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Today, various wedding styles appear, such as garden wedding, beach wedding, and cocktail wedding. The wedding can be formal, semi-formal or casual.

It all depends on the wedding people’s likes, the budgets and

ambiance they want. Wedding ceremony is no longer limited to be hold in serious church. It can be in any way if you like. But, no matter how the wedding forms change, some parts of a wedding will be forever kept. Having a wedding officiant is one of these things. To make the wedding go smoothly, you should have a good cooperation with the officiant. Here are some things your officiant wish you know before the wedding. 

Must have a wedding rehearsal. Some people may think it’s unnecessary and wasteful of money. Actually, it’s very crucial. You should know what the officiant will say and how he will announce every part, where everyone exactly stands in, where the music can plan and what you can do and can’t show. This is a real wedding practice which will affect the next day final performance.

Tell your officiant if you want to read or recite any section yourself or light candles. Don’t surprise the officiant with a “now we add something we want to put in”. Let him know in advance and communicate where you want to put it and how you will do. So he can estimate how to arrange the time and what to prepare.

Tell your officiant what to wear. Commonly, most officiants will wear a formal tuxedo or other suitable religious attire. But if you have a specific wedding theme, tell the officiant how to wear to match your wedding style. Then, the whole wedding scene will look quite harmonious.

Tell your officiant the name you want to use in the vows. But, remember not to use a nickname during the wedding ceremony.

Tell your officiant if you want to omit something from the wedding ceremony.

No matter they are the words you don’t like or wedding

processes you don’t need, it’s up to you. for example, if you don’t like the traditional vows, you can also design your owns and then tell your officiant leave the vow time for you.

A successful wedding needs close and perfect teamwork between the couple and their assistants. cooperation


As performing on the stage, the three people’s directly










communication and let each know what you want.








Things You should do before your Wedding  

The wedding ceremony is important to everybody.It is the beginning of love and promision.Do more preparation and leave a wonderful memory...

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