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Volume Three,  Chapters  IV-­‐VI   181. Who  is  Mr  Kirwin,  and  how  does  he  treat  Victor?  What  has  happened  to   cause  Victor's  arrest?       182. What  is  some  foreshadowing  on  the  first  page  of  Chapter  IV?  Where  have   we  seen  something  like  “the  black  mark  of  fingers  on  his  neck”  before?   (Highlight  these  in  yellow.)     183. What  does  Victor  suspect  when  he  is  agitated,  and  (unfortunately)  how   does  this  make  him  look?     184. What  statement  foreshadows  his  seeing  of  the  dead  body?  (Highlight  this  in   yellow.)     185. Highlight  in  blue  what  Victor  says  in  response  to  seeing  Henry  Clerval.     186. What  happens  when  Victor  wakes  up?  Who  is  there?       187. How  does  Victor  now  see  the  world?  (Highlight  this  in  green.)     188. What  does  he  believe  he  has  become?  (Highlight  this  in  blue.)     189. How  does  Mr  Kirwin  know  about  Victor?     190. Whom  Victor  is  extremely  happy  to  see?      


191. What does  Victor  say  about  destiny?  (Highlight  this  in  yellow.)     192. How  does  Victor  now  feel?  What  does  he  want  to  do?  (Highlight  in  blue  and   in  pink  how  he  is  being  characterized,  and  any  figurative  language  used  to   describe  his  state  of  mind.)     193. What  happens  at  Victor's  trial?  What  is  the  evidence  that  determines  the   outcome?     194. How  does  he  describe  himself?  (Highlight  this  in  pink.)  Does  this  remind   you  of  Walton’s  impression  of  Victor  at  the  end  of  Letter  IV  on  p.  32?     195. How  does  Victor  feel  as  they  leave  Ireland  and  go  to  France?     196. Comment  on  the  tragic  figure  characteristics  at  the  top  of  p.  188.       197. Highlight  the  last  sentence  of  Chapter  VI  in  yellow.  How  does  this  chapter   end?     198. What  does  Victor  try  to  tell  his  dad?  How  does  his  dad  receive  it?  (Highlight   in  blue  what  Victor’s  dad  is  convinced  of  by  “the  conclusion  of  this  speech.”)     199. What  is  the  main  message  of  Elizabeth’s  letter  to  Victor?  (Highlight  key   statements  about  her  character  in  blue.)     200. Of  what  does  the  letter  remind  Victor?  (Highlight  this  in  yellow.  Write  in   the  margin  what  page  you  have  seen  this  before.)  


201. What are  Victor’s  thoughts  about  Elizabeth  and  marriage?  What  does  he   fear  will  happen?  Do  you  feel  uneasy  about  this?     202. What  does  Victor  say  about  the  day  after  their  marriage?  (Highlight  this  in   yellow.)     203. What  does  Victor  say  about  guilt  and  remorse  on  p.  194?  (Highlight  this  in   green.)       204. Highlight  in  yellow  the  foreshadowing  statements  on  pp.  194-­‐195.     205. Highlight  in  yellow  “These  were  the  last  moments  of  my  life  during  which  I   enjoyed  the  feeling  of  happiness.”     206. What  feeling  does  Elizabeth  voice?  (Highlight  this  in  blue.)     207. Has  Victor  understood  the  Creature's  promise  correctly?  What  happens  on   Victor's  wedding  night?     208. Again  we  see  a  mark  on  the  neck.  On  what  pages  did  we  see  this   previously?     209.  How  does  the  Creature  respond?    


210. To Victor,  what  is  the  most  painful  thing  to  a  human  mind,  on  p.  201?   (Highlight  this  in  green.)     211. What  happens  when  Victor  returns  to  Geneva?  What  happens  to  Victor's   father?  What  happens  to  Victor?     212. What  happens  when  Victor  tries  to  get  the  authorities  to  help  him  hunt  for   the  creature?     213. What  does  Victor  vow  to  do,  at  the  end  of  Chapter  VI?  (Highlight  this   statement  in  blue.)     214. Highlight  what  he  says  about  man  in  green.  Why  is  this  ironic?  Comment  on   this.  Does  it  remind  you  of  anything  in  the  Bible?     Volume  Three,  Chapter  VII   215. By  what  is  Victor  motivated?     216. What  happens  during  Victor's  pursuit  of  the  creature?  Where  do  they  go?   What  does  the  creature  do?     217. Who  is  “you”  on  p.  207?  Why  doesn’t  Victor  think  “you”  will  understand?     218.  What  sustains  Victor  during  his  pursuit?  (See  p.  207.)     219.  Highlight  in  blue  some  of  the  things  the  creature  communicates  to  Victor   during  the  pursuit.    


220. Why does  Victor  weep  aloud  on  p.  211?     221. It  is  revealed  at  the  bottom  of  p.  211  why  Victor  asked  Walton  where  is  he   going  before  getting  on  the  ship.  Why?     222. What  does  Victor  ask  Walton  to  do?  What  does  he  warn  Walton  about  the   creature?       Walton's  letter  continues     223. Why  doesn't  Victor  tell  Walton  the  details  about  the  creation?     224. How  has  Victor  come  to  understand  himself?  How  does  Walton  respond  to   Victor's  impending  death?     225.  How  does  Walton  avoid  the  threat  of  a  mutiny?     226. What  does  Victor  say  to  the  men  who  threaten  to  mutiny?  Underline  this  in   green.  How  might  it  be  symbolic  of  Victor’s  story?  What  do  you  think  of  this?     227. Why  is  Walton  returning  to  England?  What  does  Victor  try  to  do  when  he   finds  out?     228. Does  Victor  blame  himself?  What  is  his  fault,  if  any,  in  your  opinion?    


229. What are  Victor’s  parting  words  to  Walton?     230.  What  is  Walton's  response  to  Victor's  death?     231. What  happens  as  Walton  is  writing?  What  is  the  effect  of  shifting  to  the   present  tense  here?     232. When  Walton  sees  the  creature  in  the  cabin  with  Victor's  body,  what  is   familiar  about  the  scene?  Why  has  the  creature  come  to  see  Victor?       233. How  does  the  creature  explain  what  he  has  done?  How  does  Walton   respond  to  the  creature?     234.  What  will  the  creature  do  next?  How  does  he  feel  about  it?     235. What  devastating  thing  does  the  creature  call  himself  on  p.  224?     236. Do  we  see  the  creature  die?     237. Comment  on  the  very  last  line  of  the  novel.    



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