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Yeast Nutritional Supplement Although more known for their use in cooking, yeasts are basically microorganisms and belong to the Fungi Kingdom. They have innumerable species and by far, only 1%of these species have been fully discovered by scientists. The discovered and rightly described species, sum up to around 1500 in number. Yeasts are living organisms and reproduce mainly in two ways. Either they grow on another organism and stick top it unless they become mature or they come out of a single parent. The two processare known as asexual reproduction and budding respectively. Due to its easy handling, yeast supplement has been largely used for study in biological research. Since many millennia now, yeasts have also been popularly used in baking and the processof fermentation. Hence, from the companies that make alcoholic cocktails to homes, yeasts can be seen everywhere. Although yeasts had been in use since thousands of years, their identity was lost for quite some time and their useswere not known to most people in the last few centuries. Diggings in Egypt brought out bakeries and breweries as old as 4000 years old. Even there, yeast was being used for baking and brewing purposes. In the modern era, Yeast Supplement was first viewed microscopically by a Dutch naturalist named Anton van Leeuwenhoek in the year 1608. However, his research was different from what people know about this microorganism today. At that time, yeasts were not considered to be living organisms. It was in 1857 that the world renowned French scientist, Louis Pasteur proved them to be living

organisms and fit for brewing alcoholic drinks. As far as it use in baking is concerned, it has rather continued since ages.Someof the oldest usesof yeasts by modern man in baking have been those of the Dutch who sold it commercially even in the 18th century for making bread. The specie that they used is known as SaccharomycesCerevisiae. By the same time, the brewing quality of this microorganism had also been studied in more detail. Most people only know the use of yeast supplement in fermentation only as far as brewing alcoholic beveragesis concerned. However, only a very few people know that it can also be used for fermenting sugars. Scientists have identified different yeast for fermenting different items and this is how they are being largely used in the food industry around the world. Someof the most popular yeasts are baker’s yeast that is used to produce bread, red rice yeast that is used to ferment red rice and brewer’s yeast that is used in the fermentation of beer. There is also a kind of yeasts that is used to make wine and sugar alcohol. Each of the kinds of yeasts has its own scientific name but for commercial use and production, they have been given the names of the food item that they are used for. This easestheir trade with lay persons. For instance, the red rice yeast supplement is known to scientists as MonascusPurpureus. The use of yeasts extends further to the fermentation of non-alcoholic beveragesas well. It is also not necessary that only one type of this microorganism would be used for just one type of food. There are many kinds of yeasts that are used in baking as well as brewing alcoholic items. Although the oldest proof of the use of yeasts have been found from the archeological sites of ancient Egypt, it is quite possible that they could have been used before that time as well. Whatever might be the use of yeasts was to them,

to a modern man, they are something very useful. Numerous kinds of yeasts have been used in the production of probiotics and nutritional supplements. Although yeasts can severely spoil food and by forming on the layer of food items such as jams, juices and cheese,they have had a long history of undesirable role in people’s lives, they can also work in a very positive manner for human body. Also, many types of yeast have been discovered that causediseases,yeast extracts on the other hand are now being largely used by the food industry for the purpose of flavoring. S Naturally, the composition of this microorganism has been designed to provide a human body with vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals and helps proper growth and function of metabolism, growth and immune systems. Biological advantagesof yeasts are now known to the whole world and it is also being widely used for treatments in the beautification industry. Further research might bring us with more astonishing results about an organism that we cannot even see with a naked eye.

Yeast Nutritional Supplement  
Yeast Nutritional Supplement  

Although more known for their use in cooking, yeasts are basically microorganisms and belong to the Fungi Kingdom. They have innumerable spe...