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WORLD WAR? December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic




MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 2 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


MORE THAN CONQUERORS Rev. Gustavo Martínez International President of the WMM

“And Moses and Aaron went in unto Pharaoh, and they did so as the Lord had commanded: and Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh, and before his servants, and it became a serpent. Then Pharaoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers: now the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments. For they cast down every man his rod, and they became serpents: but Aaron’s rod swallowed up their rods.” Exodus 7:10-12.


hat was God’s purpose

God asked Moses to put his hand

in the life of Moses? God

into his bosom, so when he took it out

wanted Moses to know

it was leprous. However, he asked him

Him, to have a revelation and a broad

to put it back and the hand was resto-

vision, to know who He is and what His

red and healthy. This is how the Lord

purpose was when He showed himself.

showed him that he had been given

When God reveals himself to someone,

power over sin and that sin had no do-

He does not only want the person to at-

minion over him. When someone has

tend church and run and jump and tr-

an encounter, when someone is born

emble. No, that is not the purpose.

again, sin has no power anymore. It

The purpose in Moses was to change his life and mindset, to turn him into a

cannot have dominion over a man or woman who has been born again.

true instrument of God, to confront the

Beloved, be steadfast in the Lord.

devil and the Pharaoh. Because, in the

Remember that you have the authori-

midst of hardship, you should know

ty and power over all works of evil. In

that God will not leave you, but he will

Christ we are more than conquerors!

always be there.

The Apostle Paul said, “Nay, in all

The Lord says: “All power is gi-

these things we are more than conque-

ven unto me in heaven and in earth.”

rors through him that loved us. For I am

(Matthew 28:18). “Behold, I give unto

persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor

you power to tread on serpents and scor-

angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor

pions, and over all the power of the ene-

things present, nor things to come, Nor

my: and nothing shall by any means hurt

height, nor depth, nor any other creatu-

you.” (Luke 10:19). He has given us the

re, shall be able to separate us from the

power to cast out demons, to work mi-

love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our

racles, to achieve great things.

Lord.” (Romans 8:37-39) l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


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December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 6 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

Foto: AFP


ON THE VERGE OF THE THIRD WORLD WAR The world lives terrified by the increased violence provoked by the group Islamic State (IS), which is killing hundreds of people in different countries. However, this is not the only threat, as there are other groups as cruel or crueler with very similar objectives. December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


Nowadays, the eight cruelest terrorist groups in the world are Islamist: the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Afghan Taliban, Pakistani Tehrik-iTaliban, Nigerian Boko Haram, Syrian Al Nusra, Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas (see infographics). They all represent a threat to the safety of almost one billion people.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 8 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


he current global terrorist threat comes from two big radical groups from the Middle East: Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. Both seem to compete to see which one shows the most frightening face among Muslims. Nevertheless, these are not the only terrorist groups operating in the world; there are others. Nowadays, the eight cruelest terrorist groups in the world are Islamist: the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Afghan Taliban, Pakistani Tehrik-i-Taliban, Nigerian Boko Haram, Syrian Al Nusra, Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas (see infographics). They all represent a threat to the safety of almost one billion people. There are as well two other non-Islamist big terrorist groups, which have their origins in the Marxist-Leninist ideology: the Colombian FARC and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Al Qaeda, the Islamic State and other groups share the same ambition: to impose a worldwide caliphate, even though their strategies differ. The group founded by Osama bin Laden argues for a political and radical interpretation of the Koran, very similar to the Islamic State’s. Both groups are Sunni-inspired and have declared the “Holy War” (Jihad) against not only the West, but also the Shia “apostates” and Arab governments that trade with Europe and the United States. Ever since the beginning, the group created by Bin Laden decided on terrorist attacks inside and outside the Islam territory; the September 11 attacks are still considered the most relevant ones. The Islamic State, for its part, focuses on territory domination. For this reason, they have managed to control wide areas of Syria and Iraq, to establish a caliphate with all the formal elements of a modern state. The second phase of their strategy will be the call to all the dispossessed Muslims of the world to establish a caliphate through a movement very similar to that by the Zionism in Israel. The strategic priority of the Islamic State does not mean that they rule out terrorist actions in the West, as shown by the recent attacks in Paris. They consider that those actions will weaken the morale of the “enemy.”

Foto: AFP

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THIRD WORLD WAR? The Islamic State is a growing threat. Their members have managed to take over an area in Iraq and Syria equivalent to the United Kingdom. Maybe this is the reason why king Abdullah II of Jordan thinks that their last attacks have triggered a “Third World War against humanity.” Leaders of great world powers, such as the United States, Russia, China and Fran-


ce, have responded to these cruel attacks and their constants threats. Their statements reveal that world peace is marching off to give way to a state of total war. For instance, France and Russia have taken a step forward in their cooperation with Syria against IS. Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered his naval forces stationed in the Mediterranean Sea to establish contact with the French group to

launch coordinate attacks on the Jihadists. The United States might increase their military forces in the conflict area anytime soon and China has announced that its government is willing to cooperate with the international community in the struggle against terrorists to safeguard the “peace and harmony in the world.” In summary, the countries that have decided to put an end to the terrorist group

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Foto: AFP

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MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 10 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

are the United States, Russia, France, Germany, Iran and Iraq, which have informed their positions through their representatives. In response, IS has demanded their supporters and followers in the West to kill the Americans, French, Russians and Europeans that refuse to acknowledge the Islam as religion. Certainly, new actors emerged in the conflict every day. The coalition of cou-

ntries grows daily, as the objectives of IS continue causing pain to mankind. WHAT IS THE ISLAMIC STATE? The Islamic State is a radical Sunni-related group that in its initial stages was linked to Al Qaeda. In 2010, under the command of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, it was re-founded as the Islamic State and the Levant. Then, after its fusion with Iraqi

Foto: AFP

Foto: AFP


and Syrian military forces, it became the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They called themselves Jihadists, as they fight a supposed “Holy War” (“Jihad,” precisely) against all those deemed by them infidels for not sharing their same religious beliefs. The members of the Islamic State consider that they are the only actual believers of the Islam and that the Continue reading––

THE BIGGEST ATTACK RUSSIAN AIRPLANE AIRBUS A-321, with 224 people on board, was brought down on October 31 by a mid-air bomb explosion, according to the Director of the Federal Security Service of Russia, Aleksándr Bortnikov. The aircraft was traveling the route from Sharm el Sheij to Saint Petersburg and disintegrated above the peninsula of Sinai. A homemade bomb containing a kilogram of TNT exploded mid-air and broke up the plane, which explains why there were parts of the fuselage scattered over big distances. The attack was claimed by the Islamic State. This attack has reported the biggest number of victims so far.

December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


Foto: AFP

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rest of the world wants to destroy their religion. Therefore, they see as enemies all those who think differently. Their decapitations, crucifixions and massive murders aim to terrify their enemies, which explains why they openly claim the responsibility for their attacks.

AN ATTACK AGAINST CHRISTIANS RADICAL ISLAM IS responsible for the death of millions of people of different religions. Nevertheless, the main victims remain Christians living in Muslims countries. They are murdered, raped, wounded and expelled from their burned and profaned churches and homes. When The Islamic State and other Al-Qaeda-related terrorist organizations such as Al-Nusra invade small Syrian towns or cities where Aramaic, the language of the Lord, is spoken, they kill all the Christians. In Kenya, the Somalian Jihadist forces of Al Shaba burst into the University of Garissa in April 2015 and murdered 147 people. They starting shooting everyone at sight, but then they separated Muslims students from Christian ones, overkilling the latter. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 12 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

They justify their bloody acts by quoting verses from the Koran that encourage to “strike off the head” of non-believers. IS has been the most aggressive and active terrorist group over the past years. It made its public appearance in August 2014 with a video showing American journalist James Foley saying his final words to relatives and against the invasion of the United States in Iraq. He was beheaded by an executioner dressed in a black hood. Another IS victim was American-Jewish journalist Steven Sotloff, also decapitated. His death was broadcast on September 2, 2014 through a 2:46-minute video entitled “A second message to America.” This is how the world came to know the group that has openly threatened France, the United States, England, Russia, Spain and other western countries.

In fact, IS arouse as a result of the invasion in Iraq. After the invasion of the country by British and American forces, many armed groups formed to fight against the invaders, many of them under the influence of the Islam. That is the origin of the group. The Islamic State has important financial resources. It is the richest terrorist group in the world, with an income of almost two million dollars a week, according to some analysts. Its power is based on its military capacity and ability to rely on local communities that are against the government in an Iraq undermined by instability and a Syria devastated by war. In addition, the group uses the military experience of its founders, many of whom used to be security officers and members of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, overthrown by the United States after the invasion in 2003. IS has people not only in the Middle East, but in almost all Europe, and its members increase thanks to new technologies of communication. The sophisticated use of social networks open the possibility to create terrorist cells in European capital cities. They also have a vast reserve of recruits, mainly foreigners, with important

Foto: AFP

Foto: AFP


IS has been the most aggressive and active terrorist group over the past years. It made its public appearance in August 2014 with a video showing American journalist James Foley saying his final words to relatives and against the invasion of the United States in Iraq. He was beheaded by an executioner dressed in a black hood.

military assets, such as light weapons, artillery, anti-tank arsenal, tanks and AFV, and the American vehicles snatched from the Iraqi army. The Islamic State also purchases arms in the black market and “has the weapons, training and means to operate as a small army� l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic




95% Extortion, oil smuggling, ransoms, Mosul bank reserves.

Gulf States

Terrorism in the World

Within the framework of the multipolar conflicts emerged after the Cold War, there is a massive presence of Islamist groups seeking to impose with indiscriminate violence and terror its delusional vision of the ideal Muslim society.

Why Are Their Tactics So Brutal?

IS members are jihadists who adhere to an extreme interpretation of Sunni Islam and consider themselves the only true believers. They hold that the rest of the world is made up of unbelievers who seek to destroy Islam, justifying attacks against other Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

have been used to terrorize their enemies. IS members have justified such atrocities by citing the "Koran and Hadith, but Muslims have denounced them. Even al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, who disavowed IS in February 2014 over its actions in Syria, warned that such brutality loses “Muslim hearts and minds.”

Beheadings, crucifixions and mass shootings

Global Terrorism Index Economic Cost

Human Cost

Compared with other forms of violence, terrorism is really small.

The number of countries victims of terrorist attacks has increased.




times greater is the cost of violent crime and homicide, compared with terrorism.


32,9 billones de dólares


billion dollars MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 14 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


2014 in relation to 2013


countries were affected in 2014, compared to 8 in 2013


18 111 deaths


2014 in relation to 2013

32 685 deaths

The 5 most affected countries




Damaged property






















15 137 9929 4211 3370

These countries account for 78% of deaths and 57% of terrorist attacks worldwide.

Impact of Terrorism 92% of all terrorist attacks between 1989 and 2014 occurred in countries where political violence by the government was widespread.

5,61 UK 28th

4,61 USA 35th


4,55 France 36th

3,98 Mexico 44th 6,66 Colombia 17th

6,20 Russia 23th

2,62 Spain 65th 9,21 Nigeria 3rd


7,27 Thailand 10潞


2,20 Brazil 74th Puntuaci贸n (10-0) Country Ranking



9,06 Pakistan 4th 10 Iraq 1st

9,23 Afghanistan 2nd 3,11 Australia 59th

Eight of the ten most important terrorist groups in the world are Islamists: Islamic State (IS)

Boko Haram

Afghan Taliban

Al Nusra

Afghan Taliban




December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


THE BIBLE OF CASIODORO DE REINA In the 16th century, reading the Bible was forbidden in the Spanish Empire. If the beautiful translation of Casiodoro de Reina and Cipriano de Valera, Spanish Protestants, had been “authorized”, the history of the Spanish language would have been undoubtedly different. Leopoldo Cervantes-Ortiz


round the commemorative date of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation in Germany, two treasures reached my hands. The first one was the Reformation Bible of the Spanish Bible Society, to which I contributed with an essay published in its magazine. The second one was – finally! – the facsimile of the “Bible of the Bear,” an enormous effort that the institution has made available for over 40 years to those interested in the spiritual deeds of the fertile 16th century. It was not as if I did not know it physically, for I had had many opportunities to enjoy its pages with delight and calmness, as I had learned to live with it each day of my childhood. Knowing its historic value, I have always kept an eye on the changes of its first and second edition (Bible of the Bear in 1569; and Bible of the Pitcher in 1602) and I have followed its trace with undeniable enthusiasm, especially when quoted by some writer or scholar. Such is the case of Antonio Alatorre, José Emilio Pacheco, Sergio Pitol, Félix de Azúa, J.A. González Iglesias (“unique and necessary creation within the Spanish literature”) or Antonio Muñoz Molina, just to mention some of them. De Azúa judged it as “the mother of literature,” nothing less. Muñoz Molina’s words are accurate and put it within a dimension that give it its due. “Casiodoro de Reina wriMISSIONARY MOVEMENT 16 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

tes with a prodigious Spanish which is right between Fernando de Rojas and Cervantes; it has such expressive effervescence that it can be only compared to Saint Teresa, Saint John of the Cross and Friar Luis de León” (El País, July 26, 2014). Its celebration of the language is contagious: “It’s a language having the same capacity of earthly harshness and high literary flights of ‘La Celestina’; a Spanish Mudejar, still soaked in Arabic and Hebrew, forced in its maximum syntactic limits to adapt to


the rhythms, repetitions and exaggerations of biblical language. (...) It is a language to be recited, intoned and sung out loud; to express an anger as unleashed as the erotic desire, as well as the blackness of sorrow and extreme pain. The book of Job and Ecclesiastes translated by Casiodoro de Reina are, undoubtedly, two of the greatest works of poetry and wisdom in Spanish.” In the 90’s, an edition divided into four volumes circulated in Latin America. The publishing house, Alfaguara, had this work

done by Juan Guillen Torralba (historical books), Gonzalo Flor Serrano (prophetic and wisdom books) and José María González Ruiz (New Testament). I could not obtain but the first one to appreciate indirectly, yet effectively, the cultural impact of this praiseworthy version, forever linked to the evangelical faith in our subcontinent due to love with which we have read, enjoyed and memorized it. Reina-Valera, the edition for the Fifth Anniversary of the Reformation.

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A good Protestant always bears in mind the verses translated by Casiodoro and Cipriano, while they still value the recent and magnificent translations that are apparently simpler.

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MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 18 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

A good Protestant always bears in mind the verses translated by Casiodoro and Cipriano, while they still value the recent and magnificent translations that are apparently simpler. Its rhetorical and linguistic turns are literally irreplaceable. I put some examples quoted by Octavio Paz in his “Speech of Jerusalem” (1977): “Diré a Dios: no me condenes, hazme entender por qué pleiteas conmigo” (“I will say unto God, do not condemn me; shew me wherefore thou contendest with me”) (Job: 10, 2); and “Aun cuando me matare, en él esperaré: empero mis caminos defenderé delante de él” (“Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him”) (Job 13:15). One thing led to another. The exquisite introductory study of A. Gordon Kinder, that accompanies the facsimile edition of

this legendary Bible, sent me back to my reading of Marcelino Menéndez Pelayo and José Constantino Nieto, who paid us a visit in 1985 and dazzled us with his contribution on the figure of Juan de Valdés, of whom we had never heard. He summarizes in another fundamental book (The Renaissance and the other Spain: socio-spiritual cultural vision. Geneva, Droz, 1997) the vastness of the work of those titans of translation, who were persecuted and hated in their own country. “All these anonymous Spanish Protestants in England, Geneva, Frankfurt and other European cities, reveal the social and political dimension of the Spanish Reformation, although we possess no data for statistical analysis. We are facing a religious phenomenon that cannot be limited to a particular region of Spain or a single intellectual elite class of


the aristocratic or middle classes. And these refugees are only a vague reflection of the international problem of the Spanish Reformation.” While Don Marcelino, despite his antiProtestant vein, has led us to the fascinating life of Spanish heterodox across key European cities for the growth of the Reformation, with Protestant Nieto (PhD at Princeton) we were in a common territory that was closer to our interests, and we were also prepared (a very small sector of students) to what he would show us when introducing Saint John of the Cross in another book published in Mexico. Kinder summarizes in a few pages all that transformation emerging again before our eyes, with all the revealing details of a perseverance so many times tested. To the surprise and disappointment of evangelical

readers who worship the Reina-Valera version (but without a solid historical and cultural background), the original version of 1569 contains the so-called “apocryphal” or deuterocanonical books. Therefore, it is possible to read the books of Ecclesiastical, Baruch, Maccabees, Ezra and Daniel, as the Spanish reformer shamelessly included them in the translation. The reasons to remove them from later editions, in spite of their relevance for the first missionaries, remain questionable, since they deprived generations of readers from this literary area which would complete the historical and cultural panorama of the Bible as a whole. Late Mexican writer Carlos Monsiváis was a passionate defender of the revision of the Bible republished in 1909, which replaced the version of 1862. In an interview (www., he pointed out his exclusive taste for it: “The Bible was the first book I read when I was 6. Ever since then, I have continuously read it and I have gotten familiar with the language. I know that many things already demand a very different historical correlation concerning eras, the era when Gospels were written, etc. ... [...] To me, it was an exceptional way of learning the language, as I read the Bible version of Casiodoro de Reina and Cipriano de Valera, which I consider perfect and its use necessary. I do not like the update of the Bible, the current version [1960], not because I disagree with its amendments, annotations, updated vocabulary, but because the previous one showed the richness of the language and a unique way to say: “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth his handywork. The one day utters speech to the next day, and the one night reveals knowledge to the next night.” I think that it reached such perfection of the language that looking for more understandable equivalents is simply to relegate the depth of a version superbly executed by Reina and Valera.” Our congratulations, especially for the continuation of the spiritual and cultural dialogue with those productions that have defined a whole way of being and thinking in those distant lands and in ours, related, against great odds, by the influence of the rebellious and creative theological resistance l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


MOTTOES 2007-2015 Every year since 1970, a motto is chosen to guide the great work done by the Worldwide Missionary Movement. The motto refers to values and virtues to be adopted by the whole world. Rev. Gustavo Martínez G.(*)


(*) Presidente internacional M.M.M

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 20 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

n the beginning of the wonderful work done by the Worldwide Missionary Movement, God told Rev. Luis. M. Ortiz, our founder that rests now in peace, to come up with a work motto to guide the Work in every place and so improve Christian lifestyle. As a result, every year since 1970, work mottos have helped, inspired, encouraged and blessed the Lord’s people. From the moment God, in his mercy, gave me the honor and privilege to assume the position of WMM President, I have reflected on each motto that God has revealed to me in this working time. They are virtues and values in direct connection with a person’s character, most of them lost over time. Globalization and the ongoing changes taking place in the world have made

these values and virtues fall into oblivion. This situation has had a negative impact on the Church of God in general, as it has adapted itself to changes and has tried to adapt the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a world where it would never fit. As stated by the Scriptures, “the friendship of the world is enmity with God, whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” For this reason, I believe that God, in his great wisdom, spoke to us in 2007 about how necessary Sincerity is in the life of believers and the Church. He invited us to act according to our character and thoughts, to be true and authentic, and to not hide behind the cloak of hypocrisy, for God knows our deepest thoughts and heart. Sincerity is one of the most important and laudable values in a person, as


it is about being and acting accordingly, about being genuine and true. In 2008, we were called to be in Communion with Him and among believers, to eradicate rivalry, to strengthen mutual respect and to do things for the good of others. Communion makes us stronger and becomes a light in the midst of the darkness that brings about egotism and envy in the world today. The starting point in 2009 was Service: a call to serve God willingly and eagerly. God wants sincere and selfless Service from us, without expecting something in return. This call made by the Lord taught us to leave interest behind, something that the world has not been able to achieve. Will came in 2010, asking us to accept His will before ours. For humans it is really difficult to put others’ will before ours, but the quintessential example was Jesus, who in the moment of martyrdom

As a result, every year since 1970, work mottos have helped, inspired, encouraged and blessed the Lord’s people. said to his Father: “Not my will but thine be done.” The call in 2011was Commitment, aimed to make a difference between a mediocre and an excellent spiritual life. Commitment is rather difficult, a path of no return involving the whole human being. In commitment, mind, heart and will are involved. When a person commits to God without involving his or her whole being, this commitment will not be strong enough and will not last. Full commitment is the key to this call. In 2012 came Submission, something very necessary to consider after making a commitment. Men usually do not like to submit to anyone, but in Christian life and the spiritual realm, Submission is an open

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WMM MOTTOS These are the annual mottos by the Worldwide Missionary Movement since 1970. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Impact 70 Progress 71 Power 73 Vision 74 Expansion 75 Anointing 76 Victory 77 Effort 78 Sacrifice 79 Clamor 80 Redemption 81 Harvest 82 Unity 83 Revival 84 Pentecost 85 Fire 86 Loyalty 87 Holiness 88 Glory 89 Humility 90 Obedience 91 Firmness 92 Perseverance 93 Intercession 94 Prayer 95 Consecration 96 Conquest 97 Strength 98 Integrity 99 Triumph 2000 Purification 2001 Fruition 2002 Mission 2003 Forgiveness 2004 Humiliation 2005 Multiplication 2006 Sincerity 2007 Communion 2008 Service 2009 Will 2010 Commitment 2011 Submission 2012 Hold 2013 Conviction 2014

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 22 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

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door to God’s blessings. When we reached 50 years of uninterrupted work in 2013, we were advised to Hold. Holding means to keep, in spite of time, our zeal and love for sound doctrine, our passion for missionary work and our pursuit of holiness. For the relativism covering the world every day, nothing better than Conviction 2014. God urged us to have complete confidence and security in Him and His Word. A person’s convictions define and reveal what is important to them. We cannot live the Gospel based on preferences, but on biblical convictions rooting us to God. In 2015, the Lord asked Faithfulness from us. This virtue develops in our conscience and involves fulfilling a commitment, even in adverse circumstances. It refers to loyalty, honesty, stability and firmness. The Gospel of Jesus Christ de-

mands faithfulness from its followers, so that we do not betray the Lord to the world’s offers. For this reason, I believe that the Lord has told us in 2015 to understand and practice faithfulness, making it part of our Christian life until the last day. Over the years, God has been trying to shape up our character by calling us to keep our Honesty, to tolerate each other through Communion, to practice sincere and selfless Service, to renounce our “self” and accept His Will, to fulfill Commitment and Submission to Him, to appreciate what we have received from His hand by Holding, and to use Conviction and Firmness to remain Faithful to the end of our life. What is to come? I invite you to join in prayer to ask God to prepare us for the motto to come, so that we can understand and practice it to complete the training He has prepared for us. God bless you greatly l



Through channel UNO, in Bogota, Colombia, iconic TV program “Volvamos a Dios” (Let’s Turn Back to God), by Rev. Gustavo Martínez Garavito, will be permanently broadcast free-to-air.


olvamos a Dios” has always been the plat-

form through which Rev. Gustavo Martinez Garavito, current President of the Worldwide Missionary Movement, has preached the Word of the Lord. Now, thanks to channel UNO, millions of Colombians will witness the change that God can do in their lives. With a broad experience in media, television program “Volvamos a Dios” was broadcast free-to-air on Saturday, November 14 (11:30 a.m.) by channel UNO. The TV show is transmitted from the city of Bogota for the whole country every Saturday. This has been possible thanks to the efforts made by the Church of the WMM in Medellin and the TV network. With over 35 years of history, “Volvamos a Dios” was created by Rev. Martinez as part of the Church and ministry that God gave him. The main purpose was to announce the good news to all the lost souls of Colombia and the world. Thanks to its rich content, “Volvamos a Dios” is broadcast through different media, such as radio, television and Internet (, to preach the message of salvation. It is also broadcast

by Bethel Radio and Television (Lima, Peru) to the entire planet through a HD signal and its website (www., thus becoming one of the emblematic programs of the Channel for the happiness of the family.

ORIGINS Upon receiving a revelation at age 17, Rev. Gustavo Martínez surrendered to the Gospel in 1972. Two years later, the Lord called him to preach his Word in the village of Giron (southern Santander), and he was then transferred to the department of Cundinamarca. On January 13, 1978, he arrived to the city of Medellín (Antioquia) to expand the work of the Worldwide Missionary Movement; ever since then, “Volvamos a Dios” was forged as a ministry in the search and salvation of lost souls. Under this evangelistic ministry, more than 200 Colombian pastors have been trained according to the teachings of Scripture. They have, in turn, established more than 200 churches throughout the country. Its expansion through the media has turned it into a reference for world evangelization l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic



NETHERLANDS The book, written by husband and wife Geoff and Janet Benge, tells about the heart-rending life of Christian Corrie ten Boom, who contributed to the salvation of Jews and other people during World War II.


Accredited in 1922 as the first authorized watchmaker in the Netherlands, Corrie became a privileged witness of the relentless persecution suffered by the Jewish community when the country fell into the hands of the troops of Adolf Hitler. According to the Benges, since May 1942, Ten Boom and her family saved about eight hundred Jews from certain death by sheltering them at their home. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 24 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

he cold metal of the handcuffs chaffed at Corrie’s wrists. Her left arm was handcuffed to her older sister Betsie, and her right arm to her father, and each of them was handcuffed to someone else. Together, the chain of handcuffed people stumbled along the alley towards Smedestraat. The morning snow had melted into gray puddles that lay on the cobblestones. With each footstep, icy water splashed onto Corrie’s legs. The group’s Gestapo escort barked at the prisoners in German, trying to make them move faster, and order impossible to carry out. It was well after curfew, and bot a speck of light lit the street. It was all Corrie could do to keep herself and her father from losing their balance and falling. The book “Corrie Ten Boom: Keeper of the Angels’ Den” is part of the “Christian Heroes: Then & Now” series, and was published in 1999 by husband and wife Geoff and Janet Benge. It tells about the exciting and moving life of Corrie Ten Boom, a recognized believer who contributed to the salvation of Jews and other people during World War II. Born on April 15, 1892 in the Netherlands within a Christian family, Corrie is described by the Benges as an example of courage, faith and forgiveness because of her ability to overcome the pain through the love of the Lord. Of course, after nearly six months in bed, Corrie appreciated every day. She threw herself into many projects, some of which grew to be much bigger than anything she could have imagined. Betsie taught a Bible class, which Corrie began to help with. Before ling, Corrie was teaching

Bible lessons at many of the local schools. Corrie had noticed there wasn´t much for teenage girls to do in Haarlem, so she started what she called “The Walking Club.” At first, just Corrie and a few of the girls from Betsie’s Sunday school class would go for walks on the sand dunes before church on Sunday mornings.


The book by Janet and Geoff Benge shows the great social commitment that Corrie Ten Boom deployed throughout her life. With accurate realism, the second of the fifteen chapters contained in this book provides a concise, but effective, summary of Corrie’s life before the Nazi invasion. The authors stress that she was always

linked to the things of God and was an unfailing preacher of the good news. THE PERSECUTION Corrie locked the door behind her and went back to the dining room. How things had changed! Before the occupation, a window washer who had made a mistake

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Released on December 28, 1944, Corrie Ten Boom returned to her country, when the Old Continent was still burning in flames, and decided to share the Gospel through a ministry that led her to travel to over sixty countries. With courage and great enthusiasm, she traveled the world and spread a message of love and forgiveness for over thirty-eight years. Corrie, a selfless servant of God and faithful defender of the Word, died on April 15, 1983 in the United States after a prolific evangelistic work.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 26 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

with the address would be just that, a window washer who had made a mistake Now he could be so much more. He could be an NSB spy or someone from the next street willing who wanted to earn extra rations by turning in s group of divers and their hosts. Inside the dining room, the party atmosphere had evaporated as quickly as it

had come. Everyone sat silently with his or her own thoughts and worries. Accredited in 1922 as the first authorized watchmaker in the Netherlands, Corrie became a privileged witness of the relentless persecution suffered by the Jewish community when the country fell into the hands of the troops of Adolf Hitler. Accor-


ding to the Benges, since May 1942, Ten Boom and her family saved about eight hundred Jews from certain death by sheltering them at their home. In addition, she provided support to the members of the Dutch resistance and was in charge of an assistance group called “Beje,” as the clock and watch shop of her father, Casper. Secretly, Corrie slipped the four gospel booklets into her coat pocket, pulled her hat from the peg, and followed the matron. This time, though, they did not turned right to head down the hallway, but they turned left. Corrie’s heart sank. They were headed farther inside the prison. About five hundred feet along the hallway, the matron stopped, found another ring on her ring, and opened a cell door. Without even needing to be told, Corrie stepped inside. The layout of the cell was the same as the one she had just left but the cell was different in two ways. There were no prisoners in the cell, and the cell had a window. The window was high up on the wall and covered with bars, but it was a window nonetheless. Charged before the Gestapo, the Nazi secret police, for their activities to help the Jews, Corrie Ten Boom and her family were arrested on February 28, 1944. Corrie, her father Casper, who died ten days later, her siblings Willem, Nollie and Betsie and her nephew Peter, were all taken to the prison in Scheveningen. There, near the sea, a few kilometers away from the city of The Hague, she showed her faith in God once again and used the imprisonment to evangelize several German soldiers. Corrie scooped up the Bible Nollie had given her, placed it in her coat pocket, and stood by the door, her heart thumping wildly. What could it be? The other times she had left her cell it had been alone, but this time the guard was yelling for the whole prison block to prepare to move. Had the Allied Forces landed in Holland? Were they about to be freed? She stood eagerly by the door and waited for it to be unlocked. But nothing happened. Lunchtime came and went, and still the door stayed locked. No one brought the usual slice of bread for lunch. In September 1944, after spending time in a prison in Vught, Corrie and Betsie were sent to the Ravensbruck concentra-

tion camp, especially intended for the extermination of women and located ninety kilometers away from the city of Berlin. They were held between 1939 and 1945 along with over one hundred thirty-two thousand prisoners, and Ten Boom showed once again her strong evangelical conviction. Supported by her sister Betsie, who died on December14, she became a bastion of hope amid the horror. THERES IS NO PIT SO DEEP Spring dragged on, and Corrie watched as so many people she knew became desperate to survive, almost as desperate as the prisoners she and Betsie had been with in Vught and Ravensbruck concentration camps. As she saw what was happening to them, she remembered Betsie’s word: “We must tell the people there is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper.” As she recalled those words, Corrie knew that was missing from her life. She was not supposed to be in the clockshop repairing watched. God wanted her out telling these desperate people about His love for them. Released on December 28, 1944, Corrie Ten Boom returned to her country, when the Old Continent was still burning in flames, and decided to share the Gospel through a ministry that led her to travel to over sixty countries. With courage and great enthusiasm, she traveled the world and spread a message of love and forgiveness for over thirty-eight years. Corrie, a selfless servant of God and faithful defender of the Word, died on April 15, 1983 in the United States after a prolific evangelistic work. Her experiences had made her famous, and her books and movies would have made her rich if she has not given nearly all her money away to various causes. Corrie had faithfully followed the encouragement Betsie had given her thirty-three years before. She had spent the rest of her life after being released from Ravensbruck telling people there was no pit so deep that God’s love was not deeper. Finally, the woman who had lived to tell others about love and forgiveness died quietly in her bed on April 15, 1983, on her ninety-first birthday. Corrie ten Boom was buried in Los Angeles, and her gravestone was inscribed, “Corrie ten Boom, 1892-1983, Jesus is Victor” l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


I WILL SING THE WONDROUS STORY The hymn, written by Francis Harold Rowley almost a hundred and thirty years ago, keeps alive a message on God's compassion.


nspired by Psalm 17:7, biblical passage about God’s mercy, “I Will Sing the Wondrous Story” talks about the Lord’s love and is an important song in the Gospel music world. Written in 1886 by Christian author Francis Harold Rowley, born on July 25, 1854 in the United States, the praise keeps alive a hopeful message regarding Jesus Christ’s compassion and grace offered to those that leave the path of evil behind. Son to John Rowley and Mary Jane Smith, a couple of believers with strong convictions, Francis Harold was a faithful

I WILL SING THE WONDROUS STORY 1 I will sing the wondrous story Of the Christ Who died for me; How He left His home in glory For the cross of Calvary.

REFRAIN Yes, I’ll sing the wondrous story Of the Christ Who died for me, Sing it with the saints in glory, Gathered by the crystal sea 2 I was lost, but Jesus found me, Found the sheep that went astray, Threw His loving arms around me, Drew me back into His way. 3 I was bruised, but Jesus healed me, Faint was I from many a fall, Sight was gone, and fears possessed me, But He freed me from them all. 4 He will keep me till the river Rolls its waters at my feet; Then He’ll bear me safely over, Where the loved ones I shall meet. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 28 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

follower of the good news. Raised in a home where God was the center of everything, Rowley attended the University of Rochester, where he graduated in 1875, and later enrolled in the Rochester Theological Seminary. After absorbing the Christian doctrine, he was ordained as a Minister of God on June 22, 1878, and was immediately appointed to lead a temple located in the State of Pennsylvania. As regards the origin of “I Will Sing the Wondrous Story,” Francis Harold Rowley, who took over the leadership of a church in the State of Massachusetts in 1884, confessed once that he came up with the idea one Sunday, in the middle of a great religious interest by the faithful in the city of North Adams. Rowley also revealed that believer Peter Bilhorn, a prominent Evangelical singer, set the music to accompany the song, which was first published in 1887. Peter Bilhorn, from the State of Illinois, was an instrument of the Lord who developed a tremendous work for the growth of the Gospel around the world and became a reference in gospel music. As Rowley’s close friend and a prolific musician that composed around two thousand gospel songs, Peter supported Francis Harold using his skill with the keyboard and his gift to create melodies completely devoted to praise the Lord. As years passed by, Rowley was recognized as a diligent servant of God who preached the Word with courage in many US states. In addition, under the purposes of the Lord, he emerged as a distinguished defender of human and animal welfare in the United States. President of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for thirty-five years,


Francis Harold also worked in favour of children and public health in Boston. Composer of a hymn with almost a hundred and thirty years of history, Francis Harold Rowley passed away at the age of 91; throughout his long life, he never stopped sharing the Word of the Lord.

Rowley, who died on February 14, 1952 in Boston, provided an emblematic testimony of faith with his actions marked by his love to God. After his death, in recognition to his large social contribution, Oglethorpe University named its school of Humanities after him l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


THE REFORMER OF SWITZERLAND Considered the third most important reformer in the history of Christianity, Ulrich Zwingli defended the value of the Bible and carried out a systematic attack on every religious practice that was against the Scriptures. Javier Fernández


El entusiasmo de Ulrico por la Biblia fue tan grande que se dedicó a copiar la mayoría de las cartas de Pablo y a memorizar el Nuevo Testamento en griego. Aunque Zuinglio permaneció en el catolicismo por unos pocos años más, a partir de ese momento su teología comenzó a evolucionar. Renovado en su fe, comenzó a estudiar también el hebreo para poder leer el Antiguo Testamento en su idioma original. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 30 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

lrich Zwingli, Swiss theologist, pastor and reformer, was born on January 1, 1484 and is considered the third most important reformer in the history of Christianity after Martin Luther and John Calvin. Ulrich, or Huldrych, Zwingli was a man of deep faith who preached against the degeneration of devotions and popular practices, and encouraged a return to the primitive church and the Gospel as the only source of revelation. Raised in a wealthy peasant family, Ulrich lived under the protection of the Gospel and surrounded by eight siblings, two of whom died prematurely. He was well educated during his childhood. This led him to become one of the most renowned figures of European Humanism by the end of the 14th century and the beginning of the next one. He studied music, grammar and scholastic philosophy in the best schools of Basel and Bern. In 1498, at the age of 14, he entered the University of Vienna. In 1502, Zwingli got into the University of Basel, where he kept on broadening his knowledge under the influence of theologist Thomas Wyttenbach, until he graduated as a Master of Arts in 1505. Then, Ulrich he spent six months of his life studying Christian theology, and in the summer of 1506, he obtained the degree of minister of God and was appointed pastor of the church in Glarus, a city nearby his hometown, Wildhaus. In this historical Swiss city dominated by traditional religion, he served the Lord for ten years. RENEWED FAITH By the end of 1516, Ulrich Zwingli settled

in the city of Einsiedeln, known by its great beauty, and restarted his passion for theological and humanist studies. He joyfully reread the works of the fathers of evangelical faith and managed to learn Greek by himself in order to know the original version of the New Testament. Influenced by Erasmus of Rotterdam, Ulrich set himself the goal of starting his own reformation, based on the purpose of emphasizing the validity of the Bible as the only guide of Christian behavior. Zwingli devoted himself to the detailed study of the Bible from its most antique sources, without neglecting his duties as a preacher, a position for which he was becoming increasingly famous. Such was his fame that in 1518 he was called to Zurich, capital of Switzerland, to preach publicly from the pulpit of the main city temple. There, he showed his first reforming steps by reading the Gospel in a chronological manner, and not according to the classical order of the liturgical year established by traditional church. Such was Ulrich’s enthusiasm for the Bible that he devoted to copy almost all the epistles of Paul and memorize the New Testament in Greek. Even though Zwingli remained as a member of the Catholic Church for a few years more, from that moment on his theology started to evolve. With his faith renewed, he also started to study Hebrew in order to be able to read the Old Testament in its original language. He even attacked the selling of indulgences and made a systematic attack on every religious practice that was against the Scriptures.


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In early 1523, the “First Zurich disputation” took place and the local council discussed the possibility that there were some traces of heresy in Zwingli’s work. Theologist Johann Faber, sometimes called the “hammer of heretics,” was present in the debate. Nevertheless, Zurich councilors found Ulrich innocent and even decided that all the other preachers should be guided by the Scriptures.

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In 1519, when a plague ravaged the city of Zurich, Zwingli almost died. At death’s door, he realized that he could only trust God’s mercy, and so he did. He recovered as a new changed man, determined to never again rely on worldly things, saints or sacraments invented by men. Ulrich immediately put all his efforts on guiding the heart of people from the idols to the feet of the Lord. RUPTURE WITH ROME The problems of Ulrich with the Catholic Church worsened in 1522, when Francis I, King of France and ally of the Pope, asked the Swiss Confederacy to send soldiers as mercenaries for his war against Charles V. All Swiss cantons agreed, but Zurich refused, advised by Zwingli. During Lent, an episode deepened their differences. Some

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Christians had a dinner with sausages instead of fish, defying the practice established by Catholics. Two weeks later, Zwingli talked directly about the subject during some preaching entitled “On the Choice and Freedom of Foods,” which was published in April that year. In it, Ulrich defended the freedom of Christians to not comply with human commandments, implying that they were not forced to obey unconditionally the orders of traditional church. Zurich was immediately divided between supporters and detractors of his reforms, which provoked a series of riots. In August 1522, Ulrich separated definitely from the Catholic Church, as he considered that it was based on human laws. Despite this, some radical people


wanted him to be quicker and more determined with his reforms; Ulrich, however, knew that the secret of the reformation lied in the transformation of the people’s heart through the power of the Gospel. Zwingli also published one of his most important works on the power and efficiency of the Word of God. His work states that mankind yearns for the light of the Lord. Little by little, his reforming desire made him be in entire disagreement with the Catholic Church. Besides categorically overruling the human orders of the high ecclesiastical authorities, he also publicly censored people’s veneration to saints and the vices and loose life of many members of religious orders and a great part of the Swiss population. He demanded preachers to only spread what was literally stated in the Bible.

PROLIFIC WORK In early 1523, the “First Zurich disputation” took place and the local council discussed the possibility that there were some traces of heresy in Zwingli’s work. Theologist Johann Faber, sometimes called the “hammer of heretics,” was present in the debate. Nevertheless, Zurich councilors found Ulrich innocent and even decided that all the other preachers should be guided by the Scriptures. The disputation also ended with the acceptance of the 77 conclusions by the theologist from Wildhaus, summarized in two mottos that expressed his reforming proposal: “Bible only” and “Christ only.” That moment coincided with the writing of some of his main works, such as “The Shepherd,” where he exposes the virtues of a preacher faithful to the Scriptures, “Commentary on True and False Religion,” which lists the principles of evangelical faith, and “Prophecy”, a rigorous course on the interpretation of the Bible. Under Zwingli’s lead, there were quick changes in Zurich. A system of general public education was established, with no distinction between classes. Similarly, preachers and laypeople that agreed with Ulrich spread the Gospel in other Swiss cantons. Soon, some Helvetian regions became Christian, but others remained loyal to Rome and its authority. This religious divergence added to other deep differences, so civil war seemed inevitable. In October 1531, five Catholic cantons attacked Zurich by surprise. In 11 October 1531, the catholic coalition, that doubled in number the forces of Zurich, defeated its enemies at Kappel. In less than an hour, fifty inhabitants of Zurich lost their lives, Zwingli among them, who before falling defeated cried, “You can kill the body but not the soul!” This is how the reformer of Switzerland went down in the history of Christianity, leaving until now an important message on the value of the Gospel and the Power of the Lord l

Such was Ulrich’s enthusiasm for the Bible that he devoted to copy almost all the epistles of Paul and memorize the New Testament in Greek. Even though Zwingli remained as a member of the Catholic Church for a few years more, from that moment on his theology started to evolve. With his faith renewed, he also started to study Hebrew in order to be able to read the Old Testament in its original language.

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A LIFE THAT EMERGED FROM THE DARK Kledis Macias committed many crimes, from robbery to procuring. He even betrayed his wife and son. All that was prohibited seemed to attract him and he grew up showing no mercy to anyone. Nobody could believe in his salvation, but God was waiting for him. Then came the moment to save his life.

Marlo Pérez Fotos: Dámaris Samamé / Archivo Familiar

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ledis never set an example for anyone. His broad experience in the world of crime and procuring turned him into such a frivolous and insensitive man that, in order to escape justice, he mercilessly abandoned his pregnant wife in prison for a crime she had not committed. A year after her release, Kledis acknowledged his mistake and looked for his wife and newborn to apologize. God had worked upon him. He had turned him into a good man and an exemplary father admired by many today. WIFE IMPRISONED The reasons that pushed Kledis Elicito Macías Loor to abandon Angelica Collao Garcia, his 16-year-old wife, and practically handed her over to the authorities, date back to 2008, after she visited him in Cuenca, where they spent a week promising eternal love one to another. After that week together, she was buying her tickets to return to her home city MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 36 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

of Quevedo, when intelligence police arrested her for being in collusion with Kledis, better known as “Patucho.” Angelica could not understand the incident at first, but she was soon informed by the police about Kledis’ criminal record: he was a dangerous criminal involved in theft, robbery, procuring and trafficking in women who had fled from his country’s justice. Angelica could not believe it. Minutes later, Kledis sneaked his way back to the bus terminal and did not find Angelica. His suspicions were confirmed when he heard that a woman with the features of his wife had been arrested. Kledis left the scene and forgot about his wife, who was pregnant. As Kledis ran away to another city, he recalled those times when his father also abandoned him and his mother when he was seven years old. Suddenly, an uncomfortable and annoying lump in his throat did not let him breathe all along the way.


Kledys saw as many of his friends enjoyed good reputation, big houses, cars and other luxuries because they had become “pimps” maintained by prostitutes. He left his wife and traveled to the city of Cuenca to make women fall in love so that he could prostitute them and live at their expense. His strategy was to deceitfully promise them that they would receive expensive clothes and a latestmodel car in less than three months.

THE ABANDONMENT Kledis joined the dark world at the age of 13, when he left his parents and moved to his paternal grandparents’ house in Quevedo, the city where he was born in October 1989. “I took refuge in my grandparents’ house after my father left me and my mother to go with another woman ... That was a hard blow to me, because it was not the first time my father did that,” he recalls.

When living with his grandparents, he left school and worked as a bus ticket collector. He met several young men his age who were only interested in parties, women and alcohol. Four years later, at 17, Kledis met 14-years-old Angelica, with whom he had an affair behind her parents’ back, who were Evangelical Christians and disliked him as suitor to their daughter. Because of this refusal, Kledis con-

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vinced Angelica to escape from home and marry him, without suspecting that this relationship would break a few years later. “Before leaving my wife, I had appendicitis and all my intestinal content scattered all over my body. Having a 1% chance of surviving, my parents in-law prayed for me, and God healed me. However, I became an ungrateful man who turned to worldly things and loose life,” he adds. PIMPS After recovering and going back to normal, Kledys saw as many of his friends enjoyed good reputation, big houses, cars and other luxuries because they had become “pimps” maintained by prostitutes – an increasingly popular lifestyle among young people back then. He left his wife and traveled to the city

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 38 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

of Cuenca to make women fall in love so that he could prostitute them and live at their expense. His strategy was to deceitfully promise them that they would receive expensive clothes and a latest-model car in less than three months. When the term of the illegal agreement was up, Kledis did not keep his word but show his true face to the women who had joined his plans. It was too late though, they had fallen victims to the mistreatment and abuse of “Patucho.” A few years later, 20-year-old Kledis met a man called “El Ahijado” (“The Godson”) who introduced him to the underworld and made him part of a gang named “Los Empalmeños,” who spread terror and insecurity in different cities of Ecuador. Upon joining this criminal organization, Kledis became the driver of crimi-


them up in a hotel room without food for several days,” Kledis reveals. After several months of hard follow-up, intelligence police found the gang in a hotel in the city of Azuay, south of Ecuador, and broke it up. The police rescued several girls who immediately pointed out Kledis as their procurer. While under investigation, Kledis went to the city of Cuenca to proceed with his plans, without thinking that his wife would find him to reconcile and restore their marriage. A week later, she was imprisoned and Kledis abandoned her for the second time. “Money, women, drugs and opulence never made me happy. I felt empty, lonely and full of fear...” he recalls. Although many times intelligence police took over Kledis’ clandestine brothels, he would always escape without a trace. Months passed by and in October 2010, his wife gave birth to Elian, their firstborn, in prison. Weeks after she was released, she went to live with her parents in Quevedo. When Kledis heard of it, he left one of his brothels in the city of Salinas and went to seek for his wife and son. “I felt senseless hatred toward my wife, perhaps because I did not recognize my mistakes, or humbled myself or asked her to forgive me for all the hell she went through in prison while pregnant,” he says.

nals and received $ 300 for each robbery. Then he specialized in armed robbery of luxury cars, shops, etc. The gang would also extort high-ranking figures, who were kidnapped and killed. For these and other misdeeds, the name of “Los Empalmeños” and Kledis, alias “Patucho” began to be heard in all police stations in the region. TRAFFICKING IN WOMEN Fueled by the desire of money, Kledis started, once again, to recruit girls for prostitution. However, he now recruited girls between 14 and 16, who were the most required by men. He and the girls traveled to several cities such as Quito, Ambato, La Libertad and Guayaquil. “I earned between $ 900 and $ 1,200 for each of them on a weekly basis... When they didn’t give me my money, I would beat them and lock

Twenty-one days after his conversion, Kledis received a call from his wife, who was living in Guayas. From that moment on, the love lost between them began to emerge, especially when they met in the city of Guayaquil, where they were reconciled in the house of the Lord. Currently, Kledis, his wife and their two children are more united than ever, saved by God’s hand.

RECONCILED A month later, Kledis quitted his clandestine work and began working with his mother in a family business. He met a Christian from the Worldwide Missionary Movement, who took him to the house of God and introduced him to Jesus Christ as the only one who could change his life and provide solutions to all his problems. Moments later, he surrendered to the Gospel. Twenty-one days after his conversion, Kledis received a call from his wife, who was living in Guayas. From that moment on, the love lost between them began to emerge, especially when they met in the city of Guayaquil, where they were reconciled in the house of the Lord. Currently, Kledis, his wife and their two children are more united than ever. “My life in the ways of the Lord are the best times of my life... The word of God straightened my path,” he says with conviction l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST! “And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is CHRIST the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” Luke 2:10-14. Rev. Luis M. Ortiz


his has been the sweetest, most glorious and momentous hymn that the world has ever heard. The angels sang with their melodious voices to God for the glorious birth of Jesus. All creation praises and glorifies God. Psalm 148 declares that God is praised and glorified from the heavens and in the heights by angels, sun and moon, stars of light, heavens of heavens and waters above the heavens; and from the earth by dragons and all deeps, fire and hail, snow and vapors, stormy wind, mountains and all hills, fruitful trees and all cedars, beasts and all cattle, creeping things and all flying fowl, kings of the earth and all people. However, nothing ever brought greater glory to God and greater joy to every creature that the birth of Jesus in the manger in Bethlehem. “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork” (Psalm 19:1). Even if the MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 40 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


whole creation merged into one gigantic symphony of praise, it would never match the great song for the incarnation of the Son of God. Never before had the multitude of the heavenly army sung: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14). There is more glory and melody in the virgin birth of Jesus than in the birth of the whole vast universe. “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth” (John 1:14). The Apostle Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, said in a grand and sublime exclamation: “And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory” (1 Timothy 3:16). Great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh. The vast universe is full of mysteries, from the microscopic germs in the air we breathe and the water we drink to the gigantic suns and stars that shine in the space at inconceivable distances. The ancients believed in four elements: earth, air, fire and water; but today science has discovered 103 elements. For a long time, the atom was believed to be the smallest particle of matter and to be indivisible, but now the atom has been disintegrated into its components: electrons, protons, neutrons, etc. There is a mystery in every drop of water. What binds two hydrogen atoms with one oxygen atom to form a water molecule? Why does a one species of grasshopper have two hundred and seventy teeth in its body? How does an earthworm get another head when its first is cut off? Why does the horse stand up with its front legs first and the cow with its hind legs? Well, we could ask questions indefinitely, the only answer we would find is that things are as they are, in obedience to the laws established by the Creator. The Creator himself asked Job some questions: “Where is the way where light dwelleth? And as for darkness, where is the place thereof. Knowest thou it, because thou wast then born? Or because the

number of thy days is great? Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? Or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail. By what way is the light parted, which scattereth the east wind upon the earth? (…) Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?” (Job 38-41). We are surrounded by mysteries. Indisputably, great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh. His conception and virgin birth, His life, His ministry, His doctrine, His sacrifice, His death, His atonement, His resurrection, His apparitions, His ascension, His second coming, everything is filled with this great mystery of godliness. Each age in the history of world has had its own great characters and main figures, but Jesus is unique in all ages. God for us, Immanuel, Word, Son of God, who is at the same time, Jesus, Son of Man, Redeemer, Servant, God and Man, divine and human.

Each age in the history of world has had its own great characters and main figures, but Jesus is unique in all ages. God for us, Emmanuel, Word, Son of God, who is at the same time, Jesus, Son of Man, Redeemer, Servant, God and Man, divine and human. His divinity was real and true, his humanity was real and true. How can this be possible? Great is the mystery of godliness. His divinity was real and true, his humanity was real and true. How can this be possible? Great is the mystery of godliness. The most renowned scientists cannot understand or explain all the mysteries of the physical and material world, nor can the most learned theologians understand or explain the great mysteries of godliness. Much about these mysteries was revealed to the great Apostle Paul and so he exclaimed: “O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out! For who hath known the mind of the Lord? Or who hath been his counsellor?” (Romans 11:33-34). Great is the mystery of godliness. With good reason, the angels sang that morning: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


GOD WITH US “Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily. But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying. Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. Then Joseph being raised from sleep did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him, and took unto him his wife: And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS.” Matthew 1:19-25 Rev. Ramón Aponte


hen the angel appeared to Joseph in a dream, he gave him some instructions for when the child was born. One of them was to fulfill what had already been established by God himself, about seven years ago when he spoke through the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 7:14). Back then, it was announced that He would be born of a virgin and that His name would be Immanuel. In the New Testament, which was written in Greek and not in Hebrew, it says, “which being interpreted is, God with us.” (Matthew 1:23). It should be noted that the name the angel gave to Joseph differs from the one he gave to Mary, “shalt call his name JESUS” (Luke 1:31). Joseph, taking the role of a father, “called his name JESUS” (Matthew 1:25). Certainly “Jesus” was a suitable name, as the angel had explained: “Thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21). Jesus means “Savior.” Saying that the child would be “JESUS” is to describe that God who came to earth with power and action to defeat the devil and death, suffering the consequences of sin. For this to happen, however, it was necessary that God be with us. Thus, “Immanuel” is the most comprehensive description of what the embodiment meant. Christ our Savior is the very presence of God in this world, with us (John 14: 8-10). WE CAN ALL FEEL HIM CLOSE To some pagans such as Plato and Aristotle who, in some cases, came to glimpse the possibility of a one God, He was a distant being absent from this world. To the MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 42 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

Jews themselves, the superstitious fear of the possibility of seeing God was rooted in the awareness that “God is in heaven, and thou upon earth” (Ecclesiastes 5: 2). The first news of His arrival had a popular sense, as it was given to a group of poor people. It was not an announcement made privately in court for the king to know. However, the shepherds did not believe that the news were only for them to keep, but “the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them… And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds” (Luke 2:18-20). What is more, the Lord was not alone, but the stories carefully clarify that they found the child with Joseph and his mother (Matthew 2:11 y Luke 2:16). NO SOCIAL DISTINCTIONS The reference to the shepherds and the concrete fact that He first appeared to them, may lead us to believe that Christ came especially for the poor. But this is not true. He came for the poor and the rich. This is clearly shown when the star appeared to the Magi from the East, while the great light shone upon the shepherds in the fields of Bethlehem. Christ also showed it throughout his life, as He never stop caring for the Nicodemus, the Jairo, the centurion, the Pharisee Simon and so many others. Of course, it was the poor who followed him the most, as they could move more easily, they were larger in number and their very situation led them to seek help, among other reasons. Jesus


The reference to the shepherds and the concrete fact that He first appeared to them, may lead us to believe that Christ came especially for the poor. But this is not true. He came for the poor and the rich. This is clearly shown when the star appeared to the Magi from the East, while the great light shone upon the shepherds in the fields of Bethlehem.

did say that the rich will hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven, but then he cleared up that the remark was for those who trust in riches (Matthew 10: 23-25). This shows that the Lord is with us, regardless of whether we are wise or ignorant, regardless of our social or cultural background.

us. When He chose that people, he was precisely helping us to universalize Him. Although the Jews themselves never wanted to understand it, He was born for all peoples. Angels came and sang “on earth peace, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14), without establishing any kind of boundaries.

NO DISTINCTIONS OF PEOPLE It is true that He was born into a certain people. Of course, He could not have been born into all peoples at the same time. Why into the Jewish people? This is one of the mysteries of the divine mind that is beyond human reasoning. This is what God determined. If God was among the Jews, sure He is among

HE IS NOW, AS HE WAS THEN For God there are no generations. Just as Joseph and Mary could feel “God with us,” so we can say now, “God with us.” The statement includes me and gives me the assurance of His presence and that I am part of a people that exists precisely because He came into the world and, ever since, is “with us.” Amen l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


THE SAME MIND THAT WAS IN CHRIST “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” Philippians 2:5. Rev. Manuel Zúñiga


mong the many facets of the mind that were in our beloved Savior, and should also be in us, we will focus on humility, meekness, communion and vision. I. HUMILITY AND MEEKNESS One of the first things that the Lord Jesus Christ told his disciples was, “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart” (Matthew11:29). Sometimes God allows us to face certain circumstances, but these are useful to make ourselves aware of the existence or lack of both qualities, meekness and humility, in us. Jesus Christ came to this world to serve, and this meant that He humbled himself to the utmost. The Apostle Paul describes this process: “Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God, but made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men, and being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross” (Philippians 2:6-8). “And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh” (1 Timothy 3:16). “That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not” (John 1:9-11). Not only did he leave his throne of glory to become a man, but He also chose a poor and humble girl to come into this world. He was born in a stable, grew up in a family of carpenters, and exercised that profession until He was thirty-three years old. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 44 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

Furthermore, Christ never had anything of his own. Throughout his life, he had to borrow: the womb of Mary, the stable where He was born, the donkey He used for his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the upper room in which He held the Last Supper with his apostles, and even the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea where He was buried after His death on the cross. The Son of God did not come to Earth to be served by humans, but to serve them. Despite being pure, holy and immaculate, He mingled with sinners and let unworthy men touch and embrace Him. Moreover, despite being a servant, He suffered the shameful death that the Romans reserved for the worst criminals: the cross. This is why, the people of Israel could not conceive that the Messiah, for which they had yearned for so many centuries, had been a humble person as our Lord Jesus Christ. Although his ministry on Earth reached the top, Christ never stopped being humble. Multitudes followed him and sometimes even wanted to crown Him king. It must have been certainly gratifying to see thousands of people sitting at His feet listening to His teachings for hours. However, He never allowed earthly achievements to stagger Him. In fact, He did not even boast about His virtues, and when He was called “Good Teacher,” He replied that there was just one Good Teacher, God the Father. II. COMMUNION Regarding communion, God’s people must also have the same mind that was in Christ. It is necessary that we love each other, but love will not flow in us if we do not love first the One who saved us. “He that hath my commandments, and


keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him… If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him. He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father’s which sent me.” (John 14:21, 23-24). No one will be able to obey God, if they do not love Him first, because obedience cannot exist without love. The person who does not love the Lord has inside a tendency to rebellion, insubordination, protest, complaint, confrontation and quarrel. John 3:16, says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Brothers, the love that God had for men was so great

and unconditional that He did not hesitate to deliver His only son. “And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross” (Philippians 2:8) Therefore, we should always remember that love and obedience are inseparable and must abide in Christians. III. VISION What motivated Christ to perform the sacrifice on the cross of Calvary? Was it fame? Of course not. Our beloved Savior had a clear vision of his role. This same vision must prevail in the Church of Christ: the love for souls and the desire to obey our Savior’s command: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.” (Matthew 28:19) l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 46 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


“WE PRAY FOR GROWTH” Rev. Alfonso Martinez, National Supervisor in Uruguay, analyzes the current situation of the Work in one of the countries where the Lord is showing its great power and the Word is spreading.


n 1987, Rev. Alfonso Martinez joined the Worldwide Missionary Movement in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. For 16 years he built a congregation with more than 200 brothers. In 2003, he moved to Buenos Aires, where he helped consolidating the Work. On February 9, 2004, he went to Uruguay where he is currently a National Supervisor. How were those early days? We used to hold our meetings at home with my wife and children. Then we found out how to reach other homes and neighborhoods. A year passed by. Uruguayans are not very open to the Gospel. We had to pray and trust in God in order to grow. Despite everything, we have been able to open premises for 200 people in the district of La Union, where the central church currently operates. How is the Work going today? 50 people congregate nowadays. With great effort and sacrifice, we have recently purchased a 650-square-meter property to build a temple and thus establish a stronger central church. Which cities are you in now? We are in the cities of Pando, Toledo, Canelones, Artigas (border with Brazil and Argentina), Cerro Largo, Paysandú, San Jose, Durazno, Colonia and others. Apart from the central church in the capital, we have opened two other churches. We are in 8 out of the 19 departments in the country. We have several well-known pastors in some of these churches. How many churches are there in total? We have about 11 churches, which monthly report 200 baptised members, besides applicants and visitors.

What is coming for the Work in Uruguay? This year, the Elim Bible Institute will be established to train national workers. Rev. Ruben Concepcion, pastor and director of the Institute, will provide us with material, so that we and some Colombian missionaries, who studied at the Institute in Colombia, begin to give lessons. This will start in 2016 and we will make it work through distance learning, i.e. online. Only the exam will be on site. We are planning to divide the country into two zones: South and North, to establish two presbyteries with their respective churches. We have already held fellowships in the northern area, which comprises three departments with seven or eight churches. In the south, there are three to four departments with seven or eight churches. Currently, we have around seven pastors serving every church and in other case two congregations. Do you have access to media? We have several radial spaces and also a radio station on the internet called “Impacto Pentecostes Radio” since 2013. There, we broadcast two services live from the central church, on Sunday morning and Friday, when the Bible study takes place. We are also conducting small events for a child project, so that children join Sunday Bible schools. Each Church establishes its group of children with teachers responsible for teaching. The project is called “Cajita de Esperanza” (“Hope Box”) and gift are given to the children invited. This little box contains mostly school supplies and is given early in the year l

December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


A quick report of the work that Worldwide Missionary Movement is making in America and throughout the world. The Holy Bible states: “And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple... And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved”. (Acts 2:46,47).

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 48 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



The WMM in Peru held its Twenty-fifth National Convention; the event was attended by the Board of Officers of the Work of God and about 80,000 people each day.

December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic



he Worldwide Missionary Movement in Peru held its Twenty-fifth National Convention from November 24 to November 29 at the San Marcos University stadium, located in Lima. The venue, attended by the Board of International Officers of the Work of God, became house of the Lord and gateway to heaven for six days. The event, full of faith, brought together around eighty thousand people each day and was broadcast to the world by Bethel TV. The opening preaching was given by Rev. Jose Soto, Vice President of the WMM, who talked about “The Humiliation and Exaltation of Christ.” In his speech, based on Philippians 2: 5-11, Rev. Soto added that, “no one could be more humble than Christ because his was the ultimate humiliation. The truth is that we would never understand the humiliation of Christ in its broadest sense, as we would never understand what it feels like to be God and become a creature.” On the second day, in the morning, Rev. Enoc Ramos, National MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 50 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

Supervisor of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Australia, shared the good news through a message entitled “A People Come Out From Egypt: Behold, They Cover The Face Of The Earth.” In his speech, based on Numbers 22: 1-20, Rev. Ramos said, “God shaped the people of Israel in the desert. He did not do it

amid comfort or wealth or riches. Hours later, at night, Rev. Ruben Concepcion, Secretary of the WMM, addressed the faithful and made a presentation based on Haggai 2: 4-9. In his speech entitled “Be Strong and Work,” Rev. Concepción said, “God has allowed us Continue reading––


December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


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to take part in this blessed Work for this time, for this moment. In the crisis we are experiencing, God has a people that is different. It is a free people who praises and worships his name.” On the third day of the spiritual celebration, message of the Lord was shared by Rev. Jeyasingh Sukumar, Secretary of the National Board of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in India, who arrived in Lima from Asia. Pastor Jeyasingh gave a speech entitled “Four Spiritual Experiences In The Waters Of

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 52 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


Holiness” and said that, “Christian life must be a life of results.” Then, at the night service, Rev. Romulo Vergara, Director of the WMM, preached a sermon entitled “God’s Purposes for Joseph.” Based on Genesis 37: 1-11, Rev. Vergara stated that “Joseph was called and chosen by God. God knew what was coming for the countries of the time. God chose this young man to prepare and take him where He wanted. Hard times were approaching. Joseph was used by God to meet that need.” In the beginning of the fourth Continue reading––

December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


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day of activities, missionary Carmen Valencia Martinez, wife of Rev. Gustavo Martinez, preached the Word of God. Sister Valencia evangelized the people of God through MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 54 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

a speech called “Strengthen Your Heart, The Lord Is Coming Soon,” she stressed that, “there is only one unshakable refuge and this refuge is Jesus Christ. Strengthen your feeble knees, the Lord is coming soon.”

Later on, by the end of the fourth day, Rev. Humberto Henao, Director of the WMM, made a presentation entitled “Jesus’ Greatest Promise.” Before a crowded stadium, Rev. Henao, based on John 14: 1-3,




N THE FRAMEWORK OF THE XXV National Convention of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Peru, three important events for the Work of God in Peru were held. First, the Third National Fellowship of Female Workers held by the WMM in Peru on November 25. The event took place in the central temple in Lima, under the theme “Women of God, You Will Get Your Crown,” and brought together thousands of workers from different presbyteries in Peru. Another activity scheduled as part of the Convention was the Meeting of Workers and Pastors of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Peru. The meeting took place on November 27 in the main church in Lima and was attended by members of the Board of Officers of the Work of the Lord. Likewise, a promotion service for workers and pastors was held on November 29 at the San Marcos University stadium; 345 lay preachers, 112 licensed preachers and 54 ordained ministers were recognized l

said, “Jesus sets free. Jesus changes. Jesus transforms. We have enough biblical basis to say that Jesus’ greatest promise, ‘I will come again’ will be fulfilled.” On the penultimate day of the Twenty-fifth National Convention of the WMM in Peru, Rev. Sam Jacobs, National Supervisor of the Work in India, took the floor and shared a message entitled “Start Your Day by Strengthening Your Missionary Heart.” With great excitement, Rev. Jacobs said that, “the Bible tells us to learn from Jesus Christ. We must be ready to work in His Work. You can receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit.” Rev. Gustavo Martinez, International President of the Work of God, ended the conference with an emotional sermon called “Jesus Christ, Our Great Liberator.” The leader of the Worldwide Missionary Movement, whose presentation was based on Mark 5: 1-7, said that, “There has never been on earth someone like Christ; he reached the depth of each human heart and set it free from all slavery. Religion does not change, only the gospel restores.” During the convention closure, Rev. Alvaro Garavito, International Director of the WMM, shared the Word of God. His message, entitled “True Christians Seek Eternity,” revolved around the passage contained in Hebrews 10:39. “Our citizenship is in heaven. Whoever does the will of God will remain forever. Those who endure will be saved,” said the minister of God. Held under the theme “True Freedom,” the twenty-fifth edition of the National Convention of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Peru provided the followers of Lord with an opportunity to enjoy some time of spiritual consecration; God was present in countless conversions, healings and miracles. Rev. Rodolfo Gonzalez Cruz, Treasurer of the WMM, said that “this was a great celebration of faith” l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


IT IS TIME FOR GROWTH The Worldwide Missionary Movement in El Salvador held its Seventh National Convention; it was attended by five hundred brothers and international officers.


ith the participation of four International Officers of the Work of God and around five hundred brothers, the Worldwide Missionary Movement in El Salvador held its Seventh National Convention from November 5 to 8 in the temple of Jardines de Quelepa, in the department of San Miguel. On the opening day, Rev. Rubén Concepcion, International Secretary of the WMM, shared the Word through a sermon entitled “It’s Time For Growth.” In his speech, Pastor Concepcion said that “it is time for harvest. Dry your tears, come out MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 56 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

of mourning, wash your face. What is dead is dead, what happened is in the past, now we have to move forward.” On the second day of activities, in the morning, Rev. Margaro Figueroa, International Director of the Work of the Lord, sahred the good news of God. In his speech, entitled “Resignation and Surrender,” the servant said that, “there are some steps to take in the way of salvation, guidelines to follow and orders to comply with. We are all must report to someone, first of all to our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Hours later, in the evening, Rev. Humberto Henao, International Director of the Worldwide Missionary Movement, addressed to the faithful with a message entitled “Waking Up On Time.” In his evangelization, Pastor Henao said that, “the temple is not only a place of prayer, but it also plays a social role. A city or country or region with many temples is less prone to crime, vice and depravity.” On the third day, Rev. Alvaro Garavito, International Director of the WMM, was the key speaker of the sound doctrine. The minister of


the Lord, through a speech called “Renewing the Vision,” told the faithful of the Work: “Brothers, vision is not of the flesh, the vision is not physical. Vision is of the spirit, it is spiritual. Vision does not come from outside in, but from inside out.” At the closure of the Seventh National Convention of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in El Salvador, Pastor Conception preached again the Word of the Lord. In his speech called “Doing Missions Jesus Style,” he said that, “Jesus is the source” l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


SEEKING THE WELFARE OF THE WORK The WMM in Spain held a meeting of pastors, where they discussed everything concerning the Second European Congress to be held in August 2016.


n order to discuss the details of the Second European Conference of the Work of God, the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Spain gathered all its pastors in the city of Salamanca from October 29 to October 31. The event, held in the auditorium of the main temple of the WMM in Salamanca, was led by Rev. Carlos Medina, National Supervisor of the Work in Spain, and attended by ministers of the Lord in that country. Throughout the meeting, they analyzed everything concerning the event that in August 2016 will bring together in Madrid the members of the Worldwide Missionary Movement living in the Old Continent. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 58 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


Some of the points discussed were the venue for the congress, the preparation of the organizational flow, the structuration of committees such as advertising, decoration, information, logistics, transmission, first aids and security. At a spiritual level, the meeting of pastors began with a welcome worship for pastors and collaborators coming from different parts of Spain. The sermon was delivered by Rev. Carlos Medina whom, based on Esther 10: 1-3, shared a message entitled “Seeking the Welfare of His Work.” In his speech, Pastor Medina stressed the importance of being upright for the progress of the WMM.

On the second day, in the morning, a meeting took place and pastors talked about the growth of the Gospel in the Spanish peninsula. The Word of the Lord was shared once again by Pastor Medina through a message titled “Back to the Wall of Unity,” based on Nehemiah 4: 1-15. At night, Rev. Juan Castaño, from the Work in Spain, preached the good news through a speech titled “Take Care of your Roof Battlement.” On the third day, during the closure of the pastoral meeting held by the WMM in Spain, Rev. Medina shared an emotional reflection about the faith that should be shown by the people of God l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


THE FRUITS OF ASIA Rev. Samuel Mejia, Missionary Supervisor of God’s Work in Asia, inspected the growth of the WMM in Oman and Nepal.


s part of his missionary work, Pastor Samuel Mejia, Missionary Supervisor of the WMM in Asia, looked over in mid-September the advance of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Oman and Nepal. The servant of the Lord arrived on September 21 to the city of Muscat, located on the Gulf of Oman, and began a tour that allowed him to inspect the spread MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 60 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

of the Gospel in the biggest and most populous continent on Earth. After his arrival in Oman, Rev. Mejia immediately visited two congregations of the Worldwide Missionary Movement. First, on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, he supervised the great work done by Brother Omar Guerra, who leads one of the local churches. The

Lord’s servant also found that the good news are being shared in Spanish, because in this nation equality is guaranteed before the law for all citizens. Then, Rev. Mejia visited the temple for Indian brothers, which is led by Pastor Samuel Babukutty. In an atmosphere full of faith, the minister of the Lord confirmed that the evangelizing


work of the WMM is bearing fruit in this community of immigrants from the second most populated country in the world. Similarly, he witnessed that the Word is preached in their native language, in a country where the Islam predominates. Pastor Samuel Mejia also went to Nepal, where he, accompanied by Rev. Sam Jacob, National Supervisor of the WMM in India, inspected the new temples of the Work. He visited the city of Nepalgunj, located near the border with India, where he toured some of the temples established by the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Nepal l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic


WILLING TO FULFILL GOD’S PURPOSES The WMM in Belgium held its Fourth National Fellowship in Antwerp. The Work is going strong in Europe.


he Worldwide Missionary Movement in Belgium held its Fourth National Fellowship from September 11 to September 13 in Antwerp, in the heart of Europe, where large delegations of brothers from Germany, Holland, Italy and Luxembourg gathered. In the religious event, held under the theme “Hearts Willing to Fulfill God’s Purposes,” the Belgian people showed once again their faith in God. The Fourth National Fellowship of the WMM in Belgium, led by Rev. David Echalar, Assistant Supervisor of the European Block B, began with an MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 62 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

intense day, on which Sister Jeaneth de Echalar preached the Word of God through a message entitled “Facing the Test Correctly.” In her presentation of the good news, pastor Echalar’s wife urged the followers of Christ to fight the strong winds that arise in life. On the second day, Rev. Echalar shared the good news. Inspired by the Holy Scriptures, the servant of God shared encouragement, consolation and peace to the believers who gathered in Antwerp. Based on Psalm 23, an Old Testament passage entitled “The Lord Is My Shepherd,” he said that the members of the WMM who

accept God as guide and teacher will have no lack. In addition, he said that those who are far from the Gospel still have time to meet the Lord’s power. Pastor Echalar addressed again to the congregation during the closure of the Fourth National Fellowship of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Belgium. Based on Deuteronomy 5:16, he recalled that we should honor our parents to live well on the earth that God has given to us. Similarly, the minister of the Lord added that WMM members are called to work in the unity of the Work to strengthen it l


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NATIONAL FELLOWSHIP NATIONAL TOUR OF IN MONTREAL LEADING WOMEN A glorious National Fellowship was held from October 9 to 11 in the central temple of the Worldwide Missionary Movement, led by Rev. Marcos Salgado, in the city of Montreal, Canada. The event was attended by Rev. Arturo Hernandez, National Supervisor of the United States, his wife, Sister Lourdes de Hernandez, and Rev. Robert Andino, from Alabama. On the first day of fellowship, the Lord spoke through Rev. Roberto Andino, with the theme: “Under The Anointing Of The Holy Spirit.” On the second day, in the morning, God used the Supervisor’s wife, Sister Lourdes, with the theme: “Let’s Work According To Our Abilities.” In the evening of the second day, the Supervisor brought the message under the theme: “A Church In Action Thanks To The Anointing.” On the great closure day, the Supervisor shared once again a message entitled “What We Must Not Neglect To Have No Regrets Later” l

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The International Board of Women in Africa organized a national tour of inspection, awareness and contact for different groups of women in Africa. The five-day inspection activity, from October 20 to October 24, was part of the objectives of their leadership program. Other issues were also discussed for the implementation of preparation programs for the African Convention of Women, of which the dates will be timely informed. By this means, we invite all WMM women from Europe, Asia, America and the Caribbean to come, share and bring warmth to this international event l


The Children Brotherhood “Luceros de las Naciones” held the Fellowship of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Puerto Rico on October 17. The event’s theme was “I Am a Conqueror in Christ,” inspired by Romans 8:37: “Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” The activity took place in the town of Barranquitas, belonging to Zone 5, and was led by Sister Maria T. Alicea, leader of children. The devotional, the hymnody and other specials were performed by children from different parts of the island. The parade of children representing the people of Puerto Rico was also very beautiful. The rest of the Congregation received the Word of God from Rev. Jorge Alvarez, pastor at the Church in Sabana Seca, Toa Baja, under the theme: “The Seven Enemies of Men” l


Presbytery 9 held on October 18-19 a glorious and impressive Regional Fellowship in Cedar Hill, Texas. The theme of the celebration was “Faithful in Times of Challenge.” Ever since the beginning, on Friday afternoon, the glory of God could be felt. On the first night, God used Rev. Arturo Hernandez, National Supervisor, shared words of encouragement, strength and blessing under the theme: “Our behavior defines our future.” On Saturday morning, God used Sister Lourdes Hernandez through the theme “Abandoned privileges,” based on Hebrews 12:16-17. In the meantime, workers and pastors from the zone gathered in a meeting, where God used the National Supervisor in a very special way to share the Word of encouragement and blessing. On the last night, Rev. Arturo Hernández shared Word with a message entitled “Oh Lord, Turn Us Unto The Fire,” based on Lamentations 5:21. In the end, God brought people together and touched them in a very special way l



e was sought by a king wanting to kill him, by a governor wanting to justify himself before Caesar and the Jews, by religious men wanting to stop him, by Judas wanting to betray him, by Satan wanting to tempt him, by the mob wanting to order his execution, by Joseph of Arimathea wanting to bury him, by the angels wanting to serve him, by grateful believers wanting to follow and worship him, and by the heavenly armies wanting to celebrate the triumph of his death and resurrection. Twenty centuries have passed and we still can say to Jesus: ALL MEN SEEK FOR THEE. However, depending on the intention of those who seek for him, the search will result in a blessing or a misfortune. Two Nobel Prizes in Literature awarded to Soviet writers, Pasternak in 1958 and Solzhenitsyn in 1971, are directly and indirectly about Christ. After so many years of official atheism, Russians still seek for Him. Poets still seek for Him as an ornament, a higher truth or a dream of perfection or idealism. Musicians still seek for Him to arouse interest and feelings with their songs and operas. Current singles about Him are numerous. Filmmakers still seek for Him as a character of interest with many relevant facets to discover. Politicians still seek for Him as an excuse to hunt and conquer the crowds. Fidel Castro in Cuba began speaking about Christ in many of his speeches. Traders still seek for Him to negotiate through images of clay, gold, silver, wood and so on. Atheists still seek for Him to attack Him, and some have become famous for fighting Jesus. Many centuries before his coming to the world, patriarchs sought for Him among their firstborn, as a means of indefinite blessing. Prophets sought for Him in their revelations and talked about Him in their preaching. One of them, Haggai, said about him: “I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come” (Haggai 2: 7). The Magi from the East sought for Him guided by supernatural signs. Herod’s henchmen sought for Him to kill Him as a possible successor of the throne.

The sick sought for Him to be healed. Scribes and Pharisees sought for Him to contradict and accuse Him. The Sadducees sought for Him to make trick questions, such as that about resurrection. The Greeks sought for Him attracted by his wisdom. The rich sought for Him to ask for spiritual wealth. The poor sought for Him to make him King, knowing that he had multiplied the loaves and fish. Mothers sought for Him asking for mercy for their children.

No person in the history of mankind has been sought as Jesus of Nazareth. “And when they had found him, they said unto him, All men seek for thee” Mark 1:37.

Doctors of the law sought for Him to compare the old laws with the law of love embodied in Jesus. Children sought for Him to be blessed by Him. John’s disciples sought for Him to confirm if He was the one to come. Lord, all men seek for you, where are you? Yes, we know, you are close and inside the humble and contrite heart of those who seek with the simplicity of children or the tears of Mary, those who long for you so deeply that they get confused, those who following Your Word have experienced the new birth that is necessary to enter your kingdom l December 2015 / Impacto evangelistic



spiritual support. From Colombia.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to read this magazine. To be honest, it is precious for my life and the live of my loved ones. One of the most striking readings was about the testimony of the great scientist Einstein. I am a science student, but nothing and no one will ever separate me from the love of Christ. Thanks to God and the magazine Impacto Evangelistic, I’m a reader and collector of these beautiful editions. God bless you. From Arauca, Colombia.

MARÍA DEL CARMEN MARTÍNEZ MÁRQUEZ I receive the magazine Impacto Evangelistic, which is very beneficial to me. It helps me understand that God loves us every day and pours His mercy upon us, His children. I read over and over again. It has a lot of material for those who need to be taught. Thank you, brothers in Christ, God bless you! From Huntington Park, California, USA.

JUAN ROJAS VELAZCO Brothers in Christ, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the magazines that have come to me. They have been a blessing to me, a prisoner sentenced to life. I have found some beautiful testimonies of people telling their experiences, which is a great blessing. I am very grateful. I keep these magazines as a treasure. From Peñuelas, Puerto Rico.

LEONARDO SOMOCURCIO God bless the editors of the magazine. I visited your website and found it very interesting and wonderful; its testimonies are truly shocking and edifying. Forward in the Lord. From Cucuta, Colombia.

JANUARY 1-4 National Convention in Puerto Rico 6-13 National Convention in Colombia

FEBRUARY 5-8 Convention in Paraguay (Asuncion) 12-15 Convention in Argentina (Buenos Aires) 14-17 Convention in Panama 19-22 Convention in Belize MARCH 5-8 Convention in Honduras 7-12 National Family Fellowship (Lima-Peru) APRIL 1-5 Convention in Guatemala 2-5 National Fellowship in Australia (Sydney) MAY 2-4 Convention in Japan 27-31 Convention in India JUNE 11-14 Convention in Brazil (Manaus) JULY 2-5 7-10 7-11 8-11

LOLÍN AYALA God bless you. I wanted to tell you that your magazines have been a blessing in my life. I look forward to reading it every month, because I really enjoy the testimonies and the Word that speaks directly to my heart. I congratulate and wish you many blessings. May the forces of evil never harm you, because God is looking for people who do not sell their birthright. From Puerto Rico.

Convention in Bolivia (Sucre) Convention in the USA (Marietta, GA) Convention in Costa Rica (Central Zone) Convention in the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba)

AUGUST 4-8 Convention in Venezuela 6-9 Convention in Mexico 6-9 Convention in Spain 12-15 Convention in Africa 12-16 Convention in Haiti 13-16 Convention in Italy 26-30 South American Congress in Guayaquil, Ecuador

ABDIEL GONZÁLEZ GILBERT God bless you so much, my brothers, that the glory of the Lord be always with you. I am very happy to receive the magazine that you send me. They have topics that are very important and useful for practical life issues; honestly we learn a lot. From Holguin, Cuba.

SEPTEMBER Saturday 26 - Mission World Day OCTOBER 9-11 National Fellowship in Canada 13-18 Convention in Peru (Lima) 21-25 Convention in Mauritius 22-24 Convention in the Dominican Republic 22-25 Convention in Uruguay (Montevideo) 26-28 Campaign in Madagascar 29-1 (Nov.) Convention in Chile (Santiago)

EDEDFREY ROMERO Beloved brothers, God bless you in a special way. God continue giving you wisdom and grace for this ministry, the Impacto Evangelistic magazine, which has been a blessing for us and our friends. Your doctrinal publication and information have led many people to attend church. I invite my brothers in Christ to hand out this magazine in popular crowded places. Let’s make this spiritual information available to everybody and invest in the salvation of souls. God will reward you. God bless your


RICHARD VELÁZQUEZ God bless you very much, this magazine has been edifying for my life and the life of many people. God bless the hard work made by the people who work for this magazine. From Sucre, Bolivia.

NOVEMBER 5-8 Convention in El Salvador 24-29 National Convention in Peru (Lima) 26-29 Convention in Nicaragua DECEMBER

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