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Vocabulary Unit VII English I: Mrs. Chenoweth Fall 2011 1. Oust (v) to eject, to banish, to expel SENTENCE: 2. Paltry (adj) a tiny or insignificant amount, meager, scant SENTENCE: 3. Quell (v) to put an end to, to squelch, to calm SENTENCE: 4. Rebuff (v) to snub, to refuse in a blunt or rude way SENTENCE: 5. Robust (adj) strong and healthy, vigorous SENTENCE: 6. Steadfast (adj) loyal, faithful SENTENCE: 7. Stoic (adj) showing indifference to pain, apathetic SENTENCE: 8. Tentative (adj) uncertain, temporary, not fully worked out SENTENCE: 9. Tirade (n) a long and angry speech SENTENCE: 10. Urbane (adj) suave, sophisticated, polished SENTENCE:

11. Vapid (adj) tasteless, dull SENTENCE: 12. Waver (v) to be indecisive or inconsistent, to change in opinion SENTENCE: 13. Wistful (adj) yearning, sad longing, a gentle desire SENTENCE: 14. Accolade (n) award or honor, high praise SENTENCE: 15. Aggrieve (v) to distress, to mistreat SENTENCE: