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You Scream, We Scream, We all Scream for Yogurt CF Family Starts Their Own Self-Serve Yogurt Shop Meg Lane Editor-in-Chief

Former CF student Allyson Vuong keeps her eyes open when she travels. With a family of business entrepreneurs, Vuong and her family are always looking for new ideas. Their newest endeavor: a self-serve frozen yogurt joint, YogurtPro, that now sits by Texas Roadhouse and Sakura. “Down in Texas and in the southern parts of the East Coast, there are tons of these self-serve yogurt shops, and one day we were like, ‘we should do this in Iowa,’” Vuong said. And so Yogurt Pro was born. It’s the only self-serve frozen yogurt joint in Cedar Falls. The place has a lot going for it, but one of its claims to fame is the nutritional benefit of the yogurt they serve. “Yogurt Pro offers a healthy kind of yogurt,” Vuong said. “We use skim milk instead of whole milk so its fat free. And it’s sugar free.” Not to worry, though. According to Vuong, the yogurt

Photo By Sara Gabriele

still tastes amazing. “[It’s great because] if you are on a diet and you want something to relieve your cravings, you can come get some yogurt and still be eating healthy.” YogurtPro offers more than just basic flavors. Their wall of self-serve yogurt machines range from cheesecake to espresso to even honeydew. Customers are left to choose for themselves which kinds

they want and of how much, as prices are tabulated by weighing at the register. “The first time I went, I was tempted to put every single one of the flavors in my bowl,” senior Alicia Pierce said. “I resisted, but I ended up going back the same day because it was so good.” In addition, flavors are changed on a daily basis. “[It’s great] because you can try something new each

for the Christiansen Grant in 2010, art teacher Lisa Klenske was excited in finding the art department its lucky winner in 2011. “I like having the laptops in the art room so all of the art department is in the same area. Last year, I was out of the room about half of the time, so this year it is nice to stay in one room and help out the students who need it,” Klenske said. The grant awarded $27,000 to the department, helping buy 28 HP laptop computers equipped with software like Adobe Creative

Suite 3.0, which includes Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. “Our software is the best, it is the industry standard in professional photography,” Klenske said. Students especially appreciate the new computers and their convenient location. Students feel it will better their education in art and make it a more fullfilled experience. “I think they are great because we don’t have to move anywhere to use them and if we have a question we can bring the computers with us,” senior Hannah Riebeks said.

time,” junior Evan Cayton said. If the flavors don’t offer enough variety, customers can take their pick at the line of toppings to load up on. Of course there are the traditional toppings-- fruit, chocolate chips, sprinkles-- but Yogurt Pro also boasts an array of unique toppings customers aren’t likely to have seen any place else, like ‘bursting boba.’

Boba are edible bubbles filled with fruit juice that bursts in your mouth. YogurtPro offers three different flavors, mango, lychee, and passion fruit. Although they may look like small fish eggs, most customers find they are surprisingly delicious. If the yogurt doesn’t sell customers, its modern layout and clean-cut atmosphere will. “It has a very clean and cool atmosphere,” Cayton said and sophomore Alli Hunt concurred, “I like the way its set up. Its a cute date place and the cost is affordable.” And that is what has kept many students coming back for more. “ I’m glad Cedar Falls finally has a place that is fun and original,” senior Conner Klein said. “ It was a really cool experience,” junior Carissa Herkelman said, “ the yogurt and everything was really good and reasonably priced. It was really retro and I just felt cool being there! I’ve been there twice and definitely plan on going back!”

Art Department Is Awarded Grant Sarah Church News Writer

This school year, returning students may have noticed several significant changes around the high school, including a new ALPHA room and the conversion of the ERC (English Resource Center) into the Learning Lab. The art department in particular has benefited in the new term after being granted HP laptops for its beginning and advanced level digital photography classes. After a denied application

News Brief: Next Pep Bus offered Friday, Sept 23

Students now have the opportunity to attend every Tiger football game with the new away game pep bus. The bus’s popularity attracts about 85 students per game, a great way to travel with friends that is school and parent approved. The pep bus provides rides to the away stadium and back to the high school. The cost of the pep bus is $6, as well as $4-6 game admission depend-

ing on the game and stadium. Interested students must visit the main office and sign up on the clipboard by noon the day of the game. Students pay for the bus when they sign up, but wait to pay for the game until they arrive. The push for attendance is not only to support the Tiger football team but also for safety precautions of the students.

Opinion Pants on the Ground

Sept. 20, 2011

Students need to pay more attention to learning instead of sagging Lucas Hamilton Entertainment Editor

Trends move quickly in this new age of globalization, but one trend that persists in the youth is sagging. Sagging is looked at as a symbol of freedom, cultural awareness and as a rejection of mainstream society by the “saggers.” The concept of wearing your pants below your waist and revealing your underwear originated in prisons where belts were prohibited because they could be used as weapons or for suicide. Hip-hop artists in the 90s then began to take the concept and make it mainstream. Now, we have a new concept of fashion with all of the baggy and saggy clothes. Cities have been actually putting laws in effect to prevent the excessive exposure of underwear and other unnecessary things. In Opa-Locka, Fla., a vote was held and a unanimous decision was made that individuals who refused to simply pull their pants up would be faced with a $250 fine or 10 hours of community service. At Westside Middle School in Memphis, Tenn., the policy for sagging is either pull them up or get “Urkeled,” like Steve Urkel from the TV show Family Matters. The whole idea behind “Urkeling” is that teachers would pull the students’ pants up and

zip tie them to hold them up, fighting pop culture with pop culture. Why do people insist on sagging their pants? Here are the potential reasons I’ve come up with. It is possible that they forgot to wear a belt that day and the pants happened to just sag because of that; harmless mistake. Someone could also have some sort of deformity that causes the waist line to be much lower than the general population; medical reasons. It could be that they enjoy the brisk autumn breeze blowing down their pants; leisure reasons. It is guaranteed that a majority of people who sag do not justify their fashion choice in these ways. A majority of people think it makes them look tough or “manly” when in actuality, it makes you look lazy and a little less than intelligent. Maybe it is just me or an actual problem, but lately, walking through the halls, I’ve noticed more people walking with underwear showing and their “swag” on. What is even the point of wearing pants if you are just going to have them hang around your knees? What is just absolutely astonishing is that people will sag their pants and then wear a belt in order to keep them in that place. I couldn’t care about how you wear your pants outside of school, but please have some

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respect for this place. Yes, it is school and not fun all the time, but you are not here to show off new underwear you just got. No matter how cool your new Batman or Superman underwear

Cartoon by Trevor Johnson

is, it is very well guaranteed that not many people care to see it. You are here to learn. Turn your “swag” off, pull your pants up and get something out of this place.

our view need to take charge Stepping Up: Students in fight to end bullying

Occasionally coined as the Civil Rights issue of the 21st century, the LGBT movement has received both positive and negative feedback. On one hand we have the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell for our armed forces and an increasing number of states allowing gay marriage. But on the other hand remains the very real issue of hate crime. Just this August, Marcellus Andrews of Waterloo was violently beaten by attackers shouting anti-gay slurs; he died later in an Iowa city hospital from head injuries. Unfortunately, Andrew’s story is not one of a kind. In 2008 alone, 1,617 hate crimes were committed based on sexual orientation alone; this number has most likely risen since then. With the rise of texting and social media, bullying is taking on new and arguably more aggressive dimensions. What’s quickly emerging as one of the most pertinent issues facing our generation deserves more attention than it currently receives. Bullying often gets lots of talk but little action, as it is notoriously difficult to address. It is no secret this needs to change, and fortunately students around the country are beginning to take actions to do so. One such action is an organization called Stop the Hate, Spread Hope created and run by high school seniors in Buffalo New York. Nick Longo, a sophomore at the time, created the organization as a means to provide an outlet for any student who needed to share a story. Since then, the group has created a documentary compiling these stories, made a website, given talks at high schools around New York and are even working with the Department of Education to expand the project. Longo’s work is inspiring — as high school students, it is our peers that suffer from bullying. This is an issue not to be left to adults, but for us to tackle ourselves.

Sept. 20, 2011


Say Cheese:

Studies show smiling improves mood

Karl Sadkowski Opinion Editor

“...the physical

Try this mind trick: smile, and notice your mood improve as a result. Many believe facial expressions follow felt emotions; however, facial expressions also have the power to influence emotions. Facial expressions made intentionally can change a person’s mood, a unique concept growing in popularity among psychologists. The first to suggest that physical responses influence feelings was Charles Darwin in 1872. William James later extrapolated on Darwin’s theory, a psychologist of the 19th century still held in great esteem by psychologists today. James asserted that if a person does not express an

emotion, he does not feel it at all. Although today’s scientists would generally disagree, they do agree that the brain is an influence in emotion, as well as the face. Malcolm Gladwell, a prominent staff writer with The New Yorker, authored a New York Times bestselling book entitled Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking in 2007 about rapid cognition; that is, making snap inferences about situations in the blink of an eye. At one point, Gladwell discusses a study conducted by Paul Ekman, Wallace Friesan and Robert Levenson on how replicating expressions of different emotions affect their own moods. Gladwell writes, “They monitored the bodily indices of anger, sadness,

relive a particularly stressful experience. The other was told to simply produce a series of facial movements, as instructed by Ekman—to ‘assume the position,’ as they say in acting class. The second group, the people who were pretending, showed the same physiological responses as the first.” A separate experiment involved three test groups, which rated their levels of happiness before and after the experiment: the first group looked at pictures of different facial expressions, the second mimicked facial expressions and the third mimicked facial expressions while looking at a mirror. Of the three groups, the third offered the strongest results in mood change after the experiment, followed by the second group. Members of the first group experienced no mood change. Why these

muscular movements involved in producing a smile trigger endorphins, brain chemicals known for naturally drugging people into feel-good states of emotion. and fear—heart rate and body temperature—in two groups. The first group was instructed to remember and

differences? Introspection may explain why the third group rated the highest levels of happiness. Because these group members watched themselves in a mirror when smiling, they in turn became more conscious of their own thoughts and emotions changing with their smiles. But the result of smiling reaches farther than introspection. Evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar of Oxford University claims that the physical muscular movements involved in producing a smile trigger endorphins, brain chemicals known for naturally drugging people into feelgood states of emotion. Despite the artificiality of a forced smile, you may surprise yourself as your smile reflects back from your bathroom mirror as you prepare for seven (possibly eight) sometimes-stressful hours of school. The concept of moodenhancing facial expressions is still a theory, but it’s a theory gaining momentum. So try it. Trick yourself. You’ll smile about it later.


Sept. 20, 2011

New gym floor, setter, have volleyball team amped up Lindsey Davis Staff Writer

After a summer of dust, noisy jackhammers and inconveniences, the new gym floor is finally complete. Since construction started last school year and continued well into August, expectations for its completion were high. Many volleyball players can attest that the new floor is everything they hoped for. “The floor looks pretty sweet and is a lot nicer to dive on for volleyball because there is no more wax flaking up and making it look disgusting,” junior Miranda Dusenberry said. Not only is the floor more appealing, it also allows practices to resume again in the gym. Throughout the sum-

“The floor looks pretty sweet and is a lot nicer to dive on for volleyball because there is no more wax flaking up,” Miranda Dusenberry mer, volleyball girls played at Holmes Junior High as the floor was built. The cramped space was shared between the varsity, JV, sophomore and Holmes freshman teams. Players had a rough time practicing with very little room for serving and court lines practically adjacent to the gym walls, throwing off their depth perception. Despite the pains caused

by the closed high school gym, the volleyball squad has persevered. “We’ve been playing really well together and have done pretty good so far this year. I think we can go a long way if we all have the right mindset,” senior Jamie Farley said. Aggressive hitters and big defense are crucial to the team’s success. Already, the Tigers have proven they have these key ingredients.

The starting squad includes nearly all returning players, with the exception of a new setter. Learning how to hit off a certain setter takes time, and after Sydney Howard graduated last year, the Tigers were left trying to find a replacement. Junior Megan Evens was the one who filled in. Teammates have noted that she does her job well. “So far we have done a great job communicating with Megan and we are easily adjusting,” Dusenberry said. With three games and three tournaments under its belt, the volleyball team has learned to work together and has time to continue improving. Next up for the Tigers is Cedar Rapids Prairie on Tuesday, Sept. 20.

New sports psychologist motivates tennis players for upcoming season Maya Amjadi Staff Writer

Walk in the weight room at Cedar Falls High School and you’ll find several off-season sports are represented there. Jocks are lifting more than their own mass in weights, but the women’s tennis team members have a new trick up their tennis skorts. “I’m looking forward to seeing how much we improve [our record] because we have improved so much over the last two years, and it always makes the team happy to see how much we progress from the year before,” junior Halle Benson said. Break points, approach shots and aces, coming from mini skort wearing, athletic divas proves the women’s tennis team has been training hard throughout the offseason. “Our tennis team has been working very hard all summer and will continue to do so throughout the off-

season. I think our team has incredibly improved since last season, and I look forward to meeting the new members of our team. Tennis is the most important sport I play, and I feel it’s a sport you play for life. It helps in every aspect of your life,” team captain senior Katie Todd said. Last year’s record haunts the team as they continue to play match after match; committing to rally more matches on the winning side of the record for the 2012 season. The entire team has this desire for success. Athletes throughout the roster have been working hard all summer long and plan to take lessons at the tennis club to keep their tennis skills intact. By following a point system Coach Knox implemented (which consists of receiving points per month for playing matches or going to lessons), the tennis players will train to keep the physical aspect

of their games throughout the off-season. However, according to Coach Knox, this is not the only aspect that is important to win this year. Coach Knox contacted Keith Schmidt, founder and president of SportsMind Success. The principles he teaches to athletes from high schools, colleges, professional positions and the Olympics all focus on having the mindset of a champion. The team is excited to meet with Schmidt this month to discuss goals and learn what it is to be a champion. “We’ve all been working hard this summer to improve our games. We are all going to continue to work throughout the winter so we can drastically improve our record this season. Tennis is more than just your strokes and your serve. It is very mental. Hopefully meeting with the sports psychologist will improve our mental game and allow

us to win more,” team captain junior Hannah Mallaro said. Although physical ability and talent are important for winning sporting events universally, they alone cannot make a conference champion team. Mental ability and will power are characteristics of even more importance to a winning athlete. “Tennis is a really mental sport. I have learned that if you have the wrong mind set, you’re more likely to make more errors. It will be good for the team to learn how to mentally prepare for our matches and always have a positive attitude,” Benson said. The women’s team will use mental toughness as well as clarity, intuition, self-esteem and personal power to push all the way to conference champs this year. Those, along with their biceps of steel and deltoids of iron, that is.

Athlete Week of the

Adam Streicher Men’s Cross Country Senior

1. How long have you been running? All four years. Ninth grade through 12th. Who helped you motivate you this week? The meet was at home, so just all the cheering helped. What are your goals for this season? I would like to go under 16 (minutes), and be in the top two for the team. 4. Who is your biggest influence? My older brother Michael.

Tigers in Action FOOTBALL- 9/23 vs. CR Xavier 7:15 VOLLEYBALL- 9/20 @ CR Prairie 7:00 MEN’S GOLF- 9/26 @ CR Prairie 9:30 WOMEN’S SWIMMING- 9/20 @ Waterloo West 6:00 MEN’S CROSS COUNTRY- 9/22 vs Mason City 5:00 @ Mason City WOMEN’S CROSS COUNTRY- 9/22 vs Mason City 5:00 @ Mason City

Sept. 20, 2011 Hi-Line  
Sept. 20, 2011 Hi-Line  

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