantle material (made the material less “thick”) so that it helped to move the tectonic plates across the Earth’s surface, producing the rapid-moving plate tectonics of the Flood event. So the waters that came from inside the Earth, combined with the waters in the original, created oceans to produce the Genesis Flood. The Bible’s description of that outbursting event is merely confirmed by the latest findings of the secular scientists. We can always absolutely trust the veracity of the Genesis account of the cataclysmic global Flood of Noah’s day and its history back to the creation in its very first verse. Thus the bulk of the Earth’s ocean waters did not originally come from the mantle, but were created by God already in place “in the beginning.”

Source: https://answersingenesis.org/es/ciencia/ded%C3%B3nde-sali%C3%B3-el-agua-en-la-tierra/

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic


Our body is composed of 70% of water

Our body 83%

of blood is composed of water.

Our lungs are made of 90% of water.

45 L

are inside our bodies.

25 L

of water goes away through our sweat, exhalation, urine.

1 to 3 L

are necessary for our body to work properly.


18 days

A person can spend 18 days without drinking water

of our body is composed of water



thousand children in Africa die every year due to diarrhea which is caused by the use of untreated water.


This means:


thousand children die every day; this amount is even higher than those of Aids, malaria, measles all together.


Worldwide baby boom

Projection of population growth by 2050 2050 2011

7 billion people 50% in urban areas.

9 5 billion people million people could 70% in urban areas

2 people are born per second

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 14 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

live without sanitation

The composition of water

El agua está formada por dos átomos de hidrógeno (H) y un átomo de oxígeno (O) unidos mediante sendos enlaces covalentes, de manera que la molécula tiene una forma triangular plana. Es decir los átomos de hidrógeno y oxígeno están separados entre sí aproximadamente 0,96 Angstroms (más o menos un nanómetro, una milmillonésima de metro) y el ángulo que forman sus líneas de enlace es de unos 104,45 grados.

The origin of water

Where did the water that flooded the earth during the catastrophic Flood in Genesis came from? God gives us the answer in the book of Genesis: “…all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened” (Genesis 7:11) In other words, some water of the Flood came from inside the earth, which increased the amount of water covering the earth since the first day of the creation week (Genesis 1:2); in the third day, God made waters be gathered together and called them seas (Genesis 1:9-10).

96.5% Oceans have

of all the planet.


of water


earth is covered by water.

of the november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic



n October 31, 1517, an Augustinian monk named Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on indulgences to the door of the Wittenberg castle church. His intention was to spark discussion, according to the academic custom of the time. The action was interpreted as defiance against ecclesiastical authorities and meant the beginning of the Reformation.



An overview on the Reformation history shows that its movements were always different. Nevertheless, as a whole, they left important contributions to humankind and contemporary civilization.

SPIRITUAL LEGACY “Despite the differences between various Reformation movements, there is no doubt that Reformation, as a whole, managed to consolidate a series of theological pillars acknowledged by all reformers, which clearly defined their spiritual legacy” (Vidal, 2016, p. 215). 1. The Bible was given back to the people (Sola scriptura). Reformation argued that the only authority of faith and behavior is the Word of God (Matthew 5: 17; Mark 7: 13; Luke 24: 44; John 5: 39). Pre-reformers and reformers such as Erasmus of Rotterdam, Peter Waldo, John Wycliffe, Jan Hus, Martin Luther and William Tyndale, translated or helped spread the Bible. The Bible in Spanish. Francisco de Enzinas published the first translation of the New Testament directly from Greek. The fierce persecution that followed did not discourage other men of God, such as Casiodoro de Reina, who published the Bible’s full translation into Spanish: the “Biblia del Oso” (Bible of the Bear). Reina’s translation would be later reviewed by Cipriano de MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 16 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

Valera; the result was published in 1602, under the title of “Reina-Valera Bible”. Every time, the Roman religion used fake documents to defend their dogmas, to which reformers replied, “Sola scriptura!” 2. The Gospel was given back to the people. This happened in two ways:

• Sola fide. Roma controlled the monopoly of salvation (confessions, penances, even sale of indulgences). Reformation stood up and replied, “Repent ye, and believe the gospel” (Mark 1: 15); “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life” ( John 3: 36); “The just shall live by faith” (Romans 1: 17).


men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2: 5). The Reformation highlights that Christ is the beginning and end of all of God’s objectives; all things are put under His feet (Ephesians 1: 22). 4. Eucharist, or Lord’s supper, was given back to the people. Before Reformation, believers only ate bread during communion. Only the clergy had both bread and wine. Reformation changed that (Matthew 26: 29) stating that participants to communion must have both (Mark 14: 22; Luke 22: 19, 20; 1 Corinthians 11: 23-26; John 6: 53-56). 5. Priesthood is for everyone. There are no longer divisions by which those who exert priesthood are superior to average people. There is but one high priest (Hebrews 4: 14), Jesus-Christ, and the rest is part of the kingdom of priests. This way, believers can participate in liturgy, preaching and the Lord’s supper without any intermediaries (Gonzáles, 2016).

• Sola gratia. Reformation reminds that the Gospel offers free salvation and that Jesus is the Savior of the world (1 Timothy 2: 4-6; Ephesians 2: 8, 9). 3. Christ was given back to the people (Solo Christo). The supposed distance between men and an enraged God, as stated by Rome, was disproved

by the Gospel’s message. The great amount of interceding saints and virgins invented to make a profit out of penitents looking for their favors lost their influence over millions of people who listened to the message of Reformation: “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and

CULTURAL LEGACY There is no doubt that the impact of Reformation went beyond religion and ended up having a positive effect on worldwide culture. 1. Biblical vision of work. Before Reformation, work was divided into two types: sacred and secular work. The first one was considered superior and more valuable than the second one. In some cultures, work is even seen as a punishment or a curse. After Reformation, theology in general started to consider work as a means to glorify God. Economies weakened as slavery declined in many countries, except in countries influenced by Reformation. Protestant Christians and Jews became the leaders of the main worldwide economies after the Middle Ages. 2. Biblical vision of finance. One of the founders of sociology, Max Weber, asserted that Protestants heirs of the Reformation played a major role in the progress of industrialized countries and modern banking. England,

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic


Foto: AFP

the Netherlands and other poorer countries led capitalism, which did not happen in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, where Catholic Counter-Reformation succeeded. 3. Biblical vision of education. “Education for illiteracy.” In May 1536, the first free and compulsory public school in history opened in the Protestant city of Geneva, Switzerland. Before that, education was a privilege for the elite. On June 5, 1559, the first opento-everybody university was founded in the same city, becoming a landmark for global education. Countries with mainly Protestant populations made great efforts to educate their citizens. By the end of the 16th century, the population of Protestant countries was highly literate, as opposed to countries with catholic governments (García, 2017). Great educators influenced by Reformation include Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827), thanks to which illiteracy completely disappeared in Switzerland. All the opposite was happening in catholic countries, such as Spain, 90 MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 18 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

% of which population was illiterate by 1808 (Vidal, 2016). 4. A biblical vision of science. Genesis states that men were created to be the steward of creation. After the preReformation scientific obscurantism (condemned by Roman church), Protestant nations supported science to develop and attain new heights. Some of

the most renowned post-Reformation Protestant scientists were: • Francis Bacon (1561-1626). He established the scientific method and wrote about Protestant theology. • Johannes Kepler (1571-1630). Lutheran who innovated the disciplines of mathematics and astronomy. Like Bacon, he wrote about theology.


Foto: AFP

• Robert Boyle (1627-1691). Creator of modern chemistry and passionate Protestant who financially supported the translation of the New Testament into Turkish. • There is a great number of Protestant Christians who encouraged PostReformation scientific development. Meanwhile, the Roman Church executed men like Galileo (Vidal, 2016). 5. Liberation from terror. The Inquisition terrorized all the countries where it was established, except those with Protestant faith. It is no coincidence that totalitarian, oppressive and

abusive regimes emerged in nations with some inquisitorial past, such as Austria, where Hitler was born, or the catholic city of Bavaria, where Nazism had its first victory. This did not happen in countries with a Protestant past, such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, the United States, or Canada. 6. Biblical vision of mercy. Calvin established in Geneva assistance services for refugees fleeing catholic violence between 1550 and 1560. During that ten-year period, it is estimated that more than six thousand refugees arrived to the city. The city was not big, but

great efforts were made to help the needy. Likewise, slavery abolition, the Red Cross, orphanages and social assistance centers were the result of the influence of Reformation. 7. Women’s pride. Women’s pride, highly esteemed as it was in the New Testament both by Jesus and the churches of the first century, was held in very low regard in the Middle Ages (Vidal, 2016). By going back to the Scriptures, reformers immediately found out that it was not right and they gave back to women their proper place in society and the Church. 8. Promotion of art and science. There are three important fields: • In painting. Post-Reformation Protestant artists, such as Rembrandt and Vermeer, portrayed biblical scenes as day-to-day situations. For example, by depicting someone performing a “common” activity, they shared the theological knowledge that any honest job glorifies God. Art became a means to communicate wonderful truths of faith. • In music. Music was another field transformed by Reformation. For centuries, Rome made Latin the language of liturgies, and so attendees had no participation in the worship. With Reformation, men such as Luther composed hymns and songs to the Lord in the language of common people. It is said that by the time genius Protestant musician Johann Sebastian Bach started to compose, there were already more than five thousand chorales made by reformers. The same happened with George Friedrich Händel, whose most renowned oratorio is “The Messiah” (Vidal, 2016). • In Literature. “The translation of the Scriptures purified, reinforced and strengthened European languages in a way no other literary effort ever could” (Fletcher and Ropero, 2008, p. 2429).

(*) Source: Vidal, C. (2016) “El legado de la Reforma” (The Legacy of Reformation). Tyler, Texas, U.S. Editorial JUCUM.

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic



ndia, the second most populated nation in the world, welcomed an important group of pastors from the Worldwide Missionary Movement. They traveled to share the Word and promote the Work in the country. It was an amazing journey to the East, unfamiliar as it is to those from the West.

Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra

Our mission was to fulfill a command: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16: 15). We travelled to the other side of the world, to a country with a different culture and different languages, but with the same children of God. It was a rewarding experience as part of our work to bring the Word all over the planet. The first to arrive in India for the mission trip were Rev. Samuel Mejía, Supervisor of the WMM in Asia, and Pastor Albert Rivera, National Supervisor of Puerto Rico. Both of them traveled to Sri Lanka to edify and serve the church. A week later, Pastor Jimmy Roca and I joined them. After an exhausting 21-hour flight, we finally reached New Delhi, the capital of India, a chaotic yet calm city where it is not rare to see cows wander the streets bordered by farms. There is the impressing Red Fort from the 17th century, a combination of domes and towers, and the Chandni Chowk market, the biggest in the country, where friendly bargaining is commonly practiced. We did not stay long in New Delhi, MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 20 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



we immediately departed to Chennai. After three-hour of flight, we arrived

to the capital city of Tamil Nadu, a southern Indian state. It is the four-


th biggest city in the country and the 35th most populated worldwide. We were warmly welcomed by the church of Pastor Sukumar, an Indian worker. One of our objectives was to participate in the 14th National Convention in India.

Foto: Jimmy Roca

THE MISSION The Worldwide Missionary Movement has been present in the region for more than fourteen years. The first missionary to come was Rev. Samuel Mejía, who travelled to India looking for new souls willing to join the ranks of the Gospel. With the support of the international fund and the Concordia Church of Santander, Colombia, he embarked on several trips to spread and develop missionary work in the country. One of the first to approach the WMM was Indian missionary Sam Jacob and Pastor Sukumar, who, in their search for sound doctrine, joined their congregations with the Work to praise the Lord together. God’s church has grown enormously ever since and hundreds of believers keep joining the Work of God thanks to the nonstop work to evangelize souls without Christ. According to the oldest pastors in India, the situation was critical before the arrival of the WMM. Many liberal ministries had entered the country looking for wealth, and they brought but confusion to people from different churches with their ideas contrary to the Gospel. Changes in structure, clothing, etc. threatened to weaken believers and step over the old ministry path. “We had to get away from them and avoid corruption,” says a pastor as he recalls how he joined the WMM; the Latin Work attracted him spiritually because of the sound doctrine. Even though there were people who only cared about finding economic benefits, they soon realized the valuable treasure of serving the Lord in holiness.

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic



During the missionary trip, the important Mission Day had to be celebrated. Gathered on the missionary field, fasting and praying, the twelve priests and officials of the Work in India testified about their work in the cities where they live. Everyone talked about their local workplace, language, number of churches, etc., and invited the attending pastors to stand up and tell about the opposition they suffer by the government or other religions that are extremely violent and intolerant. Despite all of this, pastors and people of God have found the grace to continue their missionary work.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 22 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


“INTEGRATED MINISTRIES” Rev. Luis M. Ortiz, founder of the WMM, spoke prophetically about these events in his book “Ministerios integrados” (Integrated Ministries); there he explains how God, in His mercy, had established that these holy movements would join spiritual organizations. “The small herd, the remaining, will be strengthened for the last battle against the gates of hell,” he explains.

Fifty-four years after its foundation, the WMM became a ministry, but lacked resources and was treated with contempt. It now keeps growing in Asia, America, Oceania, Europe and Africa by preaching the powerful Word of God. Indians are scattered all over the world. In fact, Sri Lanka and Nepal are nations with already big populations between twenty-two and thirty million inhabitants, most of them originally

from India. Therefore, the second most populated country worldwide is the WMM’s “beachhead for the missionary work in the Asian continent. Mongolia, Pakistan, China and Indonesia, among other countries, are still waiting to be evangelized. In the meantime, the missionary work in India shows solid results and has undertaken to keep working for God and to support new future projects for the mission.

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his is a book to be analyzed by every believer. The theological study was written by American evangelical author Charles Caldwell Ryrie, renowned expert on the Holy Scriptures and promoter of the sound doctrine from the 20th century. Jesus-Christ incarnates God’s grace, but this is only one of many other truths. First, even the Bible has different meanings for grace since grace and truth came through Jesus-Christ. The meaning of grace in the Ancient Testament differs from that of the New Testament. Second, the concept of grace in non-biblical texts differ from that in the Bible. Third, if a person incarnates grace, the doctrine of grace may go far beyond that point despite being based on the study of the Word. “The Grace of God”, written by American theologist Charles Caldwell Ryrie, is a revealing analysis on Christian doctrine, essential for any believer wanting to devote his life to the Almighty. The book, published in 1963, talks about the concept and development of grace in both the Ancient and New Testaments, and explores the notion of sovereign grace and life under the grace. In summary, the concept of grace in the New Testament evolves infinitely and uniquely when associated with the Savior, even if we include Hebrew and Greek meanings. His Son, the generous gift of God, entails a particular meaning of grace in the New Testament. Jaris is a word which has attained an even higher level and a new meaning in Jesus-Christ. His own sacrifice is grace and this grace is completely free, both in sentence and power, as it vanquishes sin. According to the author, who was dean of doctoral studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, his work aimed to encourage spiritual growth of believers. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 24 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



Ryrie, who died in February 16, 2016, stated more than once that his contributions could be a study guide for both evangelical teachers and pastors. The most important study on the doctrine of grace in the New Testament lies in Pauline epistles. For Paul, grace was fundamental for all his way of thinking. Paul was not interested in ideas that studied grace “as a separated subject of speculation”, even when abstract language was used to discuss it. For him, these were vital realities of Christian faith in the light of the Lord’s resurrection. The Lord’s past

God’s grace was ultimately manifested in Christ, which means that, relatively, there never was and would never be another manifestation of His grace as this one would overshadow any other display of favor. Nonetheless, despite the essence of incarnation, Paul states that grace teaches Christians to live.

actions and his demands gather in one element: “grace.” He confirmed this with his own experience.

THE EXPERT Born in March 2, 1925, Charles Ryrie, Ph.D., Th.D. and Litt.D., wrote 28 books that have gone on to sell more than one and a half million copies worldwide. Among his best-sellers were “The Grace of God,” “Ryrie Study Bible,” “The Holy Spirit” and “Revelation” (part of the Everyman’s Bible Commentary series), which had a vast distribution and

impact in the five continents. In many parts of the New Testament, writers highlight ramifications of grace concerning Christian life. This is shown, maybe in a more exaggerating way, in Titus 2: 11-14, where the writer emphasizes that despite not being related with incarnation, it falls on the disciplined ministry of grace. God’s grace was ultimately manifested in Christ, which means that, relatively, there never was and would never be another manifestation of His grace as this one would overshadow any other display of favor. Nonetheless, despite the essence of incarnation, Paul states that grace teaches Christians to live. As an expert on the Holy Scriptures, Ryrie was a master at biblical and theological synthesis who considered that Christianity meant nothing without grace. According to his colleagues, the wise evangelical Christian had the gift of being able to state complex theological ideas in succinct statements. Born in Illinois in the bosom of a family loyal to the Lord, the American researcher is currently renowned as an expert on the Bible. God always grants power to his people to obey his commandments. We already stated that the Ancient Testament shows many times the Lord’s Spirit coming over people and staying with them. God has promised to all his believers the permanent residence of His Spirit within them. Believers can choose, abuse or never use that power, but His presence is an unalterable condition of God. No saint will ever be left alone by the Spirit since it was determined by God. Legalism is not the same as power.

THE SALVATION Charles Ryrie, promoter of the sound doctrine and a traditional biblical thin-

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king, believed that it was clear in the Bible that the Gospel must be freely offered to sinners, whether they accept it or not. The renowned theologist, one of the most influential in the 20th century, said that the Bible is the greatest of all books, to study it is the noblest of all pursuits, and to understand it is the highest of all goals. Paul, the Apostle of grace, stated that God’s objective when calling him by His grace was to “reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen” (Galatians 1: 16). The actions of all believers are predetermined, so the purpose of God’s grace within us is to make good deeds (Ephesians 2: 10). Even John Calvin said that disobedience was not God’s will. The purpose of grace for believers is to make good deeds, and for God, His sovereign glorification. “The Grace of God” is a piece of Ryrie’s vast intellectual legacy throughout his more than 90 years. The book is divided into six chapters in which the renowned Christian author explains Jesus-Christ’s message with accuracy. It is, still today, a valuable contribution to religious literature as it explores the possibilities given to men by the Creator to set them in the right path towards salvation. Whichever is term used to describe Adam’s condition before his fall, it is clear that he had certain grace capacity granted by God. In an effort to try to give a proper designation to that capacity, some experts suggested a theological distinction between “image” and “similarity.” “Image” remained despite the fall while “similarity” was lost. “Image” refers to “natural gifts”, such as intellectual capacity, relative free will, and characteristics that Adam did not lose and remained in men. “Similarity” represents “supernatural gifts” of immortality.

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mblematic hymn of the Irish gospel music with more than fifteen centuries of history. The song, written in Gaelic in the 6th century, encourages believers to put their lives into the Lord’s hands.

“Be Thou my Vision,” a traditional Irish song written in Gaelic during the Byzantine period, contains a request to the Lord. This emblematic gospel song is more than fifteen centuries old; yet, according to specialists in hymnology, it is still popular because of its message of faith and trust. Attributed to Christian poet Dallán Forgaill, renowned representative of Irish literature, the poem has two manuscripts, one at the Royal Irish Academy and the other at the National Library of Ireland. For a long time, before it became popular in Europe and the rest of world, the song was part of the Irish monastic tradition. “Be Thou my Vision,” included in gospel hymnals from all over the world, was created as a lorica prayer for divine protection so that the Lord, in His magnificence, help us in our worldly path. Similarly, the poem aims to create a direct bond between the Lord and His believers. The poem was set to a folk Irish tune and was translated into English in 1905 by Mary Elizabeth Byrne, a renowned Irish Christian linguist, who sent it to the Ériu journal for its publication. Seven years later, British writer and journalist Eleanor Hull versified the text into its current and most used version. After gaining popularity in Ireland, the hymn reached the U.K. and became famous in the British Isles. Following World War II, the song caught the attention of the evangelical community in the United States, as well as the interest of the main American music publishers. The song became a success and MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 28 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia




Be Thou my Vision 1 Be Thou my Vision, O Lord of my heart; Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art; Thou my best Thought, by day or by night, Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light. 2 Be Thou my Wisdom, and Thou my true Word; I ever with Thee and Thou with me, Lord; Thou my great Father, I Thy true son; Thou in me dwelling, and I with Thee one. 3 Be Thou my battle Shield, Sword for the fight; Be Thou my Dignity, Thou my Delight; Thou my soul’s Shelter, Thou my high Tow’r: Raise Thou me heav’nward, O Pow’r of my pow’r. 4 Riches I heed not, nor man’s empty praise, Thou mine Inheritance, now and always: Thou and Thou only, first in my heart, High King of Heaven, my Treasure Thou art. 5 High King of Heaven, my victory won, May I reach Heaven’s joys, O bright Heav’n’s Sun! Heart of my own heart, whatever befall, Still be my Vision, O Ruler of all.

was included in various hymnals. Irish liturgy and ritual scholar Helen Phelan, a lecturer at the University of Limerick, points out how the language of this hymn is drawn from traditional Irish culture: “One of the essential characteristics of the text is the use of ‘heroic’ imagery to describe God. This was very typical of medieval Irish poetry, which cast God as the ‘chieftain’ or ‘High King’ (Ard Ri) who provided protection to his people or clan.” Adapted by many performers and artists who follow Jesus-Christ, the song “Be Thou my Vision” is inspired by the biblical verse of Proverbs 3: 5-6, which states that we must trust in the Lord rather than in our own judgment and put our life into the Almighty’s hands.

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nglish preacher George Grenfell laid the foundations of evangelization in one of the historic regions of Africa. The preacher spread God’s Word for over two decades amid sin, alcoholism, savagery, sorcery, and cannibalism.

James Horne Morrison

George Grenfell was one of those who were drawn to the Dark Continent by the immortal story of Livingstone, and like his hero, besides being a great missionary, he attained to the front rank as an explorer. For a quarter of a century Grenfell moved along these waterways in his little steamer, the Peace, ever seeking to win an entrance for the Gospel into savage hearts, ever ambitious of bearing the good news to more distant tribes, and, ere he finished his course, he had the joy of being welcomed with Christian hymns in places where once he had been met with showers of poisoned arrows.

TO THE CAMEROONS Grenfell was born on August 21, 1849, at the village of Sancreed in Cornwall, England and was the son of a country carpenter. His family belonged to the Church of England and he and his brother went to a Sunday School connected with Heneage Street Baptist Church. This Church was henceforward his spiritual home, and at the age of fifteen he was received into its fellowship by baptism. On leaving school, he entered a warehouse, where he showed considerable aptitude for business, and came in time to have excellent prospects. But his interests were centered in church and mission work. In September 1873, Grenfell gave up business and entered the Baptist College, Bristol, to study with a view to becoming a missionary. After a year’s training, Grenfell was MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 30 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

hero of faith


DARKNESS accepted by the Baptist Missionary Society for service in Africa. The veteran missionary, Alfred Saker, was at home on furlough from the Cameroons, and it was arranged that Grenfell should accompany him on his return. They sailed from Liverpool the week before Christmas, 1874, and reached the Cameroons in the following January. In the Cameroons, Grenfell served an apprenticeship of three years during which he was being prepared for his great work on the Congo. His station was at King Akwa’s Town, on the south bank of the Cameroons River, about twenty miles from the seacoast. Here he made acquaintance with that pitiful mixture of savagery and civilization so characteristic of the west coast of Africa. With the instincts of a pioneer, Grenfell was assiduously plying his canoe along the various waterways, seeking to win the confidence of the people. Very soon, he became convinced of the advantage of pushing on into the interior.

IN THE CONGO Six hundred miles south of the Cameroons, the Congo enters the Atlantic. Although the mouth of this giant river was discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th century, little or nothing was known of its course. A hundred miles from the sea, navigation was barred by a region of cataracts, beyond which the map was blank. In 1877, all this was changed. Stanley took up the problem of the African waterways where Livingstone left it. Setting out from the east coast, he passed beyond Lake Tanganyika and struck the Lualaba at Nyangwe. Among other important discoveries, he showed that, beyond the region of cataracts, there was a thousand miles of magnificent waterway to the Stanley Falls, above which the river was again navigable

southwards to Nyangwe. Upon Stanley’s discoveries becoming known, the Society instructed Grenfell to proceed to the Congo and break new ground. In July 1878, the pioneer party landed at the Congo mouth, where they were cordially received by a Dutch trading house. They were welcomed at San Salvador by the King of Kongo, but were unable to reach the upper river owing to the determined hostility of the natives.

GOD’S BOAT The road to the upper river being now open, a steel boat was sent out for the use of the Mission, and Mr. Arthrington, a prominent supporter of the Society, offered money to build a small steamer “to bring the glad tidings of the everlasting Gospel to thousands of human beings who now are ignorant of the way of life and immortality.” The Peace was a little screw steamer, constructed in sections to enable her to be taken to pieces for transport over the cataracts. During 1882, Grenfell was at home superintending the construction of the steamer. By December, the work was finished and he sailed from Liverpool with his precious freight, accompanied by a young missionary engineer. The young engineer died not long after, and Grenfell was left with the whole responsibility of the steamer on his shoulders. He now felt that he must himself undertake the building of the Peace. With such help as was available, he successfully accomplished the work. “She lives, she lives,” cried the natives when they saw the steamer move in the water. The maiden voyage of the Peace was a complete success. Grenfell and Comber steamed on her half way up to Stanley Falls, turning aside to explore several of the chief tributaries. Then, he began a

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work that led him to establish a series of missionary enclaves in which the light of Christianity shone.

BELGIAN OPPRESSION The God’s minister, who had dealt with sin, alcoholism, savagery, sorcery and cannibalism in his missionary journeys, now suffered the tyranny imposed by the Belgian colonial empire, governed by King Leopold II of Belgium, who ruled this part of Africa with an iron fist between 1884 and 1908. The year 1887 was memorable in the annals of the Mission as “the Black Year,” when six of the missionaries died in seven months. But faith triumphed, and in the next three years the blanks were filled and three new stations were established on the upper river. Grenfell settled at Bolobo, and it continued to be his home for sixteen years.

The maiden voyage of the Peace was a complete success. Grenfell and Comber steamed on her half way up to Stanley Falls, turning aside to explore several of the chief tributaries. Then, he began a work that led him to establish a series of missionary enclaves in which the light of Christianity shone.

In 1889, he records, “At Bolobo, on the first Sunday in March, I held the first Baptismal Service on the upper Congo, and on Sunday last I opened the first meeting house. Being Easter Day, we had a talk about the Resurrection, and altogether a very enjoyable service. About seventy natives were present.” In 1890, the Belgian authorities, in spite of vigorous protests by the Mission, commandeered the Peace for their own use. Grenfell was profoundly moved. Starting to his feet, he exclaimed, “I go to England to agitate.” He went to England, and so effectually did he agitate that the MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 32 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

hero of faith

Belgian authorities were fain to climb down with the best grace they could, and the Peace was restored to her owners.

HARD WORK In 1891, with the consent of the Mission, Grenfell was appointed Commissioner to settle the southern boundary of the Congo Free State. On returning to Bolobo in September 1892, his first task was to build the new mission steamer, the Goodwill, which he had brought out from England a year before, and had expected would by this time have been afloat. A printing press was established at Bolobo, and the Church there steadily increased. In 1896, he had the joy of planting a new station at Yakusu, near the Stanley Falls, and the remarkable success of this new mission was a great comfort to him amid the trials and sorrows of his later years. The missionaries saw the tribes enslaved, tortured, mutilated, delivered over to the tender mercies of native soldiers, many of whom were cannibals, and all to provide dividends of a thousand per cent to the royal rubber company. In 1899, Grenfell suffered an irreparable loss in the death of his oldest daughter, Pattie. Next year Grenfell’s own health gave way, and he had to come home to England. It seemed, indeed, as if his day was done, but he rallied, and November 1901] saw him again on the Congo. THE BIG HARVEST His last term of service was deeply shadowed and sadde-

ned by the frightful sufferings of the natives under Belgian rule, and by the increasing hostility of the authorities who persistently refused to grant new sites to the Mission. Yet amid many sorrows, he tasted of the sweet joys of harvest. In 1902 he writes, “… many are professing to have given their hearts to the Lord Jesus, and there are signs of good times coming.” In his voyages, also, up the river, he sees many signs of happy change. Thus he writes of one place, “A few weeks more than twenty years have elapsed since I first landed at the foot of the same cliff, and was driven off at the point of the native spears. The reception was very different this time.” Grenfell still had the ardent spirit of the pioneer, and retained in a wonderful degree his physical vigor. He explored the Aruwimi eastward to within eighty miles of Uganda. On another voyage, he ascended above the Stanley Falls and followed

After a year's training, Grenfell was accepted by the Baptist Missionary Society for service in Africa. The veteran missionary, Alfred Saker, was at home on furlough from the Cameroons, and it was arranged that Grenfell should accompany him on his return. They sailed from Liverpool the week before Christmas, 1874, and reached the Cameroons in the following January.

the Lualaba southward to forty miles beyond Nyangwe. But his strength was spent. His native boys gently carried him on board the Peace and steamed down the river to the nearest station at Bapoto. Near the end he looked up at the dark circle of sorrowing faces gathered round his bed, and said, “Help me, my children, I am dying. Pray for me.” Then later he added, “Jesus is mine. God is mine.” He died on July 1st, 1906.

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e was a drug user and former leader of dangerous gangs in Guayaquil. This man wasted his youth away in sin and never imagined he would find God. Blind and helpless, he surrendered to the Savior and became a zealous man of faith.

Susan Amau Photo: José Solis and archivio di famiglia

Raúl Francisco Flores Rodríguez, also known as “Paco”, the eldest of five siblings, was playing soccer on the streets of his neighborhood one afternoon in 1981 when a man approached and said to him “God bless you” while shaking his hand. The love in his eyes left the child astonished. He had never seen anybody preaching the Word in his district until that moment. The missionaries invited all the children from the streets nearby to their Sunday school. There, many children learnt there to sing, play, laugh, pray and listen the Word of God. Some days later, the parents were invited to the church to listen to the message of salvation. Shaine Rodríguez Andrade, Paco’s mother, went out of curiosity and her life changed forever. She never left God’s side from that day on and devoted her life to Christ, becoming one of the founders of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Guayaquil. His mother’s conversion caught Paco by surprise. It was ok to go to the church every now and then, but welcoming the Lord in his heart was something he had never thought about. For some reason, he did not want his mother to serve the Lord and, with no explanation, he chose a very different path.

LEADER OF GANGS Paco’s life was difficult from the beginning. He was born in the neighborhood MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 34 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



life story

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MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 36 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

life story

of Garay, one of the most dangerous districts in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He grew up in an emotionally unstable family. His father, Fausto Flores Ruiz, was alcoholic and violent with his family. Because of the beatings and fights, his mother thought about leaving more than once , but she never did that because she did not want to leave her children with a halved family. “I was surrounded by alcohol and violence since I was a child,” recalls 48-year-old Paco. Paco stopped going to the evangelical church and started hanging out with the troublemakers at school. The 16-year-old teenager joined one of the gangs in his neighborhood and started to use drugs. The cheerful child who wanted to become a soccer player was gone. He was now just playing with his life. Raúl, also known as “Colorado,” and other youngsters went to the streets to kill or get killed. Being part of such group meant to be willing to put one’s life on the line. Paco became an expe-

rienced gangster and became the leader of his gang in no time. His reputation went bad as fast as his gang went after new members. Rivalry between gangs was deadly, as they would fight with guns and knives. The streets of Guayaquil were battlefields with both wounded and dead. In the meantime, Paco turned drugs into his “food.” His mother prayed for him every day, trusting that she would see him one day in the house of the Lord. The advices and tears of her mother sometimes touched his heart, but he could not leave the evil ways. He was aware that he was wrong, and used drugs as a way to appease his pain. He was 17 and was wasting his youth away. He wanted to leave that underworld but he did not know how. He came to the conclusion that the best he could do was to join the army. He thought that the military service would help him change his life, but things only got worse.

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Raúl, also known as “Colorado,” and other youngsters went to the streets to kill or get killed. Being part of such group meant to be willing to put one’s life on the line. Paco became an experienced gangster and became the leader of his gang in no time. His reputation went bad as fast as his gang went after new members.

He was in service for a year but never stop doing drugs, as he could get everything he wanted in the barracks. When Paco was discharged, he tried to work as security agent, but he eventually kept committing crimes with his gang. He was sent to jail more than eight times for armed robbery but he would get away with it every time. PeMISSIONARY MOVEMENT 38 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

ople feared him and his gang and they were very well known by the media and the police.

GOD SAVED HIM Paco would listen to his mother pray for him and cry at the foot of his bed, asking the Lord to save his son. Her words touched his cold heart and made

him sad. Looking up the roof, he thought, “When will I get killed by this life?” One day, he was arrested and realized that his fate was in prison. He was so scared that he begged God for his life. He knew that in prison he would have to face the most dangerous criminals. He would have to kill or get killed. “God, you exist, give me a chance. if

life story

to a doctor, who stabilized him and recommended him to stop using drugs. However, as soon as he felt better, he came back to the streets to use drugs; his recent experience with death happened again. His body was paralyzed, his eyes were clouded and he fell to the ground shaking without knowing what to do. While crawling to his home, he imagined the front page of newspapers: “Colorado is dead,” and he could see people celebrating, the press taking pictures and the police mocking his death. Once home, exhausted, he said, “Lord, help me!” His parents and friends ran to help him and took him to the altar. He asked them to take him to the church, as he knew it was the only place he could be cured.

I’m condemned, I’ll have to kill or get killed. If I get out of here, I promise to serve you,” he prayed while waiting for his transfer. When his cell was opened and the other nine criminals were taken out, a police officer saw him kneeled. “Colorado, you get another chance, now get out!” he said. Only he got free. Thankful, he ran

to his house to hide from temptation. He had made a promise to the Lord and he would keep it. Nonetheless, his friends induced him to do cocaine and so he did it again. A few days later, while playing soccer, he started to feel so bad that he thought he would die. He had a fever and his sight was clouded. His parents took him immediately

MEETING THE LORD Two men of faith who were missionaries in Ecuador welcomed them when they arrived. Paco could hardly breathe, but when he heard the voice of the pastor, he remembered the man who invited him to the Lord’s house that afternoon when he was playing soccer in his neighborhood. He looked up and recognized him: “Son, come here, Jesus-Christ loves you.” He embraced him and Paco started to cry as he felt the presence of the Lord. The prayer they made that day changed Paco’s life. He got back his sight and saw things as he had never seen them before. He was cured and worshiped God. A Convention was to be held in Guayaquil those days, and his mother asked the pastors to pray for his son at the altar. The young man stepped forward and publicly declared his faith. From that moment on, it was no longer he who lived, but Christ lived in him. Paco left gangs and drugs behind forever. He was baptized at 24 and became a youth at the church. A year and a half later, he married Sister Miriam Martínez Rodríguez, daughter of one of his mother’s friends, who is also founder of the Work in Guayaquil. The couple has two daughters already devoted to the Lord’s service.

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“I, even I, have spoken; yea, I have called him: I have brought him, and he shall make his way prosperous.” Isaiah 48:15

Rev. Luis M. Ortiz

Not long ago two brothers, peasants from Chile, were on their way to work while talking about the powerful sermon about the Second Coming of Christ they heard the night before. They were so excited by the news that one even mentioned his willingness to give his best to win as many souls as possible. Suddenly, an unknown man approached them, greeted and stepped in the conversation saying how urgent it was to win souls given the little time they had. “But you were not in the worship last night”, said one peasant. “Although you did not see me, I was there in the worship”, replied the foreigner and disappeared. The peasants experienced such joy that they could not continue walking to their jobs, instead they decided to come back and talk to their pastor. The pastor told them: “You have lived the same experience of the disciples on the road to Emmaus; the Lord Himself was walking and talking to you”. Dear readers, these humble peasants were talking about a topic that is in the deepest part of God’s heart: the salvation of lost souls. As they were mentioning it, the Lord was there with them, walked with them, talked to them and shared with them. And He will accompany, inspire, defend, bless, hold in his arms all those who made an effort to win souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. We are certain that the Lord is calling workers. Amen.

THE CALLING God’s calling is the divine act through MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 40 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



which God asks people to carry out a general or specific task, in a determined or not determined place, in a specific or not specific time. For example, God calls one person just like he called Abraham, Samuel, Jonah and Saul of Tarsus. God also calls more than one person at the time like it happened in

Acts 13:2: “…separate me Barnabas and Saul…”. 1. God calls to assign a general task, like in the case of the twelve apostles, and He also calls to designate a specific task, like He did with Moses, who was called to free the people of Israel. 2. Sometimes God calls to assign a


Abraham, to whom he said: “Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee… and he went out, not knowing whither he went.” (Genesis 12:1; Hebrews 11:8)

WHY DOES HE CALL? 1. God calls all men to SAVE them: “Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.” (Isaiah 45:22). “… That whosoever believeth in him should not perish…” (Isaiah 45:22). “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden…” (Matthew 11:28). 2. God calls all believers to CONSECRATE them: “…that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice…” (Romans 12:1). 3. God calls all his children to be in COMMUNION with Him: “And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty” (2 Corinthians 6:18). 4. God also calls some individually and asks them to join the Christian service, and this is precisely the kind of calling we refer to: the calling to serve God for his Holy Work, both in a domestic or foreigner field.

specific place, like with Jonah, whom he sent to preach to Nineveh, or with Felipe, to whom he said: “Arise, and go toward the south unto the way that goeth down from Jerusalem unto Gaza, which is desert.” (Acts 8:26). 3. In other cases, God calls without assigning a place, like when he called

WHY MEN? 1. In first place, God calls men for their mercy. 2. God wants to vanquish the devil for good and he will using men, who were the ones used by the devil to ruin mankind, thus restoring human race. Satan’s defeat has already been decreed in the Calvary. 3. In addition, God calls men because angels, with all their wisdom,

which is superior to that of men, would not make a better job than men in the redemption plan. God’s son had to become the son of a man to redeem mankind; that is why, angels, who neither have our human nature nor are aware of our needs and limitations, cannot make a better job in favor of men than men themselves with the support of God. Angels cannot preach redemption for us, because they do not know the topic that well. Moreover, they do not understand the mystery of redemption so well; this is why, Saint Paul says that the Church exposes, preaches and teaches the mystery of redemption to angels, principalities and powers (Ephesians 3:9-11). Angels are surprised, because despite the fact that a high number of angels fell in the rebellion of Lucifer, God has not provided a plan that we know of for the redemption of fallen angels. However, for men, a being inferior to angels, God has provided the most excellent plan of all ages: God’s Son became a man, redeemed men and make them superior to the man that was defeated in the Garden of Eden. Angels do not understand this wonder. Glory to God! The great Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel could not preach a message about redemption, given that they do not know it by experience. However, the humblest preacher can do this job better than the greatest archangel, because the preacher has been already redeemed. This is why, God calls men: He wants to use them in the proclamation and exposition of the message of redemption. Thank you, God!

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“And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying: Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? And Jesus answered and said unto them: Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying: I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows…” Matthew 24:3-14.

Rev. Rodolfo González Cruz

In this passage, disciples approached Jesus to ask him about the things that were to come, the sign of His coming and the end of the world. And the Lord warned them about being deceived. He said: “Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven…” (Matthew 7:21-23). Since the 70s, earthquakes have been occurring more frequently, taking thousands of lives, but, this last decade, their magnitude has been increasing, reaching from 7 to 9. In Central America, from Panama to Mexico, there are a series of volcanos which will cause irreparable damages if they erupt. Possibly, the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean will unify, which could lead to what the book of Revelations says: the islands will disappear; bearing in mind that islands have been already devastated by tsunamis. In 2004, a terrible tsunami, after an 8,9-magnitude earthquake, whose epicenter was at the front of the island of Sumatra, caused 226,408 deaths throughout 12 countries near the Indian Ocean. Buildings were completely destroyed; the world had never seen such a disaster. Some time before that, MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 42 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


SORROWS in Cuba, a tidal wave had affected many communities and had caused thousands of deaths; it was terrible but not as terrible as the tsunamis of the Indian Ocean and that of Japan. Clearly, the situation is getting worse day by day. December 26, 2004. there were over 220,000 deaths in about ten countries of the Indian Ocean (170,000 of them in Indonesia), due to a 9.3-magnitude earthquake in Sumatra and a gigantic tsunami. Pakistan/India, October 8, 2005. An earthquake caused the death of 75,000 people in the region of Cachemira (73,300 in Pakistan). Indonesia, May 27, 2006. A 6.2 magnitude seism left around 6,000 deaths and over a million and a half displaced people in the region of Yogyakarta, south of the island of Java. Peru, August 15, 2007. A 7.7-magnitude earthquake shook the southern part of the country and the Peruvian capital leaving over 900 people dead and missing, and 320,000 people suffered damages. China, May 12, 2008. An 8-magnitude earthquake caused the death of around 87,000 ⸺most of them from the province of Sichuan, in the southwestern part of the country. Indonesia, September 30,2 009. A 7.6-magnitude earthquake left 1,100 dead people and almost half million displaced people in the western part of the island of Sumatra; it also destroyed the town of Padang. Haiti, January 12, 2010. Over 200,00 people died, over a million people were displaced from their homes, and the capital Puerto Principe was completely destroyed due to the 7-ma-

gnitude earthquake. Chile, February 27, 2010. The 8-magnitude earthquake, which affected the centre and the southern part of the country, and the tsunami caused 520 deaths. China, April 14, 2010. A 6.9-magnitude earthquake caused about 3,000 deaths in the province of Qinghai, in the northwest part of the country. Japan, March 11, 2011. A 9-magnitude earthquake, followed by tsunami, destroyed the Tohoku region and caused a huge nuclear accident in the Fukushima plant; there were about 19,000 deaths. Turkey, October 23, 2011. A 7.2-magnitude earthquake left over 600 dead people and no less than 4,150 victims at the Van province, in the eastern part of the country. China, August 3, 2014. A 6.1-magnitude seism shook the mountains of the province of Yunnan, in the southwestern part of the country, causing 600 deaths and over 2,400 injured people; in addition, 80,000 houses collapsed. In Nepal, April 25, 2015. A 7.8-magnitude earthquake left over half a million deaths. Not long ago, on September 7 and 19, Mexico was shaken by two strong seisms of magni-


tude 8.2 and 7.1, which caused a lot of damages. In addition, the Centro American region has been affected by devastating hurricanes such as “Harvey”, “Irma” and “María”, which have caused damages on the communities of Puerto Rico, the United States, the islands Antigua and Barbuda, San Bartolomé, San Martín, British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Bahamas, Cuba, among other small islands. We must reflect more, since these are the signs of the biblical prophecy written in the Gospel of Saint Matthew. And this is only the beginning of sorrows. These are the signs of the imminent Coming of Christ for His Church. The Bible says that, due to men’s wickedness, their acts will be shameful and they will do things that are not convenient, thus bringing God’s Judge over their lives (Romans 1:21-32). God wants us to know that He comes to save our souls, to free our lives, to bring peace to our homes, to free us from alcohol and drugs, and all vices that separate human families. Dear reader, to have an encounter with God, you do not have to pay. Jesus Christ paid for us by dying in the cross of the calvary. You only have to confess your sins to God and He will forgive you and heal your soul. Amen.

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic


“I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.” John 15:5



Rev. Ramón Aponte

Jesus takes his disciples some place in order to prepare them for his departure, and train them to face the problems they would find later. These verses are an allegory a work in which characters are symbolically represented by objects and have a deeper meaning. There are four characters in this work: The Father is the husbandman (verse 1), Christ is the vine (verse 5), the disciples are the branches (verse 5), and those who do not live in Christ are useless and fruitless branches (verse 6) The branches are connected to the vine and they grow and develop from it, receiving what they need to live in abundance and strength. Being connected to the vine allows the branches to be fed but also to be fruitful. The vine’s responsibilities are very different from those of the branches; the vine gives life and abundance, while the branches must stay connected and live from what the vine provides. Christ said to his disciples: “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 44 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned. If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples”. ( John 15:1-8) The apostle Paul set in Romans 8:35-39 a series of questions and refutations about the reasons that could separate us from Christ, our vine: “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? (…) Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord”. In addition, in the letter to Philippians, we read: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me”. Everything is possible for Christians if we remain in permanent communion with the vine. The preposition “through” (as through Christ) perfectly expresses the idea of connection and union between us and Jesus Christ. Why are


there sad Christians who think God’s Word is a burden and going to the Church is nuisance? This is because they are not connected to the vine, therefore, they do not benefit from its abundance. Christian’s dependency to Christ cannot be partial, it must be complete. God has to be involved in each and every aspect of our lives: spiritual, physical, material, etc. This is an essential and critical aspect for believers. Our loved Savior clearly told us that we, the branches, cannot do anything without Him ( John 15:5). It is true, dear readers, the branches have no value without the vine; the wood is not even good for recycling or creating something useful out of it. The sap from the vine has all the necessary elements to make the branches fruitful. Our dependency to God prevent us from wanting material things, since we have a fruitful life through Him. The fruitless branches are thrown to the fire, said Jesus Christs to those who were listening His predictions. Their wood, given their nature, is not even useful to keep the fire alive; it turns into ashes in the wind. Are you connected to the true vine? Are you being provided with sap that will make you fruitful? Christ’ warning about it is clear. Let’s return to a true communion and exclusive dependency to Him, our God. God bless you.

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic


A quick report of the work that Worldwide Missionary Movement is making in America and throughout the world. The Holy Bible states: “And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple... And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved”. (Acts 2:46,47).




he Worldwide Missionary Movement in India held its 14th National Convention which gathered around 3,000 faithful in the city of Tirapattur. A great victory for the Work. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 46 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

With 3,000 Christ followers and under the motto “Responsibility, a quality that does not accept excuses”, the14th National Convention of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in India was held, from September 27 to September 30, in the metropolis of Tirupattur, one

of the oldest cities of Tamil Nadu, which witnessed the colorful spiritual party. The event was graced with the participation of the ReverendsLuis Meza Bocanegra, International President of the Worldwide Missionary Movement and National Supervisor of WMM in


Foto: Jimmy Roca y Rev. Luis Meza

Peru; Rev. Samuel MejĂ­a, Supervisor in Asia; and Rev. Albert Rivera, National Supervisor of WMM in Puerto Rico. In addition, pastor Jimmy Roca from Peru and the minister Omar Guerra from Oman attended the convention and where in charge of the broadcasting and interpretation of the event, respectively.

GREAT EVENT The event was highly important for the city. There were big posters, both in English and Tamil, throughout the city inviting people to the spiritual worships. The total number of attendees amounted to 3,000, which meant a new

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic


record for the Work in India. In 14 years of missionary work, it has built three hundred churches in remote places and with different languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Odia, Telegu, Gujarati, Marathi and Bhojpuri. The various languages in India has not been an obstacle to preach the Gospel of the Lord, as India’s Church has proved it; English is, though, the main language to communicate with people in that place. Christ’s followers MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 48 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


translated to Tamil, English, Spanish, among others, given the languages diversity in the country. DEEP RESPECT In reverence to God and the preachers, the faithful from India heard God’s Word sitting on the floor, as it is an ancestral custom that comes from the disciples who used to hear the Master’s messages at His feet. This custom is still practiced until today. In addition, women covered their heads with veils as a sign of respect to the divine authority. Likewise, children and adults used notebooks to write down everything that was happening in the convention. Although it seemed to be only two ceremonies as always, there were actually four. The other two were aimed at women and young people of the Church. The pastor Omán Guerra, from Panama, was in charge of preaching for the missionary young people. To close the event, Rev. Luis Meza led the Promotion of Workers. In the convention, which stood out by the great number of pastors (400) wearing white outfits 78 pastors were promoted to laic workers, 38 to licensed preachers and 4 to ordained ministers. It was a great victory for the Work in India and an example of the Church’s worldwide growth.

from New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Tirupattur, Patna, Lucknow, Allahabad and other cities gathered to celebrate a spiritual party, even though they had to travelled up to 45 hours to attend the event. The 14th National Convention of the WMM in India started with a pretty devotional in the Tamil language and great manifestations of faith. The Rev. Mejía was in charge of spreading the message and, later, pastor Sam Ja-

cob, National Supervisor of the WMM in India was responsible for closing the worship. Hours later, God used pastor Albert Rivera to lead the second worship. Afterwards, the message of God’s Word was spread, as Christians were expecting it. As a blessing for the faithful, two other worships were carried out by Omar Guerra: one for young people and the other one for women of the Work. All the messages were

LIVE BROADCAST With the support of pastor Jimmy Roca, the 14th National Convention of India was broadcasted live for the first time through Bethel Televisión and other platforms of the Worldwide Missionary Movement. The equipment sent from Peru was very helpful for this laudable mission. Thanks to this feat, the entire world was able to watch every detail of the event. The Rev. Albert Rivera, the pastor Samuel Mejía and the preacher Omar Guerra helped translate from English to Spanish so that Spanish speakers could enjoy the spiritual party. Even children became cameramen and camera directors during the activity.

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic





he Worldwide Missionary Movement in Colombia organized in Barranquilla an evangelistic crusade for health and miracles.

From July 11 to 14, and under the motto “Barranquilla reserves time for your visitation”, the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Colombia carried out a evangelistic campaign on health and miracles in the city of Barranquilla also MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 50 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

known as the Lighthouse of America to which many people travelled to receive the Almighty’s grace. The event was done outdoors in the parking lot of the Metropolitan Stadium of Barranquilla and was attended by the Reverend Samuel David Mejía, missionary of the WMM in Asia, accompanied by his loved wife and a group of Christ followers from La Concordia Church, located in the metropolis of Bucaramanga. In the inauguration day, the preacher Mejía shared God’s teachings causing

great impact from beginning to end. Later, based on Luke 11:17 and John 11:17, he talked about “Jesus Christ, the Savior”, “Jesus Christ, the Healer”, “Jesus Christ, the Resurrection and the Life” During the activity, which was broadcasted live for Colombia by a series of Christian channels, miracles occurred. Many people testified about the power of God and children commented on the Almighty’s wonders. In addition, the Lord healed cancer, restored the sense of hearing and made a disabled person walk before all the attendees.


november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic





district brotherhood meeting, organised by WMM in Guatemala, took place in the municipality of Zacapa. Many lives were encouraged by the Creator’s message. The Worldwide Missionary Movement in Guatemala carried out a district brotherhood meeting in the Central Park of Zacapa, located in the northeastern part of Guatemala, on July 23. It was attended by a great number of Christian families, who enjoyed hearing God’s Word. Very early in the morning, Lord’s people began to gather for the event. Despite the high heat, Christians participated in the evangelistic parade and the outdoor campaign to carry the Gospel to the people in Zacapa. The Reverend Gustavo Chay, Supervisor of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Guatemala, was in charge of sharing the good news of the Savior. Inspired on Luke 19:41-42, the Almighty’s worker spread the Gospel with a message called “The biggest mistake is to turn your back on God”. This topic caused great impact on the heart of the attendees. After finishing the worship, tens of people went crying to the altar and knelt as a sign of submission to God. The transmission of the spiritual party could be possible thanks to the pastor Salvador Carrillo, faithful worker of Jesus Christ, who directed the live streaming through the web page of Impacto Evangelistic.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 52 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic


MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 54 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia





ith biblical performances, the Work of the Lord in Spain held an evangelistic campaign in the historic city of Barcelona. Under the motto “Rescue of the Family”, the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Spain held an evangelistic campaign on August 12 in the city of Barcelona.

The event, which took place in Plaza de la Marina, located in Zona Franca, caught the attention of the Catalan population and gathered a large group of people who listened to the Word of Jesus Christ. Before the event, Pastor Fernando Egoavil and his wife prepared the stage along with members from the church of Barcelona. At the activity, Brother José Andrés Barrera shared the message of the Lord based on Luke 23:32. The servant of Jesus,

inspired by the story of Zacchaeus, spoke from the heart to more than a hundred attendants who listened with great attention. Earlier, the evangelistic campaign caught the attention of children with some biblical performances, games and teachings about God’s intervention and rescue of the family. Afterwards, the testimonies touched the hearts of attendees who were looking forward to listening to the good news.

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic





he Church of Busto Arsizio, which belongs to the WMM in Italy, celebrated the Mission Day with a fasting and prayer worship.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 56 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

With the aim of supporting the 350 missionaries of the Work of God who are working in 55 countries around the world, the Church of Busto Arsizio, which belongs to the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Italy, held a special fasting and prayer ceremony on September 30.

During the event, held under the motto “The Great Commission Is Our Responsibility,” the faithful from northern Italy thanked the Lord for the new white fields in the world and for the strengthening of the army of men and women who preach the Good news around the world. At the worship, Rev. Hugo Lope, pastor of the Church of Busto Arsizio, shared the Gospel through the message “A Missionary Heart.” In his speech, Pastor Lope pointed out that believers must have a heart willing to be guided by the Almighty.





ith a great attendance, the Work of the Lord in Panama celebrated an important date for Christianity.

Despite the inclement weather, the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Panama celebrated the Mission Day on September 24. It was a wonderful event for the brothers of Work of Jesus Christ in Panama, which prayed for the missionary work done throughout the world. Not even the heavy rains could prevent the believers from taking the streets to announce the message of salvation. Dressed in typical costumes from their hometown, the faithful gave out leaflets, printed lessons and teachings with edifying messages. In addition, a colorful march, led by Rev. Epifanio Asprilla, Supervisor of the WMM in Panama, dazzled and grabbed the attention of the people interested in receiving the Word of God. Mission Day ended with a message of faith that awakened the desire to continue serving the Lord. Among tears and prayer, believers understood that it is necessary to pray for the evangelization of the world.

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic




he Work of the Almighty in Argentina held for four days its 1st National Women Convention in Formosa.

Formosa, a city located on the banks of the Paraguay River, hosted the 1st National Women Convention of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Argentina from July 27 to July 30. The event, which was held under the theme “Great Women Formed By God,” was attended by a significant group of followers of Jesus Christ. During the activity, the Word of God fed, urged and guided the crowd of faithful who gathered at the Howard Johnson Hotel. The message of the Lord was shared by Preacher Carmen Valencia, Rev. Gerardo Martínez, Su-

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 58 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

pervisor of the Southern Cone, and Pastor Maritza Montoya. The Convention gathered women from different parts of Argentina and tourism authorities from Formosa. The messages shared were: “You

Are God’s Instrument Now;” “Strength and Honor Are Your Clothes;” “It is Up to Us If We Are Blessed or Not;” “How Is your Garden?”; “Brokenness” and “Leaving a Legacy that Glorifies God.”





he WMM in Puerto Rico celebrated the Social Work Day. The event brought together dozens of faithful of Jesus Christ on the Lamb Island to help those in need.

emotions at home, nutrition and recreation for children. In the meantime, members of Zone 5 covered many streets by car to announce the salvation of Christ and give

out Christian texts such as treaties and the Impacto Evangelistic magazine. Likewise, Zone 8 shared the good news of the Savior.

Foto: Grabaciones Impacto

The Worldwide Missionary Movement in Puerto Rico celebrated the Social Work Day on August 26 by taking the streets of the Lamb Island to help the underprivileged. The activity was held in the areas where the Work is located. Faithful to the divine mandate “Freely You Have Received, Freely Give,� several presbyteries organized this activity. Zone 1 of the WMM in Puerto Rico shared basic need products, support and mainly spiritual bread. Zone 3 decided to help the community with health clinics and educational talks about

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic



he WMM in Mexico celebrated the seventh anniversary of the Church in Monterrey and held a fellowship.

The Worldwide Missionary Movement in Mexico held a two-day fellowship in the temple of Zone 4 in Monterrey on September 23 and September 24. At the event, the people of God worshiped the Lord and celebrated the seventh anniversary of the Church with an emotional ceremony. On the first day, Rev. Alejandro Roblero, National Supervisor of the WMM in Mexico, shared the good news. His messaMISSIONARY MOVEMENT 60 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



ge, called “Steps to Take in a Crisis,” based on 2 Kings 4, served to encourage believers to keep their faith in God. On the morning of the second day, the seventh anniversary of the church in Monterrey was celebrated in a ceremony called “Endued with Power from on High.” Pastor Abraham Enríquez, from the Work in Guatemala, shared the Word

of the Almighty with the message “Reasons why Christians Must Be Baptized by the |Spirit.” Later, in the afternoon, with the presence of members from the temples of Cadereyta Jiménez, Benito Juárez and Fomerrey Cadereyta, servant Enríquez preached to the attendees once again and shared the theme “Why Are There Storms.”





he Worldwide Missionary Movement in Australia held an evangelistic campaign in Sydney with the aim of sharing the good news with the Australian people.

Sydney, the largest and most populated city in Australia, hosted an evangelistic campaign, held by the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Australia on August 12 to share the Gospel of the Lord with the Australian people. Rev. Enoc Ramos Chumpitaz sha-

red the Word of God at the event whose motto was “There Is Hope in Christ.” The National Supervisor of the WMM in Australia preached to the citizens of Sydney about the restoring power of Jesus Christ. In his message “A New Creature in Christ,” based on John 3: 1-3, Pastor Ramos stated that no religion can change a life, but only a personal encounter with God can transform a person living in evil. This activity allowed to see the glory of God in Sydney. For the first time, the Australian faithful listened to the Word of the Lord outdoors. Worship and praise to the Creator enhanced the spiritual atmosphere and touched the attendees. Children, young people and adults were reached by the power of the Savior.

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic





he Worldwide Missionary Movement in Equatorial Guinea celebrated the Mission Day with a special service for the evangelization of humanity. Bata, a city located on the Atlantic Ocean shore of Rio Muni, was the place chosen by the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Equatorial Guinea to celebrate Mission Day. The event took place on September 30 with a special fasting and prayer ceremony for the Lord and for the protection of the missionaries of His Work. During the event of the WMM in Equatorial Guinea, the followers of Jesus Christ were part of special activities and testimonies and were nourished by the Word of God. Workers testified about their missionary work in places where there is no Work, and thanked the Creator for His support and faithful company.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 62 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

At the worship, Preacher Benjamín Engono, pastor in the Church of Bata, shared the good news of Christ through the message “The Church Has the Res-

ponsibility of Winning Souls for Christ.” In his speech, the servant of the Almighty said that our responsibility as believers is to win souls for the kingdom of heaven.





n Hamamatsu, thirteen new members joined the Worldwide Missionary Movement by accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. The heavy rains were no obstacle for this wonderful act.

who celebrated a sacrament that is vital to the Christian faith. Before the expectant public, the thirteen new members of the Worldwide Missionary Movement descended into the baptismal waters and sealed

their union with Jesus Christ. During the worship, there were strong winds and heavy rain, but nothing prevented the victory of the new members of the body of Christ in heaven and on earth.

To fulfil what was established by the Lord in the Holy Scriptures, the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Japan held a day of baptisms on September 16. Thirteen new members of the Work of God accepted the Creator as their Savior in Hamamatsu, a city located in the west of Shizuoka Prefecture. The ceremony, led by Rev. David Veramendi, National Supervisor of the WMM in Japan, brought together a group of pastors and local faithful

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic


Other Events



Fellowship and Baptism in Concordia

Thanksgiving Service

The Worldwide Missionary Movement in Ecuador held, from June 22 to June 24, an evangelistic fellowship and baptisms in Zone 2, in La Concordia, located in the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas. The event of the Work of God was attended by Rev. Rodolfo Cabrera Cárdenas, Presbyter of Zone 2, who preached the Word of the Lord to the faithful. After the fellowship, held in the area with the greatest hydrological richness of Ecuador, twenty new members descended into the water of baptism to seal their union with the Almighty.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 64 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

The Worldwide Missionary Movement in El Salvador held a Thanksgiving Service on August 12 in El Tránsito, a municipality located in the department of San Miguel. The activity, held in one of the main streets of El Tránsito, was a blessing for the Salvadoran believers. They thanked God for being part of the Work of the Lord and being able to purchase a new property for the church. The event began with songs and praises, and Pastor Adán Huber Sosa shared the message of the Lord entitled “The Woman with the Issue of Blood,” based on Mark 5: 25-34.

UNITED KINGDOM World Mission Day

The Worldwide Missionary Movement in the United Kingdom celebrated, on June 30, the World Mission Day. The fervent members of the Work of the Lord fasted and prayed for the nations. Based on Mark 16:15, Pastor Roberto Riojas shared the message of God entitled “The Great Commission Is Our Responsibility.” In his speech, servant Rojas stressed the importance of spreading the Work throughout the world. As part of its evangelizing work, the WMM in the United Kingdom has been sharing the good news in different British cities, such as Manchester, Leeds, Reading and Birmingham. The WMM has announced that it will soon arrive in Liverpool, Scotland and other large cities of the British Isles. By the end of the event, the people of God was renewed by the Holy Spirit and the missionary flame was kindled in the heart of every believer.

MADAGASCAR Evangelistic Campaign

On its fifth anniversary, the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Madagascar carried out an Evangelistic Campaign from September 1 to September 3 in three zone of the island. The first part was held in the city of Andavamamba through a special worship. The next day, the people of God gathered in the town of Ambohitrimanjaka to continue praising the Creator. The third and last part took place in the city of Ambohibao. This campaign was attended by Rev. Broveen Narsoo, pastor on the Island of Mauritius, who preached the Gospel of the Almighty. “The Importance of Being Baptized with the Holy Spirit,” based on Mark 16:17, was one of the most important topics developed by the servant.





oberto Guerrero, Impacto Evangelistic’s graphic editor, went to be with the Lord. Early on the morning of October 30, he breathed his last as a result of a disease that took him in a few weeks despite the efforts of doctors.

The news came through social networks. First, it was a only a rumor, but it was soon confirmed by his relatives: Roberto Guerrero Espinoza, the beloved “Robito,” had died in Santiago de Chile. He left in peace, as good people do, at home, with his beloved children who accompanied him until the last moment of his earthly life. Roberto worked for Impacto Evangelistic for seven years. He was an important part of the press team that relaunched the official publication of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in January 2011, on the 48th anniversary of the Work. As a result of his tireless work as a photographer, “Robito” became so well-known in the WMM that many international officers knew who he was. His integrity, solidarity and honesty made him to become friends with pastors from the Work in Peru and brothers around the world. Roberto made so many photographs in seven years that he mounted an exhibition about the wonderful world of the WMM and was preparing a graphic book. Death took him while doing so. “Robito” was a renowned graphic reporter in Peru and Chile, where he was born 62 years ago. In 2005, he won

the King of Spain award thanks to the amazing photograph of a military revolt

in Andahuaylas. Rest in peace, Roberto.

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic


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JOSÉ ESCAMILLA God bless you greatly. I’d like to congratulate you for your great work you do in this ministry by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. From Texas, USA.

FEBRUARY 3-5 Convention in Paraguay (Asunción) 9-12 Convention in Argentina (Rosario) 25-28 Convention in Panama

ANA RICO I thank God for Impacto Evangelistic, because it really has been a great blessing for my life. I told my pastor, “Every time I read the magazine, it’s as if from above water was poured out to quench my spiritual thirst.” May God pour out wisdom, discernment, creativity and everything necessary to continue this work. From Cali, Colombia.

MARCH 2-5 Convention in Honduras (San Pedro de Sula) 9-12 Convention in Australia (Sidney) APRIL 13-16 Convention in Guatemala (Guatemala City) 13-16 Convention in the Guianas, Trinidad and Martinique (Surinam)

CARLOS BASTIDAS God bless you, brothers of Impacto Evangelistic. Go ahead. May God continue to guide you in the publication of the magazine. I love it from the first time I read it, and I’ll always read it to see the wonders God does in our lives. May the Lord bless you, because with Christ we’re more than conquerors. From La Villegas, Ecuador.

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PAOLA PAVÓN I’m glad because I find so much edifying information for our lives. It’s like manna from heaven that feeds our spirit. God Almighty continue to help you. From Barranquilla, Colombia.

CAROLINA GARDOZO God bless the entire Impacto Evangelistic team. You do an important work, because through this magazine we learn the progress of the Work all over the world. I thank my Lord for letting me be part of this precious Work created for these last times. You’re in our prayers. Greetings. From Formosa, Argentina.

JUAN MARTÍNEZ I was reading the magazine’s messages and I find

RICHARD ALVARADO God bless you. I greet you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I just wanted to tell you that this magazine have helped me a lot. I have been part of the Worldwide Missionary Movement for some time now. Go ahead. From Monagas, Venezuela.

JULY 4-8 11-14

they’re a blessing. I had read other Christian magazines before but they raised more questions than gave answers; then I found Impacto Evangelistic, I read about the sound doctrine and my doubts vanished. Thank you again, brothers. From Morelia, Mexico.

SUSANA QUINTERO Thank God for such a beautiful job done by His servants. The messages in Impacto Evangelistic are soul food. God bless you, guide you and help you now and always. From Antioquia, Colombia.

ÁNGEL LUNA I thank God for the blessings that the Lord Jesus Christ gives through the Worldwide Missionary Movement. This Work is all over the world, and God’s support is visible. The WMM has grown with the help of Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit and the hard work done by the brothers from the Work of the Lord. God bless you very much. From Pennsylvania, USA.

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AUGUST 3-6 Convention in Spain & Block A, Europe (Madrid) 8-11 Convention in Venezuela (Barquisimeto) 10-13 Convention in Italy (Milano) 16-19 Convention in Africa ( Equatorial Guinea) 24-27 Convention in Haiti (Port-au-Prince) 24-27 Convention in Ecuador (Guayaquil) 24-27 Convention in Belize SEPTEMBER 17-19 Convention in Peru (Lima) Saturday 30 Mission World Day OCTOBER 20-22 Fellowship in Madagascar 26-28 Convention in Dominican Republic 26-29 Convention in Chile (Santiago) 27-29 Convention in Mauritius NOVEMBER 9-12 Convention in El Salvador 16-19 Convention in Uruguay (Montevideo) 23-26 Convention in Nicaragua DECEMBER

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Bethel Television, the Worldwide Missionary Movement channel, broadcasts the Word of God’s message through cultural and educational programs from Lima - Peru to the world by 7 satellites and the Internet.

november 2017 / Impacto evangelistic


New website

Visit the new website of the Worldwide Missionary Movement and learn about the latest news about the Work of God.

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Magazine Evangelistic Impact Edition November 2017 English language


Magazine Evangelistic Impact Edition November 2017 English language

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