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With Clare Lawrence Cameron Donald is an Australian motorcycle racer who started riding at the age of six, following in the footsteps of his older brothers. The first bike he rode was a Suzuki RM50, which had been passed down to him by his brother Brad. This enthusiasm for bikes carried on for Cameron and he went on to race at the Moto GP Support races and now takes part in the hugely popular and widely-covered Isle of Man TT. Hi Cameron – It’s great to be chatting with you. Thanks for taking up the offer of an interview for the Costa Car Trader. You started out riding when you were so little! I guess at that age, with no fear (as most children of that age seem to possess a lack of fear) it is perhaps a great time to start partaking in such a sport, since you would build up a level of confidence that possibly a rider who started out at a later age would not. Do you feel that this helped with your self-assurance in riding? For sure I think it helps to start any sport as young as possible, without any preconceptions. I have memories of being very nervous when my dad was teaching me how to ride. My first bike had a very noisy 2 stroke engine and to me it was the most powerful machine in the whole world… It did not take long for my nerves to turn to excitement; riding now still brings me this excitement. Did you have other interests when you were six?



It was either riding my BMX bicycle or motorbike, day or night it was always living or dreaming two wheels. But I did like watching cartoons on TV when it got too dark to play outside. If your brothers had not been so heavily-involved in bikes and racing, would there be something else that you might have liked to have taken up and maybe eventually even made a different career out of?



With your racing, have you had any aspirations to be like any one else in the sport? When I was a boy I wanted to be as fast as my brothers! But I would also watch the GP racing with my dad and used to cheer for Wayne Rainey as he was my hero. I have drawn inspiration from many riders but never idolised just one. I would like the way a rider like Rainey would always be fiercely focused and then the way a rider like Kevin Schwantz would ride with a wild style and celebrate a win by standing up and waving to the crowd. It sounds as if you get a lot of support and encouragement from your family – is this also true of friends? My friends have always been a great support of my racing, I think sometimes it would be hard for them to understand why I was so obsessed in this one passion but most also share a love of riding.

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Nearly everybody I know is through motorcycling, either the sport itself or from travelling to races. Have you got a particular place that you prefer to ride at – either for practice or for races (or both!)?


I’m not sure as my passion for bikes was also from my dad; he always had bikes in the shed. My playmates at a young age would all ride BMX bicycles and pretend they were on a “real” motorbike so I guess the urge to ride was never far away. No other sport really attracted my attention for long…


Cameron Donald

My favourite place to ride is on dirt bikes, off road riding with my friends in the mountain forests near my home. Where do you like to go or what do you like doing in order to unwind? I love spending time on the water, either fishing in the river or waterskiing on the lake. I have a ski boat and spend a lot of time on the water over summer and camping next to the lake. These are the most relaxing times. Is there anything in life that you still want to do, but have not, as yet, gotten round to doing? I have a “to–do” list as long as my arm! I want to do so, so many things. Different motorcycles I would like to collect and ride. Many journeys’ I would like to do on motorcycles when I stop racing so often like travel off road through the Australian desert. Mostly I want to do adventurous things on motorcycles. Thank you again for your time and interview answers Cameron – let’s do this again soon!

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Who have you met through your career that you do not think you would have had the opportunity to do so if you had not decided to race?


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