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Welcome to Brunswick

My family and I have lived in our wonderful city since 2001. I can honestly say that Brunswick really is where it all comes together!


Many of us experienced some extremely difficult times this past year and are anxious for this to end. However, we should also remember that we, as a community, came together to deal with the rigors and struggles of everyday life. Mask wearing and social distancing became common terms in 2020. Our citizens were very patient and looked out for one another. We understood that it took some extra time to travel and accomplish daily tasks, while waiting in longer lines. Throughout all of this, the people of Brunswick remained resilient.

The city continues to move forward as we migrate back to everyday life. Despite adjustments made due to COVID restrictions, Brunswick still operates and our services continue. We have many dedicated people who work for the City of Brunswick who are here to serve and continue to serve all of you.

Our city has about 35,000 residents, and is conveniently situated on I-71, between Cleveland and Akron. We live in a safe community that has won numerous awards. Our police and fire departments are top notch. They do an excellent job protecting the citizens of Brunswick. We have an excellent school system that has access to Cuyahoga Community College, as well as The University of Akron’s Medina County University Center. These are all within the city or conveniently close by.

Over the past ten years, Brunswick has become a hub of medical services. The Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and MetroHealth have all opened and are operating facilities here. This gives our residents numerous quality choices when it comes to choosing medical care.

Brunswick is a business-friendly community. We have a mix of retail and industrial businesses to serve the community. City Hall is always ready to work with businesses that desire to relocate here as well as working with existing businesses to enable them to grow and thrive here.

Especially during this time of COVID, we want to make sure our residents can relax and experience nature, through visiting our numerous parks. Our newest one, Brunswick Lake Park, is home to the Susan Hambley Nature Center. The center hosts a fitness path, fishing, and all kinds of wildlife. The Brunswick Recreation Center offers members numerous opportunities to stay healthy and fit.

As mayor, I am very proud of the city’s resilience in the face of this worldwide pandemic. As we continue to fight against the virus, we will also fight to preserve our way of life. As an almost twenty-year resident of Our Great City, I know that our close-knit community will continue to grow, move forward, and move beyond these difficulties. We will not let Coronavirus defeat us. In the end, we will defeat the virus and continue to thrive in a community that offers so much opportunity to its residents.

Sincerely, Ron Falconi Mayor