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Plant care tips to make your indoors feel like spring

By Alex Hardgrave email | twitter

Maybe you already have a collection of plants, but some of them need some extra tender loving care. Or you’re worried about buying that plant because you don’t have a green thumb. Well, here are some tips and tricks for keeping those plants happy, healthy and green for spring!

1. It’s better to underwater than to overwater your plants.

According to e Sill, too much water can lead to root rot, so instead of watering plants on a schedule, do it when the plant needs it. If your soil is dry 2 inches deep, then it’s time to water.

2. Be mindful with how you water your plants.

Make sure the water is room temperature because cold water could shock the plants. Also, use ltered water if you can because tap water can have harmful minerals. Water the plants until water drains out of the hole in the bottom of the pot, even if it’s a plant that prefers dry soil.

You could also try watering plants from the bottom, by setting the pot in a saucer or shallow pan, according to Almanac.

3. Be sure to replant.

Replant your plant if it starts to outgrow the pot. You can tell if it has overgrown by the roots circling inside the pot. Transfer it to a larger pot and make sure it has drainage. Spring and summer are the best seasons for repotting your plants, according to Better Homes & Gardens.

4. Protect your plants from bugs and flies.

Start by cutting o any parts that look incredibly damaged by the bugs. is article from Plant Hill Nursery titled, “How to Get Rid of Bugs on Indoor Plants” or other online resources can help you identify which type of bug you’re dealing with. You can also invest in a general indoor plant insecticide or try neem oil to combat bugs.

5. Label your plants.

Labeling plants will help you keep track of each plant’s individual needs. Look up the water and sunlight requirements for your plants to keep them alive and healthy.