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Hi Everyone! Welcome to a new, better, awesome issue, as you can see from the cover, we have been working on new page layouts which was one of the main things many of you readers where asking for, so here you have it! I would like to give a special Thanks to James Hart for the cover and Guillermo Galvan for the Top 20, Band Of The Month, Shows and Band on Layout page! Hope you all new and old readers like this, let us know what you think by leaving comments... Also, summer start and many of you would be traveling, others are still thinking and more, but to those who simply are looking for good activities, shows and stuff, we have a new section on Music articles called “Shows�. So be sure to look for them and start schedule your summer :) Also, we have our official T-shirt from music section which you guys can buy for only 12 dollars and if you are lucky, free shipping, if not, plus shipping. Just go to Also, a band has been eliminated from our War Of The Bands contest and much more, in this new issue! Enjoy it! Rafael Jovine HopeWhen Director and writter

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HopeWhen Mag 4th issue  

New Layouts, New cover and more!!