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With Clare Lawrence Joshua 'Josh' Brookes is a professional motorcycle road racer and he has experience of both Superbike and Supersport racing, nationally and internationally. He rides for HM Plant Honda and his bike number is 25. Josh was born on the 28th April 1983 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He will be talking to me about what he does best and what his plans are for the future. So Josh, have you always been into motor bikes?

What is it about your job that you love the best?

I started racing Motorcross in 1988 at 5 years old so it’s always been bikes as long as I can remember.

I have always been in love with bikes and I have that male ego thing that makes you want to win everything you do, so combine the two and that’s my job.

What would you say is your greatest achievement so far professionally? That’s got to be winning the World Championship Super Sport race in 2004 at my first attempt; I was a wild card entry. Also, how about personally? Same event as above, personally it was the most rewarding too. I was the outsider that no one was expecting to win. I knew that I was capable and that weekend I was able to prove it. Do you have more goals for the future? You have to have goals; it just goes hand in hand with success. I even have daily goals but I think the ones you want to know are: this season my goal is to win the British Superbike Championship and secure a World Superbike ride in a factory team, then to win WSBK championship, and secure a MotoGP ride.



Have you had a lot of support from friends and family with your work?

JOSHUA BROOKES Do you get friends / family coming to watch you race often?

Could you ever see yourself doing anything different? There are lots of other things I like and could be good at too but I don't see anything else that I could focus my whole life around. I had a look on your website and I saw your videos advertising your sponsors. How did you go about getting these?





The sponsors or the videos? I think you mean the sponsors, well the ones in the industry are easy to get, when you’re winning races that’s just what happens. Sponsors outside the industry are a lot different, and in my case they were friends first that wanted to give me more support.

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I had Dad come over for a week in 06 and Mum for a week in 07 but that’s it really, it’s just too expensive for people to travel to Europe to see me. Is your future always going to be related to bikes? I would say yes. It’s just the way it is for me, I don't know it any different.

You can see more about Josh at his website:

To start with all my family; as a little kid it’s up to mum and dad if they will let you have and race motorbikes. After I became professional it became totally up to me, all the focus is then on my hard work and determination but I have had family and friends behind me the whole way.



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