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Worlwide Missionar Movement

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My soul thirsts for you Rev. Gustavo Martínez International President of W.M.M.

“O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is, To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary”. (Psalm 63:12)


EAR READER, how terrible it is when

soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and

some people do not worry about their

thirsty land, where no water is; To see thy power and thy glory,

condition, waywardness and infidelity.

so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary” (Psalm 63:1, 2).

They are only concerned with their position. These

David was not concerned about his problems. Ins-

servants are like Saul, who after being rejected by

tead, he was worried about not being able to be in

the Lord asked Samuel: “I have sinned: for I have trans-

the sanctuary with the other worshipers. Are we

gressed the commandment of the Lord, and thy words: becau-

really concerned about it when we do not feel the

se I feared the people, and obeyed their voice. Now therefore,

presence of the Lord? Are we alike the deer that

I pray thee, pardon my sin, and turn again with me, that I may

pants for streams of water? “As the hart panteth after the

worship the Lord” (1 Samuel 15:24-25). In other words,

water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God” (Psalm

Saul was asking Samuel to be honored by him be-

42:1). This animal pants when looking for water

fore the people. Saul wanted people to believe that

to quench his thirst, but also he uses water to hide

God was with him and had the support of the pro-

from predators. When deers are to be hunted, their

phet. The only concern of the fallen monarch was

defense is water. They get into the water and the

his image before the people, and not his position

hunter loses his trail.

before God. Saul was so heart-hardened that he was not interested in spiritual restoration.

Beloved brothers, in fellowship with God, we can hear His warm voice saying: “Fear thou not; for I

How different David was! When David had to

am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will streng-

flee, and went through difficult times, he said to the

then thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the

Lord: “O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my

right hand of my righteousness.” (Isaiah 41:10). september 2013



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• The inspiration of the Holy Scriptures: 2 Timothy 3:15-17, 2 Peter 1:19-21. • The Adorable Godhead in Three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit: Matthew 3:16-17, 17: 1-5; 28:19, John 17: 5, 24, 26, 16:32, 14:16, 23, 18:5, 6, 2 Peter 1:17,18; Revelation 5. • Salvation by Faith in Christ: Luke 24:47, John 3:16, Romans 10:13, Titus 2:11, 3:5-7. • The New Birth: John 3:3, 1 Peter 1:23, 1 John 3:9. • Justification by Faith: Romans 5:1, Titus 3:7. • Water Baptism by Inmersion, as commanded by Christ: Matthew 28:19, Acts 8:36-39. • The Baptism in the Holy Spirit subsequent to salvation, speaking in tongues according to: Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4, 8, 2:4. • Divine Healing: Isaiah 53:4, Matthew 8:16, 17, Mark 16:18, James 5:14, 15. • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. • The Fruits of the Holy Spirit: Galatians 5:22-26. • Sanctification: 1 Thessalonians 4:3, 5:23, Hebrews 12:14, 1 Peter 1:15, 16, 1 John 2:6. • Ministry and Evangelization: Mark 16:15-20, Romans 10:15. • Tithing and Maintenance of the Work: Genesis 14:20, 28:22, Leviticus 27:30, Numbers 18:21-26, Malachi 3:7-10, Matthew 10:10; 23:23. • The Rapture of the Church: Romans 8:23, 1 Corinthians 15:5152, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. • The Second Coming of Christ: Zechariah 14:1-9, Matthew 24:30, 31; 2 Thessalonians 1:7, Titus 2:13, Jude 14, 15. • The Millennial Kingdom: Isaiah 2:1-4, 11:5-10, Zechariah 9:10, Revelation 19:20, 20:3-10. • New Heavens and New Earth: Isaiah 65:17, 66:22, 2 Peter 3:13, Revelation 21:1.


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What God does always makes sense, even when it does not make sense to humans, whose perception is inaccurate and flawed.

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Currently, this term is used to refer to the collection of books inspired by God and recognized as sacred by the Jewish people and the Christian Church.



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This is an essential masterpiece of Christian literature written by Charles Grandison Finney, who led thousands of men and women to the presence of God. This book shows how to experience a real approach to God. The hymn written by the English Issac Watts explores the pain, the hope, the faith, the fear, the light, the sin, the forgiveness, the love and the power of God. It is a work which marked the beginning of a new sort of evangelistic poetry.

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According to Yale University, William Joseph Seymour was the most influential black leader in the religious history of the United States. He activated the largest Pentecostal movement of the twentieth century.


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65 There are eleven biblical quotations related to applause or hand clapping in the Scriptures. september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

When God doesn’t seem to make sense

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Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

What God does always makes sense, even when it does not make sense to humans, whose perception is inaccurate and flawed. James Dobson (*)


hy do so many good people die accidentally? Why do we sometimes have the impression that God ignores us when we are trapped in the depths of despair? What can we do when the things that God does are simply senseless? For many years, I have been thinking on those occasions when God doesn’t make sense. In addition, over time and through the advice of some Bible scholars, I have finally accepted what I think is the right concept about those periods when faith is heavily tested. I think I have gotten a better idea of who God is and how He deals with us, especially in four specific areas of activity. 1. God is present and involved in our lives even if we think that he does not hear us or has abandoned us. Not only human perception is very vague and inadequate, but also we cannot rely on our emotions. We cannot trust our feelings and passions to let them rule our lives or evaluate the world around us. They are influenced by hormones, especially during adolescence, and vary dramatically from the morning when we are calm, until night, when we feel tired. One of the evidences of emotional maturity is the willingness to discard circum8 Impacto evangelistic

stantial feelings, and govern our behavior with intellect and will. If we had to distrust our perceptions and emotions, then we should be very cautious about accepting what they tell us of God. Firmly accepting what they “feel” about God is a typical characteristic of vulnerable people. However, what they feel could be only a reflection of a momentary state of mood. Moreover, the mind, body and spirit are very close neighbors. They usually affect each other very easily. For example, if a person is depressed, it does not only affect his physical and emotional welfare, but also his spiritual life. The person can make the following conclusion: “God does not love me. I don’ think I have His approval”. Similarly, the first thing that someone is likely to tell when the doctor diagnoses a serious illness is: “Why God did this to me?” These three elements of our being are inextricably linked and weaken the objectivity of our perception. Although it seems that He is a thousand miles away from us and that He has no interest in what happens to us, He is close enough to touch us. A wonderful example of His inadvertent presence is described in Luke 24:13-14, when two of the disciples of Jesus were walking towards a village called Emmaus, which was about seven miles from Jerusalem. Three days before, they had witnessed their Master’s horrible death, nailed to a cross, and they were very depressed. All their hopes had died

too on that cross. All dramatic things that Jesus had said and done, now appeared to be false. He had spoken with such authority, but now he was dead and buried in a borrowed tomb. The disciples could not have been more confused than ever. They had not realized that at the same time Jesus was walking along with them on that dusty road, and that they were about to hear the most wonderful news that anyone had ever heard. This news would completely change their lives, and would veer the rest of the world upside down. However, at that time, what they saw were facts that they could not match. He has promised never to forsake us (Matthew 28:20). He said, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20). He is a friend “closer than a brother” (Proverbs 18:24). He assures us that “For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers” (1 Peter 3:12). Grasp this truth firmly! 2. The time when God acts is perfect, even when it seems to be disastrously late. We live in a fast paced world in which we have come to expect instant answers to every desire and need. There is instant coffee, instant mash potatoes, instant money bank machines. Instant relief for sore muscles and small headaches. Making the world rush to serve our needs is practically our heritage. But God does not work that way. He is never rushed. And so-


metimes, He may seem tardy to solve the problems on which we draw your attention. That’s almost enough to make a believer eager to give up and try to seek help from someone else. However, before losing hope, we ought to take a look at the story of Mary, Martha and their brother Lazarus (John 11). The members of this little family were among Jesus’ closest friends during the time of His earthly ministry. The Bible says, “Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus” (v. 5). It was reasonable that, considering this love, they expected certain favors from Jesus. In fact, very soon they faced precisely that kind of situation when Lazarus became ill. His sisters did what was logi-

cal: they sent an urgent note to Jesus, in which they said: “Lord, behold, he whom thou lovest is sick” (v. 3). They had every kind of reason to believe that God would respond. Mary and Martha waited, watching the way by which Jesus was to appear, but He did not come. While his sisters were sitting vigilantly by the bed of Lazarus, suddenly he closed his eyes under the power of death. The sisters were very distressed. They also must have felt extremely frustrated with Jesus. He was somewhere performing miracles in totally unknown people: restoring sight to the blind and healing the lame. However, both they and their brother urgently needed help, and He was too busy to come.

Mary and Martha, wrapped Lazarus’ body in a shroud and carried out a sad little funeral. Jesus was not there. Then, they said goodbye to their brother and put his body in a tomb lovingly. Four days later, He appeared. Martha complained to Jesus (v. 21), but of course, Mary’s words were much more respectful. He said, “Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died” (v. 32). She was crying as she spoke, and the Lord “he groaned in the spirit, and was troubled” (v. 33). Then, Jesus performed one of His most dramatic miracles, calling Lazarus from the tomb. As we see, the Master was not really late. He just seemed to be late. He came at


september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

g the right time, the time necessary to fulfill the purposes of God, as He always does. What happened in Bethany is characteristic of the Christian life. Have not you noticed that Jesus usually comes forth about four days late? He often comes after we have cried, we have been concerned and we have gone forth, after we have gone through the ordeal of receiving the negative results of a medical examination, or fret over various setbacks in business. If He had come in time, we would have been able to avoid much of the stress we experience in His absence. However, it is very important that we realize that actually he is never late. Simply, the time at which He acts is different from ours. Remember the great Christian leaders who were removed from this world before being able to use all their potential, such as Oswald Chambers, who died at forty-three years old, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was hanged by the Nazis at the age of thirty-nine, Peter Marshall, who died at forty-seven years old, and so on. What was the purpose of God for these men and women whose lives were shortened by death? I do not know. The other aspect of this question has to do with people who were allowed to have a long life despite their rebellion against God. For example, in the book of 2 Kings 21, we read of a man like this. His name was Manasseh, son of King Hezekiah, who was perhaps the most evil despot man who ruled in Jerusalem. 10 Impacto evangelistic

Manasseh came to power when he was twelve years old, “And he did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord” (v. 2). He raised altars to the false god Baal, and he came to place wooden idols in the temple of the Lord. He burned his sons, practiced witchcraft, and consulted mediums spirits. Because of this great evil, God’s judgment was released on future generations. It seems strange that for fifty-five years he was allowed to kill innocent people, to sacrifice his own children and blaspheme the

name of God. On the other hand, God killed Uzzah instantly for having committed a single crime: steady the Ark of the Covenant to prevent it from falling (2 Samuel 6:6, 7). We can say that although His purposes and plans are very different from ours, He is infinitely fair and the time in which He acts is always perfect. He intervenes at the right time for our highest sake. 3. Because of inexplicable reasons, humans are incredibly valuable to God. One of the more impressive concepts that we find in

COVER the Bible is the revelation stating that God knows each one of us personally, and that He thinks of us day and night. Simply, we cannot understand all the consequences of God. Why did He want to be interested in us, our needs, our comfort and our fears? We have been talking about situations in which God does not make sense. But His interest in us, mere mortals, is the more inexplicable thing. Job also had difficulty understanding why the Creator has been interested in humans. He asked, “What is man, that thou shouldest magnify him? And that thou shouldest set thine heart upon him? And that thou shouldest visit every morning, and try him every moment?” (Job 7:17-18). David had in mind the same question when he wrote: What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?”(Psalm 8:4). What an amazing concept! He does not only remember each of us, but also He describes Himself through the Bible as our Father. In Luke 11:13, we read: “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him? Psalm 103:13 reads: “Like as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear him”. But on the other hand, He is compared to a mother in Isaiah 66:13, and He says: “As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you...” God feels our intense pain,

and he suffers with us. Isn’t it one of the characteristics of a Father whose love is infinite? How much He might be suffering when in our confusion we say, “How could you do this terrible thing, Lord? Why did you had to do this to me? I thought I could trust you! I thought you were my friend!” How can He explain to us, given our human limitations, that our suffering is necessary, which has a purpose, that there are answers to the tragedies of life? Therefore, it is logical to suppose that God, the Father, is passionately interested in your human ‘family’, and He feels our pain in those moments. 4. Your arms are too short to fight with God. Do not try to do it! A few years ago, there was a Broadway play, titled “Your arms are too short to fight with God.” Our intellectual capabilities are very poor to be able to discuss with our Creator. The New Age adherents disagree with this. They say that each of us can become gods, without having to rely on anyone, just by concentrating on a glass and sitting with legs crossed until the toes make numb. How presumptuous! The most skilled and respected secular psychologists and psychiatrists still believe that the human being is basically good, and that he only learns to do evil because of the influence of society. If it were true, there would be at least one safe society somewhere in the world where selfishness, dishonesty and violence would not have appeared. Instead, the history of humanity, through the centu-

ries until today, is full of war, murder, greed and exploitation. “Peace” is the name we give to that brief moment between wars, when people stop to reload their weapons. Another example of the arrogance of human beings is when Job tried to question God, and in response he was given an emphatic lesson of history. Pay attention, especially in the first sentence that came from the mouth of the Lord. Job 38:2-6, it says: Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me. Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding. Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it? Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof”. God continued the speech until Job started to think in the right way, and then the Lord said these words: “Shall he that contendeth with the Almighty instruct him? he that reproveth God, let him answer it” (Job 40:2). Job understood what God had told him, and said: “Behold, I am vile; what shall I answer thee? I will lay mine hand upon my mouth. Once have I spoken; but I will not answer: yea, twice; but I will proceed no further” (Job 40:4-5). Stand firm in your faith. Remember that without faith we cannot please God. Any other way of acting would be unwise, because our arms are too short to fight with God u september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

Why is it called the Bible? Currently, this term is used to refer to the collection of books inspired by God and recognized as sacred by the Jewish people and the Christian Church.


HE BIBLE is a collection of books in which, over the course of several millennia, its various authors, through divine inspiration, recorded events, stories, thoughts and prophetic announcements of intense human, religious and spiritual content, underscoring the immense love that God has for us. Etymologically, the Bible derives from the Greek word τα βιβλία that means “books”. This word is used for the set of canonical texts based on Judaism and Christianity. Currently, this term is used to refer to the collection of books inspired by God and recognized as sacred by the Jewish people and the Christian church. 12 Impacto evangelistic

The Bible is divided into two parts: Old and New Testament. The first one is also known as the Hebrew Scriptures, and the second one as Greek Scriptures, because of the predominating language in each one. In turn, “testament” comes from the Latin word testamentum, which is related to the Hebrew “brit” that means pact or alliance. “Brit” was translated into Greek as diatheke, which means “disposition”, “arrangement”, hence it derives the “final disposition” or “last will”, which came into Spanish as “testament”. God has kept His Word since the creation of the universe. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (Gospel of John 1:1, KJV 1960). These small details are a daily challenge for us to set out ourselves to enjoy reading this set of the most important and

valuable books in the world. Remember the words of Peter, who said, “Lord, to Whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life “(Gospel of John 6:68). DOES IT CONSIST OF JUST ONE OR MORE BOOKS?

Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous French general, who had under his control most of the Western and Central Europe for more than a decade, once said: “The Bible is no mere book, but a living creature, with a power that conquers all that oppose it.” Similarly, the general and first president of the United States George Washington said: “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.” The Bible appears four times in the Guinness records. The first record was for being the first full-text prepared by Gutenberg, by movable type, and from


which it formally began the print publishing throughout the Western world. The second record was obtained because one of the

copies of the still preserved edition known as the “Gutenberg Bible� was acquired at an auction held in New York for $ 106,000, an exorbitant



HE BIBLE is considered the first important book that was massively produced, thanks to the new printing technique. After several years of work, Gutenberg would have completed it about 1455. The first edition had a circulation of over one hundred thousand copies containing more than a thousand pages, each one printed in two columns of 42 lines, hence its name.

The text of the Bible was printed in black Gothic characters because "the types of Gutenberg's press printing imitated manuscripts of that time", although some titles were printed in red. In addition, a group of illustrators added colored initials, decorations on the margins, headers and other decorations. More than 40 specimens that remain today are considered the most valuable books in the world.

sum if it’s taken into consideration that this event took place in 1926. It was the highest price ever paid by any book until such time. The third record was for being the only book that has reached virtually the entire planet and in large quantities, and since its first printing, it has been published -totally or partially- in over 2,500 languages and dialects. In addition, the Guinness Book of World Records recognizes the Bible as the bestselling book in the world with a total of 4,000,000,000 to 6,000,000,000 copies (six billion) u september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

The Gutenberg Bible

The most famous incunable in the history is called the 42-line Bible, an edition printed in Mainz (Germany) between 1450 and 1456. Currently, there are only 21 complete copies.


T IS said that books printed before 1501 correspond to the era of incunabula, and of them, without any doubt, the most valuable books are called the Gutenberg Bibles, which are now real treasures for museums and collectors. The Gutenberg Bible, also known as the Mazarin Bible or the 42line Bible, is an edition of the Bible printed in Mainz (Germany) between 1450 and 1456. The first copy that caught the attention of specialists was discovered in 1760, among the books of the French politician Giulio Mazarin. The best of the 47 existing copies was acquired by the Library of Congress in Washington in 1930. It appears that there are only two perfect copies, one in 14 Impacto evangelistic

the National Library in Paris and one in the British Library in London. Gutenberg and the printing press Much has been discussed about the true contribution of Gutenberg to the graphic arts industry, but in no way the invention of printing can be attributed to him, as the principles of printing were exploited prior to its discovery. By the early fifteenth century, cards and prints with religious themes were printed on paper or parchment, through the application of a wooden board recorded and smeared with greasy ink. This method of printing called woodcut was from Far East, China or Korea, and entered Europe through Italy. The composition of texts with movable types, that is, making individual letters or symbols, was not Gutenberg’s merit. This practice was originated in a natural way, through the need to make corrections to texts in the woodblocks, as

it was necessary to remove the letter and replace it with a wooden dowel or die carrying the new embossed character. The real merit of Gutenberg was perfecting these techniques to get a printing method that has remained almost unchanged until the early stages of the twentieth century. In order to do this, he proceeded to replace wood by metal, manufacturing casting molds capable of reproducing metal types regular enough to enable the composition of texts. This invention, letterpress printing with movable metal types, gave rise to the modern book. The fact of not printing his name in any of the books printed by him, along with the shadows that exist around his life, has given rise to attribute to others the merits of his invention. The main opponent in the discovery dispute has been Laurens Janszoon Coster, a printer from Haarlem. Some people used to say he had invented the movable metal type techni-

FACTS texts. However, the book, as we have understood it until now, will continue to be very useful for a long time. THE GUTENBERG BIBLE

que about two decades before Gutenberg. However, the defective printing has led many scholars to think that Coster used wooden punches and fine sand molds or clay for making printing types, attributing the metal punch and casting mold to Gutenberg, and without the last tools typography would not have been possible. THE SIGNIFICANCE

The invention of printing with movable types, designed by the German Johannes Gutenberg, is one of the great milestones in the history of culture. The ability to perform press runs of multiple book copies enable a greater number of people around the world to have access to written knowledge and entailed radical changes in politics, religion and arts. The impact of the invention of printing was tremendous. The production of books during the first fifty years after the decisive Gutenberg’s contribution was, almost certainly, hig-

her than in the preceding thousand years. Gutenberg’s printing press caused a real revolution in culture. Written knowledge was no longer an elite’s heritage and was spread to large segments of the population. Writing was replacing oral tradition as a privileged way to transmit knowledge, as well as printed publications, such as books or newspapers, became widespread. In the early twentieth century, printed writing was already the predominant means of communication for the dissemination of knowledge in the West. Besides its enormous significance for religion, politics and arts in general, this was a technological advancement that made possible the later ones. The changes brought by the Gutenberg’s printing press are comparable only to those caused by the spread of information technology in the twentyfirst century. Computers are replacing printed documents as tools to convey and preserve

It has been 558 years since Gutenberg completed his most ambitious project, the 42-line Bible. Johannes Gutenberg, the German printer, died on February 3, 1468, in Mainz, his hometown. He was son of Friele Gensfleisch and Else Wirich and was born in the late fourteenth century within a wealthy family, in the city which at that time had between 5,000 and 10,000 inhabitants. Much of his life is still a mystery, only few written documents on his biography are kept. In 1448, he returned to Mainz and asked for a loan and set up his first printing press in his birthplace called Hof zum Gutenberg. He did not invent the printing press, but conceived the procedure of printing in movable types, or typeface, that originated the modern printing press. Johannes Fust, his lender, granted him two credits of 800 guilders each to make his most ambitious project, the 42-line Bible (referring to the number of lines printed in two columns on each page), the most famous incunable in the history. The impression, in Latin language, finished, according to some sources, on February 23, 1455. Apparently, less than 200 copies were printed, more than half of which were made on paper and the rest on parchment. Currently, the whereabouts of 48 original copies of the Gutenberg Bible are well-known, but only 21 are complete. In Mainz, you can visit the Gutenberg Museum, which also retains the famous incunable u september 2013


"It is impossible to rightly govern the w


Printing PressGutenberg´s Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

The Bible has approximately in sales, thus becoming the world's bestselling book.

Movable type


It was made in a foundry, mixing lead, tin and antimony, which were poured into a mold for each letter.

Embossed inverted letter Cran or notch To level the letters In the mid-fifteenth century, Gutenberg developed a printing press, modifying a winepress and manufacturing metal movable characters. Thanks to this creation, the use of books was introduced to the masses. It is known that he worked as a silversmith in Strasbourg in 1434. At that time, he had the idea of fusing the lead letters individually so that each one may be adjusted accurately.

The technique that preceded the printing press was invented by the Chinese. It consisted on carving texts and drawings by hand into a block of wood and once completed, they were soaked with ink. Then, paper was placed on it and pressed with a roller to ink it. This form of printing was known as woodcut and was used during the Middle Ages.

Once they were inked, a piece of paper was placed on it, and uniform pressure was exerted using an old winepress. Thus, a printed sheet was obtained at a speed far superior to that of the copyists. The Bible is translated in more than


languages and dialects.

16 Impacto evangelistic

Until 1449 and prior years, books had been disseminated through handwritten copies made by monks and friars dedicated exclusively to prayer and reproduction of copies as requested by the clergy of kings and nobles. Despite popular belief, not all monks were able to read and write. They performed the function of copyists, imitators of signs that often were not understood by them. Each one of his works could take up to ten years.

Spaces for capital letters were reserved to be subsequently illustrated by hand or woodcut.

world without God and the Bible." George Washington Gutenberg's Bible was printed 558 years ago. It is considered the first book printed with characters or movable type (letters made of lead). Gutenberg's 42-line Bible, so called because this is the most frequent number of lines per column in each of its 1,280 pages, was made to come closer as possible to a manuscript, the codex of that time: it had no page numbers or title pages or other features characteristic of modern books. This is actually a Latin version of the San Geronimo's Scriptures and, for printing, it was necessary to melt almost five million movable types, editing 120 copies on paper and 20 on vellum, of which about 45 are preserved. The illustrations of each copy of this Bible were hand painted.

The first Bible printed

42 lines per column

Posted in 1455, with a circulation of 160 copies, some of them on parchment and some on paper.

Page of the Gutenberg's Bible in the National Library in Buenos Aires.


95 million

Press Lever


people approximately downloaded the Bible app on their mobile devices around the world.

Buffers for inking

Current Issues The sale of electronic books or e-books from amazon.com surpasses in

15% Movable type

It was an adaptation of the wine press. It was capable of producing 250 prints per hour.

to paper books and printed newspapers.

“The Bible is no mere book, but a Living Creature, with a power that conquers all that oppose it”. Napoleón Bonaparte september 2013 17


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A victim of gay marriage

A Canadian woman who was raised in a homosexual household is now devoted to assist others going through the same situation and to ask world governments to protect marriage between a man and a woman. Source: ACI, Taringa


S REPORTED by ForumLibertas.org, Dawn Stefanowicz lives in Ontario, Canada with her lifetime husband and her two children, who have been educated at home. Currently, she is working on his autobiography and develops a special ministry from the website (in English) www.dawnstefanowicz.com, which she uses as a tool for providing assistance to others who, like herself, were raised by an homosexual father and were exposed to this lifestyle. On the website, Stefanowicz explains “how exposed she was during her childhood to gay couples exchange, nude 18 Impacto evangelistic

beaches and no affirmation of her femininity, and how this lifestyle hurt her; in addition, she offers help, advice and information for other people who have been wounded when growing up in a ‘family’ gay environment, a style of ‘family’ that she does not wish for anyone and believes that laws should not support.” THE TESTIMONY

In her account, Stefanowicz explains that due to a serious illness of her mother, she had to be looked after by her homosexual father when she was a child. “I was exposed to a high risk of sexually transmitted diseases due to sexual abuse, high-risk behaviors of my father and many couples,” she says. “Even when my father was involved in what it looked like a monogamous relationship, he continued to do ‘cruising’ in order to look for anonymous sex. I came to care about him deeply, I loved and understood

my father with compassion. He shared with me what he grieved about his life. Unfortunately, when he was a child, some adults abused him sexually and physically. Because of this, he lived with depression, control issues, anger outbursts, suicidal tendencies and sexual compulsion. He tried to satisfy his need for his father’s affection, affirmation and attention, with transient and promiscuous relationships. My father’s ex-couples, to whom I came to know and appreciate with deep feelings, had their lives drastically shortened by AIDS and suicide. Sadly, my father died of AIDS in 1991”, she recalls. According to Stefanowicz, the “personal, professional and social experiences underwent with my father taught me about respect for morality, authority, marriage or parental love. I felt fearfully silenced because my father would not let me talk about him, about his housemates, his lifestyle and his encoun-

REALITY pects, and the exchange of clothes when I was 8. I did not see the value of biological complementary differences between men and women. I did not even think about marriage. I vowed never to have children, because I did not grow up in a safe, sacrificial, child-centered home environment”, she says. CONSEQUENCES

ters in that subculture. While living at home, I had to live according to his rules. “ “Yes, I loved my father. But I felt abandoned and despised because my father often left me to stay several days with his peers. His partners were not really interested in me. I was damaged by homosexual domestic abuse, attempted sex acts with minors and loss of sexual partners as if people were just things to use. I sought consolation, I sought the love of my father in several boyfriends since I was 12 years”, she says. Stefanowicz remembers that “from an early age, I was

exposed to sexually explicit chats, hedonistic lifestyles, GLBT subcultures and gay vacation spots. When I was a child, sex seemed free to me. I was exposed to expressions of sexuality of all kinds including sex in bathhouses, transvestism, sodomy, pornography, gay nudity, lesbianism, bisexuality, voyeurism and exhibitionism. Sadomasochism was implied and some ways of it were showed. Drugs and alcohol often contributed to lower inhibitions in my father’s relations. “ “My father liked unisex dressing, gender-neutral as-

“More than two decades of direct exposure to these stressful experiences caused me insecurity, depression, suicidal thoughts, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, insomnia and sexual confusion. My conscience and my innocence were seriously damaged. I witnessed that other family members also suffered, “said Stefanowicz. She ensures that only after taking the most important decisions of his life, she began to realize how affected she was because of growing in that environment. My healing involved looking in the face at reality, accepting long-term consequences and offering forgiveness. Can you imagine being forced to accept unstable relationships and diverse sexual practices at an early age and how it affected my development? Unfortunately, it was not until my father, his sexual partners and mother’s death that I could speak publicly about my experiences”, she explains. “In the end, children will be the real victims and losers of legal same-sex marriage. What hope can I offer to voiceless innocent children? Governments and courts must uphold marriage between man and woman and to exclude all others, for the sake of our children”, she concludes u september 2013



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Pornography: modern slavery

Commercial sexual exploitation on demand 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. With the advent of Internet, "meat industry" has consolidated generating an addiction in millions of people. Priscila Romo and Loida Muñoz *


ORNOGRAPHY has become one of the foundations of the business of trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation purposes. Commercial sex has sprouted from this area and has reached considerable dimensions at different levels. The enhanced concept assuming that “sex sells” is displayed from sexist advertising to trafficking in human beings. In addition, there are pornography, “erotic calls”, “callgirls” or escort girls, sexually provocative performances such as “strip-tease” or “sex show”, bride-purchasing by mail order and prostitution in clandestine or legal brothels, massage parlors, 20 Impacto evangelistic

sex tourism and visits to male-concentrated groups. The porn is available to everyone, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It’s free, anonymous, accessible and addictive. It’s “fast sex á la carte”, to call it that: • There are 4.2 million sites dedicated to pornography on the Internet. 420 million porn sites and 68 million porn searches on search pages. • Every second 30,000 people are consuming pornography. • There are 68 million daily searches. • Every 30 minutes, a new porn movie search is done. • 1 out of 5 pornographic images is of a minor’s. • The average age of children who view pornography is 11 years old. • More than 11 million teens regularly view pornography on the Internet. One aspect of child sexual exploitation is related to the

production of audiovisual material in which a minor is involved. Specifically, child pornography is any visual or audio representation of a child for consumer’s satisfaction, involving production, distribution and/or use of such material. It is estimated that thousands of children who are victims of sexual slavery are forced to make pornographic films, and the number is increasing. Not only children are the most vulnerable to this kind of exploitation, but also women are constant victims. In order to obtain the “highest profit” from their victims, traffickers record women who are forced to have sex with their clients. These videos are uploaded to Internet which is an additional source that will provide them benefits. One of the current characteristics of the pornography industry, and sex in general, is the infantilization of wo-


men and hypersexualization of children. This creates more lower-age children who are increasingly demanded by adults and adolescents who become targeted by traffickers. A clear example of infantilization of women in sex is found in Australia, where there are legal brothels decorated like “infant schools” where women are dressed like babies. PERMANENT CONSUMPTION

Pornography is also used to “normalize” victims of sexual exploitation. The book “Power Slaves” by Lydia Cacho collects Arely’s testimony, a girl who is rescued from the gangs that forced her into prostitution. Lydia asks Arely about the mansion in Mexico where she lived during that time: “It was nice, well-kept and protected. There was a policeman at the entrance. We had a very large room with a tele-

vision. We watched all day the Playboy channel and we were always told: Girls, you should take care of yourselves and become classy women to be like those girls “. As indicated by Lydia Cacho after this testimony: “In this story, there is a remarkable similarity to the stories of young girls from other countries. In homes where victims are kept, pornography and erotic films are used to create a culture of acceptance and normalization of exploitation. “ The consumption of pornography encourages the consumption of sex. Resorting to prostitution is common for pornography consumers, because that’s the way to satisfy the sexual fantasies that they have seen before. As we know, a large percentage of women who are involved in prostitution are forced to do it, so the demand for prostitution increases the number

* Sourced from www. protestantedigital.com

of women who are victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes. Internet is an almost uncontrollable means of communication. With its help, pornography has given the final leap to become a dominant and present industry in these days. It generates unimaginable profits and untapped opportunities. It is estimated that pornography annual revenues are higher than those of football, baseball and basketball industries all together. It is so profitable that each year it has benefits that reach 7,000 million, a figure that does not even include prostitution. We cannot differentiate between those who are “porn actors” and those who are being recorded in such images and movies because they are all victims of sexual exploitation. We cannot know how many young ladies are of legal age, since makeup, hair and erotic costumes disguise minors and blind to online sex consumers. What if instead of pornography you are watching abuses and rapes? What if instead of pleasure you are seeing the pain of a victim? What if instead of a “hot woman”, you imagine your son/daughter, sister/ brother or cousin being raped, abused, forced and/or threatened? For most people, slavery is a terrible problem of the past, but now there are more slaves than ever before in the history of humanity, but these kind of slaves are forced to be objects of sexual satisfaction u september 2013



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The Church of Antioch

In the historical-political sketch of the emperors who ruled the Roman Empire in the first three centuries of Christianity, we have to continue the story from the point in time left by the New Testament. Samuel Vila *


HE CHURCH of Antioch in Syria is the church which encourage the Apostle Paul to spread Christianity throughout Europe, and after the Jerusalem Church, it was the most relevant Christian core. What do we know about this church behind the text of the New Testament? The most important thing that has come to our notice is that at the end of the century, there was a faithful pastor named Ignatius. His origin and story are unknown to us, because we have no other data than the information he provides in his letters, in which he speaks little of himself, but we have many reasons to suppose that he was born around the year 35, and during his youth, he knew Paul and Barnabas, and he had heard from sources very close to 22 Impacto evangelistic

our Savior of all the glorious acts of our faith. This is shown by the beautiful letters that we possess. Travel and Martyrdom of Ignatius The emperor Trajan, soon after his correspondence with Pliny, had to go personally to Antioch, capital of Syria and one of the largest cities in the Empire in those days. He, who had recently written that Christians must not be persecuted, but they had to be condemned if they were accused, was drunk with pride for his victory against the Dacians, so he issued an edict ordering that the Christians were obliged to offer sacrifices to the gods, among which the very image of the emperor was present. Ignatius, expecting to avert the storm which threatened his beloved flock, requested an audience of the monarch. This later accepted, but instead of listening to your reasons, he did not act as a judge but as an accuser and said contemptuously: - Who do you think you are that as if you were a demon, you

are pleased to disobey our orders and persuade others to do the same? - The one who carries God with himself should not be called demon, said Ignatius. The demons flee from God’s servants. But if you call me demon because I hate demons, then I deserve this name because I destroy their machinations, through Jesus Christ who dwells in heaven and is my King. Trajan said to him: - Who is this that carries God with himself? -He who has Jesus in his heart. - Do you think we do not carry the gods in our soul, and that they help us fight against our enemies? - Calling the demons worshipped by nations “gods” is a hoax. There is only one God, the one who has created the heavens and the earth and everything that exists in it, and Jesus Christ, His only Son, whose kingdom has been opened to me. - Are you perhaps referring to that Jesus who was crucified by order of Pontius Pilate?

HISTORY -Yes, I am talking about Him who was crucified for my sin, and condemns the malice of the devil, which (demon) has been put under the feet of those who bring Jesus into their hearts. - Are you pretending to carry Jesus Christ, the crucified, with you? -Yes, because it is written, “I will dwell in them and walk with them” When the interrogation was completed, Trajan issued the following statement: “We command that Ignatius, who affirms to carry a crucified with himself, be arrested and taken to the great city of Rome to serve as a spectacle to the people and food for wild beasts”. Ignatius, hearing such a sentence, said: “I thank you, Lord, because you wanted to honor me with a perfect love for you, and you allowed me, like your apostle Paul, to be tied with iron chains.” Guarded by 10 soldiers, he was taken to Seleucia and from there to Smyrna where he had the privilege of being able to stop and be hosted by the old pastor of that church, Polycarp, who would soon follow the path of martyrdom. During his trip, he could write several letters to churches which he went by, and to Rome where he was going. Precious messages that have reached us. THE SACRIFICE OF JUSTIN

In the letter to the Christians in Rome, he referred to the envoys of Antioch who had gone ahead to the slow journey of his pastor prisoner and were looking for good influences to delay the execution of their beloved bishop hoping that once they reached the emperor, the judgment could be set aside. But Justin sent them a letter in which he wrote exactly

the opposite, saying: “As far as I’m concerned, I write to all the churches and I exhort you all that I am ready to die for God, as long as you do not stop me. I am begging you: show no unwelcome benevolence towards me. Let me be pasture for the wild beasts, through which I am able to reach God. I am God’s wheat, and by the beasts I will be ground in order to be presented as clean bread of Christ... “...I do not give you commandments like Peter and Paul. They were apostles, but I am a man condemned to death, they were free, I, to this day, am a prisoner. But if I am martyred, I will be freed of Jesus Christ and raise free in Him, and now is when I learn, chained as I am, to have no desire whatsoever. “ I have been struggling from Syria to Rome, by land and sea, by day and night. I am bound to ten leopards (that is, platoon of soldiers), that even with the benefits that they have, they become worse. Now, subject to their abuse, I learn to be a better disciple of the Lord, but I have not been justified because of that”. I wish I could enjoy with the wild beasts that are destined for me, and I do hope that they act quickly against me, I myself will incite them to devour me quickly...! Forgive me, I know what suits me. Now I begin to be a disciple (that is, a Master’s imitator). Let nothing visible or invisible opposes because of envy for me to reach Jesus Christ. Let fire and cross and herds of beasts, breaches of my bones, dislocation, crushing of my whole body, atrocious torments of the devil come upon me, provided only that I reach Jesus Christ. “Forgive me brothers. Do not prevent me from living, do not insist that I die (living the life of this

* Source: "El Cristianismo Evangélico a través de los siglos" (Evangelical Christianity through the centuries)

world), do not cede to the world someone who does not crave it, but was to be of God, do not try to fool me with the earthly, let me see the pure light, when arriving there I will be truly man”. Justin was taken from Smyrna to Neapolis, following almost the same route of St. Paul (crossed Macedonia by foot). When he reached the shore of the Adriatic, another ship took him to Rome. The brothers from Rome, who hastened to meet him, the same way in which their ancestors had done with the apostle Paul halfcentury ago, were glad to see him and grieved at the same time because they thought that a man who deserved veneration had been condemned to torture. Ignatius knelt among them and led a fervent prayer to the Son of God, asking him to stop the persecution and did not relax the bond of love that united the brothers. The games in the Flavian amphitheater (the Colosseum) came to an end. Thus, the soldiers broke through and rushed to take him there... The circus was filled with an immense crowd, when the venerable leader of the Christians in Asia was introduced to the people for recreational purposes. In the presence of that agglomeration of men and women, senators and slaves, who occupied the stands, he suffered martyrdom and his burning soul sighed. The beasts were his grave. But what a wonderful contrast! In the land of the square dipped in blood, the ferocity of beasts, the crowd of the eager spectators, in presence of the cruel spectacle... While in the heavenly places, he was received by and enjoyed the presence of God. The few bones of Ignatius that could be found were piously collected and sent to Antioch where they were honorably buried u september 2013



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How to Experience Revival

This is an essential masterpiece of Christian literature written by Charles Grandison Finney, who led thousands of men and women to the presence of God. This book shows how to experience a real approach to God. Johan Pérez Landeo


REVIVAL can be attained if Christians really want to make the necessary sacrifices to do so. They must be willing to sacrifice their feelings, finances, and time to serve the work of the Lord. Ministers must be willing to use up their energy. They must be willing to offend the impenitent with a clear and trustworthy preaching; for instance, to offend many members of the Church who will not repent. They must try to transmit the revival despite of the consequences. They also must be prepared to continue with the work despite of losing the affection from the members of the Church. Like volcanos about to erupt, revivals await for the 24 Impacto evangelistic

moment to explode in Churches and in Christian communities all over the world. They can become in springs of life or they can extinguish even before reaching the surface. What makes the difference? In the book “How to Experience Revival”, the author Charles Grandison Finney, who led thousands of people to the presence of Christ, shows how to experience a revival in the flesh. He also reveals the steps due to initiate a revival in one’s community and around the world. How does a sinner achieve conviction? By thinking of his/her sins. Christians can achieve a profound conscience by thinking of it. If you do not make an effort, God will not shower you with any praise. But do not lose hope. Grab your Bible and read the passages that show and describe the world. Look at your children and neighbors, and see their condition while they remain

in sin. Then, persevere in prayer and do your best until you get the blessing of the Spirit of God. The speeches of the renowned American preacher –named as “The most important American restorationist”– regarding the religious revival, are probably the most complete research that we can find about this topic. Elmer Ellsworth Shelhamer described it like this on the book’s preface. This famous author, from the beginning of the XX century, also stated that Finney’s work was the result of an intense study of both the Scriptures and human needs. If you are willing to pray effectively, you should offer your prayers in the name of Christ. You cannot stand before God on your own behalf. But you can stand in the name of the one who is never rejected. You must already know what it is like to use the name


september 2013



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of someone else. If you went to the bank with a check endorsed by a millionaire, you know you could withdraw the money as you were the payee. In this way, Jesus allows you to use his Name. When you pray in the name of Christ, you can prevail as He Himself and receive as much as if the beloved Son of God would pray for these reasons. You must pray with faith. GOD’S BLESSING

Charles Grandison Finney was born in Connecticut on August 29th, 1792. He was a Pastor and an innovative Theologian, a pioneer in social reforms in favor of women and African Americans, and an important leader in the Christian “Second Great Awakening” which took place in the XIX century in the United States. It is estimated that over half a million souls were converted as a result of his missionary work. Therefore, his life, entirely devoted to the Creator, can be sum up with one word: Revivals. A revival will decline and come to an end if Christians are not constantly revived. I mean that in order to preserve the spirit of revival, Christians need to always keep this conviction and be humble before God. Lots of people don’t understand the idea of a Christian being revived. In fact, even during a revival, the Christian’s heart can harden and lose the exquisite desire for divine things. His or her unction and perseverance in prayer weaken, so they need to be renewed. Finney has made a huge contribution serving the work of the Lord. This has 26 Impacto evangelistic

Charles Grandison Finney was born in Connecticut on August 29th, 1792. He was a Pastor and an innovative Theologian, a pioneer in social reforms in favor of women and African Americans, and an important leader in the Christian “Second Great Awakening” which took place in the XIX century in the United States.

been built up by countless messages proclaimed in more than fifty years preaching the Word. He shows us that the Scriptures state clearly that God’s blessing will come in the right way and time as a consequence of certain conditions in our lives and hearts. This kind of circumstances are stated

in this book in a direct an easy prose in order to motivate and inspire people who want to strengthen Christian faith. When church members cool down, it’s extremely hard to raise them up. They have a type of piety that detach from the truth. Also, this kind of piety does not have strength


and efficiency, and repels new believers. These Christians are the most difficult to bring back from drowsiness. I do not mean that they are always more evil than impenitents. These people are constructively involved in their Churches, and are recognized as good Christians, but they are useless in a revival. A RELATIONSHIP FULL OF SPIRIT

The book “How to Experience a Revival”, divided into fifteen chapters and first published as “Experiencing Revival”, compiles the main thoughts of Finney, a man who encouraged

the restoration of Christianity offering a basic guide to the followers of the Lord willing to learn the principles of the heavenly promise concerning a new religious awakening. As a result, it is learned that a revival is an action initiated by God in which believers pray, repent of their sins, and return to a relationship full of the Spirit. Repentance always implies to hate sin. Certainly, it includes loving God and give up sin. The sinner that truly repents does not feel the way other sinners think they will

feel when they give up their sins. Impenitents see faith as the following: they think that if they converted they would have to leave porn, drunkenness, game, and other things that they enjoy at the time. They think they will never be able to convert if they have to leave all those things. This thought is not even close. Christianity does not make believers unhappy pulling them away from the things they used to love, but it changes their perspective towards these things. Charles Grandison Finney, who repeated tirelessly that a revival is a must when there is lack of brotherly love and familiarity among Christian believers, shook the planet with his ideas and became the most visible face of the religious modern expansion from the Almighty. After 138 year of his death on August 16th, 1875, this diligent servant of God has become the most influential Christian writer for the new generations of disciples of the Savior. Every Christian must do his or her best to be perfect in their motivations. They also need to make an effort to have an entire, perpetual and universal obedience to God. Their purpose should be to live completely for Him and obey His commandments. They should live in a way that if they sinned, it would be a contradiction, an exception. Christians should not sin in any way. We are called to be saints the way God is, if we hope to be with Him one day. New believers should be taught in the correct path from the very beginning, otherwise they will never be there u september 2013



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At the Cross

The hymn written by the English Issac Watts explores the pain, the hope, the faith, the fear, the light, the sin, the forgiveness, the love and the power of God. It is a work which marked the beginning of a new sort of evangelistic poetry.


HE congregational hymn “At the Cross”, poem of the English theologian Issac Watts, shows through its lyrics the direct contact between Jesus Christ and his followers. But, above all, the essence of this song – created in 1707 at the beginning of a period full of intensive religious unrest in Great Britain and in Europe- confirms the deep love for God and evangelistic passion of one of the most prolific authors in the history of Christian music. Issac Watts is recognized as the “Father of English Hymnody”. The work of Watts, who was born in England on July 17th, 1674, explores in its li28 Impacto evangelistic

nes the pain, the hope, the faith, the fear, the light and darkness, the sin, the forgiveness, the love and power of God. All those are important points when talking about the Almighty. This is why the American researcher and sacred music scholar, Stephen Marini, maintains that a new kind of evangelistic poetry based on the Christian experience could have been started, thanks to the work of the English author. The life of Issac Watts was always linked to the Lord and to the poetic creation. As his biographers indicate, since he was a little boy, he had a marked tendency for the use of rhyme in his everyday life. Also, since he was a child, he served arduously the Creator and never abandoned the right path. In addition, he received from his father a magnificent spiritual education, which was reinforced through the learning of

different languages such as Latin, Greek and Hebrew. Most of Watts’ contemporaries criticized his hymns by qualifying them as boring; however, he always defended his particular style of writing for the Glory of God. This prolific troubadour, who wrote more than 750 Christian odes and seventy theological books, used to say all the time: “If we can praise the Lord through prayers made by us, we can certainly sing to praise Him with our own words”. “At the Cross”, whose original version is composed by six verses, was retouch by the American composer Ralph Erskine Hudson in 1885. This great musician and author of numerous Christian praises gave to the song a modern gospel melody by adding the chorus which is sang nowadays. Currently, the importance of his work remains valid not only because of this reason, but also


1 Alas! and did my Savior bleed And did my Sovereign die? Would He devote that sacred head For such a worm as I? Refrain: At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, And the burden of my heart rolled away, It was there by faith I received my sight, And now I am happy all the day! 2 Thy body slain, sweet Jesus, Thine— And bathed in its own blood— While the firm mark of wrath divine, His soul in anguish stood. 3 Was it for crimes that I had done He groaned upon the tree? Amazing pity! grace unknown! And love beyond degree! 4 Well might the sun in darkness hide And shut his glories in, When Christ, the mighty Maker died, For man the creature’s sin. because he is considered as a persistent promoter of the dissemination of traditional hymns. Issac Watts went to meet the Eternal Father on 25th November 1748 and was buried at the Bunhill Fields in London. Shortly after his death, a built memorial to him was raised Westmisnter Abbey. In the XIX century a great statue was built in Southampton, the city of his birth. As time passed, his name reached a great importance and he became an icon of the evangelistic hymnody u september 2013



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Azusa, servant, Azusa

According to Yale University, William Joseph Seymour was the most influential black leader in the religious history of the United States. He activated the largest Pentecostal movement of the twentieth century. He was a preacher of humble origin, son of slaves, and a man dedicated to the service of the Lord. James Choung


N THE HISTORY of Christianity, the impact of the poor and one-eyed preacher William Joseph Seymour, a son of slaves, has been underestimated. However, his ministry originated the largest Pentecostal movement of the twentieth century, which extended from a ramshackle church on Azusa Street in Los Angeles in 1906. He was recognized by Yale University as “the most influential black leader in American religious history”. Seymour was one of the first ones to preach and minister about the importance of being bap30 Impacto evangelistic

tized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in languages. Born in the State of Louisiana, on May 2, 1870, Seymour grew up in an era marked by racial segregation and injustice. After the Civil War, which took place between 1861 and 1865, his parents, who had been slaves, were released. However, the family continued to work for their former masters. Seymour learned to read primarily by studying the Bible. It was in this way that he realized that his freedom was in Jesus Christ. His hunger for the truth of the Word of God increased during his youth. So, acquainted about the truths contained in Scripture, he experienced divine visions and looked earnestly the second coming of Christ. At the age of 25, he headed towards the North to seek better opportunities in life. He settled in the city of



september 2013



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1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

g Indianapolis where he joined a Methodist church that had a strong evangelistic outreach in all classes and races. However, it was not long before the racial laws began to harden, and then, in 1900, he was forced to move to the large city of Cincinnatipara to pursue his dream of a cross-cultural ministry. There, as a follower of John Wesley, Seymour was aligned with the doctrine that states that there should be no discrimination in Jesus Christ, and therefore, he decided to join a group called “Church of God Reform Movement”. Within this group, he received the call of God to preach His Word. However, he did not yield immediately and was ordained as a pastor only after experiencing a painful ordeal: he contracted smallpox, he lost the sight in one eye and was near death. After his recovery, his illness encouraged him to devote the rest of his life to spreading the good news. Then, in 1903, he left Cincinnati and traveled to Texas, evangelizing along the way, to settle with relatives. There, in the summer of 1905, he found the evangelistic crusade of Charles Parham in full swing. Then, he enrolled the center Bible studies led by Parham. A PENTECOSTAL LEADER

In early 1906, in the city of Houston, Seymour received an invitation from Miss Nelly Ferry to pastor a congregation in California. Convinced of his destination, he went to Los Angeles in late January. The turn of the century had sown the seeds of Christia32 Impacto evangelistic

HERO OF FAITH nity throughout Southern California and many groups of people were praying and witnessing throughout the city. The city of Los Ángelesse was on the verge of a great spiritual event. The congregation sought by Seymour as their pastor met in the home of Richard Asbery. He preached about the need to live in holiness and receive the power of God through the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Sometime after his arrival, Seymour started looking for a bigger place for meetings of his new church. On April 14, 1906, along with several elders of his church, he walked through the streets of Los Angeles and found an old abandoned church located at number 321 on Azusa Street. He did not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to present the Gospel and the soon return of Christ. His belief, based on Acts 2:4, that states that a person is not baptized in the Holy Spirit, unless he or she speaks in tongues, was his great proclamation since then. Thus, Azusa Street soon became one of the major centers of Christian faith spreading. The renewed Azusa church began to operate both day and night, seven days a week. The whole building had been arranged for full use. Their cults were very animated, most of the congregation was African American and they markedly expressed their effusiveness. Cults, on occasions, lasted ten or twelve hours. At times, the preachers were interrupted by the congregation, if it was felt that the message was not supported by the Holy Spirit. In this

sense, “Mother Jones”, a devout parishioner who stood up every time she thought that the sermon was not being anointed, became famous. Very soon, the temple led by Seymour was filled with people of all social classes. In the place, there was room for about 300 people, but often there were over a thousand. For the astonishment of the world, black and white people prayed together. They sang, danced, screamed and cried amid the greatest expression of Christian faith of the twentieth century. Burly men of all races fell to the ground crying, hugging, and they asked God and each other for forgiveness. Some prayed in tongues, others announced divine messages and prophecies. Sincere fervor and genuine conversions were everywhere. With sawdust on the floor, straw on the altar and two wooden boxes as a pulpit, the church of Seymour did not stop to amaze the world for three years. THE END OF THE ROAD

In September 1906, Seymour began to publish the newsletter “The apostolic faith”, which came to had twenty thousand subscribers. However, good times resulted in more gloomy times. There were several internal divisions and many churches of other denominations aggressively attacked Seymour’s preaching. To this, it was added the mistaken idea that speaking in tongues was a means to evangelize in foreign countries. The confusion and the desire for confirmation in the work un-

dertaken, led Seymour to call Charles Parham. However, upon his arrival to Los Angeles, disagreements soon arose between the two leaders and Seymour decided to continue with his work without Parham’s support. In May 1908, Seymour married Jennie Evans Moore. Then, in the following years, the number of people attending the services of the Azusa Street Church began to descend. So, Seymour left God’s work in the hands of several elderly of the church and departed for the city of Chicago in early 1911. William H. Durham was elected as a pastor in order to replace Seymur and the church began to grow again. However, both had different ideas about the loss of salvation, shortly after Durham was expulsed from the Azusa church. Quickly, Seymour returned to the pastorate in Los Angeles, but the church was almost empty and it never regained the force with which it started. On September 28, 1922, as he continued with his missionary work, William Joseph Seymour suffered a heart attack and left the earth to be with the Lord. Thus, God used his humble life to awaken one of the most iconic revivals of the Christian faith. Its existence even today, nearly a century after his death, remains as an example of what the Almighty can do through the lives of his servants. His dream, people of all colors gathered together worshiping the Creator under the power of the Holy Spirit, became an undeniable reality over the time u september 2013




Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

Towards heavenly music

The debauchery and the stridency of heavy metal music invaded his life for years until this young man felt the powerful voice of God and turned to his call. José Alva Salinas


N HIS twenties, he was a disoriented Argentine boy trapped in the stridency of rock music who kept track of the heavy metal notes. He got a lip piercing, dressed all in black and behaved in diabolical way. He was not just immersed into this unhealthy hobby, but he used to turn to alcohol and drugs, too. He got away from his family and did not show any interest in what was going on around him. He was in his twenties, but he seemed to have had lost the meaning of life. Maximiliano Israel Bazan was born on September 21st, 1980 and he was brought up following the traditions of the Catholic Church, but he never 34 Impacto evangelistic

showed any interest during the solemnity of Sunday Mass. He thought it was extremely boring and not so interesting; sometimes he would even take it as a punishment, but his mother would make him go anyway. No matter what, she wanted him to follow the same religion as hers. In 1988, when he was just eight years old, their parents took him to Río Negro, a city located in the south of the country in the Patagonia region. The capital city of Buenos Aires, among other major cities, was going through an economic crisis that afflicted the Argentine families. It was a lean period for most of the population. As his father had been promised a better job as a blacksmith in a hotel of that town, the family moved to that area trying to escape from difficulties which were worsen by the constant fights within the family –made up of six children and the parents. Maximiliano Israel Bazan

tried to get used to this new city and situations. His mother, who had felt the God’s call in the middle of the Assembly of God, brought him to the new experience of an evangelical worship, where he could find the true God. The first time I went to an evangelical worship was in the house of an eighty eight year old woman. There were twenty people worshipping God, and as soon as the Pastor began to praise, the demons that were inside my mother manifested aggressively. These people had to hold her and tell them off by using to name of the Lord as a salvation shield and weapon. At the end, the Word of God triumphed setting his mother free. This experience remained in the little kid’s mind that began to see the evangelical worship as something to admire and respect. A few months later, he began to attend the evangelical lessons of the Sunday School,


september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

g where he would go with great interest because he could understand the Word of God and take part of the sacred songs. He also learned how to play musical instruments, to which he grew very fond of. But when 36 Impacto evangelistic

he turned thirteen years old, he returned with his family to Derau, a town within the big city of Buenos Aires. Once there, he lost his way. He had begun to work with his father, so he earned more

money which was badly spent. He fell into temptation, and felt attracted to easy things and to the stridency of banal and trifling things. Likewise, due to the Heavy Metal bands, he entered into the world of alco-

LIFE STORIES raucous Heavy Metal parties where he would even play an instrument, such as the guitar or the drums. However, he would seat on the edge of his bed and start crying inconsolably on Sunday evenings after the endless parties of music and alcohol. He felt a huge void in his heart and life that could not be fulfilled with any of his uncontrollable activities. THE SONS OF GOD

hol and drugs. Nevertheless, he used to attend to worships which his mother attended. But he walked away from God’s path two years later. He left behind his simple appearance to dress all in black; and

to have long hair and beard, as well as metal piercings in different parts of the body. In his drunken weekends, he would sleep all abandoned in ditches, completely drunk, and high on marijuana after going to the

Rebellion consumed the soul of this young man of 18 years old. His mother used to tell him off almost every day for his rift from the path of God, but he would not listen to her. On the contrary, he would fly into a rage. For this reason, he used to leave irascibly talking back to his mother, get on the motorcycle and go swiftly to meet with his party friends. In one of those occasions of telling off and disrespect, he left home really upset, got on the motorcycle and speeded up. During a curve, he made a bad move and fell to the pavement. As a result, he got a fractured femur and bruises throughout the body. Years later, he convinced himself that this accident was of divine origin. He knew it happened because of his bad behavior towards his mother. At that point he understood that he should not confront a daughter of God. The gospel says, for whoever touches the children of God touches the apple of his eyes - he recalls. One afternoon in 2000, his mother heard in the distance a voice calling for a campaign. It was guided by the Pastor


september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

g Nicolás Rivera who just arrived to that city. She went to that worship, and the words she listened to and her faith in Christ were enough to take the decision of leaving her old church and enlist with her two daughters in the Worldwide Missionary Movement. On the other side, Maximiliano Israel Bazan dreamt that he went to a football camp to cheer his team up for the first time. He was in the stands, but since he was new, he didn’t know the songs to support the team. Therefore, the leaders of the group accused him of being a spy for the opposite team, for which they cut out his tongue and run away. Bloodstained and in desperation, he asked God to forgive him. Afterwards, in the same dream, he woke up with a new tongue graving a Bible in his hand. Then, he approached to those who attacked him - they could not believe their eyes – to preach the Word. They tried to attack him once again, but they couldn’t. At that moment, he woke up. He told the dream to his sister who was a Preacher, and she told him that it was a revealing dream and that the Lord was going to use him to preach. I did not believe it, but I started to feel something new and different. I was sick of the same thing: being with my friends, drinking, smoking, listening to raucous satanic music, and at the end of the week, crying alone because of the void in my heart – he recalls. CONVERSION

He had never visited the Church of his sister in Derau, but one day, he felt the need 38 Impacto evangelistic

of travelling the 40 kilometers that separated him from Church and being in the middle of those people who made up this congregation of faith. When he entered this humble dwelling, there were ten people, including his sister and nephews, among others. While one of the Pastors played the guitar, he looked at his

worn out shoes and realized that his face showed a total fulfillment. Maximiliano Israel Bazan was wondering how these people could be so humble and be that happy. But he slowly understood it. When the guitar started to sound and the voices of the brothers sang the praise to God, his soul opened like


a flower receiving the rays of sunlight. The Gospel of that night was about repentance, something that had to do with him. And when the worship finished, he approached to his sister to tell her that he wanted to accept the Lord. That December 8th, 2011 was a glorious day. He felt the fire of the Lord and the

Holly Spirit coming into his life. He finally felt an unbelievable peace. That first night after his conversion he had his first vision: He was at home talking to his mother with deep faith. I became a Christian in the end, leaving behind my friends, women and alcohol, all for which I ended up alone.

His mother remained in silence. In the same dream, he felt the presence of God and his body did not resist it, falling on his knees. A voice told him: Do not be afraid of what the world can give you, I am with you. Maximiliano Israel Bazan has been on the Worldwide Missionary Movement for a year and a half. He received the Lord in a convention during which he was baptized and he promised he would be true and loyal with Christ and his Word. In a week, he cut his hair and beard, took his piercings away – he even had one of those in the tongue – and burned all his CD’s of Heavy Metal music; furthermore, he burn all the clothes that reminded him of that period of debauchery. He did it with joy and with the commitment of starting a new life. He began to attend the MMM Church once a week, and after two months, he prayed to the Lord in a convention. I find it hard to talk in front of people; it is embarrassing for me to talk about You, to say that I am a Christian. I have a stone heart and I am ashamed of crying. Please, give me a heart of flesh. When he said that, the Holy Spirit entered his soul. This made him shout and cry of happiness. Christ began to polish him and to prepare him for a new life. He broke up with his girlfriend after a five year relationship because he had decided to follow God and did not want to continue fornication. Nowadays, he feels at peace with himself, with God and with life, always watchful of what the Lord demands. He is a new Maximiliano u september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia Teachings and sermons of the most renowned preachers who expose the truth of the Lord through their life stories consacrated to God. The Bible says: “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life... And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 5:39; 8:32


Striving together “Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” Jude 1:3. 40 Impacto evangelistic

Rev. Luis M. Ortiz


HRISTIAN life is a constant struggle, because Christians have three enemies: the devil, the world and the flesh. The devil, source of evil and tenacious tempter, is the outer enemy. The world, setting and manifestation of evil, is the enemy around us.

The flesh, human nature inclined towards evil, is the enemy within. • The first is a declared and powerful enemy. • The second is a cunning and attractive enemy. • The third is a persistent infiltrated enemy. We have to fight against all three, sometimes against each separately, sometimes against all three at once. But in this struggle we are not alone. Against the first enemy, we are assured that greater is he who is in us and has put all things under his feet (1 John 4:4, Ephesians 1:22). Against the second enemy, we are told that “this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith” in the Lord (1 John 5:4). Against the third enemy, we are granted the privilege to “be partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4). All is in our favor, but the victory does not come automatically, but we have to fight, we have to win, we must have victory. In order to fight with the promise of victory, we are commanded as follows: “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth,

and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.” (Ephesians 6:10-18). This armor is perfect, complete, impenetrable, indestructible, effective, and all its parts must be used to beat our three great enemies: the one outside, the one around and the one inside. The World Missionary Movement’s Work has been strongly attacked by these three great enemies, but we do not remain static, idle, asleep or off-guard. We are striving together for the faith of the Gospel, against all the forces of the devil, the world and the flesh. We are fighting for the salvation of lost souls by preaching the pure Gospel of Christ. We are fighting by founding new churches with the new souls that God is saving. We are fighting to keep our churches filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. We are fighting to always enjoy the true worship of God in our services, without ritualism, blends or imitation. We are fighting by teaching, practicing and defending the sound doctrine of God’s Word. We are fighting by always exalting Christ and the Word of the Lord. We are fighting by proclaiming the imminent rise of the

Church to heaven and the subsequent Second Coming of Christ to earth. We are fighting in this work against the shortage of funds. My heart cries when I see how God’s people generously contribute with unscrupulous individuals having no testimony or moral, but only a glib and flattery tongue. They offer villas and castles, talk about milliondollar projects, offer ministries and credentials, but once they receive large sums of money, they disappear. Where are they? Needless to mention names, one of them has about 50 cases in court for many infractions. Judas has nothing on him, because even Judas returned the money of his betrayal. We prefer to keep fighting hard in this great work for Puerto Rico, America and the world, even without the necessary funds, but in a fair fight, with dignity, without resorting to carnal, worldly and devilish methods. We are fighting the devil, the world and the flesh, and we cannot and will not use their methods. We will continue to fight, and God will give us the victory. We will continue to go forward, and God will continue to bless us. We will continue to invest in the work, and God will provide. We will continue to make missionary commitments, and God will continue to touch hearts and move their wills to send offerings. We will continue to pray, and God will take good care of these offerings, so that the devil does not meddle in with his filthy hand, and they can reach us. “But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul.” (Hebrews 10:39) u september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

We will defend the sound doctrine “Now therefore, fear the Lord, serve Him in sincerity and in truth, and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the River and in Egypt. Serve the Lord. And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves in this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:14, 15. 42 Impacto evangelistic

Rev. Rodolfo González Cruz


HE HOLY Bible shows us how we must behave with our Creator and with our neighbor. God will be pleased of those who hear the word of God and follow it. We preach the sound doctrine, which does not belong to the man or to the organizations. Several times I have to say that I was born within in a church where I was taught the sound doctrine, but, what happened? The answer: too many

DEVOTIONAL brothers and spiritual fathers started to abandon the sound doctrine. That’s a truth in many churches. There were plenty of revivals. God acted through many Men of God. Unfortunately, some of them have failed or are dead. Jesus said: “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33). To seek the kingdom of God means to follow the Word of the Lord and to follow the doctrine or biblical teaching. “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation, 21 for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:20-21). Those men of God wrote the Word of God to indoctrinate us and to let us know God’s will. Besides of spiritual blessings, to obey God’s will bring us success, victories, accomplishments and all what we need to be happy in this earth and to avoid the lack of some things. The blessing of Jehovah adds wealth and takes away sadness from us. The Galatians letter says: “which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed” (Galatians 1:7-8). If we have the same Bible, how is it possible that we preach different Gospels? Christian brothers from all the churches, what is happening to us? Listen carefully to the

If we have the same Bible, how is it possible that we preach different Gospels? Christian brothers from all churches, what is happening to us? Listen carefully to the Word of God, so the devil will not be able to confuse you with a wrong and heretic doctrine, which he is using and had always used to trick and divert men from faith. Word of God, so the devil will not be able to confuse you with a wrong and heretic doctrine, which he is using and had always used to trick and divert men from faith. “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron, forbidding to

marry, and commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. For every creature of God is good, and nothing is to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving; for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer. If you instruct the brethren in these things, you will be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished in the words of faith and of the good doctrine which you have carefully followed” (1 Timothy 4:1-6). Dedicate each day of your life to the Lord, because if you walk away from God by doing what is wrong, you will be prone to be tricked by “demon’s doctrines and by fake spirits”. Promise our Lord that you will never go back again. Joshua made a pact with the people and even after his death his successors maintained that doctrine. However, there is a moment in time when the leaders died and people are corrupted. We want people who truly love God, people who honor the sound doctrine. With that kind of actions, God will be pleased of working, healing sick persons and doing miracles. Furthermore, if we live in holiness, we’ll have the power of God. He is next to us to help us through miracles. We really want lives to be saved. Will you leave the Lord and the sound doctrine to go with those idols, wizards, mediums, parapsychologists and fake doctrines and religions? We won’t, we will defend the sound doctrine. Let’s magnify the Word of God, let’s correct those who do wrong and let them know the truth through the Bible u september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

We need prophets for a Day of Doom “The same church members who yell like Comanche Indians at a ball game on Saturday sit like wooden Indians (puppets) in church on Sunday.” Vance Havner. “There can be no revival when Mr. Amen and Mr. Wet-Eyes are not found in the audience.” C. G. Finney. 44 Impacto evangelistic

Why Revival Tarries E. Leonard Ravenhill Chapter 9

Paul’s head is already halfway into the lion’s mouth. What of it? Before Agrippa this daring, dauntless disciple has neither nerves nor reserves! He can be no “tongue-in-cheek” preacher anytime, or anywhere. Physical courage will make a man brave one way; and moral courage, which despises men’s opinions whosoever

DEVOTIONAL they be, will make a man brave in another way. Both these types of courage made Paul a Christian Daniel in a Roman “den of lions”. Men may try to destroy a prophet’s body, but they can not destroy the prophet. Count your TV audiences for top-line evangelists; tell me how many “big tops” are operating in evangelism at the moment; quote the “converts” of all last year’s Gospel efforts; and when you are done, I shall shout, with the roar of a tornado, “The moon of revival has not yet risen on this hell-bound, Christ-rejecting, speedingto-judgment generation.” We don’t sit at ease in Zion anymore. We have gone past that; we just sleep. In the church, pillars have given place to pillows. As I began tos ay, Paul, as he stands before Agrippa, has his head half into the lion’s mouth. With an awareness that the feet of pallbearers are not far away, he now “turns on the heat” until that wretched immoral King Agrippa stammer, “Thou almost persuades me to be a Christian.”

Then Festus, a mere guest, forgets his manners and barges in with “Paul. Thou art beside thyself; much learning doth make thee mad.” Paul parries, “I am not mad, noble Festus.”

In America we have an all-time high in church attendance; but that goes for Jews, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, too; and do not forget the jails are full to overflowing and the divorce mills are jammed to standing room only. Men -benign, but bad and bloody- rule in many of

the high places of the earth. “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.” The cry of the slaughtered dead must be “Dost Thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?” The cry of “the living” must be, “Avenge me of mine adversary. And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry to him day and

night?” Surely the hour is approaching when grace is impossible, when vengeance is inevitable. To whom much has been given much will be demanded. Millions walk in darkness because they have no light; but the democracies are great offenders in that they have had light, but snu-


september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

g ffed it out with the “bushel of business” or the “bed of idleness”. Surely, this Sodom-like sin must merit Sodom-like judgment. “This was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom,” -says Ezekiel 16:49“pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness.” We need pro-

phets for this day of doom -holy men of God- to speak “as they are moved by the Holy Ghost”. If He does not still move preachers, then we had better close down. But He does move them. Neither Gideon nor anyone else gets into the trouble because of his visions. It is actions that bring down the wrath of the offended powers. Let Gideon slip out at midnight and cut down the groves of Baal; then hell releases its fury. Let John the Baptist call the priests “vipers” and rail at Herod’s adultery, and he has signed his own death warrant. Certainly we need prophets for this day of doom, for look at the mounting interest in the false cults. Newsweek, Aug. 4th, 1958, says that Homer Knorr president of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, will take the Yankee Baseball Stadium this week, for 150,000 Witnesses will gather for a convention (their biggest ever -a sign of their growth). This eight-day conference will end with the baptism of 4,600 fanatical ministers, who are unpaid and would compass sea and land with their Christ-denying, manconcocted, Bible-twisting religion, to make another convert sevenfold more the child of hell. This makes you think -particularly after the 46 Impacto evangelistic

above quotation of the alltime low in England of men for the ministry. Can this organized but paralyzed system called Christianity cumber the earth much longer? Is Sangster right when he says we have not found an answer for the deep malady affecting the nation? (Would it not be more correct to say that we have scorned the old-time method of proclaiming repentance and regeneration and sanctification?) Tucked away in my heart is a stirring consolation; I share it with you. When God-given, heaven-sent revival does come, it will undo in weeks the damage that blasphemous Modernism has taken years to build. By the gale of the Spirit, the deceptive doctors of divinity will see swept away “the house which they built upon the sand” of human interpretations of the Bible. The head of humanity is sick and the heart faint. In the scheme of men, we are at the end of the line. Everything is “laid on” now for the superblast of the ages that will slice the earth in atomic destruction. Hell enlarges her mouth for the spoil which the filthy modernists have prepared as they have bartered the blood of Christ for “a mess of

pottage” (“higher criticism” -so-called). With swollen heads and shrunken hearts, they will look at their folly. Arm of the Lord, awake! Put on strength! This is the hour for revival. This is the hour of doom. Where are the men of God? Prophets may have miracles, but they must have a message. In their own way, the bewildered worldlings are saying, Is there any word from the Lord? They know there is no intelligent word from any other source. Because God cannot lie, therefore Joel 2 and Malachi 3 will be fulfilled. “The Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly come to His temple.” What comfort there! This moment drought; the next, deliverance. Ten minutes before John the Baptist arrived -no one knew that he was there. As it was, so I am sure it will be. God will get some man’s ear and heart and will. Men, hidden in secret at this very moment, will utter soon, in the Spirit’s might, the burning truths that this people must hear. Their words will burn as molten metal. With long patience, God awaits. But when He arises, “Who may abide the day of his coming?” At the operation of the Spirit, men at this moment “drawing iniquity with a cart rope”, will bend as corn before the wind. The Kremlin will tremble at the Millions walk in darkness because they news of a supernatural operation in China. May God have no light; but the democracies are great offenders in that they have had light, precipitate revival in China, Russia, Germany, etc. -lands but snuffed it out with the “bushel of business” or the “bed of idleness”. Surely scorched with the fire of militant Communism. For this Sodom-like sin must merit Sodom-like one reason, they need it so judgment. greatly; for another, our free nations need to be provoked,


as Jonah was with Nineveh. Pharaoh finally wilted -under the assault of the ten plagues; and under Moses the prophet, the Israelites were led to victory. Today we have ten other new plagues -more sinister and effective and mighty than those (because worldwide and not confined just to Egypt); yet even these new plagues have not melted the heart of modern man but made it militantly wicked. Have we no modern Moses? Can we suffer this

generation to perish in the slave camp of moral bondage -and sit idly by, doing nothing about it? Are we to be mesmerized spectators, while Lucifer, with millions

In the moment that God sends us a revival from heaven, all damage that blasphemous modernism has caused during hundreds of years will disappear.

chained to his infernal chariot, sweeps many souls down the “broad way” to everlasting darkness? We need to rediscover the secret of those blessed men of whom the Word says, “They subdued kingdoms, [and] stopped the mouths of lions” -(that

“lion” who goeth about today “seeking whom he may devour”). For this day of doom our pale, pathetic, paralyzed Protestantism needs God-filled and Godguided men. Wanted-prophets of God! u september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia A quick report of the work that Worldwide Missionary Movement is making in America and throughout the world. The Holy Bible states: “And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple... And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved”. (Acts 2:46,47)


Youth retreat in Rionegro In Colombia, the spiritual youth retreat brought together hundreds of young people who submitted to the will of God.


ROM June 8th to 10th, the youth retreat of the Zone 8 took place in Finca Canaán in Rionegro, department of Antioquia, located 45 minutes away from the city of Medellin, Colombia. The activity began by 48 Impacto evangelistic

making a reflection of the motto: “Breaking our alabaster jar”, which was based on the Gospel of Saint Mark 14:3. Almost 450 young people attending this spiritual retreat surrendered to Christ’s Lord-

ship. This activity was also attended by Pastor Gustavo Martinez, international President of the Work, who was accompanied by his wife, sister Carmen Valencia. They were in charge of providing the Word of

God, which was a real blessing for the attending youth. The biblical messages were given by Reverend Joaquin Parra, Pastor of the Zone 8, and Reverend José M. Lopez, leader of the youth in that zone. During those three days, the glorious and transforming Power of God reached many of the attendees, who testified, at the end of the event, that they felt greatly renewed thanks to the Lord u

september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

Women and men convention in Puerto Rico A new spiritual encounter of the Work of the Worldwide Missionary Movement took place in Puerto Rico. Women and men from different places of the country were part of this great activity.


HE Worldwide Missionary Movement in Puerto Rico celebrated its Women and Men Convention on June 27th and 29th. The motto of the activity was: “Maintaining the household” (Proverbs 31:21). The activity was celebrated in the main facilities of the Trujillo Alto city. The preacher of the Word of God on the con50 Impacto evangelistic

vention was Reverend Manuel Zuñega, national supervisor of Costa Rica. He talked about different topics: “The Creator of the Family”, “My home and I will serve God” and “A bad decision destroys the family”. The leaders of women and men performed a great welcome, which was called: “Instructions of God for a happy and victorious

family”. They highlighted the biblical principles to the families that have been established by God in his Word. The second day of the event they discussed different topics, such as the upbringing of the children, intimacy of the marriage, menopause and male menopause. That night a great missionary worship was performed, in which the

lection “My home and I will serve God” was given. At the morning of the third day, the preacher gave a conference about the marriage. Furthermore, 65 marriages renewed their vows in front of God in a beautiful ceremony and then they enjoyed a familiar dinner with the presence of the national leader of the youth and his team, which did its best during organizing the event. At the third night, the convention ended with the reconciliation and compromise of the families of the congregation before God. All the directives of women and men were part of this wonderful worship u


september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

National Convention of India


Brothers from all the country got together in the presence of the Lord. All of them were witnesses of a great revival and of a great moment of renovation and restoration.


HE Tenth National Convention of the Worldwide Missionary Movement of India was celebrated from June 26th to 29th in Yelagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, where are located the national offices of the Work in India. Reverend Gonzalez, international member of WMM, and his wife, sister Rita Gonzalez, traveled from 52 Impacto evangelistic

Peru to be part of that event. Also, Reverend Samuel David Mejía, missionary supervisor of WMM in Asia and National Supervisor of Colombia, traveled from South America to participated and preach the Word of God. The different delegations led by their pastors and some special guests traveled from

places like Madhya Pradesh, Andaman Nicobar Islands, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai in order to attend this great convention. The delegation of Oman and Mynmar were also present together with their pastors Babu Kutty and Aung K. Moe respectively.

This spiritual event started with great rejoices at 6 o’clock in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 26th. The National Convention in India was inaugurated by Reverend Rodolfo Gonzalez. It was a great activity where the delegate was blessed through the preaching of the Word of God. The principal message of the event was titled “The Gospel of Salvation”. That day, devotionals were made from 5 to 6 am in the corresponding lodgings. THURSDAY

The morning of the se-


september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

cond day, Reverend Rodolfo Gonzales made his preaching based on the topic: “The great Commission and the Devotion”. In the afternoon, a special reunion was held for the pastors of WMM and their wives. The message “Our Relationship with the Lord” was brought by Reverend Samuel Da54 Impacto evangelistic

vid Mejia. This message clearly explained why is vital to have a relationship with the Master, and motivated each pastor to continue cultivating that relationship. That night, Reverend Mejia gave a preaching titled “Our father who is in heaven”. FRIDAY

On the third day, the Mis-


sionary service was performed in the morning. The Reverend Rodolfo Gonzales and the pastor David Mejia urged the congregation to motivate the missionary work. In this glorious event, 20 brothers and 14 sisters were promoted to Lay Preacher; 16 pastors were promoted to Licensed Preacher; and

one Licensed pastor was promoted to Ordained Minister. In the afternoon, the families got together in a special meeting. At night, Reverend Rodolfo Gonzalez preached about the prophecies and shared his testimony, which shook the attending people and caused a great impact in the pastor’s lives.


The last day, all the people celebrated the closing worship and the 25 years of the Ministry in Yelagiri Hills. The Pastor Sam Jacob shared his testimony about how his ministry started modestly and how it has grown. The congregation recognized the loyalty of God -since

2003- to the ministry in Yelagiri and to the Work of the Worldwide Missionary Movement. All the people attending the event were witnesses of the great blessings spilled in each service. Everybody could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit when they heard the Word. They were deeply touched u september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

Bible study for children in Philippines Let’s share the Word of God with old men, men, women, youth, adolescents and, of course, with the little ones, the children.


ND HE SAID TO THEM, ‘Go into the entire world and preach the gospel to every creature’ ” (Mark 16:15). The Worldwide Missionary Movement in the Philippines (Que56 Impacto evangelistic

zon City) carries out every Saturday “The Bible Study for sa mga Bata” (Study of the Bible for children), from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Children between 4 and 13 years old attend these classes.

They live in places near the Church such as Matahimik and Malaya. Although most of them come from dysfunctional and non-Christian families, they wait at home with great joy

every Saturday for the brothers to pick them up and take them to the temple. There, they learn spiritual hymns and Bible stories, which contribute to their spiritual growth. From 25 to 30 children attend these classes. In order to facilitate their understanding of the Word it is necessary to translate simultaneously the classes into the native language “Ta-


galog� as many of the children do not understand English. It is actually a blessing to teach the children the Word of God. Here is certainly the best ground to sow the seed of the Word

of God because someday it would bear fruits. Due to the constant assistance of children to these classes every Saturday, they became the instruments that God is using to

help their parents to come to the feet of Christ. Also, the Word of God has cleaned them and changed their violent behavior, which many of them had at the beginning. God will continue

helping this work for the children to come to the feet of the Lord. They will be blessed in the Church of Christ; they will be the future generation that will announce the Good News of Salvation u september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

Fellowship of children in Panama Hundreds of kids from the different churches in the area prepared themselves for singing special songs to praise and bless the Lord.


AST July 6th, the Prebysterium 1 celebrated a glorious fellowship of children, together with the churches 58 Impacto evangelistic

of Panama Center and Panama West, in the Central Church of Parque Lefevre. Hundreds of kids from

the different churches in the area prepared themselves for singing special songs to praise and bless the Lord in

this fellowship. The sister Adrianis Smith was in charge of bringing the Word of God. This activity was organized by Sisters Loyra de Terrientes y Janeth Alleyne. We must remember that Jesus once said: “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14) u


Great Fellowship of Women in Chiquiri The Work of the Lord in Panama highlighted the beautiful motto “Woman go back to Old Path” to celebrate the glorious fellowship.


HE women of the province of Chiriqui, in the Republic of Panama, performed a glorious

provincial Fellowship. This was attended by Sisters Adaluz Simiti de Gonzales, Isabel de Ra-

mirez, Laura de Bracho y Edoray de Aguilera, who are members of the National Directive of Women.

The motto of this fellowship was “Women go back to Old Path”. The Bible messages were focused on maintaining the sound doctrine, that means a life full of praying and devotion, as His Word commands. Living that way, the Lord will bless us with victories even in hard moments u september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

Family Fellowship in Iquitos “Only God makes men happy” was the theme of the fellowship organized by the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Iquitos, Capital of the Peruvian Amazon.


HE Christian activity -celebrated from July 10th to 14th- attracted the attention of all the country and took place, at night, in 60 Impacto evangelistic

the stadium Max Austin and, in the morning, in the coliseum Juan Pinasco Villanueva. The delegations of the coast, mountain

range and jungle filled the two sport areas of the stadium. In the first service, the National Supervisor, Reverend Luis M. Bocanegra, the

Vice-president of the Work in Peru, Reverend Juan Espiritu and others preachers were present. In one of the services, the brother Fernando Ñaupari preached and had the opportunity to testify his life in the world of homosexuality and his conversion to Christianity. Furthermore, he told the details about his recent request for change


of name made before the Peruvian authorities and the effects of it on the media. The five-day Christian activity was enjoyed by the thousands of families in that zone and by the users of Bethel Television, Radio and Internet. There, they were blessed by the Lord and remembered that “Only God makes men happy� u september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

Fellowship in Africa A special service of fellowship and thanksgiving took place and a temple of the Work was built in just one day.


HIS activity took place in the city of Añisok in the Prebistery Nr. 2, Ecuatorial Guinea, from July 11th to 13th. Jaime Esono and his wife Sixta 62 Impacto evangelistic

are pastors of this town. The worships of the fellowship were celebrated under an arbor, where approximately 300 people got together.

The last day, the visiting Pastors received gifts. The attendance of the workers of that zone was incredible. Taking advantage of

this reunion of churches, a temple was built using semi-permanent material. The value of this temple (7 meters wide and 10 meters long), which was provided by the brothers, amounts to thousand dollars. The temple is located in the town of Dum, where the Pastor Jaime Esono shepherds u


Fellowship in Uruguay The Worldwide Missionary Movement celebrated a precious fellowship on Sunday, July 14th. This celebration took place in the Central Church of the city of Montevideo, Oriental Republic of Uruguay.


HE event was attended by brothers from the departments of Canelones and San Jose. The motto of the fellowship was “Perfect in unity”. The Word

of God was presented by pastor Alfonso Martinez, national supervisor of the Work in Uruguay. At the second service, the Pastor Martinez prea-

ched a special message under the theme “Hungry for hearing the Word of God”. The message was for the young people who want to serve the Lord u september 2013



Worlwide Missionar Movement

1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia









With an attendance of about a hundred people, the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Switzerland organized the Second Children Fellowship, held under the theme : “Jesus, children’s best friend”, based on the biblical passage of Matthew 19:14, which says: “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” This activity was held on July 6 in Zurich. Sister Ruth Sueiro, local pastor, showed her gratitude: “We thank our Lord Jesus Christ for granting us the privilege of making this Second Children Fellowship 2013, which was attended in the first place by our Heavenly Father. We also counted on the presence of pastors from different churches in Switzerland with their respective congregations. During the day, children rejoiced greatly in praise, special activities and the powerful Word presented by Sister Mercedes Lechón from Basel City.

64 Impacto evangelistic

It was held from 7 to 17 July. During this time, a group of brothers was biblically trained for a better performance to the Lord’s Work. The intensive course of the Horeb Biblical Seminary was given for ten days at the Central Church of Mexico, located in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico. The study group consisted of 22 brothers from different churches in Zone 2, where the Presbyter is Rev. Audiel Alcantara Ponce. They were taught courses corresponding to Level 1 in Theology. The subjects given were: Biblical Studies, Survey of the Old Testament, Survey of the New Testament, Homiletics and Introduction to Sunday School.

The Church in this part of Africa celebrated the end of the school year with a gift giving activity to those children who successfully passed the final examinations. This activity was held last June, and it was organized by age and levels, from preschool to college. Equatorial Guinea is a country of central Africa, one of the smallest in the continent. The official languages are Spanish (national language), French and Portuguese.

The WMM Church in Orange Walk, Belize, held a glorious and powerful Second Youth Convention from 12 to 14 July under the theme: “Young man, take God’s whole armor.” Preachers during these days were Rev. Jorge Melchor, Sister Sandra de Cooper and Anselmo Cooper, National Supervisor. They were very special days in the presence of God. Many were renovated, others saved, and some healed by the power of God. Orange Walk is one of the jurisdictions of northwestern Belize, and its capital is Orange Walk Town.


Is it biblical to applause in church? There are eleven biblical quotations related to applause or hand clapping in the Scriptures.


N NUMBERS 24:10, Balak smites his hands together in disgust and anger to berate Balaam for blessing the Israelites instead of cursing them. In Job 34:37, Elihu accuses Job of wickedness, rebellion and hypocrisy, and for clapping his hands as if just. In 2 Kings 11:12, the people clap their hands at the coronation of the boy king Joash of Judah. In Lamentations 2:15, the enemies of Jerusalem clap their hands in mockery and contempt before the destruction of the city. In Ezekiel 21:14, God commands the prophet to smite his hands together while prophesying focused on the judgment and the destruction of Jerusalem.

In Ezekiel 21:17, God says that He will also smite His hands together, thus affirming the judgment and destruction of Jerusalem. In Ezekiel 25:6, the Ammonites clap their hands in joy for the ruin and destruction of Jerusalem. In Nahum 3:19, all the oppressed of the Assyrian Empire and its capital, Nineveh, clap the hands for the utter ruin and destruction of the empire. It is very remarkable to see that clapping or applauding among the people of God was not an ordinary action during praise and worship to God. This means that in no occasion did applause accompany oral praise. There was no applause without praise, but there was praise without applause. Note that the following three verses are the only ones in the Bible that include applause during praise and worship to God:

“O clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph.” Psalm 47:1. “Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.” Psalm


“For ye shall go out with joy (the oral joy caused by the word of God spoken through His mouth, verse 11), and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.” Isaiah

55:12. Moreover, as regards praise expressed orally without applause, there are over 150 verses. Sometimes we see in some congregations that instead of praising God with “voice of rejoicing and salvation” (Psalm 118:15), they just merely clap, but we have to guide them and tell them that praising God, as “fruit of our lips” (Hebrews 13:15) and “offer unto God thanksgiving” (Psalm 50:14), cannot be replaced with applause. It is OK to clap but always praising God with shouts of joy and salvation so that we are well aware whom and why we are applauding. In fact, applause is given to anyone - either a preacher, a politician, a speaker, an athlete, a horse or a dog - but praise and worship orally expressed belong solely and exclusively to God. Many people, even in Pentecostal congregations, are imitating the dull and shallow applause of evangelical programs on television, thus replacing oral praise. As if they had their tongues stuck to the palate! u september 2013



Missionar Movement THEYWorlwide WRITE TO US... 1963 America • 1963 Europe • 1981 Oceania • 1984 Africa • 1989 Asia

cartas@impactoevangelistico.net ELENA God bless you, brothers from Impacto Evangelistic. Thank God, because every day we can see what He does in other parts of the world. I am grateful to God for being part of the WMM Church. May God bless the uplifting website they have designed for God’s people and the whole world. From Colombia.


MAURICIO PALOMINO I am grateful to God, because while searching the Internet I found your magazine. I was filled with His Word and spiritual knowledge. Blessed and praised be God forever and ever. Be blessed brothers for making this great magazine. From Panama City, Panama.

May God richly bless all the team from Impacto Evangelistic. This is an important work, because by this magazine we get to know the move of the Work worldwide. I thank my Lord for being part of this beautiful Work established for the last days. You are in our prayers. A brotherly hug. From Formosa, Argentina.

become stronger for the edification of God's people. There are plenty of websites on the Internet, but in my opinion this is the only one having God's direction, and in that sense I believe that every person visiting the site is a seed planted. From Colombia.



God bless the team from Impacto Evangelistic magazine. I think it is great, keep going, do not give up. From Colombia

KARINA Hello, I would like to congratulate you for the great blessing you bring into our lives through the pure Word of my Lord. From Chiclayo, Peru.

ALEXANDER TROCHEZ Until a few days ago, I did not know about this great means of blessing that God has given us for these times. We hope it will

God bless you. I am filled with joy to see how the Work grows thanks to the Lord’s blessing. In Christ we are more than conquerors! From Maracaibo, Venezuela.

MARÍA FERNANDA PÉREZ May God greatly bless the editors of this magazine that has long meant a blessing and edification to the Christian community. May God give you every day the growth and strength you need to keep going. From Cartagena, Colombia.

HERNANDO AMORIM I am very impressed with the beauty of this Christian Work carried out through a virtual instrument led by the Holy Spirit. May it be an instrument for integrity, commitment and fulfillment of the Word of taking Jesus Christ’s message to the world. God bless the team of this magazine. I am very happy. From Brazil.

GLOBAL AGENDA 2013 JANUARY 2-5 Puerto Rico Convention 7-14 Colombia Convention

FEBRUARY 11-13 Meeting of supervisors in Central America 14-17 Belice Convention 14-17 Paraguay Convention (Asuncion) MARCH 4-7 International Board meeting in Panama MAY 14-19 International Congress in Panama JUNE 18-21 Convention in Colombia (Pastors and youth) 26-29 India Convention JULY 4-6 Mexico Convention 24-27 Republica Dominicana Convention AUGUST 6-10 Venezuela Convention 15-18 Ecuador Convention (Santo Domingo Tsachilas) 15-18 Convention Haiti 28-31 Africa Convention OCTOBER 3-6 Convention Australia (Melbourne) 4-6 Canada National Fellowship 8-11 Ladies Colombia National Convention 22-24 Convention Rodrigues Island 24-27 Uruguay Convention (Montevideo) 25-27 Mauritius Convention 31 – 3 nov Chile (Santiago) NOVEMBER 5-10 Peru Convention 20-24 Guatemala Convention DECEMBER 5-8 Brazil National Convention (Manaus)

JACQUELINE DONE God bless you greatly. I got your address on the Internet. From Louisville, USA. UU.

MARÍA God bless the pastoral staff and their whole family in faith. You are a great blessing to my spiritual growth. From Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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