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Come Join The Party

Back in the 70’s there was this big disco nightclub somewhere in New York. It was the HOT SPOT where anyone who was anyone would go and hang out. This is the place that the famous people would go ….. celebrities … wrote; “Some of my favourite style icons partied like there was no tomorrow during these heady days and nights of New York City in the early 80s. It was pre-Aids, and things were carefree and decadent. Bianca Jagger on a white horse, Debbie Harry chatting to Jerry Hall, Andy Warhol smoozing with Liza Minnelli, Calvin Klein, Halston and Yves Saint Laurent.” in their article on STUDIO 54: the most famous nightclub in history: ”In 1977, Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager acquired the premise located at 254 West 54th Street in Manhattan, that was originally built in 1927 as the Gallo Opera House and in just 6 weeks transformed the former theatre into what was

to become the most famous nightclub in history. It was a playground for the rich, famous, and infamous. The eclectic group of guests were hand-picked from the crowds that gathered outside by Rubell himself. It was an interesting mix. "It's bisexual", Rubell told Interviewmagazine. "Very bisexual. And that's how we choose the crowd too. In other words we want everyone to be fun and good-looking" ... and have sex and do drugs on the balcony.�

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Everyone wanted to get in Everyone tried to get in The problem was there was this HUGE line outside. And what was stopping you from getting in were the bouncers at the door. They would only let in people on a guest list and cool guys and gals. These were who got to go inside

It was difficult to get inside

NOW, online we have Larry Page & Sergey Brin ….. Who Founded

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in September 1998. Mike Long from BringTheFresh discusses how … is Larry & Sergey’s STUDIO54 This is where the online Party is This is where everyone’s trying to get into the serps (search engine ranking pages) Everyone is trying to get ranked in google is the number one ranked site in the world on This means Google has the most traffic. Millions of people are going to google everyday. Over 4 million sites link to google

Google is Where The Party is At

They Rely on Larry & Sergey to Let Them In These Are The Guys at the Front of the Line to Let You In THE GOOGLE BOUNCERS

These are the guys you need to pay attention to So ….. How do they decide that say, Wikipedia is a really cool guy or gal that they let into their Party?

How do we gain their legitimate trust? How do we gain the trust of our readers who are coming to our site? Picture this;

Studio 54 is having a big disco, a Huge Party What do you do if you’re inside and the owners see someone who doesn’t belong? …. They get the bouncers over and say


So what if you’re having a party and see someone who’s not invited? Who’s at your place walking around?

This is the same way with Google.

There are people trying to “trick” their way into the party

What you want is Larry & Sergey to let you in the door. You want them to invite you in And …. when you’re in ….. you want to stay in

You Don’t Want To Be Booted Out of The Party So, what’s all these Google Slaps, Panda, Penguin updates ……???

It’s like Google’s Bouncers at the door

They want to keep the cool people in the party and get rid of the people who don’t belong. And that’s what each of these updates is for This now begs the questions …

So How Do We, Be That Person Who Belongs? The person who gets in and stays in This is the key to our success online, and

these are the principles that are revealed inside OUR PARTY WE ARE INVITED TO LARRY & SERGEY’S PARTY WE’RE ON THE GUEST LIST AND GUESS WHAT?

Pagerank of 4 is our proof ….. Our evidence to reassure you that

we are on Google’s Guest List and

We Can Invite Our Friends Just like at Studio 54 If you knew the cool guys and gals Then you were let in You went straight to the front of the line ….. there was no waiting YOU WERE IN

COME JOIN OUR PARTY We’re on the guest list And

We have our own party going on shows proof that we have a HUGE CROWD

You’re our friend and we’re inviting you Come Join The Cool Guys and Gals


Come Join The Party  

There is a party online and it is Google. But we must avoid their bouncers and not be booted out of their party and out of the search engine...