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2/20/04 8:39:11 AM

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Handjobs April 2004 Letters Protective Custody by Gene Richards Unruly Boy part 2 by Rolando Mérida Adam’s Apple by Peter Summer with Jason by Leonard Busted! by William Cozad Ethan by Erick The Plumber by Josman Using My Butt by Chuck At the Jungle Pool by Max Rover by Rick Horsmann Dad’s Home part 2 by Lord Iron Personal Ads Handjobs Order Form

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Despite the terms such as “boy” or “son”, all characters in the fiction of Handjobs are 18 years of age or older. It may be against the law to have sexual intercourse with people under the age of 18, but we do print memoirs of men talking about their own boyhood experiences. This magazine is in compliance with the so-called “Child Protection Act of 1995”.

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3/19/04 1:48:34 PM

Letters Dear Handjobs: FUCKING WOOF! You guys have outdone yourselves. The Survey by MEC is the hottest thing I’ve ever read in Handjobs! I could read YEARS worth of scenes from that two weeks. The story is damn well written, too! • TG, AR Dear Handjobs: I just finished the February 2004 issue and what can I say? You gave this gay man a hour of pleasure with my little boytoy. We both enjoyed Boy – Lost by Peter. You guys are awesome and your magazines make my sex life wild. • KJF, MA Dear Handjobs: You guys put out a consistently great and enjoyable magazine. Stories are nicely varied and very readable, and the artwork adds to it. The color pages especially. In my opinion, the three best gay illustrators at work today are Roscoe, Josman and Joe Phillips. I’m glad that two of them are on your roster, and I hope you can catch Joe real soon! Most other artists you use are good, too: Roger (a good craftsman, though repetitive and predictable), Ira Smith, Julius, William Given, Craig Esposito, Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn, and others. Then there’s Rod Shows – he just doesn’t do it for me. In short, thanks for all your efforts, guys. It’s greatly appreciated! • Leonard, CA Dear Handjobs: Yeah, Daddy still needs his boy. Thanks. • Martin, NC Dear Handjobs: I love the color and new directions of incestual nastiness. Keeps me cumming. Oh, yeah! • Ron, CA Dear Handjobs: I’d like to thank the staff of Handjobs for producing the most extraordinarily wonderful publications I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. • Leigh, CA Dear Handjobs: I appreciate both your fine print and online web services. I also appreciate the member stories. Keep those writings “cumming” boys. • Stanley, WA Dear Handjobs: I received my order of Handjobs. Wow! I really like the stories. I will send you one someday that I experienced. • Ron, GA 4 • Letters

HJ April 2004 4

03/19/04 1:00:50 PM

Dear Handjobs: Great work. Keep it up. • REH, CA Dear Handjobs: More Valentine, please. I really enjoy his work. Maybe he should do the life of Hercules! • Thomas, IL Handjobs Reply: Be sure to check out Using My Butt on page 46 for a brand new color illustration from Valentine. Dear Handjobs: Thanks, guys. You’re the greatest! • Dennis, FL Dear Handjobs: Although I do not know any of you personally, I consider you friends because of Handjobs. I turned 79 last September. In the past, I was married and fathered two children. After my divorce, I fell in with friends who were into man-to-man sex. Then in March of 1983, I swore off sex with others and reverted to solo sex. I have seen and purchased porno magazines – male, of course. As the years went by, I lost interest in jacking off, doing it just once a week as compared to at least four times, previously. Here is where Handjobs comes in: I found two copies in the porn section at Circus of Books. I had never heard of it before. Well, my cock came to even before I finished the first story! In the month or so since, my hand has become intimately reacquainted with my cock on an almost daily basis. I have you to thank – and I do! Keep it up, and I will, too! • Bob, CA

Handjobs Bi Adventures V Hey, Guys! Due to the popularity of Handjobs Bi Adventures I-IV, we have decided to put together Handjobs Bi Adventures V – but we need your help. Send in your hottest bisexual stories, and who knows, you might end up a published author. Stories should be between 1500 and 4000 words in length, and deal with the traditional Handjobs themes of incest and/or older guys and gals with younger (18+) guys and gals. You can mail your submissions to Avenue Services, PO Box 23219 Seattle, WA 98102-0519 or e-mail them to If we choose to publish your story, we’ll send you a free one year subscription to Handjobs and a free copy of Bi Adventures V. Letters • 5

HJ April 2004 5

03/19/04 1:00:52 PM

Protective Custody by Gene Richards I was kneeling in the bushes giving this hot looking older man a blow job to remember when I heard from behind me, “Whatcha doing there, sonny?” The man attached to the cock I was sucking hissed, “It’s all over now!” as he jerked his hard, wet cock from my sucking mouth. I froze right there on my knees. My mouth hung open as the meaty hunk of cock was pulled from my lips. “You gentlemen having a good time?” The officer asked, a shit-eating grin on his ruggedly handsome face. “Get up, kid,” he ordered me. As I did so, I tucked my dripping cock back into my jeans. I had been working it furiously while I sucked off the stranger in front of me. The man’s cock wilted, and he quickly bent to pull his shorts and pants up from around his ankles. I had no idea what I was in for, but did know my dad would whup my ass when he got wind of this. “Hey, O’Neill! Wanna give me a hand here? I got myself a couple of cocksuckers here that are dying to visit our humble little lockup.” Moments later, a big hairy bear stud of an officer joined his partner, and the two of them proceeded to cuff our hands behind our backs. I was petrified, but the guy I had been sucking seemed to be calm and accepting of the situation. Maybe he had been in a similar bust before and knew the routine. We were led out of the bushes, where the officers each searched us, running their hands all over us. The one that caught me was giving the stud I had been sucking the once over, while his big bear partner was checking me out. I got the impression he was checking out more than what I had in my pockets. He gave my ass a good feel, while his other hand gave my cock and balls a squeeze! I began to get a hardon, and a grin parted his lips. “You’re a pretty big boy, son,” O’Neill said. “Bet you can really make a man happy.” We were escorted to a squad car and whisked off to the local police station, where we were booked and put in separate cells. O’Neill saw to it that I was placed in “protective custody”, around a corner, out of sight of the other cells. I strongly suspected he had ulterior motives in isolating me from the others. Before long, O’Neill came to my cell carrying a set of prison scrubs. He threw them on the cot, sat down and told me to strip and put on the scrubs. 6 • Protective Custody

HJ April 2004 6

03/19/04 1:00:54 PM

I began to remove my clothing, and soon was as naked as the day I was born. Uncontrollably, I popped a woody when I was stark naked in front of the officer. “My, oh, my!” he commented, as his eyes explored my hard cock. “That’s quite a piece of meat for a kid to be sporting. Come over here so I can get a better look-see.” Reluctantly I took the few steps which bought me in front of the seated officer. To my surprise, he reached out, grabbed my cock, and pulled it down so he could closely inspect it. I began to leak a few drops of clear, sticky precum. “Look at that!” he said, as he rubbed his rough thumb over my cockhead. A moan escaped my lips. He grinned and said “That feel good, sonny?” He cupped my balls in his other hand and rolled them around like a pair of dice. He then stood up and ordered me to “assume the position” at the cell’s bars. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Grab those bars in your hands, spread your legs, and get ready for a body cavity search.” I did as I was told. Over my shoulder I saw him pull a pair of latex gloves onto his hands. His first touch to my asscheeks caused me to jump. Slowly his hands moved all over my round, firm asscheeks, then slowly moved to the fuzzy crack between them. “Move your feet further back and bend forward,” he commanded. His fingers were grazing over my tight, puckered hole. With his thumb and forefinger, he parted my hole and guided one of his latex-covered fingers up into my ass. I moaned as it slid deeper and deeper. I heard him chuckle. Man, his finger up my ass felt good! I began to push back on it, to take all I could get. Little did Officer O’Neill know it, but I loved to get finger fucked. And I was no novice when it came to getting my boycunt filled with some hard thrusting cock, either. I was well initiated by my cousin a few years before, and ever since that first fuck, I couldn’t get enough. I moaned out as the officer pushed his finger in and out of my cock-hungry asshole. “You like that, don’t you, boy?” he asked, jabbing in and out. “Oh, yeah, man! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me!” I gasped out. “Want some cock in there, boy?” he asked. “Oh, God, yes!” I groaned out. He pulled his latex-covered finger out of me. I remained clinging to the bars, legs spread, and ass pushed back in wanton invitation to the man’s cock. Protective Custody • 7

HJ April 2004 7

03/19/04 1:00:54 PM

I heard Officer O’Neill unzip his uniform pants. I could hardly wait to feel his meat shoved deep up my boycunt. I heard him hawk a wad of saliva. Then I felt the hot, spit-slick head of his cock push between my asslips. “Oh, God!” I heard myself cry out. “Take it, boy! It’s what you want, isn’t it?” “Oh, God, yes! Fuck my cunt with your big hard cock!” I cried out to him. Officer O’Neill gave a hard thrust with his hips, and my ass was stretched and filled with his mammoth cock! His big, rough paws gripped my hips as he began to pound cock up my boycunt. “Oh, yeah, man!” I cried out to him. “Fuck me deep! Fuck me hard! Give me all the cock you got!” And he did! It was all that I could do to cling to the bars as officer O’Neill fucked like a maniac. He was grunting like a pig, huffing and cursing as he fucked me. Suddenly he drove deep, froze, and trembled. As I felt the repeated spurts of his sperm deep up in my guts, my own cock gave its load up onto the concrete floor. He fell over my naked back, cock still anchored, gasping for his breath. “My God, kid! That was one hell of a fuck! You’ve got a great ass!” I could feel some of his cum squeezing out of my boycunt from around the thick root of his cock. “More!” I whimpered, but I felt his cock begin to soften. “You want more, kid?” he asked. “Oh, yes, sir!” His spent cock slipped from my hole, and along with it came a hot sticky trail of mancream, oozing down the backside of my hairless balls. “You stay right there, kid, and I’ll send someone back here to fill your hole,” Officer O’Neill told me. I could hear talking some distance from my cell, but couldn’t make out what was being said. After about five minutes, I heard footsteps coming down the corridor. I raised my head and saw not one, but two men approaching my cell. One was Officer O’Neill’s partner, and the other was the good looking stud I had been sucking in the bushes. He must have been an undercover cop! “My, oh, my!” the uniformed officer said as he came up behind me and saw my just fucked hole. “That looks like hot, tenderloin boypussy to me! What do you think of it, Bob?” he asked his companion. 8 • Protective Custody

HJ April 2004 8

03/19/04 1:00:55 PM

“Oh, yeah, prime stuff! If he can work that ass of his like he can suck cock, this is going to be some hot fucking!” Bob replied. I raised my head to look over my shoulder at the two men, and saw Bob kicking off his pants to reveal a substantial hunk of mancock, backed up by a big pair of low hanging balls. The officer just unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock and balls. I saw he had a fringe of loose foreskin hiding his cockhead. “Who’s first?” Bob asked, as he worked his big, thick cock into a rigid column of flesh. “Jeez, Bob!” the officer said, “You better get your meat in that boy’s cunt before you cum! Your cockhead’s drooling like a river!” Bob smeared the stringy, sticky fluid over his big, red cockhead. He moved up behind me, bent his knees to line his cock up with my boyhole, and guided the head into my sloppy hole. “Oh, yeah!” I cried. “Give me that cock! Fuck my boypussy with it!” Grasping my naked hips, Bob gave a forward thrust of his pelvis and drove the entire length of his burning hot cock up my cum-soaked ass! The second officer reached between Bob’s legs and grabbed his heavy swinging balls, causing Bob to cry out, “I’m gonna cum! Fuck, man! I’m gonna cum!” He pulled his throbbing cock out of my gaping hole and shot ropes of searing hot cum up my back. The officer clung to his balls as each volley exploded and left trails of sperm on my flesh. When Bob finally stopped cumming, O’Neill dropped to his knees and captured his cock in his mouth, milking the remaining cream from his shaft. The other officer was leaning over me, lapping up Bob’s cum from my back. His hooded cock slid up and down between my asscheeks, spreading the excess cream that flowed out. He was so hot that he lost control. Suddenly I felt a torrent of hot cum between my smooth cheeks and down the backside of my balls. “Oh, shit! Shit! Shit!” he cried out as spurt after spurt of his built-up sperm burst from his cumhole. The three men dressed and left me in my cell, reeking of sex and cum. I flopped down on the cot naked. “Hey, O’Neill!” I heard a man call out from far away. “You got a nice piece down there in the protective custody cell?” “Yeah, Johnson. We got us a nice, tight-assed boy down there in lockup that just loves to get his cunt fucked!” “What’ll it take to let me have a go at him?” the man asked O’Neill. Protective Custody • 9

HJ April 2004 9

03/19/04 1:00:55 PM

“Whatta ya got to offer, other than that cocksucking mouth of yours?” O’Neill responded. “Fuck, man! You know I ain’t got nothing! I’ll eat your ass out and suck you off if you’ll give me a go at the kid’s pussy,” he offered. “Well,” O’Neill replied, “he’s pretty well fucked out right now, what with Joe, Bob, and me emptying our loads up his can. It would be pretty sloppy fucking.” “Oh, shit, man! That sounds super hot! I’d love to fuck him with all that jizz in him! Look! I’m harder than a rock just thinking about the kid’s cum-filled fucked ass!” “You know you guys aren’t allowed over in protective custody. That’s why we call it protective custody. Can’t trust you fuckers to leave the boys alone. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll ask the kid if he wants another round of fucking. If he does, I’ll try to get you over to him. If he doesn’t want it, then you’re out of luck!” “Fair enough, O’Neill, but I sure need a tight, tender boycunt badly!” Johnson whined back. “Let me check. But first I need to call the kid’s dad to tell him we got him locked up.” O’Neill went to his office and called my dad, who was furious, and told O’Neill to keep me overnight to teach me a lesson. What dear old Daddy didn’t know was how our local law enforcement officers, who were sworn “to protect and to serve” were busy servicing Daddy’s own private boycunt! Had he known, I’m sure he would have been down there in a flash! O’Neill came to my cell and rapped his nightstick on the bars to arouse me. “Hey kid! You had enough cock for tonight, or do you want some more?” Raising my head to look at him, I asked, “Why, you guys reloaded already?” “Naw,” O’Neill responded. “Gotta horny stud in general lockup who wants a go at your boypussy. I told him I’d ask if you wanted some more action. Big meat, but I think you can take it.” I could feel my cock hardening beneath me. “Bring him over,” I said “I never get enough fucking!” I remained on my belly on the cot and O’Neill moved away. I spread my legs wider, and sort of lifted my ass in anticipation. It wasn’t long before I heard footsteps in the hallway. I raised my head to look over my shoulder, and there stood O’Neill and the eager ass fucker outside my cell. The man wore only the bottoms of his prison scrubs and a pair 10 • Protective Custody

HJ April 2004 10

03/19/04 1:00:56 PM

of flip-flops. I could see his cock tenting out the material as O’Neill unlocked my door and swung it open. “Oh, baby! I think I’ve died and gone to fucking heaven!” Johnson moaned, as his eyes ravished my young naked ass. “Go get him,” O’Neill told the man. He kicked off his flip-flops and dropped his cell scrubs on the floor. My eyes widened like saucers when Johnson’s monster cock reared its big, red-eyed head in my direction. Johnson climbed on the cot between my spread legs, dipped his head, and began to rim and tongue fuck my quivering boyhole. I was trembling all over and began to whine. Then he raised up, positioned the head of his fuck tool at my twitching hole, and began to push into me. I met his assault by raising my ass up, making it easier for him access my cum-filled boypussy. “Yeah, man! That looks hot!” O’Neill said, as he watched Johnson’s cock disappear into my ass. “Fuck that boy’s cunt good, man! Give it to him hard and deep!” And with O’Neill’s encouragement, that’s exactly what Johnson did! This man, Johnson, rode and fucked my boycunt like no other fucker had ever done before. He had me throwing my head, crying out, grunting and whimpering while he laid his big, hard cock as deep and as hard as he could. I could feel his big, hairy balls riding between my spread thighs and pressing against the back of my balls. O’Neill had his cock out and was beating it like crazy. “Jesus!” He groaned, as he watched Johnson brutally fuck me. Johnson cried out, jammed his meat to the limit, and began unloading his balls deep up my guts! O’Neill cried out and shot thick white ropes of cum all over Johnson’s naked, hairy ass. Needless to say, I had shot my own load and had a sticky puddle of cum beneath me. O’Neill made Johnson pull his cock out of my stretched asslips, told him he was done, and took him back to his own cell. I slept well for what was left of the night, and awoke with a very sore asshole. Dad was there early in the morning to get me. As we left, O’Neill told me, “Come back and visit us sometime, sonny. We’ll all be glad to see you!” Dad grabbed my arm and dragged me out to the car. I’ll always remember my night in protective custody. I visited many times after that first night, but Daddy didn’t like me sharing my boycunt with those men. He wanted it all to himself! Protective Custody • 11

HJ April 2004 11

03/19/04 1:00:56 PM

It’s wonderful you didn’t send Richie to a whorehouse! I’m so proud of you! ¡Es maravilloso que no hayas mandado a Richi a un putero! ¡Estoy tan orgullosa!

“Yeah. My wife is happy, too…” “Sí. Mi esposa también está feliz…”

“There are other ways to become a man…” “Hay otras formas de convertirse en hombre…”

Fuck him now, Richie. Cógelo, Richi.

Just one thing: If this is another lesson, let me enjoy it first! Sólo una cosa: Si ésta es otra lección, ¡déjame disfrutarla primero!

12 • Unruly Boy part 2

HJ April 2004 12

03/19/04 1:00:58 PM

Easy… that’s it. Brother Gus’s ass is more tender than mine! Despacio… eso es. ¡El culo del Hno. Gus es más suave que el mío!

So hot and creamy like thick butter! ¡Caliente y cremoso como mantequilla espesa!!

Well, ready now, Richie? Bueno, ¿listo ahora, Richi?

No way, man. If you want me to receive, gimme more assholes! Para nada, hombre. ¡Si quieres que reciba, dame más culos!

So you haven’t learned shit… Así que no has aprendido ni madres…

Unruly Boy part 2 • 13

HJ April 2004 13

03/19/04 1:00:59 PM

My sons, my godson will join us for dinner for a change in the menu. Hijos míos, mi ahijado nos acompañará a cenar y a cambiar el menú de hoy.

Praise the Lord! Fresh meat!! ¡Alabado sea el Señor! ¡Carne fresca!

“One by one, all night long, I fucked ALL of them. Each asshole was tighter than the next one, willing to give more than expected! But my godfather had other plans…” “Durante toda la noche, me los cogí a TODOS. Cada culo era más apretado que el siguiente, ¡estaban tan ansiosos por dármelos! Mas mi padrino tenía otros planes…”

14 • Unruly Boy part 2

HJ April 2004 14

03/19/04 1:01:00 PM

Holy Mother! This boy is a treasure! A gift from God!! More! More! ¡Santísima! ¡Este muchacho es un regalo de Dios!! ¡Más! ¡Más!

See how happy they are to receive your gifts, Richie? ¿Ves qué contentos están de recibir tus dones, Richi?

You can be as happy as them! ¡Tú puedes ser tan feliz como ellos! Can I fuck him first, Father? Look how hard I am! ¿Puedo echármelo yo primero, Padre? ¡Mire qué dura la tengo!

All of us are, brother. Want us to give it to you now, Richie? Todos estamos así, hermano. ¿Ya quieres que te lo demos, Richi?

Unruly Boy part 2 • 15

HJ April 2004 15

03/19/04 1:01:00 PM

NO! Let go! ¡NO! ¡Déjame ir!

Wow… Gus told me everything. Wanna talk about it, son? Espera… Gus me dijo todo. ¿Quieres hablar conmigo, hijo? Dad?? ¿Papi??

“Dad and I went for a walk into the garden. I thanked him for my first BIG sexual experience, but I wasn’t sure I could let a bunch of monks fuck ME.” “Papá y yo fuimos al jardín. Le agradecí por mi primera GRAN experiencia sexual, pero no estaba seguro de que permitiría a una horda de monjes metérmelo A MÍ.”

“But I wasn’t listening anymore. I’d never been that close to my father before, and his macho scent was so intense! So inviting! Suddenly, it all became crystal clear to me…” “Pero ya no lo estaba escuchando. Nunca había estado así tan cerca de mi padre, y su olor a macho era tan intenso… ¡tan invitante! Entonces lo comprendí todo.” Dad, one thing I know… Papi, una cosa sí sé…

No one fucked me last night because… Nadie me cogió anoche porque…

“Dad said he was so proud of me: His only son had had his first, non-stop fuck night! Then he said something about choices… “ “Papi estaba muy orgulloso de mí: ¡su único hijo había tenido su primera noche de sexo sin parar! Y dijo algo de saber elegir…”

I want YOU to fuck me. Quiero que me cojas TÚ

16 • Unruly Boy part 2

HJ April 2004 16

03/19/04 1:01:02 PM

Oh, my son!! You mean it?? ¡Hijo mío! ¿Lo dices en serio??

Yes, daddy! I want YOU, YOU! ¡Sí, papi! ¡Te quiero a TI, A TI!

Daddy, I’ve never sucked a cock before. Papi, nunca he mamado una verga antes.

Don’t let that stop you. Que eso no te detenga.

Unruly Boy part 2 • 17

HJ April 2004 17

03/19/04 1:01:03 PM

Just be careful with that pierced tongue! Ouch! ¡Sólo ten cuidado con tu lengua! ¡Ay!


Sorry, Daddy! Can you fuck me NOW? ¡Lo siento, papacito! ¿Ya me lo puedes METER?

Our work is done. God knows what’s next! Fue un buen trabajo. ¡Dios sabe qué sigue ahora!

18 • Unruly Boy part 2

HJ April 2004 18

03/19/04 1:01:04 PM

Adam’s Apple by Peter The day after graduation, who should come back to my classroom to see me but Adam, the best-looking kid from my class. He leaned in close to me and said, “I’ve got a present for you,” as his crotch bumped up against mine. “What a surprise!” I said. I opened the box and found a shiny red ceramic apple inside. “I made it myself,” he said lifting the lid while moving in closer. I removed the lid from his apple and saw something dark, smooth and creamy inside. When I stuck two fingers in I discovered it was thick and sticky. “Maple syrup,” he said. “Here taste it.” He raised my hand to my mouth and had me lick my fingers. As the gooey syrup dripped I saw him reach up and catch it in his mouth and lick his lips. Then he began to lick my fingers. I watched him suck one then another into his mouth as he stared into my eyes. Before it went too far I had to stop myself. I asked him, “Adam, do you think this is appropriate for a student and a teacher?” “School is over and I’ve graduated.” Slipping his hands inside my jacket, he held my waist tight on either side. I would have been even more alarmed, but I knew we were the last two in the building. The janitor had come by a few minutes earlier and told me I was the last one there. He probably let Adam in as he left. “Don’t you like me?” he asked, forcing me down across my desk while climbing up on top of me. How could he say that? My hardon was now standing straight up. It throbbed against his through my pants. He had literally laid me out on my desk, sitting his ass directly on my cock. Having unbuttoned my shirt, he reached inside and began pinching my nipples. He was making me sweat. I couldn’t stop him. I couldn’t stop myself, either. He looked into my eyes, slowly lowering his lips to mine. For the first time a student kissed me, and I kissed him back! I was so overwhelmed I nearly knocked his apple right off my desk. I did throw half my books and papers off the desk. They went crashing to the floor. Then I grabbed Adam’s ass through his well-worn jeans and squeezed his beautiful butt. “What a handful,” I told him. He made my whole body shiver. I was so excited that thick drops of precum seeped from my slit making my underwear all wet and sticky. Adam’s Apple • 19

HJ April 2004 19

03/19/04 1:01:04 PM

I discovered a small hole in the crotch of his jeans and quickly manipulated a finger through it. I began searching inside for his asshole. He pushed back hard and my probing finger plunged right up his bunghole past the first knuckle. He grunted and started bouncing excitedly on it. More precum flowed from my slit. “You love this, don’t you boy?” I asked as he kept on bouncing. Adam brought his handsome face down across my chest and teased my nipples with his tongue, making my whole body electric. I was forced to arch my back, my nipples reaching up for him. I squirmed all over the desk. I was moaning like a maniac. “Adam, I’m going to fuck you. I want to feel my prick inside you. I want to pump it up your ass.” “Not before you suck my cock,” he said, sitting up, tearing open his belt in front of me. I went crazy and thrust another finger up his ass. He grabbed my nuts – hard. My fingers flew from his butt, but this left my hands free to unbutton his jeans and yank them down. His t-shirt rose above his belly button. He was smooth, tight and soft. My own cock was throbbing relentlessly trying to escape. “I’m so hard for you,” I told him. He wrestled my belt open and unbuttoned my pants, then slid my zipper down. My cock was ready to fly, but my underwear trapped it. It grew so long and hard that the head forced its way out above the waistband. My crotch was so hot and sweaty, Adam’s nose was drawn right to it. I could see him breathe it in. He went into some kind of ecstasy, and he began to play around in the sticky stuff leaking out of my slit. The way he manipulated my foreskin had me squirming under him. As my hot cock drooled into my belly button. Adam dipped his finger in the puddle of jizz, and brought it to his lips. Then he let his soft tongue play lightly across my abs and my nipples, finally licking his way into my hairy armpits, making me squirm even more. He could lick my body any way he wanted. He began licking lower and lower till he came to my crotch. He lapped up every inch of my cock. He pulled my underwear under my heavy balls, forcing my cock to point straight at the ceiling. He was amazed at how it towered over him, waving wildly in every direction. He grabbed hold, squeezing it tight in his fist. 20 • Adam’s Apple

HJ April 2004 20

03/19/04 1:01:05 PM

“Lick it, Adam. Lick it,’” I pleaded holding his head tightly in my grip. Adam licked his lips, staring right at my cock, then lapped at it with even more determination. “I love your cock. It’s so fucking huge, and it tastes so good.” “I thought you wanted me to suck your cock,” I challenged. (Of course, he could suck my cock all afternoon and into tomorrow if he wanted to.) “Not before I suck yours,” he insisted. He slowly raised my foreskin up and down over my purple cockhead, his eyes not two inches from it. “I’ve gotta have it.” Precum oozed out over my cockhead. His tongue reached into my slit and all around the crown dipping inside and underneath. I lost control. As he sucked me, I wrestled his jeans over his butt and down his thighs. I wasn’t surprised to see he wore no underwear. As my right hand played with his butt, my left hand felt up his balls. I glazed over when I saw his whole crotch in my face. I hoisted one of his legs over me until he straddled my face. His dick slipped past my lips and sank into my mouth. He was so turned on he thrust down hard, nearly choking me. His cock was so big I almost gagged. But I opened my throat as wide as I could and took the whole damn thing right to the base. I sucked the juices out of it and moaned as loud as I could. I wanted him to know how much I loved it. I knew he understood when he started sliding it in and out like a piston. Now I could examine his pink hole all I wanted. What a beaut! A burst of wrinkles around a moist, tight hole surrounded by the most smooth and sensual skin I’d ever seen. Speaking of ass, he’d just touched mine and was running his fingers across the rim. I could just picture what my manly ass looked like in contrast to his. His fingers were going nuts lifting my hairy sack and playing with my hole. Suddenly I saw Adam reach his fingers into the apple, scoop up some syrup and let it drip into my crotch! Then he started to lick it up off my dick, all around my balls and into my tight ass. While he thrust his tongue up my butt, I scooped up some of the syrup and dribbled it down his crack. His hole was totally exposed. When I lifted my head, he sat down on my face. Using my tongue, I followed the slick path down his sweaty crack, reaching into his hot hole and slathering all over his tender young balls. Then I sucked his cock to the root, rubbed my nose in his Adam’s Apple • 21

HJ April 2004 21

03/19/04 1:01:06 PM

curly pubic hair and squeezed my mouth tight around it. He started driving the full length of his boycock into my mouth, the taste of the syrup mixing with the smell of his hot crotch. I felt myself losing it. My balls tightened up. Adam kept licking my butt without missing a spot. Neither did I; I licked his crotch till it shone. I could see the clock. A whole hour had passed. We pulled apart. I stripped him completely and threw off what remained of my clothes. We were stark naked together – bare-assed in my own classroom. I played with my hot cock, fiddling with my generous foreskin. Gobs of precum ran down my joint, just like it ran down his. I leaned up against my desk and thrust my hairy crotch forward. I grabbed my bull balls and pulled them down hard and showed them to him. Gradually, I turned around and offered up my ass. I got up on my desk, bent over and played with myself. He came up behind me. I pushed my hairy ass and my low swinging balls in his face. He rubbed his nose against my sack. His breath was shallow and hot against my hole. He couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t stand it any longer. Digging his face into my crotch, he sucked my cock from underneath. He fingered my pouting asshole and bounced my balls. He ran his pink tongue straight up my hot hole. Eventually, he flipped me over on my back. “Spread your legs! Feed me your cock. Let me fuck you,” he begged, “then you can fuck me.” My ass was perfectly positioned. It was lined up with his monster cock begging to be fucked. Out of his backpack he pulled a tube of lube. He had come prepared. He was going to fuck me - his own teacher. “Have at it, buddy,” I offered, raising my hairy legs as high as they would go. His fingers felt so good playing deep inside me while he lubed me up. I opened my tight ass and spread my cheeks as he stared at my anxious hole. With my long legs way up against my shoulders, he forced his plump cockhead way up inside my tight, dark chute. “Easy now, boy. Slowly. Yeah. That’s it. Ohhhh ….” He was so big, but I let him screw me good. “Fuck me, Adam. Fuck me,” I urged him on. “Screw me. Fuck my ass!” Even though it felt so good, I knew I had to get my cock up his ass. At last I convinced him to switch places with me. I wanted to fuck him so badly. I grabbed his ankles, spread his legs, and plunged into his tight boypussy. The sight of his pink, puckered hole sliding over 22 • Adam’s Apple

HJ April 2004 22

03/19/04 1:01:06 PM

my rod was bringing me close, but I wanted to ride his ass as long as I could! “Is this what you wanted? Is this what you dream of? Beg for it, Adam. Beg me to fuck you.” “Oh, yeah, fuck me, Teach. That’s right. Give it to me. Let me have it. All the way, all you want, just like that.” So I fucked him even harder. My sweat was flying. He tightened his sucking hole around my big dick and squeezed. “Ohhhhhhhhh!” I kept mercilessly pounding into him, causing him to warn me, “I’m going to cum. I feel it. Oh, damn, Teach, I can’t hold back. You’re making me cum. Here I cum!” he shouted. His jizz poured out all over my hand. I jerked him off while he came gobs and gobs. His chest and belly were covered with his jizz. Adam’s Apple • 23

HJ April 2004 23

03/19/04 1:01:07 PM

“Oh, God! Me, too! I’m cumming right up your ass!” Wads and wads of my thick spunk flooded his hot ass, one spurt after another. He moaned out loud while each stream made him spasm. But while my cock was still unloading up his butt we heard someone else moaning in the hall. Damn! The back door to my classroom was open a crack, and through it we saw the janitor blowing his wad! He hadn’t left after all. He’d been watching us through the crack in the door the whole time.

Summer with Jason by Leonard Of all my nephews, I like Jason best. So I was very happy that he spent his summer vacation with me this year. His parents bought him a plane ticket to California as a graduation present, and arranged for him to stay at my place. I hadn’t seen him for a couple of years, but I remembered him as a good looking young guy, and felt even then that there was some sort of attraction between us. So one early evening in June, I was at the airport to pick him up. I recognized his pretty face right away, but sheesh, those clothes! He was dressed the way kids his age consider “fashionable” nowadays: big, baggy, and black – shirt, shorts, sneakers, everything. Even his backpack was oversized. I guess he hadn’t realized yet that in California, in the summertime, you don’t need much of a wardrobe. He had no other luggage, so we were soon in the car and on the way home. We chit-chatted during the drive and while we stopped for a hamburger, I learned quite a few things from him. He doesn’t have a girlfriend; he has a number of boyfriends but “nobody special”; he was on the swim team in high school and did gymnastics as well; he is very limber and can throw his legs up over his head and suck his own cock; and he can put both feet behind his neck quite easily. In fact his nickname in school became “the pretzel” after he demonstrated his talents to his classmates. I have a small one-bedroom cottage not far from the beach. After looking the place over he asked, “So where am I going to sleep, Uncle Len?” I explained to him he had the choice of using the couch or sharing my bed with me. It did not take him long to decide. “I’ll sleep with you, Uncle Len. I’m sure that’s a lot more comfortable than the couch.” 24 • Summer with Jason

HJ April 2004 24

03/19/04 1:01:08 PM

I couldn’t have agreed more and told him so, thinking the signs were very encouraging. “I should tell you, Jason, that I always sleep bare-ass naked. Is that a problem?” “Oh, no. I do that myself most of the time.” “Good. And while on the subject of clothes, I realize that what you’re wearing is what kids wear nowadays, and I suppose it’s OK for street wear, but I don’t really like them. You have a great body and you should show it off! Didn’t you bring anything a little sexier?” “Not really, Uncle Len.” “Well, perhaps you could wear some of my clothes. I have plenty of tank tops and running shorts and that sort of stuff. Hell, at home you can go around without anything at all, or a jockstrap or something. I think you would look very sexy, and there’s no point in hiding it.” “Hey, that’s cool, Uncle Len, I have no problem with that!” “That’s my buddy! I think you and I will get along just fine.” By ten o’clock that evening Jason was getting very tired, not surprising after being cooped up in a plane for nearly four hours, a two-hour layover, and a three-hour time difference, so I suggested we go to bed. My clothes were off in no time and I popped into bed. Jason took a little longer, but when he turned around naked, I had a pleasant surprise: a good size dick, a big mushroom head, nice balls – and no pubic hair! “Why, Jason,” I said, “I’ve heard that swimmers shave their bodies, but you shaved your pubes, too!” “My cock and my balls and my ass!” he replied. “Two of the other guys on the team did, so I did it, too. It makes my cock look bigger.” “Oh, it does. You have a beautiful body, Jason.” “You don’t look too bad yourself, Uncle Len – for an old geezer!” Old geezer, my foot! I’m still this side of forty and in pretty good shape. I had been thinking maybe I should shave my pubes, too, but I hadn’t. I did, however, trim the bush down to just ground cover. My dick was rapidly going north, and so was Jason’s. He got into bed. We were both on our sides, and after I pulled the sheet up, Jason scooted back towards me till my cock was in his asscrack. “Yeah, that feels good,” he sighed. I put my arm across his hip and took hold of his rigid cock. “We’re going to have a great time, Jason, starting tomorrow. You’re too tired now.” “OK, Uncle Len,” he yawned. “Let’s cut the Uncle crap, shall we? Just call me Len.” Summer with Jason • 25

HJ April 2004 25

03/19/04 1:01:09 PM

“OK, Len. Good night.” “Good night, babe.” And within a few seconds he was sound asleep. We woke up at about the same time with morning hardons. Holding on to Jason’s dick I tried to kiss his lips. I wasn’t sure if he would take to that, but he did, and greedily so, opening his mouth for a long, wet kiss. I licked my way down his neck and chest, and sucked and nibbled his nips. I worked my way down along his belly and the insides of his thighs, purposely teasing him by staying away from his cock and balls. Then back up his slender hairless body for another lip sucking, tongue-darting kiss, and down again. This time I kissed his big mushroom head, swirled my tongue around it, and slowly slid my lips around the underside of his cock. Jason loved it, moaning and squirming and raising his butt off the bed. “I’m going to suck you good now, Jason. I want your juice for breakfast.” “Oh, yes, suck my dick and take my cum. I love what you’re doing!” I sucked and licked his lovely smooth cock and balls for a very long time, both of us enjoying every moment of it. Jason bucked his hips, driving his cock deeper and deeper down my throat and slamming his ass against the mattress. Then he yelled, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh, yessss!” and I had my morning juice. After he had calmed down he asked, “Can I suck your cock now?” “Of course you can, I would love it!” And he did a pretty good job, nice and slow and deep the way I like it. Amazingly he didn’t gag a single time. And after quite a while, he, too, had his juice. We rested on our sides, running our hands over each other’s body. “Have you ever fucked, Jason?” “Yeah. I fucked those teammates I told you about. A couple of times in fact, but not both at the same time!” “Did you like it?” “Damn right I did!” “Have you ever been fucked?” “Yes, by those same guys.” “Did you like that?” “Well, the first time it hurt a bit – quite a bit – but after that I liked it.” 26 • Summer with Jason

HJ April 2004 26

03/19/04 1:01:09 PM

“What if I were to fuck you now?” “Oh yeah! I’d really like that!” So I dove into his ass again and slicked it up good, got the KY from the bed stand, and greased my cock. “Tell you what, Jason. Since this is our first time, why don’t you sit on my cock so you can control what’s happening?” Jason agreed, and I stretched out on my back, holding my big cock by the base to point it straight up. Jason straddled over my belly and slowly lowered his ass until his hole was at the tip of my dick, then carefully eased down. When my cock was halfway in, he raised up some, then down again to take another inch. He repeated this delightful process till he was fully impaled on my woody and sitting on my pubic bone. “Oh, that feels so damn nice, Len. You’re so big, and it’s all the way in me!” Then he started riding me, at a slow pace at first with short strokes, then gradually faster, till he was in full gallop riding wildly up and down the full length of my cock. At that pace I couldn’t hold for more than five minutes or so, and Jason got a good dose of cum way up his insides. That was the first of the many rides he took that summer. And we both loved it! After a hearty breakfast, we decided to hit the beach. Jason went to his backpack and came back with what looked like a pair of board shorts. “Jason, didn’t you bring your team Speedos?” “No. I can’t wear those little things on the beach.” “Of course you can. I do. That’s all I ever wear. It doesn’t make sense, Jason. You come all the way to California to get a nice tan, and then you cover up from your navel to your knees. Why don’t you wear a pair of my running shorts?” He was a bit reluctant at first but then agreed, and picked out a pair of bright yellow nylon running shorts. It worked out real well, actually. He looked quite sexy and attractive in them, and once his shorts were wet they were very revealing: his cock and balls and ass were clearly outlined. He showed better than I did in my Speedos. The lifeguard noticed it, too, keeping a close eye on us. I’ve never felt safer on the beach. We learned later that his name was Matthew, and he was a real nice guy. Over time we got more or less into a routine: sex in the morning, beach in the afternoon and more sex in the evening. One morning I Summer with Jason • 27

HJ April 2004 27

03/19/04 1:01:10 PM

told him, “Why don’t you get in that pretzel position, Jason, and I’ll give you a good, deep fuck.” “I’d like that, Len,” he said, turning on his back and putting both feet behind his neck. It was a beautiful sight: a tanned body and a snow white ass with not a single hair in sight – no pucker, no wrinkle, and no brown areola; it looked like the very same perfect ass that Michelangelo would have carved out of marble (and lovingly polished by hand!) if the Pope had only let him. I dove right into that upturned ass, licked all around the opening, and stabbed my tongue inside as far as I could. When I had him nice and slick I asked “Ready, babe?” and he said promptly “Oh, put it in. Fuck me hard. Fuck me deep. I want all of your big cock in me!” I put the head of my cock at his winking hole, grabbed him around his narrow waist, and pushed the whole thing in, in one smooth motion. Jason let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes. I could see how much he enjoyed what I was doing to him. I fucked him long and hard and deeper than I’d ever been before, and it was so good that I shot one of my biggest loads ever, and Jason splooged at the same time. Since his cock was so close to his face he shot most of his load into his open mouth, then licked his lips with a happy grin. Another day we were at it again with Jason curled up in the pretzel position when I had another inspiration. I picked him up, grabbed a pillow off the bed, and with him thrashing and squirming on my impaled cock, walked him over to my treadmill. I put the pillow behind Jason’s back, put him on the handlebars and Jason grabbed the bars to steady himself. I stepped onto the belt, turned the machine on, and started walking. It was absolutely wonderful. I took long steps and went in and out of Jason’s ass with long strokes, then changed to a short-paced, fast walk and stabbed his ass with rapid short thrusts. Jason just loved it. He kept hollering “Fuck me! Fuck me! You’re so fuckin’ deep, Len. Fuck me!” I could see a pleading look in his eyes, and I sensed what he wanted. I lifted his cock with my fingers, and he immediately opened his mouth. I put his cock in, and he started sucking right away, like a little piglet takes to its mama’s tit. His eyes lit up; he was happy now! I don’t know just how long I walked and fucked him, but after a long time he started shooting and frantically swallowing, his jizz being transferred from one orifice into the other. He clamped down hard on my pecker and that made me cum big time. I could feel each shot, 28 • Summer with Jason

HJ April 2004 28

03/19/04 1:01:10 PM

like a bullet, travelling the length of my barrel and shooting from the muzzle. It was a super climax for both of us. Jason was exhausted – well, I was, too. I had to help him untangle his legs and let him down off the handlebars. He dripped cum from his rear end when he stood up on his wobbly legs. Needless to say, we used the treadmill quite a few times that summer. One afternoon I had to go into town for business, so Jason went to the beach by himself. When I got back home, a little earlier than I expected, I heard noises coming from the bedroom. Sex noises. Naturally, I peeked in, and there were Jason and Matthew the lifeguard on the bed busily sucking each other. Matthew froze momentarily when he noticed me, but I told the guys, “Never mind me. Just go on doing what you’re doing. In fact, I think I’ll join you.” I went into the bathroom and got out of my clothes real fast. I had already sprung a woody, so I greased up the pile driver and went back to the bedroom. The guys were still at it. Jason had slipped down between Matthew’s legs and was tonguing his hole while the young lifguard stroked his spitslicked meat.

Summer with Jason • 29

HJ April 2004 29

03/19/04 1:01:11 PM

He wasn’t able to take much more, and before long Matthew had pulled Jason back up on top of the bed, flipped him around and stuck his cock back down my nephew’s throat. As the boys continued to 69, I jumped on the bed, got behind Matthew’s upturned ass and pushed my pecker in. Jason’s face was just inches away, so he had a real bird’seye view of my cock slowly disappearing into his buddy’s butt while he continued sucking Matthew’s big sausage. I fucked Matthew nice and slow for a while, with my long strokes penetrating his pulsing ass real deep. Then I told the guys to roll over, so now Jason’s ass was up in the air. I quickly scooted over to the other end of the bed, and gave him the same treatment that Matthew had just enjoyed. I had them rolling over like that a number of times and poked whatever ass was on top. Then I thought it was time for a change, so I said, “Come up behind me, Jason, and put just the tip of your cock in my ass.” Jason disengaged and crawled away from under Matthew and got behind me. I pushed my cock all the way into Matthew’s butt and held still. Jason was still wet and slippery and readily pushed his big mushroom head into my waiting ass, just beyond the sphincter. I now had my boys in my favorite position: a sandwich fuck with me being the meat. I slowly pulled my cock out of Matthew’s ass and at the same time impaled my own ass on Jason’s cock, then reversing, pushed my cock back into Matthew’s ass while I slowly slid off of Jason’s cock. Back and forth it went, back and forth. Slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed. All three of us were moaning and groaning loudly, enjoying our combination fuck tremendously. At last, I was slapping my torso wildly between my two guys, and couldn’t hold back anymore. I emptied my balls in big spurts up Matthew’s ass, and Jason did the same in mine. Matthew hadn’t shot yet, but he had a solution for that. “I want in the middle now,” he announced. “OK, whose ass do you want?” “Jason’s,” was the answer. “All right,” Jason said, scooting up to the head of the bed and getting on all fours. Matthew got behind him. I gave his cock a few wet licks and he was ready. He aimed for Jason’s hole and put it in. After the two had pounded away for a while it was time to make it a threesome again, so I put myself behind them and pushed my still hard and wet 30 • Summer with Jason

HJ April 2004 30

03/19/04 1:01:12 PM

cock into Mathew’s already fucked ass, and we merrily got to do another sandwich fuck. Matthew loved it, and he kept saying, “Oh, yes … oh, fuck! Jason, what a sweet ass you got. Oh, yes ….” Then he lurched forward suddenly, and went so deep into Jason’s ass that he came off my cock. He grunted and shot a big wad up Jason’s chute. We disentangled, and Jason said he’d gotten the short end of the stick, so to speak. He now wanted his turn in the middle. I volunteered to be the receiver – my cock was getting sore. I got into position and stuck my ass up. Jason plowed into me and Matthew stuck his cock into Jason’s butt. And so we did the whole routine again for the third time, enjoying it just as much as the first. Jason and I had a really great summer. But all too soon it was September, and Jason had to go home and get ready to start college. Matthew left a week later to start his sophomore year. Me? For the time being, I’m back to pulling my pud and humping my pillow. But next year Jason’s younger brother graduates from high school, and I’m just wondering ….

Busted! by William Cozad I was pissed off when my father got a job transfer. Actually, it was a big deal for him because it included a promotion with a hefty salary increase and perks. I should have been glad for him. Not the case, though, because I had to leave behind my buddy Randy. He was appropriately named, because he was always horny. I was a teenage high school boy in terrible heat myself. Randy and I had started fooling around when I stayed overnight with him after he got back from summer camp. It was an Indian summer night and we were sleeping in just our shorts. I’d been choking the chicken, spanking the monkey, as the guys called it, all summer long. I liked to look at the other boys in shorts; boys on bikes wearing spandex and boys in Speedos at the municipal pool. I checked out their equipment, but I didn’t have the nerve to make a move. That was called queer, and I wasn’t no sissy. Hell, I played sports and made the football and basketball teams. So did Randy. So I was shocked when Randy pressed his leg against mine as we lay in bed in just our briefs. The feel of his hot, velvety skin made Busted! • 31

HJ April 2004 31

03/19/04 1:01:13 PM

me pop a boner. That wasn’t really much of a surprise, because I always went to sleep with a stiffy if I didn’t whip off a load first. The real shock came when Randy reached over and cupped my raging cotton-encased cock. He reached inside my briefs and grasped my naked cock. Well, two can play that game. It wasn’t like we were queers. There was nothing wrong with two buddies helping each other out. We furiously tugged on each other’s big, hard cock until we squirted all over our bare chests and bellies. At the crack of dawn, Randy woke me up with his tongue. He was sucking my cock! Then he coaxed me into sucking him off. He had a fat, uncut cock, unlike my own clipped cock. Both our dicks were equal in size, except for his overhang. Eventually, Randy ended up lying on his belly with the sheets tangled at his feet and his briefs pulled down. His plump butt cheeks were highlighted by his summer camp tan line. He reached back and spread his asscheeks. “Fuck me with your big dick,” he said huskily. I climbed on top of him. He guided my drooling cock up his shithole. I was so hot I shot off while I was sliding my meat inside his hot, tight hole. It was the most delicious feeling I had ever had in my life. Afterwards, Randy confessed that his camp counselor, an ex-Marine sergeant, showed him all about mansex. Randy and I were inseparable after that. We spent as much time as possible together, blowing each other and me fucking his slutty ass. No wonder I didn’t want to leave my hometown and Randy. He even cried when I broke the news. Both of us knew we would never see each other again. I begged my folks to let me stay in my hometown with my granddad. “Nothing doing,” my dad said, adding that it was time Mom’s family did something about her father. Gramps had some memory lapses. When you told him something that happened in town, he’d say, “What town, where?” My fate was sealed when we moved to the capital city in the adjoining state, where my father became the district manager for a national company. In order to keep peace in the family and to keep me from running away, as I threatened, my folks promised me my own car. If I liked my asshole buddy Randy, I was just as crazy about cars. I was the new guy in my high school class – the new kid on the block. If Dad was under pressure at his new job, he put pressure on me to 32 • Busted!

HJ April 2004 32

03/19/04 1:01:14 PM

get good grades so I could go to his Ivy League college. He wouldn’t even give me permission to go out for sports, where I thought I could get some respect or acceptance, and maybe find me another secret fuckbuddy. He told me I should keep my mind on my studies. I was like a lone wolf on campus. Some of the students were friendly, but I didn’t get into the jock group like at my old school. In our suburban neighborhood, I got confronted by a street gang. They were mostly kind of spoiled-brat-rich-kids, not a ghetto type gang. The gang leader was kind of ugly, but he had a muscular body, which attracted me. He told me I could join the gang if I could prove I wasn’t chicken. My life was so boring at the time, and it would mean that I could belong somewhere and finally have a group of friends to party with. But I had to prove myself. I had to steal some cartons of cigarettes from the supermarket in the mall. I’d never stolen anything since the time I stole a candy bar at the grocery store when I was a little kid. My dad caught me eating the candy in the car. He slapped me upside the head, then he dragged me back into the store and made me tell the manager what I’d done. I was scared and thought I’d go to jail or worse. My dad had told me that in some countries they cut off the hand of a thief. I learned my lesson, and I never stole anything after that. But I wanted to belong to the street gang where I lived. Inside the supermarket, I was worried about being watched on surveillance cameras. It wasn’t easy because the cigarettes were near the checkout counters. But the store was busy. I just brazenly took a couple cartons of smokes and stuffed them in each side of my shirt under my windbreaker. Then I hurried outside. I was followed and stopped by a man who flashed a wallet with an ID card and badge. “Come back into the store with me,” he said. “Easy way or hard way, don’t matter to me.” I was shaking like a leaf. I noticed the gang members who were waiting outside took off when they saw what was happening. The security guard led me into the storeroom at the back, past skids of plastic shrink-wrapped groceries to a small, isolated room with a desk and a chair. He took the cartons of cigarettes out of my shirt. Turning me around, he frisked me, rubbing my butt. Busted! • 33

HJ April 2004 33

03/19/04 1:01:15 PM

“Just the cigarettes is all I saw. Got anything else?” he said. “No sir. I can pay for them. I mean, I can get the money from my dad.” “Too late for that. Besides, you shouldn’t be buying cigarettes.” When I thought of my dad, I started to panic. He’d kill me in cold blood. I’d be safer in jail, away from him until he cooled off. “Got ID?” the guard barked. I gave him my laminated school ID card. “I’m sorry. Can’t you let me go? I’ll never steal again. It was part of my initiation into a gang.” “The reason don’t matter. You broke the law. You need to be punished. Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, you know.” The security guard was a beefy man about my dad’s age. He had a big nose, thick lips and a sexy mustache. His black hair was slicked back and his brown eyes smoldered. “Gimme a break. I’ll do anything you say.” “Anything?” He rubbed the bulging crotch of his jeans. “I ain’t been getting any lately,” he said. “Bet you’re queer, a cute boy like you.” “No, sir.” He lewdly ran his tongue over his lower lip. “You look like you’re hung.” “I got a big one,” I said. “Prove it. Whip that thing out.” My designer jeans were tight. I unbuckled my belt and slid down my jeans and yellow bikini briefs. Out flopped my stiffening dick, bobbing in the air. “Jack it. I wanna see you beat it.” I grasped my cock and slowly stroked it. The security guard unzipped his pants and freed his hard cock. It was even bigger than mine, an old warhorse of a cock with a rosy mushroom crown. He took my left hand and placed it on his stiff cock. I jacked his cock while I jacked mine. “Blow me, baby.” “You’ll let me go afterwards, won’t you?” “If you don’t fucking bite me.” Kneeling down, I wrapped my lips around his cockhead. I could take his veiny shaft only halfway down at first. I slowly pushed my 34 • Busted!

HJ April 2004 34

03/19/04 1:01:15 PM

head forward until I felt a little more cock slip past my throat. In no time I had almost the whole thing stuffed into my mouth. “You’ve done this before, I can tell.” He yanked his throbbing meat out of my mouth. “You suck cock real good, kid, but now I gotta get me a piece of that macho boybutt,” he said. “I’ve never – I’m a virgin, I swear.” He laid me over the edge of the wooden desk. I watched over my shoulder. Squatting down, he stuck his tongue up my puckered hole and tongue-fucked it. It felt good. His warm, wet, slippery tongue was making me hot. I wanted more. I surprised myself when I said, “Do it to me.” I’d always fucked Randy. He wasn’t interested in fucking me. Now it was the turn of the screw with the security guard. He stood up and rubbed his hard cock in my crack. It felt like a hot poker when he shoved his cock inside. He clasped my waist while he humped me, with his big balls slapping against my smooth butt cheeks. “Tightest boypussy I ever got – bar none!” I liked getting screwed, so much that I shot off while he fucked me. With my asshole spasming around his cock, he sprayed my guts with his hot ball juice. I moved away and his softening cock plopped out. He stuffed his cock back into his pants as I quickly arranged my clothes. “Can I go now?” I asked. “Yeah, but no more boosting anything, comprende? Because the manager wants shoplifters prosecuted as an example. Lucky he’s not here now.” I left that dank storeroom with a smile on my face. I might have been a thief, but that security guard was an asshole bandit himself. He busted my cherry. I never did get around to joining the street gang, because I didn’t have time for those punks. It wasn’t that I was studying so much, although that’s what my dad would have preferred, but because I got a thing going with the security guard. He phoned me out of the blue one night about a week after he caught me stealing the cigarettes. He invited me over to his place, and we took up where we left off – with me getting my butt banged.

Busted! • 35

HJ April 2004 35

03/19/04 1:01:16 PM

Ethan by Erick After losing a rough game of football, Ethan hopped on his skateboard and headed home, his meaty cock tenting his sweats. He grunted a good night to his dad and crawled into bed. Ethan started playing with his fat dick and ended up jacking off. After spraying a copious load of teenboy spunk onto his sheets, he hit the lights and zonked out. It was after midnight and Ethan was deep in sleepland. His meaty cock lay heavy on his stomach like a python choking on a very angry rat. Ethan’s dad grinned as he tongued the clear, hot precum that dripped and bubbled out of his son’s piss slit. Dad smiled. He knew that tonight he would suck his boy’s ripe cock dry. Right now, Dad was not going to wake Ethan. He preferred to lick the pool of precious precum that oozed near Ethan’s chest. His son’s precum tasted nutty and delicious. Moving down to the base of Ethan’s pulsating cock, he tonguelapped at the sweaty patch of pubic hair that clustered near the base of the hotshot kid’s gamy piss-log. Lust for Ethan’s cock had Dad’s own cock constantly engorged. Years of masturbating over Ethan, to the thought of de-virginizing his stud son and having his young cock down his throat, gave him many sleepless nights. The feelings of sharp constraint on his cum-filled balls suddenly wakened Ethan. As his dad swallowed his son’s entire ballsack, excitement shot through the length of Ethan’s stud cock making his hardon hot and rigid and heavy. Dad pulled and sucked the sweat-soaked, cum-churning balls. He enjoyed their weight and smoothness as he slowly beat his own meat. With a loud sucking sound, Dad released his son’s nuts and put his hand around the base of Ethan’s cock. He pulled his son’s cock away from his stomach and pulled back the tight foreskin that covered the boy’s fat knob, exposing the precum-covered, plum-shaped piss bulb. Dad began to tongue fuck Ethan’s forbidden pisshole until it gaped red and wide. Then at last, Dad swallowed Ethan’s rebel cock, every inch of his son’s throbbing, aching, stiff meat. Swallowing hard, Dad tried to get the teen’s fat cock knob down his throat. Recollections of how hot his son looked at the beach in his yellow swim briefs magically opened 36 • Ethan

HJ April 2004 36

03/19/04 1:01:17 PM

Dad’s throat and he was able to slide it up and down on his son’s cock. As Dad’s lips firmly gripped the top of his son’s slick shaft, his hand gripped the base of Ethan’s rod and pumped his son’s cock in and out of his throat like a piston. Ethan pushed his hips upward, encouraging his dad to make sure to take his whole fuck-meat down his greedy throat. The sucking of Ethan’s cock united the father and son as one. Ethan • 37

HJ April 2004 37

03/19/04 1:01:17 PM

Desperate for air, Dad tried to raise his head off his son’s groin, but Ethan forced his stud meat further down his dad’s throat. The deep throat fuck felt so damn good on Ethan’s rigid and heavily veined cock. Dad was pleased to hear that the constant throat ramming had his teen son moaning and groaning with lust, getting closer and closer to filling his father’s mouth with the load of boyspunk he was so desperate for. The feel (and smell) of Ethan’s sweaty pubic hair against his lips and the swollen thickness of his teen cockhead made Dad pump faster on the meaty, fat staff. He had gone so far down on his boy’s bloated fuck-meat that Ethan could feel his naked cockhead pressing against the back of Dad’s throat. Dad was grateful that Ethan’s precum and cock sweat had lubricated his son’s shaft. It greased his son’s fat fuck-rod and made the steady throat fucking easier on the old man. Ethan’s pulsating fat dick felt uncontrollably bloated and heavy in his throat. Any minute now, Ethan’s dad thought. At last, Ethan’s rich, thick, creamy cum shot down his dad’s sucking, pumping, open throat. But Ethan’s dad was far from finished. Although hot cum overflowed his mouth, covering his hand with the milky love offering, he continued his rapid up and down throat ramming, making the second blow job more frantic and erotic than the first. Only this time, Dad pressed a thick finger up into his son’s tight, moist, sweaty, young asshole. Ethan sighed at this new sexual assault and pushed his hips down so that his dad’s finger fucked him all the way past his knuckle. With his other hand, Dad gripped Ethan’s balls and pulled them down hard, along with his son’s stud cock. The new angle made the teen cock more accessible for repeated sucking. Ethan tried to stop the throat fuck by hitting his dad’s head and pulling his hair, but they both knew that his cock needed constant milking. Ethan’s moans filled his small bedroom. How many times had his dad rammed his throat up and down his teen cock? Ethan had lost count. Feeling his bruised lips against the boy’s sweaty pubic hair and the swollen thickness at the base of his boyish cock made Dad’s mouth fuck faster on his son’s cockmeat. Ethan’s pelvis bucked back and forth, fucking his dear dad’s face faster and faster, again and again, on into the night. 38 • Ethan

HJ April 2004 38

03/19/04 1:01:19 PM

The guy who came to

fix the leaky faucet in our bath truned out to be a real hunk!

They’re all at work, sir.

Where are your folks, kid?

Oh, so it’s just you and me in this big ol’ house, huh? I guess.

Gotta take a piss before I start.

I think I-I better leave.

hang around, kid...

you don’t mind --do you?

I noticed you’ve been checkin’ out my crotch ever since I got here!

The Plumber • 39

HJ April 2004 39

03/19/04 2:45:14 PM

The Big man was right. The big bulge in his crotch attracted my eyes like a magnet.

Hey kid, come on over and unzip your fly for a little communal pissing.

But I had never seen another guy piss before, and I was so embarassed, I didn’t know which way to turn!

Timid I may be, but

I was finding the friendly hunk with the permanent grin hard to resist...

Now, isn’t this great--two guys doin’ what comes naturally together?

40 • The Plumber

HJ April 2004 40

03/19/04 2:45:17 PM

Nice lookin’ dick kid--a real grower!

I guess you’re not so shy after all, huh?

Let’s see how good this boy dick tastes.

My first experience of getting a blowjob was totally awesome! Not surprisingly, I shot my load way too soon!


shoot it all out, kid!

The Plumber • 41

HJ April 2004 41

03/19/04 2:45:21 PM

you’re doing a great job there, kid.

Get it nice and wet, and I’ll let you ride it like a pony.

That pretty little mouth of yours is making my cock throb!

I straddled

the big man and impaled myself on his stiff rod.

The plumber’s huge tool nearly split my virgin ass in two.

Yeah, park your smooth little boy butt on my joy stick!

42 • The Plumber

HJ April 2004 42

03/19/04 2:45:25 PM

Hold tight young fella, and enjoy the ride!

Say kid, you’re pretty hot stuff!

Fuck, I’m gonna shoot!

How about I fix that leak, and then you can take another long ride on my big fat dick.


The Plumber • 43

HJ April 2004 43

03/19/04 2:45:29 PM


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Using My Butt by Chuck I turned around and looked at my naked butt in the mirror. It looked pretty good, even if I did say so myself. The time I had spent on the track and rugby teams at school had given me a high, tight, firm ass. It turned me on just to look at it, and I was hoping it would have the same effect on Dad. The past few months, I had become obsessed with the idea of getting my dad’s cock up my hole. I had even gone so far as “practicing” with some produce from the local supermarket. I started with a carrot and had worked my way up to a cucumber. I figured if I could take that, I’d certainly be able to get Dad’s rod up my hole. I had seen Dad’s cock all my life. He was never shy about letting me see him when he was showering or taking a piss. Sometimes he even walked around the house naked, claiming it was just too damn hot to wear clothes. But lately, I had taken a new interest in my dad’s dick. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and I realized that I really wanted to get fucked by my own father. I began to devise a plan to seduce Dad. I figured I’d finally get my chance at Dad when Mom announced that she was going away on one of her “girl’s weekends”. About twice a year, she and three of her girlfriends went into the city and spent the weekend shopping, seeing shows and as she put it, “just being girls.” She was leaving Friday around noon, so when I got home after school on Friday, the house was empty. I stripped, got into the shower and gave myself a long, hot scrub. Dad wouldn’t be home until around six, so I had time to get ready. After the shower, I went to my room and greased my hole up with a little Vaseline. If my plan worked, I didn’t want Dad to start having second thoughts while I looked around for some lube. Then I headed into the living room, where I flopped down on the couch, ass up, and began thumbing through a magazine. I couldn’t concentrate on what I was trying to read, though. All I could think about was what Dad’s reaction was going to be when he came home and found me naked. I knew my nudity probably wouldn’t bother him, but I wanted more than that. I wanted it to turn him on. I didn’t have to wait too long before I heard the front door open and close. “Chuck, you home?” Dad called out from the front hall. “In the living room, Dad,” I answered. 46 • Using My Butt

HJ April 2004 46

03/19/04 1:01:49 PM

When I heard his footsteps, I turned and looked over my shoulder. “Hi, Dad.” “Well, hey, Chuckie. Did you go to school like that today?” he joked. I laughed and said, “Nah. It’s just too damn hot to wear clothes today.” “Well, I guess it’s OK since your mother isn’t home, but she probably wouldn’t like you lying on her couch naked.” “Yeah, I know. But I figured it’d be all right since it’s just us guys this weekend.” I spread my legs a little bit, trying to give Dad a better shot at my hole. Without a word, Dad walked through the living room toward the back of the house. As he passed, I could have sworn I saw his cock starting to make a tent in his suit pants. After a few minutes, I heard Dad fumbling around in the kitchen. He then appeared in the doorway. I looked up from the magazine I wasn’t really reading. He wasn’t naked, but he had stripped down to his grey boxer-briefs. “I put a pizza in the oven. I thought you and I could just eat in front of the TV tonight, if you want,” he said. “Cool,” I replied. Using My Butt • 47

HJ April 2004 47

03/19/04 1:01:50 PM

Dad went back into the kitchen and reappeared a few minutes later with two plates of pizza. I sat up to eat – and to give Dad a look at my cock. It was semi-hard to begin with, but before we were finished with dinner, it had become a full-blown stiffy. Dad didn’t say anything, but I could see that his own cock was starting to fill out the front of his shorts again. After I took the plates into the kitchen, I sat back down on the couch next to Dad. Before too long, I was lying down again, this time with my head in his lap. I could smell the day’s worth of sweat and manfunk wafting up from his crotch, and it was just making me hornier. I also noticed a wet spot forming where the head of Dad’s none-too-soft rod was resting along his left thigh. He began running his fingers through my hair. Then his hand slowly moved across my shoulders, and down to the small of my back. I could hear Dad’s breathing getting heavier. And by now his cock was fully hard. His hand moved down to my butt cheeks. He rested it there for a few minutes, before saying, “Remember how I used to pull your pants down and spank you when you were a bad little boy?” I laughed and said, “Yeah ….” “And then afterwards I’d rub your sore bottom.” He began rubbing his hand around on my ass in big circles. I pressed my hardon against couch cushion underneath me. Dad ran a finger against the top of my asscrack, then started moving down into the crevice between my cheeks. When he got to my hole he gave a start of surprise. “Chuck, what have you got on your butt hole?” “Vaseline,” I answered. “You had this planned all along, didn’t you?” I nodded. He sunk a finger up my hole as he said, “You know what happens to bad boys who walk around with greasy holes, don’t you?” I looked up at him. “They get Daddy’s cock up their butts.” Obviously, it hadn’t taken as much work as I thought to seduce my father. Once he found out what I was after, there was no stopping him. I stood up on the couch and straddled Dad’s crotch. He fished around and pulled his cock out of the fly of his boxer-briefs. It stood 48 • Using My Butt

HJ April 2004 48

03/19/04 1:01:51 PM

up thick and drooling as Dad said, “Go ahead Chuckie, lower yourself down on Daddy’s big stick. Spread that hot, little ass of yours and take Daddy’s cock up your hole.” I squatted down till the head of his dick just grazed against my pucker. “That’s it, son. Take it slow and easy,” Dad groaned. Then I slid all the way down until my asscheeks were resting in the nest of his pubic hair. My practice with the vegetables had really paid off. It only hurt for a moment when the fat head of Dad’s cock popped past my sphincter. “Ohhhh, yeah,” Dad sighed. He bent forward to kiss me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. “Ride Daddy, son. Ride your dad’s big fuck stick.” I slowly started moving my ass up and down on his cock. Dad held onto my hips, controlling my speed. His cock knob rubbed back and forth across my prostate gland, pushing dick drool out of my piss slit. My cock slid back and forth across Dad’s belly, wetting the hair that formed a treasure trail right down to the base of his dick. With his rod pushing on my prostate and my pecker stroking against his stomach, I knew I wasn’t gonna last too long. My balls drew up to the base of my shaft and I began to shake. I could feel the tingle start underneath my nutsac and then spread through my crotch and all over my body. “Daddy, I’m gonna ….” I tried to warn him, but it was too late. My thick, frothy jizz shot out of my cock and spread all over Daddy’s belly. Seeing and feeling my orgasm was all it took to get Dad off. My sphincter was still spasming around his hardon when he grabbed my hips and forced me all the way down on his rod. With a couple of primal grunts he thrust all the way up inside my boyhole. I could feel the warm dampness spreading up my ass and leaking out around Dad’s twitching cock. His mouth found mine again and he kissed me as he finished unloading up my butt. It was a truly memorable fuck for both of us. Afterwards, Dad admitted that he’d been trying to figure out how to get up my ass almost as long as I’d been wanting him there. We decided not to worry about the past, but rather to look toward the future. Dad said that if we put our heads together and thought really hard, we were bound to figure out some way to get Mom to go on more out-of-town trips. Using My Butt • 49

HJ April 2004 49

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 3 Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 3 is here. You’ve beat off countless times to Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 1 and Volume 2. Now, grab your cock and get ready to drain your balls over and over again. Dads and sons are at it again, playing with each other and finding out how much fun it can be to spurt wads of juicy cum. To order: Use the order form on page 82. Order online at: Or call our toll free number 1-800-463-5630. (We are a very small company and can’t answer the phone all the time. If you get our voice mail, please leave a message and telephone number so we can call you back.)

Bedtime Tales Volume 3 Stories Afternoon Lesson Visiting My “Brother” Sam Training Olaf part 3 Little-John Pastor Marble’s Probing Tongue The Mayor’s Son Grandpa’s Christmas Tree Uncle Phil’s Basement Trucker’s Morning Lesson What Dad and His Friend Do The Old Y Dad Goes Birding Guy in the Blue Swim Suit My Son’s Fever Adventures in the Park

Taking My Nephew for a Ride Why Sprickle Licks His Nuts Pastor Lissom’s Advice Senator Roodlong’s Office My Older Brother Raymond Dad Makes Me Take My Vitamins Doing It in the Museum Laundry Lesson for My Boys Summer with Uncle Pete Getting a Look at Dad’s Dick My Twin Sons My Nephews’ Butts Uncle Seth Shows Me How Fishing with My Two Sons Picking Up Dad Visiting Dad in Alaska

50 • Handjobs April 2004

HJ April 2004 50

03/19/04 1:01:52 PM

At the Jungle Pool by Max See “You’re a Lucky Lad Pierre” in the February 2004 issue and “The Jolliest Roger” in the March 2004 issue. In my second week as a member of the crew of the Black Fox, I discovered just how dangerous life as a buccaneer can be. It was not all sucking and fucking, capturing easy prizes, and doing routine ship’s chores. What we took to be a Spanish merchant vessel turned out to be one of the Spanish Guardia Costa in disguise, and her mission was to capture or destroy buccaneering ships like ours. It was a violent and bloody battle. It was close, but we won. In the end the Spaniards surrendered. We set those who survived ashore to make their way back to Santo Domingo as best they could. Then we burned their ship. The Black Fox was badly damaged from the canon fire. So Captain Foxx ordered that we put into a small cove to make repairs. A small party was detailed to go ashore and find fresh water. Sven, our big, blond Danish quartermaster, was in charge of this party, and he picked me and four other crewmen to go with him. On reaching the beach we discovered a small stream coming down out of the jungle. We followed it inland for a short distance until we found a lovely pool of fresh water into which fell a spectacular waterfall. We stopped to admire the beauty of the place. Sven suggested that, before filling the water barrels, we might as well have a bath in the pool. We all began stripping off our soiled clothing. It was always a pleasure to see Sven naked, a pleasure I’d first had that memorable day when Captain Foxx and Sven had introduced me to the ways of the buccaneers in a three-way orgy. Sven had fucked me with his huge cock once more since then, and I would always be ready for more. I looked around to observe what the other four men had to offer. I knew them all slightly, but had yet to be intimate with any of them. There was Tommy Foster, an Englishman in his late twenties, with his long brown hair tied in a knot behind his head. His chest was covered with silky looking brown hair, and when he dropped his breeches, I saw a long, thin dick. He was looking at me and grinning. Then there was Francois, a little Frenchman not over twenty. His build was delicate, but with a fat, pink ass. I’d heard that he knew what to do with that. Next I looked at Irish Dickey O’Dell, the oldest of our group, in his mid-thirties. He was built like a bull, short and stocky with muscles At the Jungle Pool • 51

HJ April 2004 51

03/19/04 1:01:54 PM

everywhere and a mat of black hair over his whole body – except the top of his head which was bald and shiny. His dick, like his build, was short, stubby and thick. Finally there was Ezra (Ezz, as we called him), one of the two black men in our company – not counting Timothy, a boy even younger than me. Ezz was a giant of a man with broad shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist and muscles more than a match for Dickey’s. Ezz had not a hair on his ebony body. At least I hadn’t seen any until he, too, dropped his breeches. Then I saw the little patch of crinkly pubic hair above – Sacre bleu! – the biggest dick I’d ever seen soft. It was at least as big as Sven’s monster. The length of foreskin dangling from the end made it seem an inch or two longer than it was. I wondered how big it would get when it got hard. We all splashed into the pool and the horseplay began – splashing each other, pushing one another down into the water, and diving between spread legs. The first couple to get into serious activity was Sven and Francois. I saw Francois bent down in the shallow water with Sven’s big, hard dick pushing into that pretty pink ass. Behind me, Dickey O’Dell was on his knees, his head and shoulders just out of the water, and Tommy in front of him with his long, thin prick sliding in and out of the Irishman’s mouth. At that moment I felt a pair of strong arms encircling me. Glancing down, I saw that they were black. Ezz! I twisted around, looked up. He was more than a head taller than me and his face was smiling down at me. “I been waiting for my chance with you ever since I first saw you,” he said. “Do you mind?” Mind? Hell no! Not after the glimpse I’d had of his cock. I saw it again, only now it was sticking straight out from his body. While I was standing in waist-deep water with my own hard dick rubbing against his thigh, his cock was right at water level and pressing against my stomach. Yes, it was bigger than Sven’s, almost eleven inches, and about as thick as Dickey’s muscular arm just below the elbow. Well, I thought, if I can take Sven’s dick up my ass, I should be able to handle Ezz’s big cock. I reached down and was startled to find that I couldn’t get my hand around it. Ezz bent down and his thick lips met mine. His tongue pushed its way into my mouth. Even his tongue was huge! It filled my whole mouth. Its rough surface titillated my palate and sent shock waves of pleasure through my body. 52 • At the Jungle Pool

HJ April 2004 52

03/19/04 1:01:56 PM

He withdrew it and whispered, “Pierre, lad, I want you down on your hands and knees so I can get behind you and push this tongue of mine right up into your pretty white ass. I’m going to eat your hole out until it jus’ ’bout drives you crazy!” At the Jungle Pool • 53

HJ April 2004 53

03/19/04 1:01:56 PM

The very idea sent a burst of excitement through me. He swept me up into his strong arms, carried me to shallower water and put me down right next to where Sven was fucking Francois. Ezz dropped down behind me and immediately his face dove into my ass. I felt his tongue lapping at my eager hole, then pushing in. It felt as big and thick as some cocks, but gave me an entirely different feeling. The tip of his tongue quivered as it speared further and further into my love canal. Surely no one’s tongue could sink in as far as I could feel that 54 • At the Jungle Pool

HJ April 2004 54

03/19/04 1:01:57 PM

hot, wet organ. But it was there! Just as he promised, it was driving me crazy. Finally Ezz pulled his tongue out of my ass, leaned over me, and said, “Delicious, baby! Soon Ezz is goin’ put this big, black cock up in that sweet hole of yours and fuck you silly. I goin’ fuck you till you cums all over yourself – without ever touching that hot little dick of yours.” I figured he was gong to start fucking me right there with me still on my hands and knees. Instead he pulled me up, turned me around, and picked me up so my face was right next to his. He kissed me again, his long thick tongue, now with the sexy taste of my fuck chute on it, once more forcing its way into my mouth. He pulled it out to speak. “Baby doll, before I fucks you I wan’ see this big black cock slippin’ in an’ out you’ sweet mouth and down you’ throat.” He set me down and I began sinking to my knees. But he stopped me, pressing my face against his chest. One of his nipples was right beside my face and I clamped onto it and began to nibble and suck. “Yeah,” he moaned, “That’s the way, boy!” Never before had I encountered a man’s tits so big and hard. He moved my face over to the other tit and I gave it the same service. Both those nipples were sticking out from his broad, smooth chest like two hard little cocks. Finally he pushed me down further, and soon my lips were in that stiff, crinkly nest of pubic hair and his cock was against my chin. Not just my chin! It extended out over my shoulder. I licked along the top of the shaft, moving toward the end where I found the swollen head covered by foreskin. The length of skin I’d see when Ezz was soft was now stretched over the bulbous head, but it was loose enough so I could push it back. That revealed the thick, purple-black crown, and I promptly stuck my tongue into the piss slit. Above me I heard Ezz moan. Then he spoke. “Lick my balls, boy! Don’t try to suck them into your mouth. Just stick out your hot tongue and lick them all over.” I ducked down under his cock and licked the tight, hairless sac that held his bull-like balls. I don’t think I could have sucked them into my mouth if I’d tried. But he said just lick, so that’s what I did. I could hear him moaning with pleasure. We were in slightly deeper water now, and his balls just touched the water, and his dick soared out in a straight shaft just inches above the surface. At the Jungle Pool • 55

HJ April 2004 55

03/19/04 1:01:58 PM

“Now, lad, it’s time to start suckin’. Get this big black dick into you’ mouth.” No sooner ordered than done! I backed off, opened my mouth as wide as I could, and dove down on that gorgeous column of ebony. On the first try it went to the back of my mouth. Heaven! On the second I felt it slide into my throat, but I could still see at least an inch of flesh between my lips and the base where the crinkly hair began. I wanted it all! But try as I might, I couldn’t get any further. With my mouth still full of cock, I looked up at his magnificent body. I looked across the ridges of his stomach, across the broad, flat planes of his chest, past the prominent, hard nipples jutting out from his muscular pecs, and up to his smiling face. What a beautiful sight! “That’s it, boy,” he said. “You’re doing fine. No one else ever got so much of my dick in his mouth. It feels great. Just keep on suckin’!” Well, that praise made me feel good, so I did as he said – I kept on sucking. The thrill of it coursed through my whole body. Before long Ezz growled, “OK, lad, enough of this. I’m ready to start fuckin’ you.” His hands went under my armpits and he lifted me up. And up! My feet came off the ground, though still dangling in the water. I found my face level with Ezz’s. “Now, baby, wrap your legs around my waist,” he instructed. I did so, and also wrapped my arms around his thick, strong neck. His hands slid behind my back. I was totally held by his body and arms, not even touching the water below. His right hand left my back to reach down and grab and position his cockhead against my asshole which, I realized, was spread open just above his waist. I felt that great knob pushing against me. As he slowly lowered my body, it slipped inside. Immediately, that glorious feeling of being filled by a man swept over me. Little by little I felt that great rod sliding into me. There was no pain. It was as if I were a scabbard ready-made to house that mighty sword. After a few moments I felt my butt cheeks come to rest against Ezz’s hips and my balls against his stomach. He was all the way in me! I looked into his face and saw him grinning at me. “That’s it, Pierre, lad,” he whispered, “I’se got you now! Now, like I says, I’m gonna fuck you till you cums all over you’self. Don’ even touch that pretty dick of yours.” He lifted me up further and I felt his big rod slipping from me. I was about to yell, “No! Don’t take it out!” when he slammed me down again, all the way until my butt once more landed against his forward 56 • At the Jungle Pool

HJ April 2004 56

03/19/04 1:01:59 PM

thrusting hips. That was just the first time as he pulled me up again and again only to drop me once more, each time onto his mighty shaft. It was a new way of being fucked, and one that was sending shock waves of erotic delight through me. The way he was lifting me up and down on his cock, it was as if I was some kind of toy he was using to jack himself off. And I loved being that toy! On my right I heard another voice, “That’s lovely, Pierre!” Looking that way I saw Dickey O’Dell’s bald head. He was staring over Ezz’s arm and down at the big dick plunging in and out of me. And at my stiff cock waving about on its own as my body was heaved up and down. Twisting my neck a bit further I could see Tommy’s head bobbing back and forth, right at water level, sucking on Dickey’s thick cock. “Yeah, beautiful!” another voice exclaimed. Turning to the left, I saw Sven, and down below, Francois, vigorously sucking on Sven’s massive rod. It seemed that Ezz and I were putting on a sex show for the others. When I looked back at Ezz’s face, his grin spread from ear to ear and his shining white teeth sparkled against his ebony features. He pulled me closer to him until his thick lips crushed against mine. His fat tongue again snaked into my mouth rubbing erotically against the roof of my mouth and tickling my tonsils. With his cock pounding in my ass and his tongue filling my mouth, I felt totally possessed. I was his, body and soul. Letting me fall back against his arms once more, I watched as a look of bliss spread over his face. “Oh, I jes’ loves fuckin’ a pretty white boy like you!” And then in a husky voice, “Are you ready, baby doll? I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna shoot your little ol’ body full up with my spunk. Yeah, here it comes!” As he spoke he slammed me down onto that enormous prick so it went all the way into me. I could feel it swelling even more, stretching my love chute to the limit. Then the eruption of his hot love lava came gushing out deep within my bowels. “Go ahead, Pierre, lad,” he panted. “You cum, too, now. Shoot your stuff all over me!” As soon as I felt his cock exploding inside me, I had also felt my love juices boiling up. A new tingling spread from my toes to the top of my head to my balls and cock. I felt the rush of hot jism rising and then bursting forth from my dick. My whole body shook as I was overwhelmed by the most intense orgasm I had ever yet felt. I hadn’t even touched my dick! It was as he had promised. At the Jungle Pool • 57

HJ April 2004 57

03/19/04 1:01:59 PM

I was cumming all over myself just from the sensation of feeling his huge cock shooting hot cum inside me. More than a minute passed after I first felt Ezz’s cock erupting inside me, yet I could still feel it pulsating and squirting more cum. Even more remarkable, with each pulse in my ass I, too, squirted another shot of cum into the air. I began to wonder if I would cum as much as our sexy second mate, Jism Jack, who could shoot more cum than any man I’d ever met. I looked once more at Ezz and saw that his expression had changed. His mouth was hanging open and his eyes seemed to roll backward into his head. For a moment all the strength went out of him, his legs buckled, and he fell down on his knees, leaving only his chest and head above water. I fell with him, landing in the pool with a splash. I kept my arms locked around his neck and my legs around his waist, so my head was still out of the water and I was still as firmly attached to Ezz as before. The rest of me was under water, including my ass with his great cock still buried inside me. To my surprise, even under water, it kept on spasming and pumping cum into my bowels. My own dick had finally stopped producing jism, but it was still hard. Then I felt something splash onto my face. Looking up I saw that the other four men were all standing over us furiously beating their meat. It was Francois’s cum that had hit my face, but it was quickly followed by spunk from Sven, Dickey, and Tommy. Finally it was over. I felt Ezz’s cock slowly slipping out of my ass. When it came out I thought the whole pool would flood into me to take its place. Of course it didn’t, but I did feel that sense of loss that I always feel when a big dick comes out of my butt. My arms and legs released their hold on Ezz, and as my feet hit the earth, I tried to stand up. No use! I was too weak, and with a splash, I fell back into the pool. Laughing, Sven and Francois helped me up. I saw Dickey and Tommy doing the same for Ezz, who appeared as weak and drained as I was. “That was a great show,” Sven said. Then, taking charge again, he added, “But now it’s time to get back to work. The captain sent us here to get water.” We did get to work and soon we were on our way back to the Black Fox.

58 • At the Jungle Pool

HJ April 2004 58

03/19/04 1:02:00 PM

Rover by Rick Horsmann I was out buying dog food, appropriately enough, the day I met “Rover”. The last stop on my morning errands was the local pet store. After parking the Jeep and rolling down the windows to give my two dobies plenty of fresh air, I entered the store and proceeded to the checkout counter to place my order. The store was pretty much deserted, and the first person I saw was a nicely built boy kneeling behind the counter. At first, I could see only the back of his buzz cut head, but as I got closer, it became obvious that he was naked from the waist up. I watched in admiration as he worked with something on the floor. The boy’s shoulders were unnaturally broad and tapered dramatically from his well-developed lats down to an impressively narrow waist. As he struggled at his chore, his back muscles tightened and relaxed, their dimensions clearly visible beneath the teenager’s tan skin. His shorts were riding real low, exposing the dimples above each asscheek and the top of the cleft between his glutes. A lush patch of black hair fountained up from the crack of his butt to thin out along his lower spine. As I continued to watch the boy’s body, I could feel my cock begin to warm and expand in my shorts, the head and shaft creeping down along my thigh in response to the possibilities presented by the situation. I shifted my weight and the floor boards underneath my work boots squeaked, alerting the boy to my presence. Standing and turning, he flashed me a polite smile, his dimples and cleft chin framing straight, gleaming white teeth and sensual lips. To my surprise, both his dark, small nipples were pierced by silver rings which, in turn, were connected by a chain. In my imagination, I slipped my hand beneath the chain and grasped it – stretching the tender nips away from the kid’s muscular chest. I pulled the boy against me, pressing my open mouth to his and grinding my crotch against his stiff boymeat. My fantasy was interrupted by the boy’s voice. “Can I help you, sir?” “Uh … yeah,” I responded, recovering my composure. “I need fifty pounds of Studpuppy dog chow.” “No problem,” he replied. “Just give me a sec.” The boy turned and disappeared into the back storeroom, returning quickly with the bag of dog food. After taking my cash, he offered to carry the sack to my car for me. Normally, I would have done this Rover • 59

HJ April 2004 59

03/19/04 1:02:01 PM

myself, as 50 pounds is an easy carry. But I was intent on enjoying the sight of the kid’s smooth, muscular body for as long as possible. So I agreed to let him carry the bag and led him out to the Jeep. As we approached, the dogs stuck their heads out the windows of the vehicle in curiosity, sniffing the air at the scent of their food. I inhaled deeply, also, to catch as much as possible of the kid’s masculine, sweaty aroma. By now my cock was fully hard, held tightly against the inside of my left thigh by the denim of my cutoffs. I opened the back gate of the Jeep and indicated where he should lay the sack. As the boy bent over to shift the bag a bit, I edged closer to his magnificent body. When he stood erect, we found ourselves only inches apart. Undaunted, the kid smiled again and raised his eyebrows questioningly. “You look good without a shirt,” I noted. “But I’m surprised that your boss lets you work that way.” The boy grinned. “Thanks,” he replied. “The air conditioning’s on the fritz, so it’s too hot to work fully clothed. Anyway, the boss is my brother and he wouldn’t care if I worked naked, as long as it didn’t scare the customers.” I swayed forward a little, so that I could feel the heat coming off his bare, smooth skin. “That wouldn’t scare me,” I joked. The boy reached down and boldly groped my hard man’s meat with one hand. “I didn’t think it would,” he replied. This time I wasn’t fantasizing as I grasped the chain that dangled across his chest and pulled him against me. As his mouth fastened on mine, his cock rubbed hotly against me through the material of our shorts. I let my other hand explore the exposed crack of his ass. The boy thrust his tongue into my mouth, touching the warm, wet area between my tongue and palate. Now he was massaging my meat with both hands as we strained against each other. I could feel the head of my dick slip free under the bottom edge of my cutoffs as my hand probed more deeply and found the soft bud of his asshole. As we continued to kiss, the boy ran a finger over the exposed head of my cock, painting the sensitive surface with my thick, slippery precum. Then he slid his fingertip around the flare of the head, just where it joined the shaft. I groaned and probed more deeply into the depths of his small, incredibly hard ass, pressing my fingers firmly against his sweat slicked, warm hole. The boy pulled his lips from mine. “I’ve got to suck this cock!” he smiled. Before I could say anything, he squatted down, seating his 60 • Rover

HJ April 2004 60

03/19/04 1:02:01 PM

butt on the car’s bumper and unbuttoning my cutoffs, then reaching into the fly to maneuver my hard tool and low hanging balls fully into the open. The dogs, alert to any change in activity, pushed their heads over the back of the seat, intent on watching us play. As I looked down in fascination, the boy opened his mouth and engulfed the entire mass of my cock in one motion, forcing my cock past the back of his mouth and down his throat. The rear hatch of the Jeep screened us from the street and sidewalk, but to any casual observer, it would be pretty obvious what was going on. The risk of being seen, however, only made me hornier and more intent on carrying our play through to its climax. As the kid continued to deep throat my throbbing meat, he lifted his butt slightly and slid his shorts down to his knees, giving me a good look at his endowment. His dick was at least eight inches long and it was covered by a dark, veiny foreskin. It ended in a generously proportioned head that stretched its silky covering. The boy began stroking himself as he serviced my needs. He pulled his sheath back to expose the drooling head and flipped the erect flesh up and down, striking himself with his cock against his taut, smooth belly. I reached down and grabbed the chain that connected his pierced tits and tugged on it repeatedly, making him moan on my cock and jerk himself with increasing intensity. I felt the cum begin to boil in my nuts, and grabbing the boy by his wide shoulders, I flexed my ass and pushed my pulsing cock completely into his gullet until his nose was smashed against my crotch. My cum rocketed from my balls, through my dick and out the piss slit to fill the kid’s belly. The boy continued to use his lips and tongue to apply suction to my cock, anxious to get every ounce of my cream. Within a minute, he was shooting his own load, first hitting my thighs with his hot boyspunk, then emptying the rest of his load into the palm of his hand. Looking up, I discovered that we’d been watched from the street. Two boys, obviously on their way to baseball practice, were standing side by side, nudging each other and giggling. Each boy was groping himself through the crotch of his uniform, and I could see their erections outlined beneath the thin cloth of their trousers. I winked and nodded at them. Realizing they’d been spotted, they took off down the street, their hardons tenting their pants. Rover • 61

HJ April 2004 61

03/19/04 1:02:02 PM

The boy let my cock slip from his panting mouth, a strand of my cum making a silvery bridge between his lips and the end of my dick. Raising his ass from the bumper, he pulled his shorts back up, arranging his still erect boycock along one thigh. I pulled up my cutoffs, and put one hand on the boy’s shoulder. I reached into my back pocket with my other hand and pulled out one of my business cards. “That was hot, son! You really know how to suck cock! Any time you want another session, you let me know.” The boy stood, taking the card in his cum-spangled hand. “How about tonight?” he suggested. I was surprised, but my cock started to harden again in response to the boy’s closeness and I decided to surrender to its demands. “Sure,” I replied. “About eight? By the way, my name’s Rick.” The boy reached down to press his hand against my crotch. “Glad to meet you. My name’s Roland, but my friends call me ‘Rover’.” I covered Rover’s hand with both of mine and pushed my hips forward to press my cock against his palm. “Glad to meet you, too, son. See you tonight.” The boy returned to the shop as I closed the back of the Jeep and slipped into the driver’s seat. The dogs, having lost all interest in our activities, were dozing in the back seat. As I started the motor, they briefly raised their heads. “Well, boys,” I joked. “Looks as if there’s a new pup about to join the pack!”

Dad’s Home part 2 by Lord Iron Continued from February 2004. The ice was broken. Frank Camacho had walked in on his teenage son Anthony jacking off, and the sight of his boy’s sizeable cock spewing ropes of spunk had made a deep impression on him, filling him with as much pride as lust. Afterwards, Frank had done his best to put Anthony at ease, soothe his embarrassment and teach him to feel proud – never ashamed – of his beautiful body, his powerful young manhood and his potent, youthful orgasms. “Dad!” cried Anthony as Frank opened the bathroom door. But he made no attempt to cover his naked body. Anthony’s eyes swept over Frank’s muscular body, drawn irresistibly toward the centerpiece. Frank saw his son’s eyes widen slightly, and the reaction thrilled him. He knew how huge his cock looked right after he’d shot a load, 62 • Dad’s Home part 2

HJ April 2004 62

03/19/04 1:02:03 PM

hanging flaccid but still engorged and heavy. “I hope you left me some hot water, mijo,” he said. “Now I gotta clean up too.” Anthony chuckled nervously at his papa’s cum-streaked torso and drooling dick. “Damn, Dad – you busted a nut too!” “That’s right, son. I still got some hormones left in me, you know.” Anthony chuckled again. “So you can still … get hard and everything?” he teased. Frank tore the towel away from Anthony and twisted it into a lash, taking a few playful snaps at his son’s round bubble-butt as Anthony cringed in the corner and giggled. “You want hard, I’ll show you hard!” Anthony, nearly pissing with laughter, tried to dodge and squirm out of the way, but his dad was too big and strong. Finally, with a loud war-cry, Anthony charged Frank and nearly tackled him right there on the bathroom floor. The two wrestled like tigers for half a minute, then Anthony drew back suddenly. “Time out, time out!” he gasped. “Eeewww, Dad – you got your cum on me!” “Whaddya mean, ‘eeewwww’, son? That’s just good clean cum. Nothing wrong with that. That’s the stuff that made you, son. Can’t you find something nicer to say about it?” Anthony lightly touched his finger to the paternal spew and sniffed at it uncertainly. “It smells like mine,” he giggled. “Well, you might as well get back in the shower with me – you can wash all that nasty cum off with your old man.” As Frank stepped into the shower after Anthony, he couldn’t resist a friendly pat on his son’s cute, round butt. Even though he had just blown a gut-wrenching orgasm a few minutes ago, he already felt his dick threatening to get hard again. He and Anthony had made the jump to mutual nakedness pretty naturally, but he was afraid that popping a boner in the shower with him might be pushing the limit. Frank stepped closer and edged in under the warm spray. By necessity, the two were forced to stand practically chest-to-chest in order to share the water. Frank took the soap and started to lather up Anthony’s smooth pecs. “Don’t worry, son, we’ll scrub away all that nasty sperm.” Anthony grinned. “Bye-bye, all my li’l brothers and sisters ….” Dad’s Home part 2 • 63

HJ April 2004 63

03/19/04 1:02:03 PM

With their chests only inches apart, their cocks touched. It happened quite innocently, and Frank felt an electric pulse shiver through his body as his son’s soft, warm cock and balls gently nestled against his. Neither said anything for several moments, but again Anthony made no attempt to pull away while he soaped up Frank’s chest. As they both leaned back to make the job easier their lower bodies came even closer together, so that now their thighs were touching and Frank could no longer tell where his pubic hair ended and Anthony’s began. Frank reached over Anthony’s shoulder for the shampoo: a perfect pretext for closing the gap between their upper bodies. He found himself embracing a warm, gorgeous, firm young body, and all he could do was close himself lovingly around it. Anthony’s head fell into the crook of his dad’s shoulder. Anthony had started to get hard too! Frank was certain he felt his son’s cock start to stiffen and plump up, jutting under his scrotum. “Do my back, Tony,” said Frank, turning around. Anthony obliged, and his soapy hands made exploratory little forays down toward his dad’s butt. “Mmmmm, that feels good, son,” he purred. “You got good hands, you know.” “Thanks, Dad … will you do my back now?” “You got it, mijo.” Frank caught a glimpse of Anthony’s cock before he turned around; it looked more than a little swollen. Fuck, Frank thought, does he want what I want? Is this going where I think it is? Frank had often wondered if Anthony had inherited his own bisexual tendencies. Anthony dated girls, had gone steady with a few, and had fucked lots more. But then there was his unusually close friendship with Victor. Usually when Frank came home to find Anthony’s door locked it meant he had a girl over, but more and more lately he was surprised to see him emerge with Victor. Not that he minded, of course, if Anthony was in fact fucking around with Victor. He could hardly blame him; Victor was cute enough to turn any guy gay. Anthony turned back around and tentatively fluffed the black fur on his dad’s pecs. “Damn, Dad, you got a hairy-ass chest, and your bush is the size of Texas.” “Hahaha! You little smartass … It’s the Amazon Rain Forest. Now hand over that soap unless you plan on washing this bush yourself,” said Frank with a grin. 64 • Dad’s Home part 2

HJ April 2004 64

03/19/04 1:02:04 PM

“I’m sure you can manage, Dad,” grinned Anthony and relinquished the soap. Frank vigorously lathered up his crotch while Anthony watched. Taking a chance, Frank darted out with the bar and gave Anthony’s crotch a quick brush with it, before returning to his own. Anthony flinched but stood his ground, still giggling nervously. Emboldened, Frank made another foray, but lost his grip on the soap. Anthony picked it up, and instead of handing it back, reached down and rubbed his father’s crotch with it. Frank stared down in wonder. He had no idea what to do next; he was starting to get hard again but he didn’t care anymore. “I think your pubes are clean now, Dad,” said Anthony. “I dunno, son, it takes a lot of soap to clean something the size of Texas.” “Heh. I could go on but something’s getting in the way.” Frank’s cock was jutting out at half-mast. “I’m sorry about that, son. My guy down there’s a little stupid … all he knows is that it feels good. You can stop if you feel uncomfortable.” Anthony shrugged. “It’s cool – I don’t mind. It’s natural, right?” “Hell yeah! There ain’t nothing wrong with popping a woody.” It was happening to Anthony, too. Father and son stared down at the astounding quantity of dick they shared between them. Words rose to Frank’s lips but he held them back, afraid to break the fragile moment. So far his son had been remarkably cool and easy about all this; if he still felt shy about being exposed in front of his father, he was hiding it well. Fuck it, Frank said to himself. There’s a reason he got in the shower with me. There’s a reason he’s still in here. “You can touch it, son,” he said. “Huh? Touch what, Dad?” “It’s okay, mijo. You’ve never seen it hard before and maybe you’re a little afraid of it, but there’s no part of me that you can’t touch. Whatever’s mine is yours, you know that.” Anthony said haltingly, “I … just wondered ….” “What, son? You can tell me.” Anthony cleared his throat. “I guess it would be cool to feel what a really big one feels like … in my hand ….” “So go ahead and feel it, son,” Frank encouraged him. “There ain’t nothing stopping you – it’s just your old man’s dick, boy.” Dad’s Home part 2 • 65

HJ April 2004 65

03/19/04 1:02:05 PM

Anthony’s hand advanced in slow-motion. Frank took it and guided it toward him; the curious fingers closed around the huge shaft. Frank’s entire being buzzed with excitement. “You see, son?” he said, trying to keep his voice steady. “Nothin’ to it. It’s just another part of me, just like my arm or my leg.” “Almost as big, too,” said Anthony in obvious awe. “Damn, Dad, I can’t even close my fingers around it. Look at that shit.” It was true. Anthony’s hand – which was by no means small – could at best form a C-shape as it grasped the massive organ. “You ain’t doing so bad yourself, mijo,” Frank said as he copped a feel of Anthony’s hard meat as well. “That’s a good, solid seven inches, easy.” “For real? You think it’s really that big?” “Definitely, son.” “I wanna measure it later on and see if you’re right.” “I’m pretty sure it’s at least seven. And check it out, it’s as wide as three of my fingers.” Frank pressed Anthony’s stiff shaft against his fingers to demonstrate. “I guess it’s thanks to you, Dad,” giggled Anthony. “We got big weenies in our family.” “Damn straight, son.” “I hope mine gets as big as yours.” “I’m sure it will, Tony. And even if it doesn’t, you got enough dick for two men.” “Hehe,” Anthony snickered proudly. “A lot of girls say it hurts them.” “Oh, yeah?” asked Frank, hugely turned on. “Those little bitches scream when you stick them with this?” For the first time during the shower Anthony registered a little shock, hearing his dad talk so obscenely to him. But at the same time it was obviously exciting him too. “Yeah, sometimes they do … but once they get used to it, they like it.” “Oh, yeah. I bet that pussy feels nice and tight on your thick dick, don’t it son?” “Hell yeah.” “Yeah, that’s my boy,” growled Frank. He felt crazed with lust, as if he hadn’t cum in ten years. “Is this what it feels like, son?” He slowly pumped his fist along the length of Anthony’s cock, up and down. “Is 66 • Dad’s Home part 2

HJ April 2004 66

03/19/04 1:02:05 PM

Dad’s Home part 2 • 67

HJ April 2004 67

03/19/04 1:02:06 PM

this what it feels like when you fuck your girls?” Anthony’s head swam. His father’s big, soap-slick palm sliding up and down his dick was a sensation better than anything his body had ever known. “Yeah,” he gasped, suddenly trying to keep his knees from buckling. “Oh, Dad … fuck ….” “Yeah, son. You love to fuck nice, tight pussy, don’t you?” “Shit, yeah.” “Damn, I raised a hot little fucker. Go ahead and pump it in and out of my hand, just like you’re fuckin’ pussy. Show your pops how good you fuck.” Frank cupped Anthony’s heavy, smooth young balls in his other hand. Anthony copied his father’s movements, stroking and fondling, exploring, caressing, squeezing and groping. Their mutually pumping fists were working up a dense lather on their bloated cocks. Anthony nudged his forehead against his dad’s chest, his knees like rubber. “Oh, fuck … Daddy ….” “Yeah, what is it, baby?” “It just – feels so good –” “I know, son … just let it happen.” Frank touched Anthony’s chin with his finger, lifting his cute, lust-contorted face. To his amazement Anthony impulsively moved in for a kiss. How long did it last? One second? Ten seconds? A minute? All sense of time had wandered away. Finally they broke for air. “Oh, baby… fuck! I want you, Tony.” “I want you too, Dad!” They were really pumping now, fucking each other’s fists like animals in rut. Anthony nuzzled his face against his dad’s shoulder, panting and moaning. Frank could feel his son’s hot breath on his chin, and the boy’s body was beginning to twist sideways, rising up on arched feet, beginning to tremble with pre-orgasmic convulsions. “Dad, I’m –” “Yeah, son?” “Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum. I’m getting close, Dad!” “Fuck yeah,” growled Frank hoarsely. “Me too son, we’re gonna cum together.” As they both reached the point of no return, Frank engulfed both their cocks in his big hand and pumped furiously, making water and suds splash everywhere. Their moans rose in obscene harmony. Anthony lifted his crotch as high as he could as their cocks double68 • Dad’s Home part 2

HJ April 2004 68

03/19/04 1:02:07 PM

fucked Frank’s fist. He began to bend his knees, sinking down so that he almost straddled one of Frank’s thighs. Frank grasped the bases of their cocks with his left hand, pinning them together while his right hand became a blur on the shafts. The sensation was unimaginably intense. “Papi … vengo!” croaked Anthony. “I’m cumming!” Anthony’s dick ripped loose with another copious wad of teenage spunk, hitting Frank on the chin. Frank intensified his strokes but carefully kept off Anthony’s glans while his orgasm tore through him. Frank watched in awe as his son shuddered and growled like an animal, delivering several more healthy ropes of cum from his churning balls. “Aww fuck, mijo! Your dad’s cummin’ too! Cum with me, baby!” Frank’s orgasm crashed through him like a wrecking ball. Locking foreheads with his son, he started pissing out his own cum in forceful streamers. The deluge from both cocks ran down their chests, mingling with the water and soapsuds. The heady scent of their sperm rose with the steam, filling the shower with the intoxicating essence of male seed. “Oh, baby, I’m cummin’,” Frank babbled. “I’m cummin’ with you, Tony ….” It was the longest and most intense climax either of them had ever experienced. Little by little the ecstasy subsided and they collapsed against each other, weak-kneed and panting. §



It was three in the morning and Frank lay awake. Every once in a while he turned his head and looked at his sleeping son beside him. Sharing a bed had come naturally after what had happened in the shower. It had been the most wonderful experience of Frank’s life. As for Anthony, his dad wasn’t sure how he felt, but the way the boy was snuggled up against him, with one arm over his chest, it seemed that he had no complaints. Frank carefully shifted and Anthony stirred and opened his eyes. He smiled at his dad and closed them again, snuggling closer. A beat passed and Anthony said matter-of-factly, “I guess I should tell you … it’s not the first time I’ve done stuff with a guy.” Dad’s Home part 2 • 69

HJ April 2004 69

03/19/04 1:02:08 PM

Victor, thought Frank! He knew his suspicions had been more than wishful thinking. “Is that right, son? Who you done stuff with – and what did you do?” “Victor and I fuck around sometimes,” he said, rolling over and putting his hands behind his head. They were still naked, and their cocks had never gone completely soft after their shower. “I wondered about you two,” said Frank with a grin. “What kinda stuff you do with him, son? If you don’t mind me asking.” “Nah, it’s cool, Dad. We just – make out and stuff.” “You guys jack off together?” “Yup … and sometimes … nah, never mind.” “Sometimes what?” pressed Frank, his cock starting to balloon again. “Sometimes he sucks me.” Frank felt his face redden with lust. “Yeah? You like that, son?” “Hell, yeah! He gives mad good head.” “As good as this?” Frank slid down, and as if possessed by some other force, took his son’s nearly hard cock in his mouth. Anthony sucked in his breath, going momentarily tense. Then he relaxed and said, “Oh, shit … Dad.” In seconds the boy’s dick was bone-hard again, responding to Frank’s expert technique with an approving gush of precum. The salty, clear syrup made Frank’s mouth water all the more, and his mouth coaxed and caressed his son’s penis like a well-lubed fist. With a wet smack he withdrew for air, spread Anthony’s smooth thighs and treated his balls to a thorough tongue-bath. The boy reeled and clutched the sheets, moaning loudly. Frank sucked on the prominent, hard root of Anthony’s cock under his scrotum, simultaneously stroking the spit-soaked cock. The onslaught of sensation made Anthony’s head swim. With a desperate croak he urged his dad to go back to sucking his dick, and he began vigorously, almost aggressively, fucking his father’s throat. Frank’s hands roamed Anthony’s body, feeling it stiffen and tense like a wire stretched taut. He could feel his son’s orgasm coming on as strongly as a freight train. He would have liked it to last longer, but it would have been unrealistic to expect a teenage boy to withstand Frank’s industrial-strength blowjob style. Frank descended all the way to Anthony’s pubes, effortlessly swallowing his entire meat and grabbing his firm asscheeks in his hands to help Anthony thrust. At 70 • Dad’s Home part 2

HJ April 2004 70

03/19/04 1:02:09 PM

the same time Anthony grabbed Frank’s head and held it in place as another monumental climax kicked in. Vicious pleasure assaulted Anthony’s body, radiating outward from his cock lodged in his dad’s throat, and all at once Frank started swallowing. The gush was warm, forceful and thickly copious, filling Frank’s nostrils with the faintly chlorine odor of pungent teenboy sperm. Anthony was quivering and making sounds like a marathon runner in his last quarter-mile, his fingers massaging Frank’s scalp as he unloaded freely, somehow secure in the knowledge that his father would take every drop.

Dad’s Home part 2 • 71

HJ April 2004 71

03/19/04 1:02:09 PM

When Frank finally let go of Anthony’s dick it was semi-flaccid, and flopped down on his belly like a big, fat, wet slug. Anthony heaved a deep sigh. “Nah, Dad,” he said breathlessly, his voice husky. “Not as good as that. That was the best I ever had, from anyone!” Frank had heard as much before, from more experienced partners, but it had never meant so much as it did now, coming from his son. §



Victor Chavez was about to knock on the door when he thought better of it. It was after ten and Anthony’s dad might be asleep. He would go around back and tap on Anthony’s bedroom window. He made his way quietly around the side of the house, as he had done a hundred times before. But as he approached Anthony’s window he halted, listening. He knew that sound – it was the sound of Anthony moaning in pleasure. A pang of jealousy stabbed through him. Was Anthony back to girls again? Victor stepped closer to the window. If he pressed his face to the glass he could see through the slats of the Venetian blinds. He stifled a choking cry of astonishment. For a second he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. Anthony was sitting on his dad’s lap – or rather, he was leaning back against his dad, who was holding him against his chest. They were both buck naked – and Mr. Camacho was jacking Anthony off! Mr. Camacho’s big fist slid sensuously up and down Anthony’s thick shaft, glistening with lotion. He could see Mr. Camacho’s big balls hanging down between Anthony’s outspread legs. And his timing was fateful – Anthony’s toes were starting to curl, he was getting ready to bust his nut. Victor had witnessed it many times before, but never from the other side of a window. He had fantasized about Mr. Camacho before – many times – but never in his wildest dreams had he suspected that he actually might be gay. And fooling around with Anthony, his own son! As Victor watched, Anthony’s face began to contort. He threw back his head, began to quiver all over, and suddenly Mr. Camacho was milking bursts of cum from his tortured cock. He held his son tightly against him, rocking him through his orgasm, and Anthony reached back and clutched his father’s head. Their bond was evident; Victor could feel their passion as if it were a heatwave. His own dick was 72 • Dad’s Home part 2

HJ April 2004 72

03/19/04 1:02:10 PM

throbbing hard. Despite his shock, he was immensely aroused. What should he do? He couldn’t stay here peeping all night. Victor retreated, went back to his car. He would go home, wait a little while, then call Anthony’s cell phone. He would find out what the fuck was going on. But no … there was a better way. Now that he knew about Mr. Camacho, he could risk a move. He’d wanted Anthony’s dad for as long as he could remember. His new discovery made him feel lightheaded. Victor got out of his car, went back to the front door, and boldly knocked. Dad’s Home part 2 • 73

HJ April 2004 73

03/19/04 1:02:11 PM

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74 • Personal Ads April 2004

HJ April 2004 74

03/19/04 1:02:12 PM

Personal Ads April 2004 Handjobs International 6/2004

ISO Son/Brother For Fun

SGWM, 28 y/o, 6’3”, 200 lbs., bl/gr, smooth, nice build. Be smooth to moderately hairy, 21-35 y/o, well endowed. I’m 9” c/thick. Be willing to have fun and party. NS but not necessary. Email: isogaytabboo@hotmail. com. Write box# 4118. (USA) 5/2004 Need Sugar Daddy Tops

Thick hung, 45 y/o boy, 5’10”, 185 lbs., non-smoker, non-drinker, craves spankings, forced fem, piss and plus size (or reg) penis. Will be puppy, bitch, wear diapers, panties. College Grad, hairy (shaved face). Want to be owned, taken care of. Have bad rape fantasy. Love verbal and emotional abuse, control, chastity, bondage, milking, serving. Write, exchange numbers. Write box# 4026. (USA)

travel, fine dining, wines, arts. Between age 58-75. My dad is well to do, has the homes, cars, boat – all the toys, but no honest, loving, trustworthy son to share his sucess with. Dad’s tan, looks great in a tux and even better nude! He’s very hairy, covered with lots of soft, thick, gray or graying hair on his broad chest and shoulders. Darker or graying hair on his stomach, crotch, arms, legs, back.He’s very healthy, HIV-, Fr & Gr active and passive. Loves to kiss, cuddle, lounge around nude together, being close and loved. I’m willing to wait for this very special father living in Florida, USA, Europe, Australia, or anywhere. Respond with letter and recent nude photos to JJK, 9209 Coral Isle Way, Ft. Myers, FL 33919. PS. Would love to hear from Jeff White. Thanks. Spain Exchange Hospitality

Let’s Get Nasty!

GBM, 45 y/o, 6’, 240 lbs., looking for big dicked, White, bi or gay males, 40-70, the older the better. Into sucking, 69-ing, porn, dirty talk, licking assholes, etc. Serious replies only! Your big dick picture gets mine! HIV- only. Write box# 4011. (USA) 4/2004 (S)exhange (S)experiences

Dirty daddies dreaming day and night about brutally banging boy-butt, cock crazy kids (18+) who never get enough dick, oversexed animals of any age are invited to write. I’ll respond immediately. Write box# 3995. (USA) Looking for Distinguished, Nicely Built, Hairy Dad

Intelligent, handsome, athletic, masculine, WM, 48, 6’1”, 210 lbs., Brown graying curly hair, brown eyes, trim beard, tan, 7” cut, HIV-, very discreet. Seek a special dad who’s intelligent, distinguished, virile, nice build, athletic, fun loving. Enjoys

HJ April 2004 75

Two middle aged gays from Basqueland. We look for friendship and traveling with people of good feelings and level like we are. Write in English or Español. Fernando G., Apartido 1139, 48080 Bilbao Spain.

Nationwide 7/2004

Tell Me Your Story Daddy

Ass Slurpin’, Deep Throat …

on east coast. Out of states welcomed. Write “Dick” PO Box 854 Rehoboth Beach DE 19971 or e-mail (no photos) to I Suck Bear Dick, Eat Bear Ass, Crave Bear Cum!

Star of P. R. Simon video * GBM, 6’1”, 285 lbs., 7 3/4” dick, big belly, tits, ass * wants to suck hot, sweaty, bearded bears. Plusses: bearded, hairy chested, affectionate, masculine men, deep fucking, WS play, raunch, cheesy dick skin. I need to swallow lots of hot cum and feel it deep in my ass * or let you swing on my hard black dick! Let’s swap sweat, spit, piss, cum! Love dirty daddies, nasty grandpas, hot photos! Love late night/early AM phone fuck! Write: George, PO Box 1879, New York, NY 10025 or call (212) 663-4159. Use My Body For Your Pleasure

Puerto Rican, 63 y/o, 170 I want your true stories of incest, lbs, single, seeks top men to father/son, father/daughter. use my body in bed. I love to Sucking, fucking, spanking, nothing is too shocking. Only letters with nude photos answered. Write box# 4162. (IA) Ass Slurpin’, Deep Throat, Nipple Work, Remember When?

Hot, hairy, hung 9”, uncut GWM, 53, 5’9”,162 lbs., masculine, Use My Body For Your Pleasure fit man, balding, versatile Dad. I seek masculine, muscular fit suck and to get fucked. I am man with great butt, nice legs, submissive and passive. Men nipple work, nice/fat hung, from New York are welcome. light S/M, kiss and cuddle. No prisioners, please. I don’t Photo (nude/butt) required. drink alcohol, don’t smoke Get mine. HIV-positive OK. Live and don’t use drugs. Write Personal Ads April 2004 • 75

03/19/04 1:02:12 PM

Personal Ads April 2004 Handjobs box# 582. (NY) Wanted

Wanted: Men truckers, construction crew men, telephone pole men, road construction men or men with rough jobs – to live in with me (free rent) – in exchange I want men to severely work me over in pain sex torture + more day and night. Call 1-574-256-9073. Ask for Shane Tacopulos. 6/2004 Seeking Lonely Son, Nephew Or Brother

GWM, 44 y/o, crew cut hair, blue eyes, 5’8”, 188 lbs., searching for a son, nephew or younger brother (18-32) for correspondence and maybe LTR! I’m D & D free, HIV-, mentally and physically healthy. I don’t smoke. Very discreet and open minded! Greek and French: active and passive. Enjoy body contact, kissing, oral, 69ing, 3-ways, phone J/O! Call me: (228) 374-8707, leave message if not home! Your photo would be nice. Will answer all letters. Write to: Andreas Gloe, 1168 Judge-Sekul Ave, Biloxi Beach, MS 39530-2830. Movies, DVD’s, Any

If you have any free, extra movies that you would part with, this disabled man would welcome them. Amateur, bears, incest, str8, bi, gay. Write to: Paul Briggs, PO Box 8095, Salem, OR 97303. Subservient Senior Seeks Dominant Youth

Happy, 67 y/o Caucasian looking for a dominant Caucasian or Mediterranian, in-shape, athletic youth (18+). Use my face as your cycle seat. (I’d like to lap your cycle seat after you’ve had a sweaty bike run.) Pull on your tightest, whitest, sweatiest, lycra/spandex hot shorts and sit down on my face while I pig out on the heat, musk and flavor of your bulging cock, balls, crotch and ass. Work out in a jock? Let me lap it all over while you kick back and spit on me. Then, pull that

still warm, sweaty, piss stained jock-pouch snug over my face; use the ass straps to make it fit tight on my subservient face. Watch me suck and lap the inside of your smelly, wet pouch while you rub your cock, balls and crotch all over my jockstrapped, doggy face. Got piss? Your doggy wants to lap you from your armpits to your sexy feet. Call “Spot” at (323) 463-3408 or write to “Spot”. Write box# 406. (CA) Looking For Daddies

Dad Wants to Serve and Worship Son!

You are preferably college-age and would enjoy using and abusing a worshipful dad as well as having him “love” you. He knows he wants to service your feet and your ass and sometimes gets carried away with dirty talk but he always wants you to be FIRST in his life. He lives in PA but will answer all messages from young men. Kinky, but loving. Submissive, but needy. Wants to meet desires of a more dominant young man. Thanks. Don, 366 Lehigh Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

This long-haired 28 y/o is looking for hot daddies. Mold me, shape me, train me to be your own personal boy and fulfill Penpals Wanted your deepest, darkest desires. Penpals wanted: young, hairy, Write box# 724. (IL) 5/2004 uncut guys. Tell me your incest Daddy I Need You stories, fantasies of incest: 55 y/o, panty wearing, boy how old were you when it at heart, finally gets it. If I happened? Let’s exchange hot don’t search for you we will stories, nude pictures, tapes, never find one another. You magazines, used jockstraps, might very well walk past me and underwear. I have an 8” on the street thinking no, not uncut cock that I suck off 4 him. But, if you looked into my & 5 times a day and eat my eyes, stopped me with a raised jizz. Let’s get started, your hand, held me in your arms and picture a must. Write Bud, kissed me, you would realize PO Box 1536, Mill Valley, CA – at last – you’ve found the 94941-3801. obedient, passionate, pussy GBM Butt Eater Seeks boy you thought you’d never Big Daddy Butt find. I’m 5’10”, 160 lbs., green GBM, 27 y/o, 5’5”, 185 lbs., eyes, long feminine legs, bubble moderately hairy, lives in NJ. butt, swimmer’s build, drug I walk with a limp but I get and disease free, financially around okay. I enjoy music independent. If you want a boy (classical to techno), movies who will wear wigs, make-up (comedy to horror), reading and lingerie while caring for and cuddling. I’m seeking an your comfort and pleasure, older, open-minded, masculine you are the daddy I need. male, 35-59, with a big butt Write box# 4143. (CA) that I can eat for hours. I also Hot Tongued Uncle like to suck cock and lick balls. WM, 65 y/o, 175 lbs., HIV I cannot host but will travel by neg., bearded, shaved head, bus to meet you. Disease free, role plays, dirty talk, frenches clean and serious replies only. boyholes, spanks skateboard- Photo/phone and SASE with ers. You be lean, long-legged letter containing your interests or slim, short, wiry, each or will get mine. Email address in pairs. Write/phone: R. will also get mine. Nude photo F., 203 Oak St. Apt. 2, San preferred but clothed is okay. Francisco, CA 94102. (415) Aim of ad: friendship (maybe 861-0307. Rings Answered. LTR). Any race welcome. Write Stories Swapped. box# 636. (NJ)

76 • Personal Ads April 2004

HJ April 2004 76

03/19/04 1:02:14 PM

Personal Ads April 2004 Handjobs Horny Daddy Hope you are huge (in all the GWM, 60 y/o, 200+ lbs. I am right places!), hairy and won’t looking to find someone to give take no for an answer! Please me a lot of TLC. And would like call me at: (209) 848-8997. I love phone sex too! Write if you want. Bobbi Write box# 2318. (CA)

48 years old, in good shape, 180 lbs., hazel eyes, sensitive developed nipples and a 7 1/2” uncut fat cock. ISO older guys that are masculine, versatile, open minded (can be married), affectionate, horny, into 69ing, sucking and getting sucked, Want To Know You BiWM, 48, 5’2”, 158 lbs., lots of foreplay …. Pen pals searching for a man for fun also welcome. Write box# times, sucking and fucking. I 2408. (FL) want that feeling only a man Thirsty In The Midwest can give me. Hope to hear from Good looking 45 y/o thirsty for you soon. Write to: Joe F, PO older mature hose masters for Box 333, Wabasso, FL 32970. all night WS sessions. Hairy, Telephone (772) 589-4708. Muscle Bottom Needs Service

40 y/o, GWM, very good looking, great body, ripped, smooth, 7” cut, thick, big, low-hangers. Horny Daddy

to get a good blowing and feel a tongue eat my hot and hairy asshole then at last let me slide this big uncut cock all the way in your hot ass. If this sounds what you’ve been looking for contact me: Dan Torneden, 1700 Massachusetts St #505, Lawrence, KS 66044. Send nude photos and phone number. Or call: (785) 7490041 Monday through Friday 1:00PM to 8:00PM, Saturday Muscle Bottom Needs … 8:00AM to 11:00PM. I hope to Versatile, very oral, light S&M. meet up with a special man and we can share our lives No inhibitions. Smoking, HIV+ OK. ISO brother/uncle type. together. Into lots of body hair and big Penpals I am 77, 6’, 165 brown hair and endowment. Agressive types. blue eyes. I am interested in Email: corresponding with you and Write box# 3137. (OR) Wanted: Slave/ sharing experiences, fantasies Houseboy and anything else that comes to mind. Hope to hear from you. By middle-aged White male Don Madsen, 3605 4th Ave, in excellent health! N/S, N/D, HIV–. Must be very oral! Include Council Bluffs, IA 51501. 4/2004 your address and photo with Bobbi Needs A Rough, reply. Live-in 7/24? Write to: Mr. Tough Grandad Perry, Loma Del Mar A-17, R. I’ve always had the hots for Gomez 221, Puerto Vallarta, older (60’s-70’s) men. Let me Jalisco 48380 Mexico. Call: be yours to teach, control 011-52-322-222-4131. No coland whatever your “mature” lect calls. Part-time OK. imagination can ‘cum’ up Looking for Older, with. I’m very smooth bodied, Masculine Men blond/blue, 5’6”, 130 lbs. Hi. I am a Bi White male,

Thirsty in the Midwest

in-shape, must give and take. Brew, aroma, kinkier the better. I have an older friend who can join us! Couples are welcome. Horny, older, wet folk need apply. Write box# 24. (IN) Want Black Guys

I am white, love to suck, rim and fuck black guys. I am both A/P. I will suck and fuck

Want Black Guys

for hours. Love to rim. Can take a 12” cock up my ass and love it. I love to eat black ass. Ed Coon, 93 N Hester St, Norwalk, OH 44857. R U Daddy’s Little Girl/ Bitch?

Want fem, petite, lean, smooth boy who wants to become

Personal Ads April 2004 • 77

HJ April 2004 77

03/19/04 1:02:17 PM

Personal Ads April 2004 Handjobs Daddy’s little girl/bitch. You 18-25, fair skin, nice swollen titties, deep, moist, receptive hole. Sit on Dad’s lap while Daddy plays with your hot boy cunt, stretching your pussy lips until you are covered in sweat, moaning like the nasty bitch you are. Live in. POB 69-605, Los Angeles, CA 90069

California 7/2004

Looking For Golden Dads And Grandads

BiWM, bottom, 47 y/o, 6’1”, 215 lbs., clean, HIV-, loves giving and receiving G/S. Loves kinky older men and couples 60+ into watersports. I am handsome, clean and kind. Let’s party a little at your place, days or nights. Wet couples please call too. North of SF. Please, no phone sex. Call: (707) 5711446. Write box# 4184.

how to be a man and please a man so I am very versatile. Aim to please. H.B. Pob 632, Garberville, CA 95542-0632 OR email halbahr@hotmail. com Cute GWM

Cute GWM, 6’, 190 lbs., 6.5 “ UC, smooth, tan body seeks other males of interest. I am a bottom, oral, ready to receive your cock in my mouth or ass. Send picture. Email: Write box# 4156.

ence training. No sex. You must be in shape, cut, need it bad. Respect, attitude adjustment taught the hard way. Write Sir. Write box# 2490. 5/2004 Crossdresser Wants Mature Man

GBM, 54 y/o, 6’2”, 240 lbs., fem, bottom. Fuck my mouth, then fuck my asshole. I love it. I’m into wearing bras, panties, slips and skirts. I also enjoy kissing, petting and 69-ing. I want to meet a nice man 40-60 with a stiff cock that Hollywood, CA needs attention. Write box# Good looking, in shape, discreet, 4044. healthy, late 40’s, 5’11 1/2”, 4/2004 180 lbs., blond/blue, 8”, uncut, Dad want’s son/little brother

Dad type, 47 6’4 281 brn/blu hiv- big, strong,beefy, seeks son, little brother. You must be

Wildstallion Seeks Bronc Busters!

45 yr old, handsome/hotbody muscular 6ft/170 brown/blue short hair and moustache creative wildguy looking for guys with bad attitudes to use my hot ass, deep throat and/or worship my fat 8 tool. Great in the saddle or tied up across your sawhorse. CA hwy 101 truckers, longhaulers, cops and bad boys get in touch and let’s sow some wicked wild oats together. Into anything fun and nasty. Grew up with 3 older brothers who taught me

Wildstallion Seeks …

Hollywood, CA

shaved chest and genitals, seeks other GM, bi or straight guys, 21-55, for hot, safe sex. Interests include French A/P, kissing, XXX videos, fantasies, jock straps, voyeurism and phone sex. I’m available most any time of the day or evening. Am interested in exploring other options with the right person(s) such as electro stimulation, pumping and toys. Safe sex only. Looking for regulars. Married guys and unusually large hung (length and/or thickness) a plus. I have a clean body and a dirty mind, looking for the same. No fats, fems, TV’s or HIV please. for hot times call anytime (323) 464-6678. Or send hot mail/photos to Terry, 1626 N Wilcox Ave #377 Hollywood, CA 90028. 6/2004

Dad Wants Son/Little Brother

25-45, masculine in shape or natural body, hairy a+ and be able to screw your dad when he needs it. I am a verstile top. You should be also. I’m wild to mild, also very affectionate, love to kiss and cuddle. If interested let me know. LJS 553 N Waverly St, Orange, CA 92867, or e-mail me:

Connecticut 4/2004

BiWM ISO Smooth Boy

Hot 55 y/o, 5’6”, 150 lbs., BiW hairy daddy ISO son for hot sex and fun. You be smooth, slender, 18-25 with smooth, Bare Ass Discipline hairless, boyish ass. Daddy Trim, mature man gives punish- loves to lick and suck his boy. ment, humiliation, CBTT, obedi- Photo responses get answered

78 • Personal Ads April 2004

HJ April 2004 78

03/19/04 1:02:19 PM

Personal Ads April 2004 Handjobs first. Write box# 3979.

Illinois 7/2004

Teach Me to Suck

For the past 9 months, my wife has been tying me up naked and shoving a 7” rubber cock in my mouth when her women friends come over to play bridge. I sit in the front room for several hours while they play cards, look at me and call me cocksucker.I like it when she treats me this way. She wanted me to start sucking real cock, so she brought home 6 body builders and made me suck them off. They were hung between 8” and 15” and all blew huge loads down my throat. Now I want more. 7” long and very thick preferred, ages 50 and older. Call C.S. at (847) 772-9004, 9 am to 3pm, central time, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday only. Leave a message if there is no answer. Please be drug free and HIV negative. Thank you.

Massachusetts 6/2004

I Love Sucking Cocks

GWM, 70 y/o, love to suck cocks. Would like to meet men, ages 40 and up, to suck and maybe more. I’m located just outside Springfield, MA. Would like to meet men located within a 40 mile radius of Springfield. I’m a very good cocksucker and would like to get fucked. Race unimportant. Call Bobbie at 413-786-9073. Write box# 3132. 4/2004 Boy Seeking Daddy Type

I’m a single, WM, 36 y/o, 5’6”, 150 lbs. I’m a 100% submissive, affectionate bottom boy with men. I love getting fucked and enjoy pleasing men orally. I’m straight acting and appearing. I have little body hair. I’m very much a guy, but I do have a feminine side and

descreetly wear girl’s panties and sometimes lingerie. I’m seeking single, affectionate, aggressive, clean, take-charge type guys from 21 to 60 for discreet, casual relationships that may become long term for the right guy(s). South Shore area of Massachusetts is preferred. I will correspond with anyone interested in exchanging letters. I will respect everyone’s privacy. Write box# 3374.


hairy bottom. I am affectionate and will take care of your needs. Write box# 3832. Truckers And Traveling Daddies

GWM, 53 y/o, 6’3”, 195 lbs, br/br, moustache, seeks real men, daddies, hairy, hung, redheads, greying, 3 pc. suits, farmers, construction workers. Great B/J. No kink! Lots of videos. Straight and bi-curious great! Write to: John, PO Box 282, Akron, NY 14001-0282.



Grandpa Likes to Play with Any Age Cock

Hi, I am 71, 5’ 10”, 170 lbs, love to nibble on nipples, balls and deep throat a nice cock. And massage your whole body. Live in southern Minnesota and hope to hear from you. Stop by, as the coffee pot is on all the time. Stop by for a one on one or a three way if interested. Arvid Green, 4119 N County Rd 45, Owatonna, MN 55060.



Hot WM, 5’10”, 170 lbs., swimmer body, well hung. Can cum many times. Looking for M/M, M/F or more. Like X-movies, massage and receiving blow jobs. Call: (216) 631-2787. Write box# 4013.

Oklahoma 6/2004

Bottom Boy Seeking Top Boy/Dad

Shy 33 y/o male, 5’5”, 140 lbs., brown/hazel, mustache, 7/2004 searching for daddies/boys who Bottom Boy For Dads are into massages, piercings and Boys and tattoos. Photo requested, Young son into older dads for pen pals welcome. Write box# pen pals and maybe more. 3928. Looking for men that know 004 Uncut Older Men what a son is good for such as sucking, spreading, getting 250 lbs., GWM, 56 y/o loves Dad’s beer, taking off his boots, to suck and clean cheesy uncut etc. Sucking on my dad’s meat older men. Also love to rim while he drinks a beer that I your hot sweaty ass. Blacks brought him brings me the most are very welcome. Also, love joy. Love a verbal, dominate top to have you fuck me. Write dad into piss play and raunch. box# 3790. Also, into writing to other sons Washington to compare daddy stories and fantasies. Me: 19 y/o, 5’10”, 4/2004 Father/Son 165 lbs., 8.5” X 5” cut. Self pics a plus, but not necessary. Age, WM, 5’6”, 160 lbs., Bi, non race, size unimportant. Write smoke or drink, clean shaven, massage, wrestle, JO. To box# 3774. 6/2004 hear from father/son like in Looking For Companion H. J. Mag. Milt PO Box 473 In Albany, NY McCleary, WA 98857. Searching for a hairy, husky, 60-65 y/o who is looking to spend some time with a 52 y/o,

New York

Personal Ads April 2004 • 79

HJ April 2004 79

03/19/04 1:02:20 PM

rock hard 518 Castro Street San Francisco CA 94114 (415) 437-2430

Alternative Gifts and Jewelry Tattooing and Piercing

An Educational Store for Adults in Alternative Lifestyles

415 Cherry St Macon, GA 31201 1-888-745-7476

Body Language

Colors on Cherry

11424 Lorain Ave Cleveland OH 44111 11AM-10PM Daily 11AM-6PM Sunday

216-251-3330 Toll Free – 1-888-GAY-7733

80 • Handjobs April 2004

HJ April 2004 80

03/19/04 1:02:23 PM

Handjobs Anthology 7 is Back in Print! Handjobs Anthology 7 contains the stories we printed in Handjobs between January and May of 1995. These issues have long since sold out, and Anthology 7 is your only chace to read these classic Daddy-Boy tales from the first half of 1995. Handjobs Anthology 7 is illustrated by some of our most popular artists. You’ll enjoy the artwork of Julius, Nicolas Mann, Ira Smith, Rod Shows and Frank. If you missed out on the first printing, order yours today.

To order: Call 1-800-463-5630 Or use the order form on page 82 Handjobs April 2004 • 81

HJ April 2004 81

03/19/04 1:02:24 PM

Handjobs Order Form 04/04 To order by phone call: 1-800-463-5630 USA or Canada Call 9am – 6pm Pacific Time Tuesday through Saturday online at

Mail to: Avenue Services, Inc. PO Box 23219 Seattle, WA 98102-0519 or fax to 1-206-720-1568


Price (includes shipping & sales taxes)


Annual Subscription Two Year Subscription Six Month Subscription Handjobs Reader 1 Handjobs Reader 2 Handjobs Reader 3 Handjobs Reader 4 Handjobs Reader 5 Handjobs Reader 6 Handjobs Bi Adventures I Handjobs Bi Adventures II Handjobs Bi Adventures III Handjobs Bi Adventures IV Handjobs Anthology 1 Handjobs Anthology 2 Handjobs Anthology 3 Handjobs Anthology 4 Handjobs Anthology 5 Handjobs Anthology 6 Handjobs Anthology 7 Handjobs Anthology 8 Handjobs Anthology 10 Handjobs Presents Roger Valentine’s Shanghaied Valentine’s Thar He Blows! Valentine’s Shadrack Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol. 2 DAD’S BEDTIME TALES VOL. 3 The Adventures Of Timmy Like Father, Like Son Handjobs Art Book CD-ROM

$50 ($65 in Canada and Mexico; $70 elsewhere) $90 ($120 in Canada and Mexico; $130 elswhere) $25 ($32.50 in Canada and Mexico; $35 elswhere) $5 ($10 outside the US) $8 ($10 outside the US) $8 ($10 outside the US) $8 ($10 outside the US) $5 ($10 outside the US) $8 ($10 outside the US) $8 ($10 outside the US) $8 ($10 outside the US) $8 ($10 outside the US) $10 ($12 outside the US) $15 ($20 outside the US) $20 ($25 outside the US) $20 ($25 outside the US) $20 ($25 outside the US) $20 ($25 outside the US) $20 ($25 outside the US) in ck !! $20 ($25 outside the US) Barint p $20 ($25 outside the US) $20 ($25 outside the US) $30 ($35 outside the US) $14.50 ($20 outside the US) $25 ($30 outside the US) $25 ($30 outside the US) $20 ($25 outside the US) ! w! $20 ($25 outside the US) Ne $25 ($30 outside the US) $18 ($23 outside the US) $50 ($55 outside the US)

________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________

Subtotal ________ All Back Issues are $6.75 each ($7.50 in Canada and Mexico; $8.00 elsewhere) 8/01 2/02 3/02 4/02 5/02 6/02 7/02 8/02 9/02 10/02 11/02 12/02 1/03 2/03 3/03 4/03 5/03 6/03 7/03 8/03 9/03 10/03 11/03 12/03 1/04 2/04 3/04 4/04 Subtotal ________ name: address: city:

______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ___________________ state: ____ zip: ___________



Payment method:

Total ________

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email ________________________________

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HJ April 2004 82

03/19/04 1:02:25 PM

Unprotected hj0404apr