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Africa 2010

Photos by Tahir Kapoor. Layout and content by Ishan Kapoor

Well Hello! This past summer we took a trip to Southern Africa. The trip took us through Cape Town, Chobe (Botswana), Matetsi (Zimbabwe), and the Okavango Delta (Botswana). Much to my disappointment the trip did not take us through the border posts of Namibia, and Zambia, because rumor has it they have the best Passport stamps. In the following pages I have tried to document the trip as best I could. Hopefully this will help to keep the memories fresh, and showcase the best aspects of the holiday. Originally I was trying to get this done for Dad’s 50th Birthday, but alas it is nearly Tahir’s 16th birthday, so I guess, Happy Belated Birthday Dad, and Happy Early Birthday Tahir. This book is for you.

Out of Africa Moments

For some strange reason unknown to me I seem to identify the phrase “Out of Africa� with the mystical and adventurous aspects of the continent. Hollywood has long been obsessed with escaping to Morocco and driving rusted cars into an African desert sunset, and although I have never see the film Out of Africa those three words have become my way of labeling the pictures, conversations, and fleeting moments when I truly realized I was in Africa rusted car or not. In the following pages you will find my best attempts at capturing those moments when the gravity of this trip truly took hold. I hope they take you to foreign lands at least in spirit.

Moment #1

Driving 60 MPH in Jeeps like this...

On roads that looked like that...

Into a sunset that looked like this...

Just in time to see a Leopard stretch...

Moment #2

Visiting Zimbabwe was a very surreal experience. I have very vivid memories of winters locked in an Andover basement staring at Robert Mugabe’s face in an attempt to organize countless articles on the African leader for Frontline Magazine. The staring quickly devolved into screaming Mugabe at each other as we destroyed various pieces of junk we found in the publishing office. Actually traveling to Zimbabwe, however, opened my eyes. Now, to me, Zimbabwe is no longer some rouge nation to be analyzed from the comfort of a high school political magazine, nor is it some barren anarchist wasteland as we had envisoned. Upon seeing this sign Zimbabwe became a real place, and I realized how far I was from that cold Andover basement.

Moment #3

As if watching lions trying t on its own, just minutes af our Jeep was a mere 10 feet driver Meier to hit the gas, pu

to take down this buffalo was not a defining moment fter this picture was taken the buffalo got upset that away from him and decided to charge at us forcing our ump his fist repeatedly and shout “THIS IS AFRICA�...

This is Meier

If this seems obvi with his eyes open

ious it is because he is the only person n.

Moment #4


Moment #5

Getting stuck

Moment #6

Victoria Falls

Moment #7 Domestic Departures

Lessons Learned

This trip offered a lot of time for contemplation. Never ending plane journeys, and countless hours spent in Jeeps made up for thinking time lost to short showers and early nights. Although I don’t think I had any life changing revelations, it is interesting to see where the mind wanders when staring out into the abyss. Hopefully some of the notes I have jotted down in the next few pages offer more insight into the trip, or at least into my experience in Africa than pictures of birds, bees, lions, and trees.

On Family


Dad is really quite funny

Speedy, Dad’s new best

Speedy (Khasidie Bosatana Bode) can and Especially since Dad is w

t friend, is in the middle

d will vouch for Dad’s sense of humor. watching him from space.


Tahir finally found a hairstyle that works


And Mom finally found a good maid

On Africa

This trip was our first family adventure to Africa. And although from the get go we were not going to be travleing to places like the Sudan, or Mogadishu, I always seemed to have that impoverished image of Africa in the back of my mind. Our experiences in Africa, however, were naturally quite different because at the end of the day we were on a luxury holiday, and although I am not coming away with an impression of Africa based in that context, Africa did leave its impression on me nonetheless....

First and foremost,

The people were all incredibly friendly. At no point did I feel unwelcome, unsafe, or poorly accommodated. That being said, we had almost no interaction with people who were not staff of the lodges. That nagging feeling always remained that perhaps these people aren’t so nice, but are just really good at doing their jobs. I certainly hope that is not the case, because everyone seemed to be genuine. And after all Herbert (left) went so far as to friend me on Facebook.


Africa has Facebook!!!!!

And finally,

Landscapes in Southern Africa are absolutely breathtaking.

The Main Attraction

So I am sure at this point you are quite sick of hearing me babble about all the personal enlightenment that took place in the African bush, and are anxiously flippling pages hoping to find pictures of all the animals we flew so far to see. You can now rest assured that you are just one turn of the page away from some of the best pictures my brother was able to capture. I hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings and enjoy the pictures.

Still and quiet feline form, In the sun, asleep and warm. His tail is limp, his whiskers drooped. Man, what could make this cat so pooped? --Calvin and Hobbes

Lady, three white leopards sat under a juniper-tree In the cool of the day, having fed to satiety --T.S. Eliot

Bush Vuvuzelas

“God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant, and the cat. He has no real style. He just keeps on trying other things.� --Pablo Picasso

Strange bird from a diff Flying low not like all of If you can’t catch him If you can’t see him yo Stay on the ground or h

ferent nest f the rest m you can’t name him ou can’t claim him he will shoot you down --Jimmy Buffet

The most dangerous animal in the turn, or hide behind a tree.

e Bush. To Avoid: Make a sharp



These hollowed out wooden boats are called Mokoro, and are very similar to Venitian Gondolas. While in Botswana I picked up that art of “Mokoro-ing” and well, almost crashed into the other boat. At least I didn’t crash into one of those frogs.

Those crocodiles that make it

past age 10 live to be over 100.

Hey, hey Cripp Butting through th Make way for the C The waters going down it’

ple Creek ferry he overhanging trees Cripple Creek ferry ’s a mighty tight squeeze. --Neil Young

The End.

Africa Book 2010  

This book captures our 2010 trip to Southern Africa. Enjoy

Africa Book 2010  

This book captures our 2010 trip to Southern Africa. Enjoy