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There was once a Native American man living in the Chumash tribe along the Paci!c coast" #He was timid and apprehensive$ and had no mother$ father$ or friend to watch over him$ save the local doctor who fed him meals and looked a%er him when he was sick" #

This man had but a single possession: a small wooden !gure in the shape of a deer" #On this !gure$ his name was carved: Isi" #

Late one night, Isi begins to dream. Suddenly, there is a loud noise...

ยกHola, Pendejos!

Run! Take Isi! I will fight him!

While Running out the door, Isi catches a glimpse of his father falling before the man in gray. Isi and his mother run for the forest, while being pursued by another man in gray....

ยกVen aqui, Bruja!

Suddenly, Isi's mother is pleading with a voice. The voice accepts his mother's pleas. Holding him up to eye level, Isi's mother gazes at him for the last time. kissing him lightly on the forehead, she hands Isi over. The voice and his mother run in opposite directions. In a few moments, Isi hears a yell, and then a bloodcurdling scream from his mother.

ZZZZZZZZZZZ mama! No Papa!

THEy're Back! THE MEN IN GRAY!!!

Rushing out of the hut, Isi is met with a horrible spectacle: the village is in flames!

Backing out of the doctor's hut, the men in gray spot Isi and pursue him. In reaction, isi does the only thing he knows to do when in danger....


ยกAy! ยกVen Aqui!

In distress, Isi runs into the hut of the doctor, only to find him stabbed in the heart.


Where am I?

Isi runs for what seems like an eternity. When he stops to catch his breath, Isi notices how lost he is. After wandering for a bit, Isi catches the smell of cooking meat. He follows the smell to find an old man sitting by a fire.

As Night falls, they begin to talk.

What have you been doing, my son? Uh, hello. My name is Isi. May I eat with you?

Just In time young one...the meat is ready.


THat I see....

Smiling, the old man suddenly pulls out two carved wooden figures: one is a bear, the other a mother caressing a child.

Handing the figures to Isi, the old man says: Let these be guides in times of great need or tough decision.

Upon Waking, the Old man is gone. Taking out his wooden figures, Isi wonders how his figures would help him at all in finding his way out of the woods. Sighing, he lies down, gazing up at the stars. He sees Ursa Major, the Greater bear.

Speechless, Isi stares at the Figures for a while. Soon though, fatigue engulfs Isi, and he falls asleep.

Finally, it hits Isi:

That's it! I'll use the stars to find my way out!

With a new sense of direction, ISi confidently sets off, using the stars to guide him.

Upon returning to his village, Isi finds that it is razed. All the huts are burnt. Ashes still clog the air. Kneeling before the remains of the Doctor's hut, Isi thinks of the damage: His parents were dead; his only friend was dead; the village was destroyed...

All Because of the men in Gray.

Resolving to avenge his people and family, Isi sets out to find the camps of the Men in gray and release his tribesmen who are being held captive. Finally! Freedom!

I'm FREe!

However, one day while sneaking into the camp to release his tribesmen, Isi is caught by a man in gray.


After being tied, Isi is whipped and beaten for hours, to the point of falling unconscious.

Upon waking, Isi notices that he is able to reach his was doubtless that he would die if he could not escape...

Feeling the weight of the Bear and the mother in his pocket, Isi kept telling himself: "Sacrifice, you must sacrifice or you will die." After an hour of pain, Isi was free, but his severed hand laid useless on the ground.

We must fight! We must rebel! For our

Here! HEre!



A celebration.

After meeting up with his tribesmen, Isi explains that they must avenge their families and village. He devises a plan for revenge. They wait for nights, until finally....

After quietly canoeing to the camp, Isi and his warriors surround the camp while the men in gray are singing and drinking. One by one, they pick off the camp guards and sneak closer, waiting for the attack cry.


no survivors!

No mercy!

Caught completely off guard, the men in gray have no way of defending themselves. The slaughter begins.

ยกNo...por Favor!

No thinking much of it, Isi rushes to the nearest group of soldiers, cleaving their skulls with powerful strokes. He could feel the ferociousness of an attacking bear running through his blood. He could see his father falling before the man in gray, hear the screams of his mother.

The Tents are quickly lit, filtering out the men in gray who passed out. in the Middle of the commotion, Isi hears a horn blare out, but it is cut off mid-key.

This one for my mother!


Almost blinded by his fury, Isi dashes into the nearest tent, ready to kill.

Instead, to Isi's great surprise, he finds a young boy of his native tribe in a crib, crying.

At the sound of the reply horn, Isi looks up to the hill. More men in grey were rushing down the hill bearing weapons!

Upon seeing Isi, his eyes grow wide, and he begins to wail in confusion and fright. Picking the boy up, Isi soothes him and runs out of the tent.

TO the canoes! RETREAT!!

Only a few canoes line the water's edge. Still holding the child, Isi calmy ushers the rest of his tribesmen aboard the canoes.

Quickly now, time is short.

Soon, there is no room left, the canoes almost sinking from the weight of his warriors and his wounded. Hearing the cries of the enemy's reinforcement, Isi tries to step onto the edge of the last boat, but it sinks, letting water flood in. Isi steps back, and tries again another way, to no avail. The child begins to wail, and the reinforcements come into view again.

S-Should I run??, that would kill us both...

Feeling the bear and the mother burning in his pocket, Isi hears the words of the old man:

"Let these be guides in times of great need or tough decision."

Go on.



As the canoe pulls away, his fellow warriors stare at him in awe. Slowly, they all raise one hand towards Isi: a sign of respect. As they disappear into the night, Isi sighs and smiles: his people were safe, at least.

ÂĄVamos! Tenemos ĂŠl!

Reaching for the bear and the mother, Isi stands his ground to the charging men in gray. He feels the bear's courage and the mother's willingness to sacrifice in his tight grip.

As the men drew closer, Isi imagines his parents, knowing that someplace, they were smiling down on him. He would join them soon. Finally, the swords of the men in gray were upon him. Isi's final moment had come.....

And he Smiled. His work was done.

Isi's Revenge  
Isi's Revenge  

This graphic story was composed by Will Kannegieser.