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DIY Bath Salts Provided by Grace Bonney and Mrs. Meyer’s® Clean Day


STEPS To make a colorful container for your bath salts, simply dip the bottom of your glass jars into acrylic paints. You can place them in a plastic container for dipping or paint with a paintbrush to get a smoother line. While your jars dry, mix your dry ingredients to create the base of your bath salt. The ratio should be 3:2:1 of Epsom salt to sea salt to baking soda. Mix the dry ingredients together to remove any clumps that may be in the salt. Add ½ ounce of essential oil (we used rosemary) to the salts and mix thoroughly. Once your paint jars are dry, add your bath salts and seal tightly.

A Saucy Family W

hen brothers Mark, Mike and Matt Schultz were in high school, their dad was the go-to guy for the end-ofseason football barbecue. He loved to cook and had created a spicy hot sauce for grilled meats. What started as a 50-person gathering for the team grew to a high school event that fed up to 3,000. People also clamored for dad’s hot sauce. Today, the brothers have taken their dad’s sauce recipe and turned it into Schultz’s Gourmet, makers of cooking sauces, seasonings and spicy snacks. “We grew up with a close family, hanging out on

(L to R): Mark, Mike and Matt Schultz

weekends, grilling and trying new sauces,” says Matt Schultz. “And that’s what we want to get across with our products—community and camaraderie while enjoying goodtasting food.” Now part of 1908 Brands in Boulder, Schultz’s Gourmet continues to develop new sauces and snacks. They’re also hometown partners with King Soopers and the Broncos, grilling sauce-covered chicken wings at home games for fans. For tasty recipes, visit schultzsgourmet.com.



ost everyone knows someone who is gluten intolerant or trying to eat less gluten. That includes the cofounders of Denver-based Qrunch Foods, makers of organic, non-GMO, gluten-free veggie burgers. “I’m a former restaurant marketing executive, and Brad Holley is a classically trained chef,” says cofounder Jim Adams. “His wife and my daughter are both gluten intolerant, so we wanted to come up with a gluten-free product that was convenient and, most importantly, tasted good.” In 2011, Adams and Holley launched their original Qrunch burgers—made with quinoa, locally sourced millet, organic vegetables and coconut oil—and started selling them at local farmers’ markets. Then King Soopers picked them up, and Qrunch has continued to expand to other grocery chains. Today, Qrunch Burgers are available in several flavors. Learn more at qrunchfoods.com.


Glass jars 3 cups Epsom salt 2 cups sea salt 1 cup baking soda ½ ounce essential oil Paint Paintbrush Spoon for mixing