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With the advent of this year’s Winter Park Paint Out, as organized by the Albin Polasek Museum, I was determined to see more, to participate at a higher level. I’m pretty sure I indicated that desire to its Executive Director, Debbie Komanski, but I’m not sure how well. I hope my stalking of her artists was never a problem. Focus and enjoyment of the event took over and each day became a little magical as I sought them out to see where they were and what they’d focused on that day. As with the Local Artists I follow, I came to know several a little better each day, know their individual stories and where they were from. Yesterday and today have seemed like something is missing as my stalking opportunities have ended. The Winter Park Paint Out this year was a daily treat. It is now one of my own favorite events of the year, an event so easy to take part in and enjoy because it takes place over the span of an entire week. If you missed out this year, don’t make the same mistake next. It happens over the last full week of April. No matter what your schedule, there’s a way to take part and enjoy.

The short time I’ve been back to writing on-line, beginning anew to build my blog has been wonderful, has already begun to produce such terrific opportunities and nice reader response. The blog can now be found easily at I’m pleased and excited to say that I will be among those covering this year’s Chef’s Gala at the Epcot Looking forward to covering Local restaurants Cask & Larder and 4Rivers’ Sweet Shop this weekend at this year’s Chef’s Gala at the Epcot World Showplace.

World Showplace this coming weekend. This event is a yearly fundraiser for Heart of Florida United Way. Among the amazing Local restaurants participating will be Winter Park’s own Cask & Larder and the 4Rivers’ Sweet Shop. Beginning mid to late week I’ll be writing

more about the event and its two Local participants. THANK YOU to Lisa Junkerman, the Vice President of Marketing & Communications for Heart of Florida United Way, for the invitation. I’ll be attending with founder of The Marketing Square, Rebekah Brown. More in the coming days! We’re both looking forward to it! April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. As part of this national awareness program The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families has placed those blue pinwheels around Orlando at various businesses and other spots to heighten awareness and raise funds as part of their Paint Orlando Blue program. Contributing to this cause is EASY . . . just text ‘HPC’ to 20222 to make a $10 donation. YES, that’s it! You can find more information online at Congratulations to Local mom and Congrats to Carina Graham for recognition for her work

Downeast of Winter Park buyer Carina Graham who was recently

with The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families. You can donate $10 to the center easily by texting HPC

honored with the organization’s Semper Fidelis award for her work with

to 20222 today and tomorrow.

the center. On Saturday the Peter Millar

store on Park Avenue opened and closed for the last time. Over the last four or so months I’ve had opportunity to interact with its manager, Thomas Allen Cox, quite a few times, and have enjoyed his amazing eye for color and pattern over the entire past year. Thomas is a graduate Follow