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Love Poem with Potholes


1. Lonely people like to pour their full hearts into q & a sessions.

2. You are my favourite season.

3. I loved it when you said It’s not that I care about averages. It’s just that everyone is much taller than I am these days. Kids in middle schools. Kids in spelling bees. Horses.

4. Your laugh like a grain of wheat.

5. The beautiful Ethiopian coffee lady wears backless shirts.

6. A bank of melting snow, a lone crocus, etc. Your wounded pawprints in the thaw.

7. Your mouth, the mouths of other attractive people.

8. Pablo Picasso.

9. (Your smile when I said I don’t care if he was an asshole made me want to live inside your mouth.)

10. Everything else was perfect without me, and so are you.