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By:jessie myers

When the country of Lanta got into a war with the country of garsel,

Garsel dropped a bomb on Lanta.. without testing first

This left the town destroyed but all the people were still alive

All people were in despair. Their bodes were doing weird things. Thinking this was the reaction of the bomb, everyone thought they were dying

What's happening right now?! everything is ruined!!!

ONe man named hugh got so mad thinking that his family was dying, he punched a building. Making the building collapse completely to the ground.

No way!

I can't believe this!


The town was amazed and started to try new things, to see what their new powers were.

powers ranging from mind reading...

‌ to strength...

‌ and speed.

They wanted to convince the other countries that they were dead, so they packed up and left to another hidden island. that has not been yet discovered

and planned to stay.

they built a civilization. They named this new place Springville.

When there was the first birth of the first baby in the new village of springville, Keller and gala stainer were very proud and happy with their newborn child. they named their daughter Para. Keller was paras father and he went off the island to look for something and never returned home to the village. EVERYONE THOUGHT THAT HER FATHER WAS DEAD WHEN REALLY HE WAS TRAPPED OFF THE ISLAND AND COULDNT FIND HIS WAY BACK BEACUSE IT WAS AN UNDISCOVERED ISLAND.

They all got settled and tried to learn how to control their powers as well as they could. So that if a fight were to break out they would know how to fight if necessary.

para grew up not knowing her father.

Children found out their spacial powers when they were of two years old. para's power that she received was the ability to heal. Para was the only person to have this power, so she WAS THE MOST POPULAR person IN THE VILLAGE AND HELPED EVERYONE THAT SHE COULD. What para didn't realize was that the more people she helped the more she was hurting the environment because no one was dying and the land was becoming over populated.

After realizing this when she reached her twentieth birthday she decided to go and adventure off the island, leaving markers to know how to find her way back. She hoped that this would help her village stay maintained

When she got to the nearest town, she spotted a man that looked lonely on a bench. so she went and sat with him and they talked for a while and then she realized that she was going to miss her train if she stayed any longer so she said goodbye and ran for the station.

On the train ride, she wondered where she would be going and what was going to happen and then flashed back to the old man on the bench‌ How did he know my name and so much about me? She wondered about this for a while. leaving her dumbstruck.

Para traveled all around new lands. she discovered new people and lots of new things that she never knew existed. she learned new lessons and taught other people her tricks. she was sporadically missing home and then found things to distract her for the time being. Until one day she decided that it was time for her to go home. after saving almost forty villages and over 3,000 people, she decided her journey was over and it was time for her to return home. on the train she thought again about the old man on the bench and wondered if he would be there when she got back. "no," she thought. "how could he still be there? how could he even be alive? its been ten years." then the train pulled into the station and she got her bags and walked out and sure enough, there was the man. sitting on the bench.

they sat on the bench and talked for a long time and she asked him how he knew so much about her and it took her a very long time to finally get and answer. he gave out little hints here and there and then when he said his name was keller she automatically knew he was her father. sHE WAS amazed that she had finally found him. She asked him so many questions and he answered every question. para realized that the reason that he didn't come back was because he was lost, he didn't run away. para could tell he was upset that he didn't get to see her grow up.

she told him that he needed to come back to the village and see everyone it took a lot of convincing but she finally did it and helped him pack most of his things and then he went with her home. when they got there, everyone was stunned. they didn't know what to think about everything. they thought he was dead, and now he is back. "A GHOST"they thought.

Paras mother was shocked. was this who she thought? she couldn't believe her eyes. she was so happy she started crying


This graphic story was composed by Jessika Myers.

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