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List of Student Items to Submit to Teacher: Section I: Four Pedigrees- label with complete names and known/partly known genotypes Section II: Six Karyotypes- label with suspect/victim’s name Section III: Identification of 4 FingerprintsFingerprint on water glass- Suspect # I


# II -__________________________ # III -__________________________ # IV -__________________________ Section IV: Table of Traits: Suspects and Victim Blood Type

Blue Trait

Brown Teeth

Eye Color

# of Fingers


Trisomy XXX

Supermale XYY

Will Alleve Elly Educanese Katie Klone Kelly Klone Maybry Mopps Marty Motivational

Section V: Diagram/Digital Image of RFLP Gel Electrophoresis Section VI: Who done it? Attach synopsis. Remember to address each piece of evidence. Section VII: Motive- Attach motive Remember- you are trying to answer/explain “why” this person committed the crime. What was their reason? Section VIII: Additional Information

Ring 18