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Line Dance Videos We recorded our last dance recital and put it on YouTube, it had a theme based upon some old fairy tales. Another great theme is Humpty Dumpty, and you could have the kids wear egg costumes. Speaking of mythical stories, you can pick any one of them from the bible and incorporate it in your next recital. We had few small children dress up as unicorns at the last one. Should you have a child in school, you will want to help the teachers out by suggesting fun things for them to do, like line dancing. Often the school has a lot of kids that show up for the dance. One way to get more participation is to give them fun things to do. Have the kids do things that bring in money. A few weeks before the day of the school dance, get a group of students together to do a dance off. Think about using students in the school government. Three dancing groups are enough for this. Everyone likes a good laugh, so you will want him or her to practice one. I like to have them dance to KD Lang music. After they perform at school at an assembly on the day of the dance, have the students vote for a winner. You can see some of the videos here: If your school has royalty for the school dance, set up beauty pageant. The key is to have it at school on the day of the dance. Pick form the students who are on the government of the school. Then for the emcee, you have the females do it. During the pageant, make them line dance. Have a sing a long, as this is fun for all. Later that night, read the results of the beauty pageant winner. Help raise funds for your school dance with a fundraiser. I like to have them sell cookies. Another idea would be to have them sell ice cream sandwiches door to door. Topping for the ice cream go over very well, so you need to make sure you have plenty of choices for the students. Romantic stories work very well for dance recitals, and you should consider the following ones. Watch the movie "The Sleeping Beauty" and incorporate some of the music and dance steps for the students. The dance recital should feature a few of your teenage students performing some of the dance steps from those wonderful productions. If you have any dancers as young as 4 years old, they will stay focuses, as the music is very moving. International cultures are one way to include everyone in your dance recital. Choreograph your dances to music from different regions and continents. Your dance recital must have locals from the ethnic groups that you are portraying. These amazing dance recitals will be a big hit with the parents. Around the Fourth of July we had a dance recital and all the kids dressed up in flags, it was amazing! Dancers representing Christmas could perform a dance to an instrumental Christmas hymn. We shot video of the kids doing the Irish jig during a dance recital on St. Patty's Day! Use the music of

American composers such as Aaron Copeland to accompany Fourth of July dancers. Arrange your recital program according to the calendar order of each holiday. Dancing is a great activity for your children, and if they are already doing ballet or some other dance, then you should put together a dance recital for all of them. Parents love to see that their children are progressing, and one way to do this is to put videos up of them on YouTube. Make recitals more fun for kids and more entertaining for the audience by creating your recital dances around a fun theme. Line Dance Videos

Line Dance Videos  

A few weeks before the day of the school dance, get a group of students together to do a dance off.

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