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November 2009




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Inside this month 77 Suffolk’s lady racing driver 77 Men’s health 77 Regretrospective: performance art 77 And oh so much more...



Welcome to the November issue Christmas will soon be upon us and while we start to gear up for it I’d like to sing the praises of Suffolk Businesses! Did you know you can find everything you need locally? So why buy from a faceless multinational company when you can buy from a good old Suffolk Boy (or girl!) instead? All our advertiser are local so please have a good look through their information and use them whenever you can – and don’t forget to tell them you heard about them here! There’s plenty to read in this issue too, from the Ipswich entrepreneur helping to rebuild men’s health to the driving ambition of Suffolk girl Pippa Mann. Long-established Ipswich printing firm Winsor Clarke Brackenbury are also profiled and of course the ever popular memoirs of our very own Norman are here again. We are also proud to be featuring Juliet Aster, a local performance artist showing a piece in progress this month.

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Of course that’s not all, heading back towards Woodbridge we discovered health food shops have a new image, and are thrilled to feature one of my favourite artists, Cyndi Speer – if you are wondering what to get me for Christmas she has my wish list! We’ve made lots of new friends on twitter and facebook, come and join us to get regular updates from our What’s on section as well as news on what we are preparing for the next issue! Twitterers can find us by typing in Roundaboutmag, facebookers by searching for Roundabout Suffolk. And of course you can log on to our website at If you want us to promote any of your events this way too please let us know – we’re here to support you!

Competition time!

Our prize winner for September was Mr Andrew Hovell of Ipswich, he won a printer kindly donated by Ink Express of Ipswich. This month we have unique prize on offer! The Flower Shop of Foxhall Road, Ipswich will have their very own Santa deliver a gift from you on Christmas Day morning anywhere within our distribution area up to the value of £50! As usual answer the questions along the bottom of the page and send them to us. (Have a peek at!)

A Cry for Help!

Services at Ipswich Hospital are under threat – to find out more and give our consultants and our medical teams the support they need go online to sign the petition IpswichHospital


Driving Ambition

By: Gemma Thompson

Suffolk’s lady racing driver goes from ‘sleepy Suffolk’ to the ‘Fast Lane’ Girls on the racing circuit are usually very beautiful, very glamorous, and there solely to add some sex appeal to a male dominated sport. Pippa Mann is also very beautiful and very glamorous but she is there for just one reason – to race. It’s rare to come across someone as focussed on their dream as Pippa, she went Go Kart racing when she was 14 – and fell in love! Driving became what she wanted to do and of course her family supported her thinking it was just a passing phase. Her friends had lower opinions of her as a driver – the girls mainly thought she was “stupid” and “making it up”, whereas the boys thought she was “stupid as they would be better!” As she got older and the ‘phase’ refused to pass her parents questioned her decision, after all, racing driving is a hard career to succeed in, not to mention the danger that is always present. Realising that the lady was not for turning they gave her their full support and 11 years after taking that first drive she’s still on track and heading for success. She began her single-seater career in 2004, driving in the British Formula Renault 2.0 series, in 2005 she signed a two-year contract to drive for Comtec Racing in the Formula Renault Eurocup. In January 2007 she signed for Cram by P1 Europe, becoming the first female to race in the World Series by Renault Championship. During her debut year she managed to get on the scoreboard and have a pole position start.

Q 1

This year Pippa is driving for Panther Racing in the 2009 Firestone Indy Lights series, which is the development series for the IndyCar Series – the premier level of American open wheel racing. One of the key advantages of having moved to Indianapolis has been the physical training available. As the home of the Indy Lights series there are a lot of drivers about and they have a gym geared specifically towards them, this is where Pippa trains alongside her fellow drivers. Although the physical training is harder for her she insists on training with and against the guys and keeps her eyes on the leading lights of the league, such as Scott Dixon, challenging herself to do as well as him. She does nine gym sessions a week, mainly working on endurance, strength and high rate cardio, with a focus on being able to respond quickly when charged with adrenalin. This means she regularly gets pelted with tennis balls by her personal trainer! That definitely proves her determination in my eyes! She also told me that she loves the lifestyle there – she has made many friends and is most likely to be found in a sushi bar when not on the track or training (or watching Top Gear!). She also makes sure that she keeps up with her friends, family and fans back here in Suffolk and across the UK. She remembers that when she was a kid the drivers never had time to stop and sign an autograph, so she tries to make herself available as much as possible, and signs autographs

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Learning to drive differently has been a challenge, which may have contributed to the shocking crash she suffered earlier this year… whenever she can. Her website has a free fanclub with extracts from her diary. She is on Twitter and does most of the tweeting herself, unless she’s driving of course when she gets her friends to update for her. A big challenge has been learning to drive differently, which may have contributed to the shocking crash she suffered in June this year. Mario Andretti once said that “If you think you’ve got everything under control you’re not going fast enough”. Pippa is definitely fast enough and remains clever with it. Looking to see where she can put the car, she prides herself on being a good overtaking driver and staying cool under pressure. Having raced in Europe she knows that most big accidents happen at the start of the race so she starts sensibly and waits to overtake. In America they drive round ovals, unlike European racetracks, and average speeds are 185 – 190mph. The air quality is different in this kind of racing too, it is turbulent and polluted and the car behaves differently than it would in clean air.

When this happens in European racing the drivers stay on the inside for the leaders to overtake, but in oval racing you have to hold your line. Pippa made a bad choice in staying on the high line and a car that was lapping her clipped her. Both cars headed straight into the wall, her car was pushed higher and higher until it sailed into the air and landed upside down, still moving fast. Fortunately she walked out of the car, but suffered bruising and a twisted spine, which set her training back and she has spent the rest of this year recovering.

This all played a part during her first ever night race in Iowa, causing some real problems with her car. She was forced to make a pit stop when the rear of the car snapped away from her, throwing her into a spin. Having changed the tyres and adjusted the wing, she re-joined the race but was now five laps down on the leaders.

So how likely is success for our Suffolk sister? True she’s got the talent, but its not as simple as being a good driver. She told me that this year’s winner of the Indy Lights hasn’t got a sponsor for next year, and without that he won’t be able to race. ‘People often think that the winning of the race is all down to the driver but in reality it is just as much to do with the race team, management, sponsorship and PR representation.’ It is really important to her to succeed, although she wants to prove the detractors wrong, she really wants to prove her fans faith in her right. She aims to be the first British female in the Indy 500, driving bigger more powerful cars and winning races or bringing it home in the top 10. Looking at the mental and physical effort she has put in to getting this far I’m certain she will be racing past the black and white chequered flag for many a year yet.

However she still had problems and, reducing her pace significantly, was lapped by the leaders.

You can keep track of Pippa through her website, on Twitter or on Facebook.






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B A Ferrari

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A Healthy Investment

By: Gemma Thompson

Live Life to the Full with help from Woodbridge Healthfoods I’m not sure if it says more about me or about Woodbridge Healthfoods that after my visit I managed to come away laden with decadent little treats like organic handmade chocolates, blackstrap molasses and condoms (hey – they’re vegan!). Or maybe it was because of the great feeling of enthusiasm and acceptance I felt from the second I walked through the door. The door I walked through is a beautiful classic arched door with large windows mirroring the arched design right next to it and a ramp leading up into the main body of the shop to allow easy access for wheelchair users or parents pushing buggies. Health food shops are no longer the wheatgerm scented places staffed with earnest but somewhat drippy hippies, this newest emporium to health is light and airy and the owner Christine Del Corral and her associates glow with health and good humour. Before I started really examining their offerings I was intrigued to meet Elizabeth Kerrigan. She is a renowned nutritional advisor who has previously been featured in the Daily Mail and regularly works with celebrity clients. Elizabeth is there regularly offering allergy, vitamin, mineral and hormone testing using Kinesiology (a gentle noninvasive therapy that is perfectly safe for people of all ages and states of health, even babies and pregnant women.)

Health food shops are no longer the wheatgerm scented places staffed with earnest but somewhat drippy hippies, this newest emporium to health is light and airy … Chris is very knowledgeable about her stock. She credits her grandmother with teaching her about herbal remedies as a child and she always dreamed of having her own healthfood store. In fact she is so passionate about her chosen profession that Woodbridge Healthfoods is a member of the National Association of Health Stores and Chris was one of only 200 delegates attending the National Health Food Stores Conference held at Earls Court last month. She is rightly proud of the range she offers but is always on the lookout for other items and is happy to try and source hard to get items for her customers. As I have psoriasis I was also very tempted by the large variety of organic beauty treats, everything you could need from handwash to facial moisturiser – and not just for the girls, there is also a good selection for gents who want to care for themselves whilst caring for the world too. Whatever you are looking for go to Woodbridge Healthfood Store, it’s easy to find, in Church Street just around the corner from Prezzo heading towards Market Hil … your body will thank you!

Chris invited her to hold regular clinics there as they both believe that this benefits their customers’ wallets as well as their health – as Chris explained ‘if you know what your body needs you won’t waste money buying the wrong things!’ I had a good browse around everything Chris has to offer there – from the very unusual like hemp spaghetti to the much needed vitamin supplements. A qualified Reflexologist and Member of the Association of Reflexologists,



B 19

C 29


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How many years has The Flower Shop been in business?


We can rebuild you!

By: Gemma Thompson

Ipswich entrepreneur focusses on men’s health I was shocked, I went to interview an up and coming young business man and what I learnt shocked me! Jamie White, proprietor of shed-mens-health., was telling me about why he is so passionate about getting his message of “learning a little to live a lot” through to the men of our county, when he told me that men are likely to die 8 years earlier than women. As if that wasn’t bad enough he also told me that not including testicular cancer men have a 70% higher chance of developing cancer than women do. It became obvious to me that there are some very serious issues facing our men and a real lack of information and advice on how to prevent them, recognise them and deal with them. The pressures of modern living and pride conspire against them taking care of themselves. That’s why part of what’s important to Jamie is making that information available on line for guys to read in the privacy of their own home. Jamie first started to learn about this when he suffered some illness due to stress himself, as an intelligent an analytical person (he is a fully qualified mechanical engineer) he started to research how he could ‘fix’ himself and prevent



B 15

the same thing happening in future. He’s learnt a lot and now wants to share his knowledge. Being down to earth and enjoying life himself , he’s not recommending every guy should give up smoking, or drinking, or anything else for that matter. But what he is saying is that if you have this kind of lifestyle use some self defence. I was shocked for another reason too, I’d met Jamie some weeks earlier and, as we all do, I guessed his age … I guessed him to be around 30, maybe 28, maybe even as old as 31. But no, Jamie has a bit more life experience than that and is in fact approaching 38! Considering some of the stories of his life (which I am forbidden to reveal here!) this is astonishing, he puts it down to the fact that he uses the supplements and products he sells himself. Is he vain? Jamie is too smart to do anything just for the sake of vanity – the ugly truth, according to economics professors Daniel Hamermesh and Jeff Biddle is that how you look can impact your salary by up to 18%! It also effects the way women see you – ‘if a women sees you can look after yourself she is more confident that you can take care of others too’ he says. He should know, and if you want to know more too I recommend you go to and either click on the ‘links’ link, sign up for his newsletter or browse the great range of supplements and products he stocks.

C 20


Dancing through dreams Arts Council East is supporting a local performing artist Ipswich Artist, Juliet Aster is one of this year’s artists supported by Escalator Performing Arts, an Arts Council East initiative which gives artists the opportunity to develop their work and has been creating a new piece “The Regretrospective” which will be presented as a work in progress for one night only at Colchester Arts Centre on November 11th.

Juliet originally trained in fine art and was a painter before deciding to transfer her ideas into performance based work. She trained in Flamenco, a gypsy art form from Spain. The Spanish gypsies are believed to originate from India and settled in Andalucia in the 15th century. After 10 years of intense training in 2003, she felt she had reached a reasonable technical level to start thinking outside the box. She retained the essence but added a contemporary spin and created her first innovative contemporary flamenco work ‘The Maverick Matador who only had a Pin’. This was set to Asian drum and bass reflecting Flamenco’s Asian roots. The Arts Council Research and Development grant was given to her to explore new, divergent and

…a somewhat delusional relationship that takes place between a stuffed tiger and a half human half horse, it is surreal

Q 5

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13 By: Gemma Thompson experimental performance practices and she ends the project with a showcase of the material created with the collaborators during this exploration phase. This new work is a complex, multidisciplinary and multilayered work, part installation, part film, part devised dance theatre. The movement steps away from flamenco and is influenced entirely by a sound track created from mashed up TV programmes and old films, with bits of dialogue cut up and pasted on to a drum and bass sound track. It touches on many subjects, the implications of regret, desire, loss and delusions relating to misappropriated, incompatible and unrequited love. With a somewhat delusional relationship that takes place between a stuffed tiger and a half human half horse, it is surreal, disturbing and funny in equal measure. Think Shakespearian – A Midsummer’s Night Dream – with the humour and celebration of human follies, yet somehow evoking the darker more primal depths of our emotions too.

Over the years she has been an enthusiastic participant in many forms of dance, choreography, children’s theatre and theatre set design, which has added to her experience and knowledge. She met Juliet Aster and over four and a half years learned some of the art of flamenco from her. “I’ve never met another teacher who I feel gets to the real truth of flamenco”. Last year she photographed Juliet’s ‘Devas Divas’ and said “I became immersed in what I was seeing through the lens. The photographs captured so much more than I imagined”. Its an incredible experience to be part of, more challenging than shooting posed pictures and more surprising too, especially when the final images come out better than imagined and reveal parts of the performance nobody else has seen. For further information on Juliet’s show contact Colchester Arts Centre – box office 01206 500900 or visit the website A selection of photographs from these events are on Penny’s website.

She uses the image of a horse’s head, this incredibly iconic image originally appeared in one of her early drawings. She went on to associate this motif with a way of understanding, and recreating, movement characteristics that male gypsy flamenco dancers display: a looseness of leg, rapid footwork and unpredictable animal spontaneity. She knows it will affect her audience and is curious to see what it awakens in them “it is a provocative performance and I hope the audience will be intrigued and engage with it.” Juliet worked in collaboration with lighting designer Peter Harrison and sound designer Al Ashford to create the show and the accents they have brought to it fused to create something truly magical. Local photographer Penny Morgan was commissioned to record it during the rehearsal period. Penny is passionate about capturing images that inspire, challenge, please and awaken the imagination. She has always been fascinated by how photography affects the way we perceive an image, ourselves or a moment in life.




C 58


Q 6

How many days of the year do The Flower Shop deliver?


Life in Flow-motion

By: Gemma Thompson

See Suffolk through new eyes with Cyndi Speer Cyndi Speer is one of those rare artists, the kind that can make you see yourself as part of your surroundings. When you look at one of her pieces it is guaranteed to entice you along on it’s journey, and somehow it’s journey is always yours. Maybe it’s because of the wave like motion in her work that raises you up and gently lifts you along. Or maybe it’s because of the symbolism of our ancient past or the way the skies swoop over the canvas drawing you into a motherly embrace that comforts and provokes all at the same time. As you can tell I find her work very inspiring, so I was thrilled to catch up with her and find out where she gets her inspiration from and what she’s been working on since her success at the Suffolk Open Studios this year. Her inspiration may come from many different things, she told me, but increasingly she is finding herself drawn to the East Anglian landscapes. “I think it’s because I appreciates what we have around us and I want other people to appreciate

it too,” She told me, then went on to say “I attempt to attract peoples’ attention by creating an image with more than one view point. I also visualise colour rather than realistically portray it. I want to hold the viewers attention for a while as they let their eye travel the canvas and interpret the story that unfolds there.” Her work is generally oils onto canvas, but I was surprised by this when she told me as the paint on the canvas has the grace and fluidity of silk, something you don’t often see with oils, she explained that she uses linseed oil to dilute the paints to get this effect. ‘It makes the drying time between each layer longer however, so I usually work on several pieces at the same time. Most of my paintings take up to six weeks to create!” Her work is available to buy and she is willing to do commissions. She also offers a large proportion of her designs as prints or cards for some more affordable beauty in your life, these are available at Bourne Garden Centre in Wherstead, although her paintings are affordable in their own right.

For more information on her work you can contact her on (01473) 738823, visit her website or email her at



B 365

C 363


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What is the least expensive set bouquets?


Life of Violins...

By: Jeff Short

I’m a curious person… no, not curious as in weird, but a person with an over developed sense of curiosity. So I couldn’t resist pushing open the door of the intriguing shop on Woodbridge’s Market Hill, Woodbridge Violins. I felt some trepidation as I am not a musical person. (Love music, can’t play a note). Would I be made welcome or made to feel a total outsider?

buying into a lifetime relationship, coming back time and again over the years for minor repairs, re-stringing or sometimes for major repairs. Russell recalls that on more than one occasion he’s found himself restoring violins that have been run over by cars. The most memorable being a violin that had its sound post nailed into the back of the violin.

The moment the door opened my fears were allayed as I felt the warm ambience of this extraordinary shop. The first thing I noticed was that the restoration workshop was immediately inside the door, meaning that passers by can watch the dedicated team of restorers and craftsmen at work through the shop window.

People who start as customers often become friends. You only have to look at the dozens of glowing testimonials pinned to the music room walls to see how much Russell’s expertise and enthusiasm has endeared him to his clients. So much so, that what started as a local business has become truly international with clients in Hong Kong, the far east and the USA.

The team is headed by Woodbridge Violins charismatic owner Russell Stowe. There were two things that piqued my curiosity: Why violin restoration? And why Woodbridge? Russell explained that as a schoolboy growing up in Rutland he found that he had a talent for music, but not enough talent to turn professional. He also loved working with wood, so when aged sixteen he heard that there was three year course in violin restoration at the highly acclaimed, internationally recognized, Newark College Violin School it seemed the obvious choice. This was followed by six years working in a violin shop in Leicestershire before Russell decided to fulfil his ambition and strike out on his own.

Apart from his obvious dedication to his staff and his customers, what struck me most about Russell was his love of all things Woodbridge, its history, its heritage its business community and most of all its people. With such sincere feelings on open display it is hardly surprising that Woodbridge has reciprocated by taking Russell to its heart.

Happy childhood memories of holidays in Woodbridge were enough to convince Russell that Woodbridge was the place to set up his new enterprise. What Russell’s Bank Manager thought of his business plan I cannot imagine, Woodbridge is not renowned for its musical heritage and nowhere in his business plan did he mention the word Yacht. Nevertheless, in 1991 with the help of supportive parents, Woodbridge Violins opened for business. The difference between Woodbridge Violins and other types of retailer is that customers who purchase a violin, viola or cello from Russell are



B £27.50

C £50.00


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B 12

C 19


End of Empire Mick Symonds of the NAAFI Twopenny Nights Aircraftsman Second Class Michael Symonds was a legend. He originated in Portsmouth, and spoke with that soft, slow burr, slowed even further because he was a musician. He was one of those born piano players, like Mozart, music was essential to his being, and his every action was rendered gentle by that mysterious vagueness that music bestows. Now every NAAFI has its piano, though a sad relation to even the domestic upright, they suffer from being played upon by musical illiterates while soaking up pints of beer. They have a sound all their own, harsh enough to elicit information from a reluctant prisoner. Yet old Mick Symonds could make a NAAFI piano sound like a Steinway. Mick was a phenomenon; He had the structure of a poem. But not a sonnet or a limerick. Nothing tight. Rather a modern formless poem conveying whatever meaning you liked. He was a sort of romantic mystery, appearing and disappearing amongst us without any rationality. He was amenability personified and was easily conned by the recruiting officer. Called up like the rest of us in the spring of 1948 to do his national service, he should have been out again in 1950. But the recruiting officer had some numbers to make up the week Mick signed up, and they saw him as a sitting target. They promised him aircrew if he would sign on for five years. The idea of a poem sitting at the controls of a jet fighter is preposterous, and once the signature had been affixed to the appropriate document the promise was instantly forgotten. But Mick wasn’t informed of this, and therefore lived under the fond misconception that he was about to be posted to an initial training squadron. In the meantime he became a member of Pool Flight, and it was in Pool Flight, RAF Cardington that Mick entered my life. You are eager to hear about Pool Flight. This was a sort of vast stationary lorry. It contained the unpostable, the untrainable, the undisciplinable, the permanently unwell, the utterly bewildered and those waiting to become Officers. Mick Symonds was the oldest serving member of RAF Cardington’s Pool Flight when I arrived there. Being its Senior Man meant that he had priority

Q 9

of access to the lines of recruit huts that stretched eastwards from the Bedford to London road. All regular (ie non-National Service) recruits to the RAF in those days entered the force via the portals of RAF Cardington, a permanent source of income to Mick Symonds, as I shall relate. Mick was paid the same four daily bob as the rest of us, but his musical nature meant that he was ever in debt. Consequently on pay day there was an awaiting ambush outside the No. 3 hangar, and Mick never did make it to the NAAFI with anything in his pocket. So to acquire the price of a nightly sausage and chips and a pint of NAAFI beer he had evolved a cunning scheme that was the envy of Pool Flight. The procedure was as follows. At about 6pm, when the new recruits had finished their aptitude tests and were feeling full of bonhomie, he would remove the laces from his boots and enter the first hut offering the laces to anyone who might need them for the price of a cigarette, twopence. Out, instead, came the sympathy and the cigarettes and Mick would leave the hut with anything up to five. He’d repeat this in the next hut, and so on until he had enough for the evening. He would then go to the NAAFI and sell the cigarettes for supper money and pint, followed by an evening’s playing, bringing in another round or two of gnats. No one ever bought the laces. Until one disastrous night in July, 1949. I was occupied elsewhere that evening and was unaware of the events that were taking place. I knew nothing of it until the next morning, a Friday, the day of the weekly parade. Most of us had got Fell In when Mick appeared at our assembly point, walking as though he had peed himself. “’Ere Sandy”, he drawled, “notice anything strange about my walk?” “No Mick,” I lied. “Can’t pick me feet orf the ground. Some bugger bought me laces larst night. I have to scrape me heels

What costume will the delivery man be wearing on Christmas Day?

21 By: 2401580 Norman Sanders Cpl (Retd.) along the ground. Think anyone will notice?” “Shouldn’t think so. Anyway, don’t you have another pair?” “I would of if I’d still had me best boots. I could of taken the laces out of them, but I had to sell ’em. I ran out of money at Christmas, and I had to buy me old mother a present.” Mick got Fell In in the middle of No. 3 Wing, where his shuffling gate would be least


Christmas Fairy

B Santa

noticeable, and proceeded to carry out the most extraordinary journey from the No. 3 Wing Square to the Main Square and back. Try it for yourself. Walk a mile and a half without either foot ever losing contact with the ground. With a heavy rifle over one shoulder. Then try to imagine being the chap behind you. But this is not the last you’ll hear of Mick Symonds, look out next month for my unintentional sabotage of his Kit Inspection!

C Christmas Cracker


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Winsor Clarke Brackenbury Stepping into Winsor Clarke Brackenbury is like walking into a fairground. There is an amazing energy, everybody is cheerful and you are surrounded by colour! Colour is their business; whether it’s single colour or full colour, small runs or by the 100,000’s they are sure to be able to help you or your company perform better – by directly promoting your company, attracting customers, supplying appropriate and effective advertising, creating a relevant corporate image and making sure documents serve their purpose efficiently. Winsor Clarke Brackenbury resulted from the fusion of two long-standing Ipswich based print companies and has almost 50 years experience in serving both local and national customers. They have two premises in the heart of Ipswich. The Head Office and Print Works is based in Pauls Road, whilst the full-service Design & Artwork Studio is based in Cullingham Road. When Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1445, he forever changed the lives of people all over the world. Allowing newspapers to be created, bolstering the sharing of ideas, fostering new theories, and heightening communication. Then in the middle of the 19th century, small presses capable of printing small-format pieces

such as billheads, letterheads, business cards, and envelopes were created. These Jobbing presses were capable of quick set-up and quick production and Job printing emerged as a reasonably cost-effective duplicating solution for commerce at this time. With years of experience in traditional print, Winsor Clarke Brackenbury really love lithoprinting. Trevor Clarke, who was looking after me when I went to see them, actually started printing when he was 14! He had a mini printing press in his bedroom and would crank out invitations and the like for his family and friends. He is still passionate about his print machines and told me they are constantly maintained to keep quality at the highest standard. However, Winsor Clarke Brackenbury are also bang up to date, the latest addition to their facilities is a superb new Digital Print Service. Trevor explained “for large colour runs, lithoprinting still can’t be beaten, but the high set-up costs can make life hard for clients who only need small quantities. So we also offer Digital printing which eliminates the need for large press runs by cutting down on set-up costs and pre-press materials. Among its advantages are quick turnarounds, economical short runs, and the opportunity for every job to be in full colour.”

Special Offers from 1st November – 23rd December 2009 Spend £75 or over and receicve a box of Green & Blacks Organic Chocalate Spend £150 or over and receive ‘Play for a Day’ at Seckford Golf Club for 1 person (Lunch and professional Golf Tuition, Fridays only) Or a £12 Gift Voucher for The Flower Shop, Foxhall Road Ipswich.


Graphic design is another important and often underrated element of the modern business environment. It affects everything from advertising and promotional material right through to business stationery and internal documentation. In my industry I know that good graphic design makes the difference between a business card and a business card that gets noticed. Winsor Clarke Brackenbury, can create corporate design to give the best possible impression every time you contact your customer. Whether you need stationery, brochures, exhibition panels or just a mug with your company’s logo you can be sure they will provide you with a fresh and colourful approach. Not only that – they’ll give you chocolates to go with your mug! They value their customers so much that they give a box of Green & Blacks chocolate to everyone whose order is larger than £75! Although while I was there I noticed a thank you letter from one of their customers that didn’t say anything about the chocolate, it praised them for the quick turnaround, friendly service and excellent design they had done so maybe it’s time for you to check them out – they’d be pleased to offer you a no-obligation quote for any job, large or small, with no hidden costs, and might even give you some chocolates too!

• Leaflets • Brochures • Letterheads • Business Cards • Compliment Slips • Invoices • Delivery Notes • Scratch Cards • Tickets • Christmas Cards • Calendars • Invites • Postcards • Self-Adhesive Labels • Product Labels with Barcodes • Multi-part NCR Sets


Book now for your Christmas Party Don’t forget our special

2 Course Sunday Lunch just £7.95 39 GROVE ROAD, WOODBRIDGE, SUFFOLK IP12 4LG

TEL: 01394 382202

E: W:


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What’s on... If you have a listing you’d like to appear here email it to us at: or visit our website and add it there! Comedy

Arts, Crafts & Fashion

1st November: 7.30pm

6th November – 1st December

Jokers Comedy Club Manor Ballroom Ipswich 6th November: 8pm

Suzanne Campbell & Emma Green The Old Printworks Gallery, Saxmundham.

Simon Amstell stand up comedy Regent Theatre

7th November: 10am – 4pm

8th November: 7.45pm

UP FOR A LAUGH New Wolsey Theatre

Theatre 3rd – 7th November: 7.45pm (2.30pm Matinee)

THE HYPOCHONDRIAC Molière’s last play and a scathingly funny lampoon on both hypochondria and the ‘quack’ medical profession. New Wolsey Theatre. 10th – 14th November: 7.45pm (2.30pm Matinee)

HOT MIKADO One of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most famous comic operas in all its wonderful absurdity. New Wolsey Theatre 10th – 11th: November: 7.30pm

Marat/Sade A shocking and savage play performed by Woodbridge School 6th form, Not suitable for under 15’s. Seckford Theatre 13th November: 7.30pm

War of Words Imagine teaching the poetry of the Great War to a class that has barely heard of Passchendaele. ‘A War of Words’ takes the audience into the heart of that experience. Seckford Theatre 14th November: 7.30pm

She Stoops to Conquer Mappa Mundi - Larger than life characters and big laughs. Seckford Theatre

Art & Photography Exhibition, Bawdsey Village Hall. Exhibitors include Emma Aldous, Alison Calvesbert, Andrew Capell, Rachel Chesman, Louise Mock, Ian Moore, Sophia Rogers and Tracey Rous 8th November: 10am – 3.30pm

Felixstowe Gift Fair, Brackenbury Sports Centre, High Road, Felixstowe 11th – 12th November

Roberts family exhibition featured paintings by John, Annette and Joanna Roberts. Top Floor Studio 01394 383627 28th November: 10am – 4pm

Contemporary Craft Market, Town Hall Galleries • 13th – 14th November: 10am – 4pm

Art Exhibition & Auction preview (Auction Saturday 7:30pm) Suffolk Punch Trust Stud, Hollesley Free Entry 01728 621682 13th – 18th November

StoneEye - Works by local artists created in response to Orford Ness. Peter Pears Gallery, Aldeburgh. 0770 4849305 • 01394 450177 14th November: 9am-4pm

Christmas Art Exhibition by Stephie Griffiths Bell Hotel, Saxmundham

Heritage & Historical Events

18th – 21st November

6th November: 7.30 pm

The Sorcerer A fully staged version of the much loved opera by the Ipswich Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Corn Exchange 20th November: 7.30pm

Ralph Rutherford presents his fascinating adventures “From Lancaster Bombers to early Jet Fighters”. The Main Hall, Martlesham Heath Community Centre. Howard King: 01473 274300 •

Romeo & Juliet Seckford Theatre

7th November: 10.30am

21st November 7pm & 10pm

Caburlesque Britain’s Got Talent Semi-finalist’s bring you song, dance, variety and tease coated in sequins and dusted with a seasonal twist! Riverside Theatre, Woodbridge •

The connection between Ipswich & Suffolk and the founding of English speaking America. Special guided tour Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich 14th November: 10.30am

Who can find a virtuous woman? Special guided tour Christchurch Mansion

26th November – 30th January: 7.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm

21st November: 10.30am

ALADDIN The wok ‘n’ roll panto, New Wolsey Theatre

Suffolk Artists Special guided tour Christchurch Mansion

28th November: 7.30pm

28th November: 10.30am

Rave On A Tribute to Buddy Holly & The Crickets Seckford Theatre

Furniture Tour, A look at the Mansion’s collection, Christchurch Mansion

Corn Exchange • 01473 433100 • New Wolsey Theatre • • 01473 295900 Regent Theatre Ipswich • 01473 433100 •

Christchurch Mansion • 01473 433554 Riverside Theatre • 01394 382174 Seckford Theatre • 01394 615015

28 The Bond invests, after initial charges, in properties and securities. Properties are booked for a no profit ‘User Charge’ and Points issued with the Bond. There is a quarterly fee of around twenty-five pounds including VAT linked to RPI, with all other management fees paid from securities. Investment is from £4,000. You may encash after two years at a value linked to that of the properties and securities but you may not see a profit and may incur a loss because of initial charges and fluctuations in asset values. You may also encash under the “Holiday Satisfaction Guaranteed” offer. In exceptional circumstances encashment may be deferred for up to twelve months. No medical examination required. This advertisement is issued by HPB Management Limited (“HPBM”) of HPB House, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8EH. HPBM are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and are the main UK agent for Holiday Property Bond (“HPB”), issued by HPB Assurance Limited (“HPBA”) registered in the Isle of Man and authorised by the Insurance and Pensions Authority there. Holders of policies issued by the company will not be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if the company becomes unable to meet its liabilities to them but Isle of Man compensation arrangements apply to new policies. The Trustee of HPB is HSBC Trustee (Guernsey) Limited registered at Park Place, Park Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands, GY1 1EE. The Securities Manager is Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Limited registered at 25 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 4QA. The Property Manager is HPB Management (International) Limited (“HPBMI”) registered at Ground Floor, Neptune House, Marina Bay, PO Box 67, Gibraltar. HPBM, HPBA and HPBMI are part of the HPB Marketing Group and are not independent of each other. HPBM is able to advise only on HPBA’s products. Prize draw: No purchase necessary. Drawn 30th October 2009. Winners notified, winners list available 9th November 2009. Claim prizes by 31st December 2009. Cash alternative may be offered. Those under 18, HPB investors, employees, associates or those in their households are not eligible. One entry per household. Full rules on request.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to know that you can enjoy holidays like this, rent-free for life.” Your Holiday Property Bond could take you to any of 30 popular destinations throughout the UK and Europe.

Sue Barker

Sportswoman, broadcaster and Bondholder since 2001


Coreggia, Southern Italy

The Holiday Property Bond

Buckland Court, the Cotswolds


Villa Roca Marina, Majorca

HPB’s FREE DVD travelogue – ‘Feeling Good’, presented by broadcaster and Bondholder Sue Barker – features just a few of those destinations. It explains how, as Holiday Property Bondholders, over 38,000 families just like yours enjoy the freedom to holiday how, where and when they choose. every year, for life.

The Holiday Property Bond

A proven, established alternative to traditional timeshare and direct property ownership, the Holiday Property Bond – and its related holiday benefits – can be passed on to your children and grandchildren.

To request your copy

Please send me a copy of ‘feeling Good’and tell me more about the holiday Property Bond


Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

0800 66 54 90 (lines open every day, 8am –10pm)

Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


I understand that I will also be given free entry to your £2,500 Premium Bonds Prize Draw (1st prize £1,250, 2nd prize £750, plus 5 x £100).

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Postcode ________________________________

Telephone ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Email (optional) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We will use these details to keep you informed of future developments. Other members of the HPB Group may also contact you with holiday offers. If you would prefer them not to, please tick here ■ We may telephone you to provide further information. If you would prefer us not to please tick here ■

VO90 PoST The freePoST couPon freePoST cB45, hPB house, newmarket, Suffolk cB8 8Br


What’s on... Nature, Health, The Great Outdoors! 3rd November 7.30pm

AGM of the Rendlesham Allotment and Leisure Gardener’s Association Rendlesham Community Centre, Walnut Tree Avenue, Rendlesham. 21st November, 10am to 12 noon

Birding Walk Bourne Bridge to Orwell Bridge hosted by the Ipswich group of the RSPB. Kathy Reynolds 01473 714839 25th November

Birds by Barge aboard the Sailing Barge “Victor” on the Stour Estuary 01473 328006 30th November: 10am – 1pm

South Bank Birds RSPB Event – Booking Essential 01473 326993 26th November: 10am – 12 noon

7th November

Farmers Market Jimmy’s Farm, Ipswich • 7th November: 8pm

Faster Than Sound: LISTEN With the assistance of Tony Myatt and interference from Russell Haswell, a fully immersive ambisonic/surround sound event that will astound and amaze! Snape 01728 687110 8th November: 8pm

Kaz Simmons Quartet Ipswich Jazz Club, California Social Club, Foxhall Rd, Ipswich 01473 231552 • 8th November

The Stylistics Regent Theatre 9th November

Alesha Dixon Regent Theatre

Woodland Work Day Portal Woodlands Conservation Group regular work party. Portal Woodlands, Martlesham. Duncan Sweeting 01473 612632

12th – 16th November

28th November: 11am – 1.30pm

15th November: 7.45pm

Southwold Literary Festival •

Ipswich Green Fair, Ipswich Town Hall •

NIK KERSHAW New Wolsey Theatre

Kids stuff

17th – 22nd November

7th November: 6pm

Fireworks! Heveningham Hall. All proceeds go to local charities and villages that border the Estate. 7th November

Firework Display Christchurch Park, Ipswich 14th November

Noddy in Toyland Regent Theatre 14th & 15th November

Winter on The Farm Jimmy’s Farm, Ipswich • 28th November: 2pm

The Chuckle Brothers, A Christmas Chuckle. Regent Theatre, Ipswich

Music, Festivals, Food & Drink 2nd November

Lord of The Dance Regent Theatre 21st November: 7.30pm – 10.30pm

Folk in the Barn Katie’s Quartet Sproughton Tithe Barn 01473 742334 21st November: 7pm

Martyn Joseph in Concert St Nicholas Centre, Ipswich Book through the Ipswich Tourist Information Centre 01473 258070 22nd November: 2.15pm

Brass & Voices 2009 East of England Co-operative Society, Seckford Theatre 23rd – 24th November

Status Quo Concert, Regent Theatre 25th November

The Blues Band Anniversary Tour, Regent Theatre 27th November

Classic Legends of Rock, Regent Theatre

Will Young in Concert ,Regent Theatre

4th November

28th – 29th November

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with Lesley Garrett, Regent Theatre

WILLIAM WALTON WEEKEND Aldeburgh 01728 687110.

4th November

20th November

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings, Corn Exchange 6th – 8th November

The Twenty-First Aldeburgh Poetry Festival (follow links to poetry festival) Christchurch Mansion • 01473 433554 Regent Theatre Ipswich • 01473 433100 • Seckford Theatre • 01394 615015

Ipso Facto or The Rake’s Return A unique opportunity to hear work in progress from Neil Innes (Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, The Rutles, and Monty Python). Britten Studio, Snape Maltings 01728 687110


What’s on... Business & Networking 4th November: 9.30am – 12noon

Friends in Business Monthly Networking Meeting, Basepoint, Ransomes EuroPark, Ipswich • 11th October: 12noon – 2pm

Athena Networking Lunch for Women, Belstead Brook Manor Hotel • 08458 335204 • 18th November: 9.30am – 12noon

CoastalNet Networking Meeting, Ufford Park • 24th November: 7pm – 9pm

WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) Meeting, Ravenwood Hall, Rougham

Faith, Spiritual & Charitable Events 9th November: 7.30pm

Monday Talk welcomes Elizabeth Sugarman. St. Mary’s Church Centre 21st November

Autumn Fayre in St. Mary’s Church Centre • 21st November

Otley Hall Quiet Day ’Stillness, Silence, Simplicity’ Otley Hall, Otley

Looking for focused business networking in your area? Look no further... The Athena Network - Essex Suffolk Borders offers monthly networking meetings for women in business.

Come along to one of our relaxed, but structured lunchtime meetings to discover the value of networking for your business.

28th November

“Christmas Craft Fair” St Michael’s Church Centre, Martlesham Heath 28th November

Just42 Winter Variety Evening Dinner with live entertainment £30 per ticket (£50 a pair). Abbey School Hall, Woodbridge • 01394 380992 •

Featured Event! 13th November 7.00pm

John Paul Ekins Piano Recital. Prize winner in the San Sebastian International Piano Competition, John Paul Ekins will give a varied recital of classical music to support the work of NSPCC at St.Mary’s Church, Woodbridge, Tickets £12, including lucky number for a Christmas hamper, and a Reception with canapés and a glass of wine. 01394 386869 01394 386561 01473 738510

Make your phone ring!

Meetings take place on the 2nd Tuesday of the month (Mistley / Manningtree) and the 2nd Wednesday of the month (Ipswich). To book a place contact Jackie Clifford on 08458 335204 or

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Call us now on: 01394 412160 / 01394 330717

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