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Pre- AP Vocabulary List 6 Quarter 4 1. Urbane-adj. Refined in manner or style; suave; elegant 2. Perpetuate –v. To make permanent or long-lasting 3. Panacea- n. An answer to all problems; a remedy to all ills 4. Etiological- adj. Of or pertaining to causeor origins 5. Respite-n. A period of relief or rest 6. August- adj. Majestic; inspiring admiration and respect 7. Prowess- n. Distinguished bravery; superior skill or ability 8. Chagrin- n. Irritation or humiliation caused by disappointment or frustration 9. Slapdash- adj. Carelessand lazy 10. Latent- adj. Hidden, present but not realized 11. Daunt- v. To overcome with fear, intimidate, to dishearten, discourage 12. Rectify- v. To make right, correct 13. Adherent- n. A follower or supporter 14. Subvert- v. To undermine the power and authority of an established system or institution 15. Regale- v. To entertain or amuse

Your next vocabulary quiz will be on Thursday, May 3, and will be over lists one through six.


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