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Make your own decision - know the facts!

Are you woke? Are you aware of your surroundings and actually thinking for yourself? Or are you going along with mainstream media without stopping and thinking for yourself?

Well, we are here to  tell you the facts. But YOU make your own decision on what to think. 

Are you "woke" on the issue of women's reproductive rights?

The mainstream media claims most people agree: abortion is necessary for women's advancement. Is there proof that abortion empowers women, or is it a band-aid, covering up deeper problems?

Society has labeled abortion as an abstract, political topic only those with personal experience can discuss. Even then, this conversation should not extend beyond a woman and her doctor.

Is abortion merely a personal choice, or is it a life and death decision with real consequences? Does the choice to have an abortion carry the same weight as deciding between strawberry or chocolate ice cream?

To reach an informed opinion on this subject matter, you must uncover all the facts—especially the reality of abortion. "Stay Woke" includes personal testimonies, facts and figures along with informative articles to help you make up your own mind. The topic of abortion is an important one for individuals and society.

So we invite you to use this magazine to reach your own conclusion about the value and dignity of human life.

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