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Students EXPOSED


Our expose reveals the darker underbelly of student life

What is your campus ID?


We go pole dancing

The best night out in Nottingham?


The holiday fling: who cheats 15 more?

We spent 36 hours in Hallward




Sun, sex and suspicion for UoN students abroad

Our readers slug it out over the best nightclub in town


The Einstein Drug



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UoN COMES UNDER FIRE FOR ARMS FUNDING The University has received nearly ÂŁ6 million from arms firms over the past three years, according to From 1stApril 2009 to 17th May 2012, the University

A Freedom of Information request revealed that the University does not currently receive funding

Consultant Engineer at BAE Systems, is quoted on

A UoN spokesperson addressed the claims, stating:

support or seek to support, directly or indirectly, the on the website, which are for research to improve engines, electrical systems, composite materials,

involved in weapons research is wrong - little, if any, research funded at the university is directly military

forced to pay fines amounting to $450 million to the works in close collaboration with many large US and UK as a result of corrupt defence contracts companies on the development of the latest agreed with Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Sweden, the as Rolls Royce and BAE Systems is not on the development of technologies for military applications In February 2012, the Ministry of Defence admitted but innovation that will help to improve the quality of that it had sold arms to undemocratic governments civilian life, such as improved safety or reducing the In light of this, CAAT wants universities to adopt more ethical investment policies that they believe track-record of helping organisations such as the Open Society Institute and the UNESCO PEACE CAAT, projects funded by arms companies permit Kateryna Rolle Illustration by Ebony Inyangete

University departments benefiting most from this funding are the Department of Mechanical Materials, Manufacturing, Engineering & Management, the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, UoN is not alone in accepting funding from revealed that between 2001 and 2006, more than 1,900 military projects were conducted in the 26 British universities (including Nottingham) covered CAAT estimates that these military projects added up to a minimum income of ÂŁ725 million for the Transparency International, an international corruption monitoring organisation, emphasises that the international arms trade is one of the three

agreed to pay fines of up to $79 million to the US government for breaking military export rules in






The campaign forms part of planned Labour policy to introduce a living wage calculated according to

poverty, and are alleged to sustain two or three jobs Speaking to Implode, Mike Pugh highlighted why he thought it was important to bring the living wage to

caterers, cleaners and even some members of the

not get to see their children at night, and we think

should get involved in, and stop happening on our Sally Davidson, President of Labour Students,

Although Labour students originally introduced the campaign to Nottingham, Pugh said the motion itself was not submitted on behalf of a political party, as

The motion was passed by SU council on 11th December meaning that the Union has now resolved to lobby the University to pay a Living

majority of University of Nottingham staff are earning THE UK WERE AT RISK OF LIVING IN


at the lower levels of pay compares favourably with staff working in equivalent positions outside of the

Ben Pollard, Community Organiser for Citizens UK; the group that has helped develop the Living Wage According to pay scales, the maximum the SU pay campaign since its start in 2001, highlighted the importance of student involvement in wider social The University of Nottingham turned over ÂŁ511 for a CEO-type role, although no one is currently working at our University who are being paid below

earner at the University is the Vice-Chancellor who

Union are paid at the National Minimum Wage; 4


Pugh, along with fellow students Sally Davidson to implement the policies of the Living Wage

Antonia Paget Image by Charlotte Albert

OF THE ANIMALS? At the height of the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza The Jerusalem Post widest read English newspaper, made the most While other media were covering the escalating bloodshed in the region, The Post covered the tragic story of distress caused by the noise of rocket This is an issue of utmost importance both in this of the media has been silent for so long should be a matter of great shame for our industry, even more so than the ongoing issues of journalists gaining illegal will, hopefully, be forgotten about now that there is a Implode decided to send out a team of dedicated reporters to chase down stories of animals in distress wherever the press has been focussing relentlessly upon the human tragedy at the expense

damage caused by Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the North American East Coast, leading to mass homelessness and severe depressive disorders amongst the stick insect population of In one particularly tragic case a stick insect, referred suffering from a prolonged identity crisis since the and lacking a sense of perspective, he has become increasingly withdrawn, hiding from both the public It can only be hoped that other journalists will also follow the brave steps of The Jerusalem Post and continue to bring matters of true global importance James Rathbone

ENTER QATARI The Emir of Qatar has pledged ÂŁ250 million in investment towards improving infrastructure in

would provide the minimum requirement of calories

will lead to a loosening of the Gaza-Egypt border

to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make

This is bad news for Israel, which recently

Palestinians are evidently not great dieters – smuggling tunnels have long been used to get

However, fears that more goods entering Gaza will turn Palestinians into obese foodies seem

Ben McCabe

calculate how many truckloads of food per week

IMPACT 221 215


STUDENTS STUDENTS CONFESS! What do you really know about your flatmates? Your reps? Even your lecturers? Have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors – or UNDERNEATH THE SHEETS? To satisfy your thirst for scandal, Implode went undercover to explore and expose the secret lives of Nottingham students! Here are some



Emma lost her virginity to him in his flat and then went – Sophie* in bed – and ended up headbutting me during Roxy

I found it, and wrote a note in mascara because I Joe

with my Dad and I ended up sleeping with one of Sarah PhD in Medical Physics and Bioengineering – so Dan

luckily left at the right time because five minutes later, I had a phone call from my boyfriend saying that he was standing outside my flat! To this day he

*Names have been changed Do you have a shock sex confession? Look out for at Ocean.


HOOKED ON HARD DRUGS? Students are also taking greater risks with their drug popular student residences are a hotbed of drugs

Over half of students surveyed are missing lectures, deadlines and even exams because they are drunk or high, Implode This comes after 230 students confessed to our researchers that drugs are readily available on

taken hard drugs on a night out, and have even

club – he was actually surprisingly nice! to pay a lot more for your order – if you know what sweated buckets and spent 18 hours re-arranging

but they did not check the most obvious place, in February, my fellow English student got high in a the front pocket of my hoodie, which contained a Lyrical Ballads and speak in iambic pentameter! It was

60%* of students have missed a lecture because they were drunk “I got offered “A guy in a major club offered me drugs by a pizza delivery crystal meth, he was surprisingly nice!” man!” “If you know the right 10%* have missed a people, it’s easy to find deadline drugs at Nottingham.” 8%* have missed because they an exam because were drunk they were drunk

We Asked... You Responded

Illustration Opposite by Harry Dinsdale

*230 students surveyed

that adventurous but according to our latest survey Nottingham Uni certainly has a reputation for, erm,

Ocean dancefloor In a bird-watching shed Blowjob by the campus lake Under the canal bridge Cliff-tops overlooking the beach Changing room of a public swimming pool With a random from my course in Crisis…pretty disgusting I know On The Downs The gardens at Alton Towers Over a car-bonnet IMPACT 221 215


What’s YOUR Campus ID?

Words by Jannike Ohsten

Graduation. No other word inspires such fear in the minds and hearts of university students. But where will you end up after university? Take our

1 When a bill arrives through the post you…

2 Your perfect holiday would be…

3 You and your housemates are in TK Maxx. You gravitate to…

A: Somewhere peaceful, where you can think about such responsibilities!

D: Somewhere with internet access and air

F: Brazil, Zimbabwe, Japan, New Zealand,

E: The dressing gowns – what would make you F: The backpacks! Now, which one would hold a hammock, condoms and a mini torch?

going off and the thermal pants are coming out!









You and your friends are planning on going to see a play‌

You have a couple of hours spare before a lecture. What do you do?

two days, and you need to know whether the dog has time! of you can wait to take your future kids on outings like


with strangers and being able to throw up on the

If you answered mostly‌ important to you than sharing your life with a albeit with the added sense of superiority created PhDs are a useful way of postponing the shock of

see in the world, how could you possibly get a job?

IMPACT 221 215



NOTTINGHAM Implode hit the streets and asked our readers to name their

Bodega AKA The Bodega Social Club

Bad JuJu Tiki Bar soon to be Bad Papas Tiki Shack

Rescue Rooms

Location: 23 Pelham Street – near The Blue Bell, Location: 25 Goldsmith Street, between Rock City Location: 9 Broad Street, Hockley and Stealth Who goes?: Bad Juju attracts the alternative crowd Who goes?: Purple-lipped girls in denim shirts, – so expect plenty of dermal piercings, tattoos and Who goes?: dreads, obscure vintage jumpers and hearing fans of fairisle jumpers, indie lovers and table-tennis Megan says Kamiah says Hannah says something between a warehouse, the Cavern Club little different to your clubbing calendar – so if you and crotch grinding here – no one gives a shit what fancy swapping the Gangnam Style dance and jagerbombs for a night of alternative anthems and drinks served in sandcastle buckets are a highlight, hip-hop, garage, reggae or cheesy throwback pop, purple rain shots, then this is the place for you! With songs from artists such as David Bowie, The xx, Fleetwood Mac and The Cure, you can expect a Random fact: Juju is famous for the so-called night full of tunes most other clubs simply don't cater Random fact: This venue boasts one of the nicest Random fact: Did I mention Tuesdays are 2-4-1 Rating: 9/10

Hannah Murray

Rating: 7/10

Ocean Fridays at Ocean

Rating: 8/10

Megan Clarke

Kamiah Overaa

VICE at Coco Tang

Location Who goes?: Ocean attracts one of the largest demographics of students –

Location a group of people discussing how many ponies they have, you can safely Who goes?: spend a few hours on a Monday night, provided you like the look, smell and

Chem says some nakedness or you just want to have a bloody good time, this is the place

Suzi says time to study the drinks menu and convince yourself that a teapot of absinthe

Random fact: Ocean has been the official Friday night for the University of

Random fact: Expect to bang your head on hanging lanterns and end your

Rating: 10/10




Rating: 6.5/10 (provided Daddy is paying, of course)


Images by Edward Marshall and Emma Charalambous Do you want to review nights out for Implode




AND SURVIVED… SORT OF. Excessive time spent in the library is a fact of life for most students, often leading to all-nighters as two of its writers (Eb and Rose) down to their library

too – one came and had a chat about cricket and Work began promisingly, despite an early break for jettisoned Ocean in favour of a Friday night in the Despite the plans for a caffeine-filled second night, productivity unravelled as we entered the last few

It is 4:50am and a library security guard is standing out; I pull down the hood on my bat onesie in order

firmly putting into perspective what we were trying

Following our impossibly early rise, work continued

while the dedicated efforts of two visiting editors imposed shackles were released at 5:20am, it was

with the mentality of a four-year-old child by the time Bleary eyed, we yawn, gather our numerous bags Visitors plagued our afternoon, seriously inhibiting

Would we recommend spending 36 hours in a library? Although we did get plenty of work done, an average of 16 hours between us, productivity tailed

hours of studying in Hallward seemed like a perfect Perhaps when it comes to exams, we'd advise way to catch up on all of that work that we should waking up early to trek into campus rather than Fortune Boy dinner was an expensive reminder of have done throughout the term, redressing that spending the night shielding your eyes from social life/work life balance that so often tilts towards library be? We had prepared meticulously: books, notepads, laptops, energy drinks, sleeping bags – even a up base camp on the ground floor in Hallward and 12


The Hallward staff however were wonderful a protest, a senior gave us permission to stay as



Modafinil is generally prescribed for fatigue-related disorders, but a much-loved side effect is that it gives Similarly, whilst the quantity of work you're capable you the attention span and focus reminiscent of an of will be much higher than usual, the quality won't intense game of Jenga and an uncompromising working ideal you promise to be at the start of each diversions like Facebook or Come Dine with Me, but rather you'll be able to ignore these distractions and Another positive is that, by taking prescription drugs when you don't need them, you get that anarchistic kick of sticking it to the man without resorting to won't shoot through the roof and you won't start remembering paragraphs of a textbook you saw What about the side-effects, you ask? Seriously,


something you have to remind yourself to do, and modafinil can make some birth control pills

If you need to spend a straight seven hours working on coursework, you'll find nothing better than

A. Gressive Lee-Awake

dizziness and diarrhea - rather inconvenient during the rest of your life - do you intend to continue using

similar way to cocaine and although the chance of Anxiety and mood swings and rarely psychosis addiction is claimed by some to be relatively low, this

Ruth Macey

people experience headaches and some suffer




POLE DANCING Our teacher, having developed a sixth sense for recognising when students are on the verge of physical collapse, called an end to both the class What could I do to reform my reckless, slovenly, air, exhausted, bruised, and clutching ginger biscuits Having persuaded a friend/victim to accompany me

a brief stop at the Old Angel Inn, where we were faced with a sea of dirty pint glasses and forlorn customers, we were successfully redirected by a Determined that this rocky start would not undermine a good evening of Fun and Learning, we burst into the studio on that fateful Friday evening, armed with Greeted by the sight of a male, clad in baby blue boxers and little else, contorting around a pole in a display of muscly prowess, we were simultaneously

were assaulted, retinas imprinted with the image of toned bodies twirling in all their healthy, chiselled

Having warmed up with an assortment of leg kicks, arm stretches and hip circulations, we were ushered the dull ache already spreading across my body, I known as Small Beer, Crazy Diamond, Snake

Physically challenging certainly, but working with people who have been dancing for a year or This involved spinning around a pole, a deceptively more, I have seen what it is possible to achieve with a sprinkling of determination and a dash of Who would have guessed that foot, hand and hip placement, alongside head spin, lift, and momentum a hobby in the most unlikely of places and one that Helena Murphy



HOLIDAY SEX: WHO CHEATS MORE, GUYS OR GIRLS? Have you ever wondered what happens on those best not – our survey reveals that 15% of University of Nottingham students would cheat on their partner while abroad, if they knew they could get away with it! And watch out – according to our readers, men are 10 times more likely to stray! Hundreds of Notts students also offered shock confessions, ranging from secret snogs to full-blown holiday romances – while their partners sat at home! You have to read it to believe it! One source explains how an argument between a once-loving couple on the shores of Cancun led to Women are far from innocent when it comes to

was on a trip with college and I flirted with a guy all agreed that if a boy got his girlfriend an expensive week, stayed in their (sic) room a lot and even slept present, he was allowed to cheat on her! They had in the same bed! We almost did stuff but I said no at Most of our testimonials were about cheating

this person, and my partner never would have

40% of Notts students believe men are more likely to cheat than women, compared to just 4% of sent to a friend going into detail about everything transgressions on the Internet perhaps?

‘We saw handcuffs on the floor ‘His girlfriend never it was kinky, kinky found out, but she sex!’ didn’t like me texting him afterwards!’

were still surprised by the number of Nottingham students who were more than willing to point the

Ellie, a medical student from Stockpool, spoke to Implode frankly about her regrets over her tryst

innocent. Anna Bootstrap

‘I flirted with someone all week, and even slept in the same bed.’ IMPACT 221





Images by Harry Dinsdale




Hangover TYLCELOSET S Knits Clockwise from top left: Paisley jumper by Asos Sleeve by Accessorize Zara Knitted Fluffy Crochet Jumper by Topshop Boutique Rokit Vintage Boucle Littlewoods

In the bleak midwinter, the frosty winds certainly like a better idea than taking full advantage of the upon waking up the next morning, reality hits you



you have 3000 words due in less than a week and If all you really want is comfort then stay cozy in knits massive on the catwalks, the high-street also has a bounty of novelty knits and cosy jumpers to


Very Topshop, Zara

The key to making a look out of this is the multi-knit approach: wear a jumper with a beanie, or knitted with knitwear is too much print; fair-isle is nice,

Blazer by Topshop Topshop Shoes by Newlook Topshop Model: Stephanie Rew Photography by Charlotte Albert IMPACT 221



A Savage Ride to the Heart of an Indian Nightmare M

ark liked to smoke crack - only casually rehabilitation reasons, the only real option left is been clinging for life on the back, round about the pretty much over now and he seemed like to consume copious amounts of Nepalese hash

Indian restaurant passing round hash, we listened decided to accompany this drunken Irishman, who powerlessness that hits a man at this point in his life, to his fond memories of a youth spent in a London Everything was going surprisingly well until the Obviously, the best thing that anyone could possibly Evil Knievel - if Evil Knievel was up to his eyeballs an over confident drug fiend will always adopt plan B do is to take advice from a recovering crackhead first and so my mate revved the bike and gunned it who is motorcycling across India in the midst of a made it, but then I was sprawled across the dirt, my



Britain’s Dullest Days Out

Tour of Britain’s Best Roundabouts The roundabout is an integral part of daily life for all road users, but the gyratory intersection time you took a few seconds to really bask in the light of a great roundabout?

president of the UK Roundabout Appreciation

for the perfect, holy grail gyratory and now I think January is upon us; that month of perpetual adrift on a sea of revision and daunting word

Teapot Island – Kent whiling away your days at one of these delightful

British Lawnmower Museum – Merseyside

about the weather, but do you know what we Teapot Island is a quintessentially British

lawnmowers, this is a museum that really

Teapot Island, has amassed 6,500 teapots from all over the world in her arduous yet evidently 6,500 teapots, a guaranteed mind-numbing day

Why not really push the boat out and purchase the LawnmowerWorld DVD or the LawnmowerWorld T-shirt?

Bakelite Museum – Somerset

The Cumberland Pencil Museum – Keswick

helmet clattering down the road (safety first in any situation) and an Indian boy Mark rode back to find us bleeding on

ranging from interwar telephones and egg cups to napkin rings and even a Bakelite coffin, this

his laughter as we told him how events

browsing plastic, never fear, there are caravans stationed outside waiting for you to spend the

vague, unquestionable advice we set off

But if you harbour a penchant for pencils, part with just £15 of hard earned dollar for an annual ticket so that you can relive the experience over

Helena Murphy





What were you doing at 4am on Sunday 25th November?

Whatever it was, almost certainly the last thing on your mind was a

“4amproject @4amproject: And we are off on our #nottingham #4amproject walk! Over 40 photographers have hit the city streets! :)� Yes, at this ungodly hour 40 photographers hit the streets of Nottingham to capture the city whilst the rest of us slept, pulled essay all-nighters, Rallied by photographer Karen Strunks, the group share a common aim: Strunks cites an early morning drive through her home city of Birmingham

immortalised by the nocturnal, evanescent flash - since its creation in 2008 the 4am project has seen over 6,000 images captured in over 50




What does Lenton look like at 9am? What happens on campus whilst you hit snooze for the 5th time? What, if anything, are we missing out on? On Tuesday 4th December we decided to become exceptions to the stereotype and leave the house at 8:30am, together with our cameras, to answer We concluded, between yawns, that unless you are to be seen at 9am and therefore we are completely Lauren Wilson, Kiran Benawra Alix Hattenstone and HyeRan Kim




DARK PSY-D OF THE CHOON: GANGNAM STYLE, A TRIBUTE Trading as PSY, Seoul producer Park Jae-sang has over the last decade acquired a fervent following for his welding together called a Hendrix for the electronica generation but might more

brooding digital dystopia stripped of any lyrical agenda so all that Over a musical backdrop of chimes, feedback and bursts of

blessing, and a journey across a purgatorial landscape dodging it 'K-Pop', but that would do a disservice to PSY, who has created

Ben James






Revision Playlist

you revise with a playlist of songs intended comprised mostly of minimal, instrumental, ambient-at-times electronic music, perfect for when you want a little company as you revise, but not too busy so that it becomes


Aphex Twin - Xtal Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - In Motion James Blake - I Only Know (What I Know Now) Boards Of Canada - Julie And Candy Justice - Valentine Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane The Field - A Paw In My Face RĂśyksopp - A Higher Place Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal

Actress - N.E.W. Brian Eno - Becalmed Squarepusher - Tommib Help Buss Daft Punk - Veridis Quo Zomby - A Devil Lay Here Helios - The Toy Garden Julianna Barwick - Prizewinning Stars of the Lid - Another Ballad for Heavy Lids Air - Alone In Kyoto Four Tet - She Just Likes To Fight Burial - Ashtray Wasp

DISSECTING THE BUGG: IS THERE ANYTHING INSIDE? Just who is Jake Bugg? Not Bob Dylan, is the

Implode of those who compare him to Dylan This was one of the few highlights of interviewing Bugg - his face actually lit up as he cited his 1960s

Bugg seemed to demonstrate pure apathy to the world and his music for the majority of the Musicians are hardly renowned for their off-stage charisma, but it is a worrying sign when the interviewer shows more interest in the artist's music He recalled the intricate advice he received from being the first Nottingham number one: Several other pearls of deep insight were provided

Of course, we have to go easy on Bugg - he is only interview he was going through a mild existential crisis about growing up and his mind was therefore knows? Either way, nice music Jake, shame about Tony Coltrane




This review would be incomplete if it did not comment on the carnal aspect of Avengers XXX – but even these Braun handles with consummate

to an emotionally expressive scene with her lover, suggests an internal conflict, which can never Hawkeye or to her quest to save humanity? Braun unashamedly poses these difficult questions, and why not?

stopping scene with Phoenix Marie (star of such films as Monster Wet Anal Asses and War On A Rack) explores racial tensions within contemporary who finishes the scene looking like a well-glazed doughnut, and why not? An arbiter of taste, Braun allows the camera to focus

here and, much to our collective relief, never once The production team are acutely aware of the trans-media connotations of casting former WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion Chyna as


than-stellar performance, however, as the green

Lamentably though, this production is not without

Implode Reviews

Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody

only has a mere minute of screen time in which he does his best Lou Ferrigno impression, but ends up Beneath its silicone exterior, Avengers XXX is a of the source text and instead focuses on the sounding like a warthog, and why not? interpersonal relationships of the would-be saviours expectations and leaves Avengers XXX wide becomes obvious that if the Avengers are to conquer the demons of New York City, they must

endure further spanking? Will Nick Fury overcome

Writer/director Axel Braun, ever an auteur of the porn parody, diverts our attentions from the villains

which almost make you forget you are watching a English accent withstand another seven minutes of screen time? Russ D. Piston 4.5/5 *

26 54 52

IMPACT 221 218


THE EDGE The Edge - Nottingham longer understand what the characters are saying,

background of a shot, post a photo of it on his or Produced by members of , about members her Facebook wall and nominate a player to drink a of , for members of , the student drama show has gathered something of a cult following another if a character remembers to mention one of the many, many friends that they have lost in the game suitable for new watchers and seasoned suspiciously similar to an episode of is an LSD-induced dream sequence or if it is the start of a long montage or interpretive dance scene can nominate someone




A Beginners Guide to:


the mind numbing monotony that comes from of non-prescription medication for those exam part of the year when you slowly become a total recluse and all the social skills you usually The idea is simple: possess seem to vanish into thin air, thanks to of the exam time routine, there is a simple form

A need to put off work + a love of food = PROCRASTIBAKING The best things to procrastibake are the simple beauty behind these procrastibakes is that not work and have some baked goods! This is our only are they delicious but you can take them suggestion for an easy procrastibake:

CHEWY NUTELLA COOKIES Ingredients: 64g butter 64g granulated sugar 64g soft light brown sugar 100g Nutella 1 egg Âź tsp vanilla essence (optional) 190g plain flour 1 tsp baking powder 130g milk chocolate (chopped into small chunks)

Method: Put the butter and sugar in a bowl and add the egg, Nutella and vanilla essence Sieve the flour and baking powder into Use roughly a dessert spoonful of dough for each cookie and place on a baking tray Take the cookies out and leave to cool for a few minutes on the tray (they are quite soft), then remove to fully cool on a wire Enjoy the success of your procrastibake! Emma Drabble 28





Empire: Total War

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

With five factions to join, sixteen cities and Empire: Total War is a turn-based strategy game is another turn-based settlements harbouring a countless number of strategy game (sensing a theme here?) where you quests, campaign you pick a powerful nation and get given control the highly advanced secret organisation, mods available on Steam; highlights include one very fun but far too addictive and easy to go off track; that turns all the spiders in the game into Spiderman, and another that gives monocles and top hats to all immersive and the gameplay is intense, requiring a Timothy Winstanley playing this game and only beaten it twice! Liam Ross

Tom Mackay

2012 in Brief: Implode Browses this Game of the Year: The Walking Dead A dash of moral ambiguity, a smidge of zombie apocalypse and half a cup of sobbing uncontrollably at a videogame (stifle that an incredibly forced metaphor, but you also have The Walking Dead is tense, emotional, chaotic, and many more game Tom Mackay

Manliest Game: PokĂŠmon Black and White 2

Weirdest Game: Tokyo Jungle

Most Disappointing Game: Resident Evil 6

There is undoubtedly nothing more manly than Japan has produced a game that is beyond bizarre; Resident Evil 6 leaving home at the tender age of ten to become return to survival horror, it turned out to be nothing want to impress the ladies, show them your level more than a generic third-person shooter short on flamboyant scarves and headlights to dress your Badman McManly Tokyo Jungle wins this award easily; Anil Parmar Tom Mackay

IMPACT 221 219

39 29

lAsT WORds We asked students to tell us a wild sex story they have heard or experienced at Uni for our Students Exposed feature (see p. 6


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