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Review by Ken Morton – Photo by Jack Lue

Those bemoaning the lack of creativity and irony within the all the too static Los Angeles music scene only need to check into what the very amazing Sik Sik Sicks has to offer. A young band destined to rip a titanic one into the heart of the City Of Angels and beyond, Sik Sik Sicks present a stunning amalgamation of riotous female fronted punk and classic rock – and the results are a fun and frenzied night of pure auditory devastation.

Opening with the kickass refrains of Hot Topic Girl, Sik Sik Sicks had quite an impressive turnout in front of them. You could tell the older crowd who had arrived early to see headliners Pretty Boy Floyd were very taken in by the rambunctiously entertaining set Sik Sik Sicks was unleashing. Tunes such as Hot Mess, Life Sucks, Homecoming Whore, and Way Too Good For You were blasted out with a fiendish glee. There was also a very imaginative choice of cover songs Sik Sik Sicks would perform, including renditions of Black Sheep by Metric and Dull by Microwave. Turn Off Your TV was an infinite anthem for the ages when performed live and closing selection Lie In It slammed into the audience leaving quite an indelible impression.

First and foremost, within the ranks of Sik Sik Sicks is super charismatic front woman Madd Lucas, unleashing a massive amount of sass and class as she raged through a set of songs jammed packed with wicked humor and fierce sarcasm. There is a glorious amount of star quality that Ms. Lucas presents, and her live performance is absolutely brilliant – even her rhythm guitar playing is vivacious and so on point.

It’s difficult to take your eyes off Madd Lucas because of the absolutely captivating persona she presents, but once you do, there is a world of talent and ferocity to be found with the other members of the Sik Sik Sicks brigade. Guitarist Kyle Taylor may appear to be the more reserved one on stage, but his playing is expert and aggressive. Then there’s bassist Max Lucas, pumping up the low end with magnetic rock star appeal and scorching conviction. And on the drum kit rocking it all into the stratosphere is Jona Bowen Smith, and what a precise yet maniac delivery of beats! https://www.instagram.com/siksiksicks/

Sik Sik Sicks is definitely one of the most intriguing bands on the Los Angeles music scene today, and their powerhouse live performance is not to be missed!

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