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The day after 9/11 Dr. Denyse Ray, a clinical first responder, took a train into New York City at ground zero. What she saw was an absolute horror. She realized her vision was not only blurred by her tears, but by the debris flying around. Rubble mixed with, as difficults it is to say, fragments of the souls we lost the day before. THE HEROINE AMIDST OUR NATION Dr. Denyse Ray BY ANTHONY EWART

Dr. Ray could not breathe and she knew she would have to keep her mask on for a prolonged period of time. She also knew the masks being handed out were not made of cotton so bacteria would buildup inside the mask and on her face. She decided to removeher jacket and rip out the inner lining to create a makeshift mask for herself as she helped any and all she could.

This is who Dr. Ray is. An African-American woman standing on the rubble that was once the Twin Towers with her ‘new mask,’ ready to help. As always Any And All.

And she is so much more.

After more than two decades as a clinical first responder, and private practice practitioner, dedicating her career to helping victims of natural disasters, school shootings, and terroristic attacks remove their ‘emotional mask,’ Denyse Ray, PhD, retooled her skills to found Lady Ease Limited as it’s President and CEO.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Ray has built Lady Ease from the suite of her home. She empathetically set her priorities and designed a washable, re-usable fashion face mask for women, men, and children using Eco-friendly fabrics. to an area until it is deemed safe. While they work on behalf of the entire community, the family also has a responsibility to ensure their well- being during time of crisis.

In her consultant work, she regularly provides workshops and seminars. Dr. Ray has provided many social service agencies with in-depth direction and understanding as they acquire skills to better serve their communities. Her trauma curriculum continues to be utilized in schools of social work and her - “Surviving Work Place Trauma “ training serves as a preventive resource in many work places throughout the United States.

Her clients range from the individual traveler, to companies who customize their mask with their logo, to the fashion conscience user that won’t settle for anything less than their rhinestone “Bling”line.

She has applied many of the same practices and principles to her approach of preparing her clients for not if, but when a disaster strikes to be prepared. As a first responder she understands that during a disaster emergency responders address the most critical needs, and may not even be able to get She is the author of “The Pain Didn’t Start Here; Trauma and Violence in the African American Community.” Her current work Mirroring Images; Native Hawaiians Traumatic Journey, and Soul Murder; Emotional Execution scheduled for e–book release in late spring of 2019.

Dr. Ray has authored and edited many abstract and white papers on the affect and treatment of psychological trauma including the 16th United States Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher’s Mental Health: Culture Race and Ethnicity.

Dr. Ray currently resides in California and is pre- paring to launch a nationwide movement “Make America Healthy Again” and a global initiative to reach communities who continue to experience the affect of intergenerational trauma.

She is also currently working on a 5 facility mental wellness compound to accomidate the enourmous number of existing and subsequent new individuals who are experiencing Mental Health Challenges. She remains active in a variety of civic and cultural organizations, including Kamehameha Lions Club, Volunteer Docent at Iolani Palace, American Asso- ciation of University Woman, Member of Organiza- tion Of Woman Leaders of Honolulu, and Board of Directors Honolulu Executive Association, as well as a Director on the board of P.A.R.E.N.T. inc., a non profit with a focus on Child Abuse Prevention. Outside of business interest, she continues to work on her series of books; Mirroring Images: The Trau- matic Journey of Native Hawaiians, along with Soul Murder.

Dr. Ray loves all outdoor activities and enjoys sharing them with her family and friends. She lives, a Heroine’s quiet, beautiful life.

LADY EASE is a Hawaii start-up company dedicated to developing several generations of designer respirator protector masks. LadyEase has developed the Emergency Access System Escape (EASE) a Designer Particulate Respiratory Mask designed with a carrying pouch for emergency and daily use.

The masks, are intended to be used for protection against contaminants from the air. They are extremely durable and have a soft and comfortable inner surface. The mask qualify for a 501(K) number for the medical market and can be used for secondhand smoke, TB and SARS situations as recommended by OSHA. The lightweight mask, are also designed for comfortable protection against air pollutants and nuisance dusts and powders.

The Company was formed in 2006 and currently has 5 employees. The Company’s management team consist of, Dr. Denyse Ray, PhD who designed and developed the concept of respirator protection specifically for women after being a clinical first responder at the World Trade Center disaster on September 11, 2001.

NOT JUST THE BLUES SHOW is a result of the many years of hard work Dr. Denyse Hicks-Ray has spent training and treating the public on trauma and the effects of untreated trauma. Some of the results of untreated trauma include, but are not limited to: poor relationships, lack of self esteem, violent behaviors, spousal and substance abuse.

Dr. Hicks-Ray is motivated by an on-going commitment to the African American Community reflected in our mission: EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION AND AWARENESS.

As an African American psychologist, Dr. Denyse HicksRay, Ph.D., BCETS envisions a society that will establish educational and culturally sensitive programs for African Americans with mental health disorders. Because of her persistence and dedication to bringing this concept together NOT JUST THE BLUES was born – a half hour-long television program designed to address the mental health concerns of the African American community. The program’s intent is to increase knowledge about mental health symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and services.

For More information http://bit.ly/easemask

https://youtu.be/hmOKWAXrBcY https://youtu.be/fCrMUdzm0OQ https://youtu.be/qRWmjR2T_I8 https://youtu.be/ouBr2dKJuO8